Thousands died from the ELL boroughs during the First World War: find your ancestor here

British and German soldiers share a common grave Pic: Hermann Rex

Millions of people died during The First World War, including 700,000 British soldiers, making it one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. While many of them volunteered, some were also conscripted and forced to fight.

To highlight how many died in Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Croydon, Eastlondonlines has compiled a database for each borough, using information compiled and provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

In total, there are 5441 recorded names from across the four boroughs: 578 came from Lewisham, 2258 from Tower Hamlets, 1147 from Hackney and 1458 from Croydon. Forty people appear in both the Tower Hamlets and Hackney records because they lived somewhere along Hackney Road which is on the border of the two boroughs.

To look through the records, scroll down to the borough you’re interested in. You can then use the search box above the table to search for names, addresses or regiments. You can also use the scroll wheel at the bottom to search through the results. To the far right is additional information that has survived, such as where they were born and where they served.


The war didn’t just claim the lives of individual men, it tore entire families apart. In particular, many brothers fought and died, such as John and William Allen, Brett Road, Hackney, who both fell on 2 May 1915 while serving in the Australian Infantry, A.I.F.

Many of them weren’t fortunate enough to serve together. Robert Christopher Ayton served as a Private in the West Yorkshire Regiment and died on 19 December 1914 in France while his younger brother, Sydney Ayton, fell two years later as a Rifleman in Belgium.

SurnameFirst nameAge
Service number
Grave reference
Additional information
RANT4015/4/1916PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'13406'LE TREPORT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot 1. Row N. Grave 6C.Of Hackney Wick.
SCHUBERT2926/7/1916Private13th HussarsIraq'1426'BASRA WAR CEMETERYVI. G. 3.Born at Hackney, London.
HOULDER3114/12/1916GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'6931'MESNIL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. C. 3.Husband of Rose Elizabeth Houlder, of 10, Gransden Avenue, Mare St., Hackney. Native of Hackney, London.
HALL3127/11/1917PrivateScots GuardsFrance'16450'ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURTIII. D. 28.Husband of Annie Kate Hall, of 28, Queen Anne Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Hackney.
COTTRELLJAMES26/7/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/21405'GORRE BRITISH AND INDIAN CEMETERYIV. C. 20.Son of Mrs. H. Cottrell, of 18, Catherine St., Hackney Rd., Hackney, London.
LYONSPIERCE FRANCIS (FRANK)2511/5/1915SergeantMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'L/10253'BIRR CROSS ROADS CEMETERYIII. B. 8.Son of Cornelius Lyons, of Hackney, London.
CHILDSALFRED3421/11/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'144732'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 128. 483.Husband of Daisy Childs of Hackney, London.
CANTERCHARLES ERNEST3510/4/1918PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'266967'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 2.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Canter, of 259, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Alice Canter, of 470, Hackney Rd., Hackney, London.
STURGESFREDERICK HENRY3525/9/1917PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)Belgium'30577'NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERYII. B. 6.Son of James and Rachel Sturges, of Hackney; husband of Elizabeth Hannah Sturges, of 26, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
BOWERMANHENRY JAMES3225/10/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'221083'ROMERIES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVI. B. 13.Son of John and Mary Bowerman, of Hackney; husband of Ada Bowerman, of 50, Harrowgate Rd., South Hackney, London.
MEDCRAFT334/4/1919PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)United Kingdom'65463'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 127. 144.Son of Frederick and Jane Medcraft; husband of Eleanor Medcraft, of 17, Gransden Avenue, Mare St., Hackney. Born at Hackney.
BEEVORWILLIAM ELIJAH2231/3/1915CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'5/3719'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIII. D. 72.Husband of Jemima Beevor, of 26, Wetherell Rd., Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Hackney.
ALLENWILLIAM2513/9/1918BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'34797'BRONFAY FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, BRAY-SUR-SOMMEII. E. 36.Son of John and Mary Ann Allen, of 27, Queen Ann Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Hackney Wick, London.
FIELDINGARTHUR3127/10/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'94421'ZUYDCOOTE MILITARY CEMETERYII. A. 29.Son of James and Louisa Fielding, of Hackney, Matlock; husband of Laura Fielding, of 2, Westdale Cottages, Hackney, Matlock, Derbyshire.
KEDGLEYWILLIE De CARTERET3624/4/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersEgypt'291601'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 219.Husband of Minnie Kedgley, of 10, Ufton Grove, Hackney, London.
CREASEY2729/11/1915DrummerNorfolk RegimentFrance'12727'LE TREPORT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot 1. Row M. Grave 7.Son of Charles and Annie Laura Creasey, of Hackney.
DOWSE198/8/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/1329'LE TREPORT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot 1. Row H. Grave 8A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dowse, of South Hackney, London.
HAYESTHOMAS FREDERICK2616/7/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Artists' Rifles)France'767563'LOUVENCOURT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot 1. Row E. Grave 13.Son of Joseph and Charlotte Hayes, of South Hackney, London.
LAWESHENRY EDWARD1919/12/1917PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'268124'BOIS-GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONB. 5B.Son of Henry and Emily Lawes, of Hackney, London.
PEARSON2929/6/1916PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgium'11671'VLAMERTINGHE MILITARY CEMETERYIII. D. 18.Son of Maud Alice Stanbridge, of Hackney, London.
CARTERCHARLES ROBERT253/9/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'C/3511'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 A and 13 B.Husband of May Carter, of 200, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
DOUBLEDAYWILLIAM379/8/1915PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/5822'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 12 and 14.Husband of Harriet Doubleday, of 263, Hackney Rd., London.
FITZGIBBONEDWARD WILLIAM2116/6/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'SR/2337'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Son of John Fitzgibbon, of 15, Antwerp St., Hackney, London.
LAWSONSYDNEY WILLIAM2127/9/1915PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'G/2838'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 72.Son of Emily Isabel Lawson, of Hackney London.
SAUNDERSRICHARD409/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'6632'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENB. 16. 44.Son of Thomas and Maria Jane Saunders, of Hackney, London.
SULLYALBERT JAMES2020/11/1917PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'206354'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 8.Son of Albert James Sully, of 419, Hackney Rd., London.
LAWSONTED269/5/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1596'SAILLY-SUR-LA-LYS CANADIAN CEMETERYII. C. 70A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawson, of Hackney, London.
THATCHERALFRED JAMES3930/12/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/35140'ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURTVIII. C. 24.Son of Charles and Jane Thatcher, of Hackney, London.
DAWESHARRY MOORCROFT197/8/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'29377'DIVE COPSE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAILLY-LE-SECIII. H. 10.Son of Emily Prescott, of 37, Casterton St., Hackney, London.
DUGUIDCLARENCE DONALD2318/9/1918Second LieutenantWelsh RegimentFranceGOUZEAUCOURT NEW BRITISH CEMETERYIV. F. 8.Son of William and Alice Duguid, of Hackney, London.
WYKESALFRED VINCENT4014/7/1917Air Mechanic 2nd ClassRoyal Naval Air ServiceUnited Kingdom'F/31501'PULHAM ST. MARY (ST. MARY THE VIRGIN) CHURCHYARDEast end of church.Husband of Edith Wykes, of 8, Southborough Rd., Hackney, London.
JAMESSIDNEY1927/1/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'61272'ANCRE BRITISH CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMELVI. C. 41.Son of A. W. and Mary James, of Hackney, London.
PERKINSHORACE ALEXANDER389/4/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'472627'LONDON CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-VITASSEI. A. 42.Son of Nathaniel and Margaret Perkins, of Hackney, London.
WATSONJAMES3020/1/1918Petty Officer StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/13870'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of John and Ann Watson, of South Hackney, London.
COPUSGEORGE HENRY403/3/1918SapperRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'WR/350330'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 127. 49.Son of George and Harriett Copus, of Hackney, London.
BROCKWAYALBERT EDWARD262/2/1916Air Mechanic 2nd ClassRoyal Naval Air ServiceUnited Kingdom'F/7783'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYD. 11. 80558.Son of William and Rebecca Brockway, of Hackney, London.
FOOTHENRY JOHN3420/12/1916Lance CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/29431'LE FERMONT MILITARY CEMETERY, RIVIEREII. C. 10.Son of John and Mary Foot, of Hackney, London.
BROOKEFREDERICK JOSEPH4625/5/1915Petty Officer 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'128011'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL9Son of W. R. Brooke, of Hackney, London.
CASTROJOSEPH3427/1/19192nd CorporalRoyal EngineersFrance'WR/257121'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEXIII. B. 6.Husband of Florence Castro, of 12, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London.
BARNESARTHUR2826/8/1917CorporalWiltshire RegimentBelgium'3/193'CABIN HILL CEMETERYB. 12.Son of Harry and Adeline Barnes, of Hackney Wick, London.
EVANSALBERT266/6/1917SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'54165'WULVERGHEM-LINDENHOEK ROAD MILITARY CEMETERYI. B. 27.Husband of Amy Evans, of 52, Ash Grove, Hackney, London.
SCHRODERFRANCIS THOMAS2215/3/1915Second LieutenantSuffolk RegimentBelgiumSUFFOLK CEMETERY, VIERSTRAATB. 6.Son of Henry and Minnie Schroder, of Hackney, London.
GRAHAMGEORGE306/9/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/18506'LIGNY-ST. FLOCHEL BRITISH CEMETERY, AVERDOINGTIV. C. 23.Son of George and Judith Graham, of Hackney, London.
FRICKER3/3/1917PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'443589'BRUAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 31.Son of Mark Fricker, of 16, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
ALDRIDGEARCHIE HORACE228/11/1918Second LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)FranceST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. V. G. 3.Son of Charles Aldridge, of 28, Stevens Avenue, Hackney, London.
HARRADINE2013/11/1917PrivateEast Lancashire RegimentFrance'29393'ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERYIII. E. 11.Son of Claude and Annie Harradine, of Hackney, London.
CLARKECHARLES3215/9/1916RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'4161'CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVALXII. D. 10.Son of Edward and Charlotte Clarke. Born at Hackney, London.
SILVERSTONEMARK2819/8/1918PrivateBedfordshire RegimentFrance'28489'CONDE-SUR-L'ESCAUT COMMUNAL CEMETERYA. 83.Son of William Silverstone, of 56, Tudor Rd., Hackney, London.
TAPPS2118/11/1915PrivateSomerset Light InfantryFrance'14982'RUE-DU-BACQUEROT (13TH LONDON) GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIEG. 20.Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Tapps, of Hackney, London.
HANCOCKALBERT362/7/1918PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)Greece'26343'KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERYF. 1373.Husband of Clara Hancock, of 18, Trelawney Rd., Hackney, London.
WILLCOCKSALBERT WILLIAM1816/8/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'355312'PERNOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HALLOY-LES-PERNOISIII. D. 20.Son of William Joel and Emily Willcocks, of Hackney.
CLARK352/11/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'574955'GAZA WAR CEMETERYXXVI. G. 8.Son of Luke and Susan Clark. Born at Hackney, London.
HAWTHORNWILLIAM LEWIS2710/6/1919CorporalEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'275856'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYEE. 36.Son of the late L. H. Hawthorn, of Hackney, London.
SMITH16/9/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'18731'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEI. G. 39.Ward of M. Nordstrom, 425, Stockmar Rd., Hackney, London.
FENWICKALBERT VICTOR2121/4/1918Lance SergeantLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'370231'LONGPRE-LES-CORPS SAINTS BRITISH CEMETERYC. 21.Son of Albert and Mary Fenwick, of South Hackney, London.
SMITHFREDERICK GEORGE1921/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'245007'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. Q. 16A.Son of James and Elizabeth Smith, of South Hackney, London.
MARTINARTHUR GEORGE3110/3/1915PrivateBorder RegimentFrance'11991'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 19 and 20.Husband of Elizabeth Martin, of 15, Homerton Terrace, Hackney, London.
MORLEYPATRICK4024/4/1915PrivateRoyal Irish RegimentBelgium'4337'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 4.Husband of Kathleen Morley, of 351, Hackney Rd., London.
BLOGGCHARLES HENRY9/5/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'6/7374'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 10.Husband of Elizabeth Blogg, of 15, Ada St., Hackney, London.
MAZZIERMAURICE2016/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'204583'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Son of Mrs. Mazzier, of 191, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
SOMERGUSTAVE253/3/1916GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'52762'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 9.Husband of Eliza Somer, of 9, Horton Rd., Hackney, London.
VANNER268/6/1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentBelgium'33672'CROONAERT CHAPEL CEMETERYB. 23.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vanner, of South Hackney; husband of Florence Vanner, of 39, Warneford St., Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
HARVEYGEORGE283/10/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'43940'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXIII. B. 22.Son of Alexander and Jane Agnes Harvey, of Hackney, London; husband of E. A. Harvey, of 91, Gore Rd., South Hackney. Extension to.
INGHAMJOHN2430/4/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'34930'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of the late Robert and Emily Ingham; husband of Emily Martha Ingham, of 9, "G" Block, Peabody Buildings, Hackney Rd., Hackney, London.
VEARSWILLIAM CHARLES3210/2/1916PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentBelgium'19337'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 43 and 45.Son of William Charles and Clara Maria Vears, of 65, North St., Mare St., Hackney; husband of Annie Vears, of 71, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
HEPPELER2210/8/1916CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1081'BOUZINCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. F. 9.Son of Edward Heppeler; husband of Louisa Elizabeth Heppeler, of 34, Prince Edward Rd., Hackney Wick, London. Native of Hackney Wick.
DOUBLECHARLES EDWARD4227/5/1917Second EngineerMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Charles and Mary Ann Double; husband of Kate Mary Ann Eleanor Double (nee Humberstone), of 45, Spurstowe Rd., Hackney, London. Born at South Hackney, London.
CANNJOHN WILFRED3323/3/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/21862'PARGNY BRITISH CEMETERYI. B. 5.Son of John and Mary Ann Cann, of 39, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Eleanor F. Cann, of 85, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
READERSTANLEY WILLIAM3115/1/1918Battery Quartermaster SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'34059'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARK84. 85996.Son of William and Susannah Reader, of 55, Silvester House, Hackney; husband of Anne Reader, of II, Silvester House, Silvester Rd., Hackney, London.
LOTZJOHN CHARLES2629/10/1917CorporalMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'G/14688'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. P.6. 1. RN. 18776.Son of John Nicholas Lotz and Elizabeth Emma Lotz; husband of Maria Elizabeth Lotz, of 14, Amhurst Terrace, Hackney, London. Born at Hackney.
BELCHERRICHARD2922/4/1918PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)Belgium'40770'WYTSCHAETE MILITARY CEMETERYIII. A. 7.Son of Richard Charles Belcher, of Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green; husband of Louisa Belcher, of 9, The Oval, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
CHAPMANJAMES GEORGE2212/9/1915PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'1729'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYIII. D. 14.Son of James and Louise Chapman, of Hackney; husband of Elizabeth Lilian Chapman, of 11, Poole Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
CECILThe Hon. WILLIAM AMHERST2816/9/1914CaptainGrenadier GuardsFranceSOUPIR COMMUNAL CEMETERYB. 1.Son of Col. Lord William Cecil, C.V.O., and Baroness Amherst of Hackney; husband of Lady Amherst of Hackney, of The Red House, Windsor.
WATTHENRY CHARLES3414/4/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'233126'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of Charles and Susan Watt, of 25, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney; husband of Isobel Rose Beeson (formerly Watt), of 15, Morpeth Grove, South Hackney, London.
LEVYALBERT FREDERICK3225/3/1918PrivateTank CorpsFrance'94845'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 10.Son of James and Catherine Levy, of 83, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd.; husband of Ada Levy, of 9, Baroness Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
BLUNDENEDWARD2526/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'202771'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148 to 150.Son of George and Harriet Blunden, of 20, Gainsboro' Square, Hackney Wick; husband of Clara King (formerly Blunden), of 55, Gainsboro' Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
SAUNDERSGEORGE3513/4/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/34062'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 8.Son of George and Annie Saunders, of Peabody Buildings, Hackney Rd., London; husband of F. M. A. Saunders, of 42, Falkirk St., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
JOHNSTONJAMES2116/10/1918Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'573367'TOURGEVILLE MILITARY CEMETERYIV. D. 16.Son of Emily Johnston, of 3, Diss St., Hackney Rd., London.
CHADWICKFREDERICK GEORGE229/6/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Belgium'289'BETHLEEM FARM WEST CEMETERYA. 28.Son of William John and Mary Chadwick, of 43, Blackstone Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London, England.
RATCLIFFWILLIAM HENRY1910/2/1918GunnerAustralian Field ArtilleryBelgium'32741'BERKS CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. B. 61.Son of Robert Little Ratcliff and Emma Marie Ratcliff, of 32, Bodney Rd., Hackney, London, England.
DALTONTHOMAS ALFRED GARNOR268/10/1915SergeantRoyal Horse ArtilleryEgypt'40206'ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYD. 101.Son of Thomas Henry and Ruth Jane Dalton, of 101, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
MAJORHENRY204/9/1915Able SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveEgypt'LondonZ/534'ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYH. 60.Son of Mrs. E. Major, of 185, Peabody Buildings, Cambridge Circus, Hackney Rd., London.
SAMSONEPHRAIM HARRY3215/2/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Egypt'96127'ISMAILIA WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYB. 81.Son of Samson and Louisa Samson, of Cemetery Lodge, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
CALLOW3/7/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'42606'MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY, MAILLY-MAILLETI. P. 15.Husband of S. Callow, of 3, Phillip Rd., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
FRIGHT13/11/1916PrivateSeaforth HighlandersFrance'958'MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY, MAILLY-MAILLETI. H. 19.Son of Mr J. J. Fright, of 33, Quester Buildings, Brett Rd., Hackney, London.
TURNER2223/3/1917PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'420948'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 202.Son of William and Amelia Turner, of 20, Tudor Grove, Well St., Hackney, London.
KENTROBERT NEWLAND2210/10/1915PrivateLondon RegimentMalta'2294'PIETA MILITARY CEMETERYA. XIII. 5.Son of Robert Stanley Kent and Laura Elizabeth Kent, of 350, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
HALL4214/1/1915SergeantQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'2976'LE TREPORT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot 1. Row A. Grave 1.Husband of Sarah E. Hall, of 27, Boston Street, Hackney Road, London.
QUICK3113/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'4966'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTIV. F. 9B.Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Quick, of 74, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
WRIGHTSIDNEY3213/9/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'28369'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTVII. H. 12B.Son of Richard Wright, of Willow Court, Paul St., Finsbury, London. Native of Hackney, London.
FOWELLJAMES WILLIAM297/10/1916Lance CorporalRifle BrigadeFrance'S/8655'BOIS-GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. B. 2.Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Fowell, of 27, York Street, Hackney, London.
AKINWILLIAM ERNEST255/4/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'925634'BOIS-GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 18A.Son of William and Sarah Rebecca Akin, of Ilford. Late of South Hackney, London.
POWERCHARLES FREDERICK3112/2/1916Lance CorporalSouth African InfantryKenya'3804'TAVETA MILITARY CEMETERYIX. B. 1.Husband of Kate Elizabeth Power, of Johannesburg. Born at Hackney, London.
JOHNSON273/3/1918PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentBelgium'17411'NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERYXIII. F. 6.Husband of Jane Johnson, of 27, London Lane, Mare Street, Hackney, London.
SMART3225/2/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/203168'NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERYXIII. D. 9.Son of Charles and Louisa Jane Smart, of II, Essex Street, Mare Street, Hackney, London.
CRAWLEY218/6/1917Acting BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'44818'POPERINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERYI. E1. 12.Son of Thomas Hill Crawley and Emily Crawley, of Hackney, London.
ENGLISHALFRED2/5/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'153239'BRANDHOEK NEW MILITARY CEMETERY NO.3III. A. 13.Husband of Mrs. E. English, of 31, Gaskin Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
BILLINGHAMFREDERICK RICHARD2231/10/1918PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryIran'CH/18883'TEHRAN MEMORIALPanel 1. Column Central.Son of Albert and Eliza Billingham, of 9, Ipswick Rd., Hackney, London.
MERRISONWILLIAM FREDERICK245/11/1914PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentTanzania'10395'TANGA MEMORIAL CEMETERYHusband of M. A. E. Merrison, of 24, Trego Rd., Hackney Wick. Victoria Park, London.
FORDROBERT ENGLEFIELD203/4/1917CaptainThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentBelgiumLIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYX. A. 20.Son of Henry Edward and Martha Zilla Gwendoline Ford, of 33, Cawley Rd., South Hackney, London.
GRAVESWILLIAM THOMAS16/4/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'60385'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXVII. G. 9.Son of Charles George Graves, of 38, Warburton Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
HAMLYN2916/7/1916Second LieutenantDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgiumLIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYIX. A. 4.Son of Frederic and Alice Hamlyn, of "Beechwood," Carshalton Rd., Sutton, Surrey. Born at Hackney, London.
AYLETTWALTER375/4/1918PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'5328'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIALSon of Mrs. J. White, of 195, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, England.
NATHAN30/9/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'60796'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXIV. C. 25.Son of Mr. and Mrs. N. Nathan, of 29, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London.
SMITHFREDERICK4215/10/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)India'243544'BANGALORE (HOSUR ROAD) CEMETERYPlot 8. Row U. Grave 12.Husband of Jane Smith of 5, Chalgrove Rd., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
SCOTTERNEST ALEXANDER207/11/1918RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'42301'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXXV. B. 15.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Scott, of 5, Great Eastern Buildings, Hackney, London.
STEWARDFRANK DOUGLAS241/8/1917CorporalRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'8318'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVII. C. 9.Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Steward, of 101, St. Thomas Rd., South Hackney, London.
TAPPSBENJAMIN2013/2/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'352022'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXI. A. 19A.Son of Henry and Mary Tapps, of 2, Brunswick Square, Hackney Rd., London.
TWIDDYSAMUEL236/5/1916Lance CorporalKing's Shropshire Light InfantryBelgium'20147'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYVI. C. 30A.Son of Samuel and Florence Twiddy, of Hackney, London. Previously served in Royal Garrison Artillery.
WELLS14/1/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)Belgium'7115'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYX. D. 20A.Brother of Mrs. M. Hickling, of 14, Shipton St., Hackney Rd., London.
GOODWINRICHARD HENRY2321/4/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'L/45881'RENINGHELST NEW MILITARY CEMETERYV. C. 17.Son of Richard and Caroline L. Goodwin, of 13, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
SAUNDERS325/10/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'292898'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYV. H. 10.Husband of Edith Saunders, of 35, Goldsmith Row. Hackney Rd., London.
DYERTHOMAS EDWARD411/6/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/1039'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Husband of Lauretta Ruth Dyer, of 132, Well St., South Hackney, London.
ELLISEDWARD2016/6/1917Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'282252'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ellis, of 69, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
CHANDLERCHARLES ERNEST2018/11/1916PrivateWelsh GuardsFrance'2337'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 7 D.Son of Charles and Florence Chandler, of 3, Nichols Square, Hackney Rd., London.
PILLERFREDERICK2927/4/1917PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'242181'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 C 10 D and 11 A.Husband of Harriet Piller, of 23, Connor St., Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
PYATTARTHUR ERNEST2514/11/1916PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'5107'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.Brother of Mrs. Elizabeth Green, of 32, Terrace Rd., South Hackney, London.
PYATTHENRY3414/11/1916PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'5106'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.Brother of Mrs. Elizabeth Green, of 32, Terrace Rd., South Hackney, London.
READALFRED GEORGE271/7/1916PrivateBorder RegimentFrance'8807'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 6 A and 7 C.Son of Alfred George and Julia Hannah Read, of 22, North St., Hackney, London.
RIDDELSDELLWILLIAM DONEY209/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'471662'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 C.Son of Thomas E. and Caroline Riddelsdell, of 205, Morning Lane, South Hackney, London.
SHEEHANPETER JAMES273/10/1916PrivateDuke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)France'9927'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 6 A and 6 B.Son of Johanna Sheehan, of 49, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London, and the late Michael Sheehan.
KINGPERCIVAL2920/6/1917SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'39600'KEMMEL CHATEAU MILITARY CEMETERYM. 35.Son of James Edwin and Emma King, of South Hackney, London.
SHILLINGFORDTHOMAS HENRY2330/7/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'18494'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 D.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Shillingford, of 38, The Oval, Hackney Rd., London.
STOCKERJOHN JASPER1810/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'10512'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D.Son of William and Kate Stocker, of 66, Paragon Rd., Hackney, London.
STRACHANFREDERICK3210/7/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/4441'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Husband of Isabel M. E. Strachan, of 6, April St., Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London.
FURNEAUXPHILIP CHARLES1928/4/1917Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'F/794'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of William George and Jessie Furneaux, of 7, St. Johns Church Rd., Hackney, London.
BURCOMBETHOMAS BENJAMIN2015/6/1915Lance CorporalYorkshire RegimentFrance'10234'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 12.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Burcombe, of 36, Tuilerie St., Hackney Rd., London.
PORTWAYHENRY2610/3/1915Lance CorporalLincolnshire RegimentFrance'7911'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 8.Son of Mrs. E. Portway, of 40, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
SCOTTTHOMAS FREDERICK3115/10/1914PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'L/9694'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 6.Husband of Amy Scott, of 39, Ash Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
SMITHALEXANDER2618/5/1915PrivateScots GuardsFrance'6897'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 3 and 4.Son of Robert Edward and Elizabeth Smith, of 21, Matilda St., Hackney Rd., London.
HARRIS25/8/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentBelgium'574294'THE HUTS CEMETERYIV. B. 2.Husband of Mrs. E. B. Alexander (formerly Harris), of 25, Baroness Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
WILDMANJAMES L.1926/10/1914PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'15728'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 6.Son of James and F. Wildman, of 31, Gorsuch St., Hackney Rd., London.
COLDWELLWILLIAM EWART2724/9/1916SergeantCanadian InfantryFrance'79377'VIMY MEMORIALSon of Frederick and Margaret Coldwell, of 48, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London, England.
GOODRIDGE3714/10/1917DriverArmy Service CorpsBelgium'T/292021'SOLFERINO FARM CEMETERYI. B. 19.Son of the late Henry Stephen and Jessie Goodridge, of South Hackney, London.
JARVISWALTER B.2121/5/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'322301'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 and 10.Son of Walter G. and Jessie Beddoe Jarvis, of 27, Duncan Square, London Fields, Hackney, London.
JOLLYTHOMAS BENJAMIN4015/6/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'203283'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.. Son of James Jolly; husband of Ada Jolly, of 12, Gainsborough Rd., Hackney, London.
JONESFREDERICK2323/3/1918PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'59885'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 2 and 3.Son of Mrs. Mary A. Jones, of 16, Ribstone St., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
KENNEDYCHARLES EDWARD1922/3/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'45305'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Alexander and Emily Kennedy, of 95, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
CHURCHWILLIAM3226/4/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'14315'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 51 and 52.Son of William and Sarah Church, of 26, Ada St., Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
EDLERWILLIAM GEORGE3021/3/1918CorporalWiltshire RegimentFrance'11883'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 64.Son of the late J. Elder; husband of Louisa Edler, of 12, Duncan Rd., Hackney, London.
HICKMOTTJAMES2121/3/1918RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'44391'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 74 to 76.Son of Mrs. M. A. Hickmott, of 50, Dunloe St., Hackney Rd., London.
KEMPWILLIAM EDWIN2522/3/1918Private15th (The King's) HussarsFrance'9488'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Mrs. Annie Kemp, of 27, Kelday Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
MAJORGEORGE2422/4/1918PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'26837'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 36 and 37.Husband of R. Major, of 69, Wallis Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
RICHARDSHARRY EDWARD256/8/1917CorporalRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43582'POTIJZE CHATEAU GROUNDS CEMETERYII. E. 22.Youngest son of John and Eliza Richards, of South Hackney, London.
SNELLGROVETHOMAS223/4/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/200037'POTIJZE CHATEAU GROUNDS CEMETERYI. E. 41.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Snellgrove, of 3, Culford Grove, Hackney, London.
SIMMONSEDWIN GEORGE3223/3/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'253611'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 85 and 86.Husband of Louisa Maria Simmons, of 23, Balmes Rd., Hackney, London.
TILBYJOSEPH GRAHAM2125/4/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'254418'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 85 and 86.Son of Mrs. Edith M. Tilby, of 78, Valette Buildings, Valette St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
TILLETTALBERT EDWARD2425/3/1918Second LieutenantMiddlesex RegimentFrancePOZIERES MEMORIALPanel 60 and 61.Son of James and Mary Tillett, of 13, Annis Rd., South Hackney, London.
CULLINGGEORGE2320/3/1916SapperRoyal EngineersBelgium'50068'ESSEX FARM CEMETERYI. V. 1.Son of William and Elizabeth Culling, of 47, Maidstone St., Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
NICHOLLSARTHUR REGINALD2211/3/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/5481'ESSEX FARM CEMETERYI. O. 4.Son of Thomas Samuel and Eliza Nicholls, of 27, Meynell Rd., South Hackney, London.
PEIRPOINTHENRY HAROLD225/4/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'648240'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 or 10.Son of Henry and Sarah Peirpoint, of 6, Glading Terrace, Hackney, London.
CHIPPERFIELDGEORGE2411/11/1914PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'SR/890'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Son of Mr. C. and Mrs. Sarah Chipperfield, of 26, Arthur St., Well St., Hackney, London.
PEARSTHOMAS229/7/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'321185'OAK DUMP CEMETERYH. 7.Son of Henry and Eliza A. Pears, of 308, Hackney Rd., London, E.2.
DUDLEYJOHN HENRY2910/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'225348'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Husband of Mrs. Beatrice Godden (formerly Dudley), of 203, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London.
DURHAMCHARLES WILLIAM2011/4/1916PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgium'13761'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 20.Son of Henry and Mary Ann Durham, of 15, Mansford St., Hackney Rd., London.
ELLIOTTWILLIAM ALBERT1827/4/1915PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'1329'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Son of Edward Elliott, of 25, Connor St., South Hackney, London, and the late Elizabeth Elliott.
EMLYJOHN WILLIAM3414/8/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/201319'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Husband of Eliza M. A. Emly, of 10, Askew St., Hackney, London.
FOWLERCHARLES ROBERT4121/5/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'S/378'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 49 and 51.Husband of Elizabeth Jessie Waters (formerly Fowler), of 52, Havelock Rd., Hackney, London.
HOUGHTONHENRY4217/3/1915PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Belgium'S/244'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 45 and 47.Son of Mrs. E. Houghton, of 37, Treadway St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
ISTEDALFRED GEORGE208/2/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/8634'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of Mr. and Mrs. isted, of 21, Chalgrove Rd., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
JACKSONFREDERICK HARRY2313/8/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)Belgium'553283'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Only son of Mrs. Ellen Avison Jackson, of 34, Navarino Rd., Hackney, London.
JONESTHOMAS2027/9/1915PrivateArmy Cyclist CorpsBelgium'4281'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 56.Son of Henry and Kate Jones, of 10, Stockmar Rd., Hackney, London.
KEIRLEONARD WALTER2410/8/1917PrivateGloucestershire RegimentBelgium'285072'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 22 and 34.Son of Henry and Alice Keir, of 35, Percy Rd., South Hackney, London.
LEACHCHARLES3416/9/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'281578'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Husband of Maude F. Leach, of 11, Shafton Rd., South Hackney, London.
LOVELACEHENRY EDWARD2131/7/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'L/15049'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Brother of Miss D. Lovelace, of 73, Well St., Hackney, London. Previously wounded Sept., 1914.
ROBERTSGEORGE ALFRED2821/3/1918Second LieutenantLeicestershire RegimentFranceARRAS MEMORIALBay 5.Son of George Alfred and Elizabeth Roberts, of IS, Exmouth Place, Mare St., Hackney, London.
OLLEYJAMES HENRY2614/3/1915PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgium'9040'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 20.Brother of William James Olley, of 2, Gainsborough Square, Hackney Wick, London.
PARKESWILLIAM C.2429/10/1914PrivateGloucestershire RegimentBelgium'8919'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 22 and 34.Son of Williman Thomas and Annie Maria Parkes, of 64, Prince Edward Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
PHILLIPSCHARLES MICHAEL3111/6/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'612120'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanels 52 to 54.Son of Mrs. A. Phillips, of 12, Lamb Lane, Mare St., Hackney, London.
PIMMHARRY235/2/1915PrivateKing's Own Yorkshire Light InfantryBelgium'10110'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 47.Son of Joseph and Annie Pimm, of 66, Wilton Rd., Hackney, London.
THEOBALDJAMES2221/2/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'321046'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of Mr. and Mrs H. Theobald, of 17, Cassland Crescent, South Hackney, London.
THOROGOODGEORGE2410/4/1917Private5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)Belgium'9152'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 5.Son of Alice Thorogood, of 15, Fellows St., Hackney Rd., London, and the late Richard Thorogood.
TURNERHERBERT FRANCIS2122/10/1916Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'2618'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of Frederick and Mary Turner, of 12, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
CLOWALFRED THOMAS11/10/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'12980'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 115 to 119 and 162A and 163A.Son of Mrs. Emily Clow, of 67, Columbia Square, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
COCKERILLALFRED JOHN2316/8/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'65205'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 154 to 159 and 163A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cockerill, of 30, Valentine Rd., Hackney, London.
HAMPTON15/10/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'221161'DADIZEELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERYI. C. 34.Son of Mr. W. J. Hampton, of 30, Downs Park Rd., Hackney, London.
DURRANTJOHN RICHARD DANIEL2824/8/1917PrivateCameron HighlandersBelgium'200264'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 136 to 138.Son of John Golden Stainer Durrant and Emma Wakefield Durrant, of Hackney, London.
MAILLOUARTHUR CHARLES WILLIAM2227/1/1918PrivateEssex RegimentBelgium'19317'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 98 to 99.Son of Mrs. Emily Maillou, of 76, Long St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London. (True name Marlow).
OSBORNJOHN HENRY1922/10/1917PrivateLancashire FusiliersBelgium'40872'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 54 to 60 and 163A.Son of Mrs. Rosina C. Osborn, of 88, Mansford St., Hackney Rd., London.
PASKGEORGE WILLIAM2912/10/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'25022'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 79 to 80 and 163A.Husband of Ada Eliza Pask, of 101, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
PERRYGEORGE ERNEST3516/8/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'201889'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 19 to 23 and 162.Son of Arthur James Perry; husband of Mrs A. Perry, of 18, Sylvester House, Hackney, London.
ROBSONHENRY THOMAS2215/6/1917CorporalLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'281295'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of Mrs. S. Robson, of 61, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
RUSSELLWILLIAM ALFRED2021/3/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'129257'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 10.Son of William Robert and Eliza Jessie Russell, of 29, Pritchard's Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
ACKLAND13/8/1917BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'35980'ADINKERKE MILITARY CEMETERYA. 29.Son of Mr. W. Ackland, of 245, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
PITCHERJOHN WILLIE199/5/1915PrivateLincolnshire RegimentBelgium'7951'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of William A. and Emma Pitcher, of 28, Belmont Mansions, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
HIGDONFREDERICK3119/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'421514'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of Mrs. E. Higdon, of 67, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
HOWESJOHN J.1919/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'421375'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of James and Charlotte Jane Howes, of 50, White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, London.
LAMBFREDERICK JOSEPH196/11/1917PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'G/22203'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 25 and 26.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lamb, of 62, Loddiges Rd., Hackney, London.
SAVAGEHARRY JOHN19/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'422079'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Brother of Mrs. Katherine Weeds Hornsey, of 1, Duncan Rd., Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
SQUIRESALFRED2319/12/1917Lance SergeantLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'420098'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Squires, of 22, Treadway St., Hackney Rd., London.
TELLINGWILLIAM2019/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'420954'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Telling, of 8, Florfield Rd., Hackney, London.
WESTHENRY1919/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'420212'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of George and Agnes West, of 36, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
MONKMANARTHUR ALFRED ROBERT21/2/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeGreece'9909'MIKRA MEMORIALHusband of R. E. Monkman, of 225, Peabody Buildings, Hackney Rd., London.
HENSONWILLIAM3424/4/1917CorporalRoyal Berkshire RegimentGreece'13410'DOIRAN MEMORIALSon of Henry T. and Emma Henson, of 17, Wansbeck Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
WARRENFREDERICK GEORGE207/12/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentGreece'20146'DOIRAN MEMORIALSon of Henry and Caroline Louisa Warren, of 31, Coate St., Hackney Rd., London.
JACKSONHARRY HERBERT2421/4/1916Lance CorporalNorth Staffordshire RegimentIraq'17654'BASRA MEMORIALPanel 34.(Served as JENKINS). Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, of 443, Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
LOWEALFRED228/3/1916Lance CorporalHighland Light InfantryIraq'11544'BASRA MEMORIALPanel 35 and 64.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, of 79, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd., London.
GAVELLJOHN294/10/1915SergeantMiddlesex RegimentFrance'10661'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 134.Son of Mrs. A. Gavell, of 27, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London.
HAMMONDALBERT2627/9/1915PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'16139'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 38.Husband of Mrs. M. Swallow, of 17, Pritchard's Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
SAVAGEMATTHEW GEORGE261/10/1918PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'36655'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYIII. B. 22.Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Jane Savage, of 13, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
STONEHORACE219/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'703446'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 or 10.Son of Mrs. Mary Jane Stone, of 27, Culford Rd., Hackney, London.
BEERCHARLES WILLIAM2023/9/1918Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/82889'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNVI. H. 35.Son of Timothy S. and Ellen Beer, of 44, Maidstone St., Goldsmith's Row, Hackney Rd., London.
LOVETT21/6/1917Company Sergeant MajorYork and Lancaster RegimentFrance'7285'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. L. 46.Son of Mrs. H. Lovett, of 2, Urban Place, Andrew Rd., Hackney.
MASERCHARLES DUNNET2625/9/1915SergeantMiddlesex RegimentFrance'11643'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONH. 24.Husband of Jessie Maser, of II, Columbia Square, Hackney Rd., London.
PARKERALBERT FREDERICK3425/9/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1665'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONH. 23.Husband of Mary Ann Pinckney (formerly Parker), of 35, Ash Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
SCHNEIDERSOLLY2027/8/1916PrivateOxford and Bucks Light InfantryFrance'22832'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENJewish, (at W. end of Officers A.) B. 2.Son of Barnet and Rose Schneider, of 7, St. Thomas''s Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
AXWORTHYCHRISTOPHER WILLIAM2322/9/1918Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'48348'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Axworthy, of 134, Powerscroft Rd., Hackney, London.
BENSONWILLIAM THOMAS1912/10/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/32065'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 9.Son of George W. and Alice Benson, of 43, Felstead St., Hackney Wick, London.
CANNELLJOHN217/10/1918Lance CorporalRoyal Dublin FusiliersFrance'18168'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mrs. L. Mason, of 28, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd., London.
COLEWILLIAM GEORGE2023/8/1918PrivateDorsetshire RegimentFrance'40566'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 7.Son of Thomas and Esther Cole, of 24, Goring St., Hackney, London.
DAVIESCHARLES STEPHEN2227/9/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/9824'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Alfred Davies, of 73, Warner Place, Hackney Rd., London, and the late Rose Davies.
FENNTHOMAS F342/9/1918PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentFrance'29887'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 4.Son of William Fenn; husband of Rose Elizabeth Fenn, of 48, Yorkton St., Hackney Rd., London.
HARRISHENRY3411/10/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'78777'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of Frank and Ann Harris, of 61, Felstead St., Hackney Wick, London.
HEMMINGSSTANLEY EDWIN JOHN1913/10/1918PrivateYork and Lancaster RegimentFrance'47100'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 9.Son of Jesse Martin Hemmings and Jessie Louisa Hemmings, of 2, Culford Grove, Hackney, London.
KYNECHRISTOPHER2012/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/89050'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 8-9.Son of James and Adelaide Kyne, of 76, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
LIVOCKHENRY WILLIAM189/8/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'355622'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Henry William and Ada Ellen Livock, of 24, Margaret St., Well St., Hackney, London.
MITCHELLHARRY2929/9/1918PrivateLincolnshire RegimentFrance'241652'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 4.Son of William and Ellen Mitchell, of 252, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
PREVOSTARTHUR GEORGE1918/9/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/23635'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 6.Son of Mrs. Matilda Miller, of 50A, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
PROSSERJOHN JAMES ARTHUR188/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'254709'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mrs. Mary Prosser, of 16, Aspland Grove, Hackney, London.
WALKDENHENRY ROBERT ALEXANDER256/11/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'45453'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 9.Son of Mrs. J. Walkden, of 31, Belsham St., Hackney, London.
WALLACHMAURICE1912/10/1918PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'54211'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 4.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallach, of 6, Church Crescent, South Hackney, London.
CURTISCHARLES NATHAN2426/11/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'17084'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 6.Son of Charles and Susanna Curtis, of 2, Albert Grove, Morpeth Rd., South Hackney, London.
ELLISTHOMAS HENRY3121/11/1917CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/35206'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 9.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth A. Ellis, of 13, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London.
FERMOYRALPH HENRY3330/11/1917PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'9120'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 4.Husband of Mrs. Fermoy, of 13, Palace Road, Well St., Hackney, London.
FRYERALBERT ARTHUR163/12/1917PrivateDurham Light InfantryFrance'44919'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 10.Son of Mr. Fryer and Mrs. Eliza Fryer. 109 Teesdale St., Hackney, N.E. London.
HIBBERTJAMES T.3129/11/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'570989'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 12.Husband of Maria Tompkins (formerly Hibbert), of 28, Pritchards Rd., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
LAVENDERJOSEPH1930/11/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/8830'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 10 and 11.Son of Joseph and Isabella Lavender, of 22, Marian St., Hackney Rd., London.
MAPPCHARLES2422/11/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'43233'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 10.Husband of Eliza Ann Mapp, of 209, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
PIZEYCHARLES WILLIAM2/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'353656'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Husband of Grace Pizey of 59 Long Street, Hackney Road, London, E2.
SLADEMARK LLEWELLYN203/12/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'B/203584'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 10 and 11.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Slade, of 73, Nichol's Square, Hackney Rd., London.
MARSHFRANK2027/5/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/57460'SOISSONS MEMORIALSon of William John and Fanny Marsh, of 16, Loddiges Rd., Hackney, London.
MILLERCHARLES HERBERT1931/5/1918PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'30987'SOISSONS MEMORIALSon of Charles Robert and Eliza Miller, of 6, Percy Villas, Retreat Place, Hackney, London.
TODDGEORGE WILLIAM2925/9/1915PrivateSomerset Light InfantryFrance'15179'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 38 and 39.Son of Charles and Jane Todd, of 22, Minerva St., Hackney Rd., London.
BRUNTARTHUR ERNEST3726/4/1917PrivateManchester RegimentFrance'41850'BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUXI. B. 1.Husband of Mabel Helen Brunt, of 32, Templar Rd., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
BYRONCLEMENT JOHN2110/1/1917Second LieutenantHonourable Artillery CompanyFranceBEAUMONT-HAMEL BRITISH CEMETERYB. 34.Son of John and Clara Byron, of "Wyefield," The Knoll, Beckenham, Kent. Native of Hackney, London.
EASTSIDNEY FRANK11/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'251357'BEACON CEMETERY, SAILLY-LAURETTEIII. E. 2.Son of Alfred East, of 29, Christie Rd., Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
MASONJOHN RICHARD207/8/1918CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/11893'BEACON CEMETERY, SAILLY-LAURETTEIV. G. 1.Son of John Richard and Jane Mason, of 137, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
JACOBS5/9/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/19134'BAC-DU-SUD BRITISH CEMETERY, BAILLEULVALV. A. 8.Son of Mrs. R. Jacobs, of 8, Blanchard St., London Fields, Hackney, London.
WILLIS209/11/1916PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'4676'BROWN'S ROAD MILITARY CEMETERY, FESTUBERTI. H. 6.Son of Robert and Elizabeth Willis, of 12, Essex Place, Hackney Rd., London.
SNAITH3025/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'3038'POST OFFICE RIFLES CEMETERY, FESTUBERTII. C. 3.Son of Mrs. N. Snaith, of 6, Church Path, Mare St., Hackney, London.
JENNINGS301/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'L/10835'GORDON DUMP CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLEII. P. 10.Son of George Walter and Sophia Elizabeth Jennings, of 66, Scawfell St., Hackney Rd., London.
MILLHOUSE229/1/1916PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'11969'Y FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, BOIS-GRENIERJ. 20.Husband of Jane Charlotte Millhouse, of 38, Yorkton St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
RAWLEBEN MORTON2115/5/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'2765'Y FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, BOIS-GRENIERI. 17.Son of Charles and Annie Rawle, of 39, Valette Buildings, Mare St., Hackney, London, England.
KILLINGBACK2015/2/1916PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'9702'GUARDS CEMETERY, WINDY CORNER, CUINCHYIII. K. 2.Son of Robert and Mary Killingback, of 35, Coates St., Hackney Road, London.
MANSZILORENCO2911/12/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentItaly'G/33362'TEZZE BRITISH CEMETERYPlot 6. Row C. Grave 17.(served as L. MENZIE). Son of Francis and Louise Manszi, of 47, Mare St., Hackney, London.
RICEARNOLD HAMILTON1929/11/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsFranceBAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDIII. F. 45.Son of Edmond Hamilton Rice and Edith Emily Rice, of 199, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
VANHINSBERGH1915/4/1918PrivateNorth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'42165'LE GRAND BEAUMART BRITISH CEMETERY, STEENWERCKIII. E. 17.Son of Peter and Emma Vanhinsbergh, of 208, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
VEARS2215/4/1918PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'58434'ST. PIERRE CEMETERY, AMIENSXVI. D. 6.Son of William Charles and Clara Maria Vears, of 65, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BARKERCHARLES EDWIN3321/3/1918PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'45043'BANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYI. G. 9.Son of the late John Bartholomew Bearcock and Maria Jane Bearcock. Native of Hackney, London.
GAYTONGEORGE WILLIAM2215/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'7321'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 1. Row D. Grave 7.Son of George and Agnes Gayton, of 28, Centre Street, Hackney Road, London.
AYLING19/9/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'158747'STE. EMILIE VALLEY CEMETERY, VILLERS-FAUCONIV. E. 16.Son of Mr. H. J. Ayling, of 106, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
COOPERTHOMAS WILLIAM1918/9/1918PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'31449'STE. EMILIE VALLEY CEMETERY, VILLERS-FAUCONII. A. 6.Son of Mrs. A. Cooper, of 55, Kelday Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
HEPBURNREGINALD VICTOR2616/9/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceFranceSTE. EMILIE VALLEY CEMETERY, VILLERS-FAUCONII. D. 1.Son of Horatio Sewell Hepburn and Matilda Hepburn, of 16, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
GIBBS2711/1/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Cavalry)France'51792'JEANCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. D. 6.Son of George and Bertha Gibbs, of 3, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
TURNERWILLIAM3418/9/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'493976'BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERYIV. C. 3.Husband of Annie M. J. Turner, of 77, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
MEARSGEORGE306/10/1917CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'9108'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. F. 45.Son of Clara Mears, of 46, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
MOORE2722/9/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/15724'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. E. 45.Son of Henry and Mary Moore, of 14, Dagmar Rd., South Hackney, London. Born in Ireland.
JOHNSONWILLIAM2815/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'8039'WARLENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYVIII. L. 25.Son of Joseph Edward and Louisa Johnson, of 30, Centre St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
ROBERTSHAW2016/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'4912'WARLENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYI. L. 38.Son of Frederick and Emily Robertshaw, of 4, Mare St., Hackney, London.
WARBIS5/10/1917PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'241873'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. L. 21.Husband of D. Warbis, of 35, Selman St., Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
HOWARD2112/9/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'35814'ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURTVII. E. 29.Son of John Joseph and Caroline Sarah Howard, of 27, Palace Rd., Hackney, London.
McHARDRICHARD WILLIAM2822/10/1916CorporalRoyal Horse ArtilleryFrance'43673'BERNAFAY WOOD BRITISH CEMETERY, MONTAUBANE. 30 (Coll.)Son of Mr. and Mrs. McHard, of 254, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
RICHARDS1923/9/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'44133'VILLERS HILL BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLERS-GUISLAINVI. E. 19.Son of William and Hannah Richards, of 194, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
HUTCHINSONJOHN OLIVER3320/5/1918Lance SergeantRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/62656'LE VERTANNOY BRITISH CEMETERY, HINGESB. 17.Son of William Henry and Elizabeth Hutchinson, of 4, Hackney Yard, Spring Close, Lenton, Nottingham.
MAYERSJAMES16/6/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'492050'ACHICOURT ROAD CEMETERY, ACHICOURTC. 11.Son of Mrs. M. E. Mayers, of 193, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
EDWARDSALBERT WILLIAM2110/6/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'83235'VIS-EN-ARTOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HAUCOURTVII. A. 11.Son of John and Lena Edwards, of 1, Woodbine Terrace, Hackney, London.
DEANEWILLIAM ARTHUR187/9/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'54097'ESQUELBECQ MILITARY CEMETERYII. H. 1.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Deane, of 12, Coate St., Hackney Rd., London.
ELLIOTT249/5/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'28366'ESQUELBECQ MILITARY CEMETERYI. C. 28.Son of Mrs. Maria Ellen Elliott, of 17, Daintry St., Hackney Wick, London.
GREENHENRY JOHN196/7/1916PioneerRoyal EngineersFrance'129820'VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERYIV. E. 47.Born at Hackney. Son of Mr. Green, of 6, Rice Terrace, Upper Edmonton, London.
CARRICK201/9/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'139456'DURY CRUCIFIX CEMETERYII. A. 41.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carrick, of 23, Casterton St., Hackney, London.
DIXONTHOMAS2320/5/1917PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryFrance'PO/15990'POINT-DU-JOUR MILITARY CEMETERY, ATHIESI. F. 1.Son of Ernest and Mary Ann Dixon, of 32, Blackstone Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
FINERALFRED JOHN1931/7/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'27232'AIX-NOULETTE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. G. 16.Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Finer, of 6, Nichols Square, Hackney Rd., London.
NEWBURY26/4/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'57828'ADELAIDE CEMETERY, VILLERS-BRETONNEUXI. A. 23.Son of Mrs. Newbury, of 4, Church Path, Mare St., Hackney, London.
PRIORGEORGE ERIC204/11/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/37766'GHISSIGNIES BRITISH CEMETERYB. 16.Son of George and Minnie Prior, of 134, Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London.
SMITHCHARLES WILLIAM GEORGE2125/10/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'29266'PREUX-AU-BOIS COMMUNAL CEMETERYA. 14.Son of Walter and Martha Smith, of 18, Henrietta St., Hackney Rd., London.
WHEELERWILLIAM2624/10/1918PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'35437'BERMERAIN COMMUNAL CEMETERYA. 3.Son of Walter and Emily Wheeler, of 10, Holcroft Rd., South Hackney, London.
BENNETFREDERICK CLIVE2226/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'5081'A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND, FLERSXIV. A. 6.Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Bennet, of 121, The Grove, Hammersmith, London. Born at Hackney.
SPENCERHENRY GEORGE1/7/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'280315'BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYXXI. F. 7.Son of Mrs. Rachel Spencer, of 86, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London.
SPINKSALFRED3111/10/1918PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'204189'IWUY COMMUNAL CEMETERYB. 53.Son of Mrs. M. Spinks, of 24, King Edward Rd., Hackney, London.
STOCK309/10/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'19630'HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBEIII. F. 79.Son of Mrs. Louisa Stock, of Homerton Terrace, South Hackney, London.
COOMBSGEORGE HENRY2011/2/1915PrivateEssex RegimentUnited Kingdom'13903'COLCHESTER CEMETERYF. 14. 18.Son of John and Sarah Coombs, of 232, Millfields Rd., Clapton, London. Born at Hackney, London.
SELLARHARRY20/10/1916SapperRoyal MarinesFrance'Deal/537(S)'ENGLEBELMER COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONA. 14.Son of Mrs. Annie Sellar, of 149, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
RUSSELLARTHUR LEOPOLD2617/5/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'L/40783'ST. AMAND BRITISH CEMETERYIII. B. 8.Born at Hackney, London. Son of Mrs. Gertrude Russell, of 39, Dunlace Rd., Clapton, London.
GRACE15/3/1915PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'2179'FERME BUTERNE MILITARY CEMETERY, HOUPLINESA. 20.Son of Mrs. L. E. Grace, of 5, Southgate Grove, Hackney, London.
SIMMONS23/5/1915PrivateNorth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'7919'FERME BUTERNE MILITARY CEMETERY, HOUPLINESC. 13.Son of Mr. W. Simmons, of 1, St. Peter's Square, St. Peter's St., Hackney, London.
BARNES241/7/1916PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'8139'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASI. E. 18.Son of Mrs. J. E. Barnes, of 37, Andrews Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
CULLINGALFRED WILLIAM289/4/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'94663'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASIV. A. 4.Son of William and Elizabeth Culling, of 47, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
BERRIDGEG.M. MEHEW2520/5/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'C/3821'LONDON CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-VITASSEIII. G. 14.Brother of John James Berridge, of 24, Trehurst St., Clapton Park, London. Native of Hackney, London.
DOBBSERNEST GEORGE199/4/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'472483'LONDON CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-VITASSEI. A. 62.Son of William and Caroline Dobbs, of 6, Stockmar Rd., Homerton. Born at Hackney, London.
HYDE13/4/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/31241'MAUBEUGE-CENTRE CEMETERYA. 23.Son of Mr. E. Hyde, of 8, Wallis Rd., Victoria Park, Hackney, London.
CHAPMANEDWARD JOHN2126/10/1916Cook's Mate 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/16950'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL21Son of Edward and Elizabeth Chapman, of 54, Goldsmiths Row, Hackney Rd., London.
BILLETT1929/9/1918PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'41247'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONSp. Mem. 4.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Sarah Billett, of 13, Horatio St., Hackney Rd., London.
MARLERJAMES THOMAS3221/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/27354'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONV. 0. 7.Husband of Ellen Frances Marler, of 38, Devonshire Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
SMITHHENRY GEORGE2925/3/1918PrivateBlack Watch (Royal Highlanders)France'350773'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. G. 15.Husband of Mrs. E. D. Smith, of 176, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
TAPSONFRANK MOY3023/12/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'382'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. B. 41.Born at Hackney, London, England. Son of Robert George and Eliza Amelia Tapson.
TURNERWILLIAM JAMES399/8/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'27027'MONCHY BRITISH CEMETERY, MONCHY-LE-PREUXI. H. 30.Husband of Rosina Turner, of 23, Tyssen St., Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
FARLEYWILLIAM JAMES ROBERT288/2/1915PrivateColdstream GuardsUnited Kingdom'6613'BROMPTON CEMETERYN. 172890.Husband of B. H. Wynn (formerly Farley), of 67, Gainsborough Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
DEARY23/6/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'B/2917'KENSAL GREEN (ALL SOULS') CEMETERY213. 6. 14. (Screen Wall.).Husband of Mrs. Deary, of 72, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
HODDINOTTCHARLES FREDERICK414/6/1915PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentUnited Kingdom'L/4774'KENSAL GREEN (ALL SOULS') CEMETERY213. 9. 5. (Screen Wall.).Husband of Rosina Jane Hoddinott, of 64, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
HOWALBERT EDWARD2029/8/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)United Kingdom'5163'KENSAL GREEN (ALL SOULS') CEMETERY213. 9. 6. (Screen Wall.).Son of Frederick and Margaret Ada How, of 38, Casterton St., Hackney, London.
LAKIN251/7/1916DrummerLancashire FusiliersFrance'2102'REDAN RIDGE CEMETERY NO.2, BEAUMONT-HAMELC. 18.Son of Alfred and Emily Lakin, of 46, London Lane, Mare St., Hackney, London.
JOHNSON388/11/1918Air Mechanic 3rd ClassRoyal Air ForceFrance'118330'CHARMES MILITARY CEMETERY, ESSEGNEYI. F. 22.Husband of Florence May Johnson, of 19, Harrowgate Rd., South Hackney, London.
WHITCHELOGEORGE WALTER JOHN2225/6/1919Shoeing SmithRoyal Field ArtilleryItaly'880517'TARANTO TOWN CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. J. 10.Son of George and Helen Whitchelo, of 43, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
KABLEANWILLIAM CHARLES2424/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'252488'DUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERYI. C. 43.Son of Henry John and Agnes Kablean, of 4, Warneford St., Hackney, London.
FARROWFRANCIS2225/9/1915PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'3072'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 130 to 135.Son of Mrs. C. Farrow, of 28, Darcy Buildings, London Fields, Hackney, London.
FOOTMANCHARLES1918/10/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/117'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 99 to 101.Son of Alfred and Alice Footman, of 15, Loanda St., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
WADEY2023/8/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'62891'ACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. B. 7.Son of Thomas Francis Wadey, of 146, Goldsmith Row, Hackney, London.
MEINJOHN JAMES398/11/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/18579'CROSS ROADS CEMETERY, FONTAINE-AU-BOISII. A. 11.Brother of Mrs. M. Lewis, of 61, Palace Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
BAKEROLIVER SAMUEL (THOMAS)16/9/1918Steward 1st ClassMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Emily Ann Baker, of 26, Wayneflete St., Earlsfield, S.W.18 Born at Hackney.
BROWNAUGUST WILLIAM2116/3/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1716'BULLY-GRENAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY, FRENCH EXTENSIONA. 43.Brother of Frederick Brown, of 9, The Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
BEDFORD2517/12/1914PrivateLincolnshire RegimentFrance'7900'RUE-PETILLON MILITARY CEMETERY, FLEURBAIXIII. B. 2.Son of Alfred and Rose Anne Bedford, of 55, Arcola St., Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London.
HARRISCHARLIE HENRY1918/8/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'254694'ROISEL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. F. 2.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harris, of 6, Centre St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
BALESBEN2210/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'STK/902'FEUCHY CHAPEL BRITISH CEMETERY, WANCOURTI. G. 37.Son of William and Helen Bales, of Hackney, London. Enlisted August, 1914.
HEWITT2313/4/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/40523'FEUCHY CHAPEL BRITISH CEMETERY, WANCOURTII. G. 16.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt, of 6, Helmsley Place, Hackney, London.
St. PIERREEDWARD CHARLES FREDERICK2111/4/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/2601'TIGRIS LANE CEMETERY, WANCOURTI. B. 4.Son of Henry and Emily St. Pierre, of 15, Loddiges Rd., Hackney, London.
BARRETTWILLIAM3127/5/1915Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'209882'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL7Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Barrett, of II, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
EVANSFREDERICK GEORGE1713/5/1915Boy 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/27325'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL8Son of Susan Elizabeth Evans, of 13 King Edward Rd., South Hackney, London.
SELSBYWILLIAM HENRY2531/5/1916Leading Cooks MateRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'347504'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL21Son of Amy Selsby; brother of Amy Kate Selsby, of 280, Mare St., Hackney, London.
STRINGERJAMES EDWIN225/6/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/13310'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL13Son of James and Ellen Stringer, of 9, Hedgers Grove, Hackney, London.
JONESJOSEPH EDWARD219/7/1917Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/21632'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL25Son of Mrs. Esther Jones, of 26, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
PECKHAMLANCELOT ALBERT189/7/1917Ordinary SignalmanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/34193'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL21Son of Hannah Peckham, of 150, Columbia Sq., Hackney Rd., London, and the late Miles Peckham.
ARCHERREGINALD WILLIAM2312/2/1918Leading Cooks MateRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/12608'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of Walter Robert Cole Archer and Alice Emily Archer, of Hackney, London.
EPPSTHOMAS HERBERT234/10/1918Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/23611'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL28Grandson of Rebecca Beasley, of 51, Osborne Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
HARRISALFRED SYDNEY223/1/1918Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/15031'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL28Son of Alfred Ernest and Annie Harris, of 9, Gascoyne Rd., South Hackney, London.
LANGSTONFRANK234/10/1918Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'SS/114866'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of James William and Mary Langston, of 6c, Belsham St., Hackney, London.
WINTEREDWARD ALFRED2427/3/1918Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/19854'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of Edward and Margaret M. Winter, of 38, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
CLARKALBERT295/9/1914PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/14643'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL7Son of Edgar Thomas and Annie Clark, of 4, Killowen Rd., South Hackney, London.
BARTLEY21/5/1918Lance CorporalSouth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'202684'BEUVRY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. C. 10.Husband of Mrs. B. Bartley, of 91, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
CUNNINGHAMHENRY5/6/1916Boy 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/34315'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL16Son of Henry and Annie Cunningham, of 18, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
HARMANROBERT ALBERT HENRY1821/12/1916TelegraphistRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/30050'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL17Son of George Harman, of 193, Graham Rd., Hackney, London, and the late Jane C. Harman.
DIMMOCKWILLIAM JOSEPH2721/10/1917Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'234566'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL21Husband of Florence Amy Dimmock, of 15, Culford Rd., Downham Rd., Deabovier Town, Hackney, London.
PLANE3/4/1916RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'5092'QUATRE-VENTS MILITARY CEMETERY, ESTREE-CAUCHYIII. AA. 2.Son of Mrs. M. Plane, of 50, Osborne Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
PARKERGEORGE WALTER235/6/1915Able SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveTurkey (including Gallipoli)'London Z/744'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 8 to 16.Son of George and Charlotte Parker, of 95, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
SIMPSONFREDERICK WALTER3016/9/1918Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/32151'GILLINGHAM (WOODLANDS) CEMETERY, KENTNaval. 15. 804-6.Son of Charles Foster and Sarah Elizabeth Simpson, of Hackney, London.
SMITHFREDERICK EDWARD2916/4/1918Lance SergeantLeicestershire RegimentBelgium'8045'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 50 to 51.Husband of Beatrice Victoria Smith, of 40, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London.
HALL2428/8/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/1304'ST. MARTIN CALVAIRE BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. MARTIN-SUR-COJEULII. A. 4.Husband of Mrs. E. King (formerly Hall), of 2, Arline St., Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
KEEBLEPHILIP JOHN215/5/1917CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/2511'ST. MARTIN CALVAIRE BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. MARTIN-SUR-COJEULI. B. 17.Son of Mrs. E. Keeble, of 7, New St., London Fields, Hackney, London.
CHICK2011/8/1918PrivateRoyal ScotsFrance'302333'BOUCHOIR NEW BRITISH CEMETERYV. C. 19.Brother of Mrs. Rose Drew, of 30, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
GULLEN425/12/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/32528'METZ-EN-COUTURE COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSIONIV. C. 5.Husband of Marian Gullen, of 72, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
OFFORDSAMUEL VICTOR2327/9/1916PrivateGrenadier GuardsFrance'16938'GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTEI. G. 13.Son of Mrs. B. Offord, of 75, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
GREEN1929/9/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'87455'SAULCOURT CHURCHYARD EXTENSION, GUYENCOURT-SAULCOURTB. 14.Son of Mrs. C. Green, of 28, Casterton St., Hackney, London.
WALKERARTHUR EDWARD1927/6/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'3654'HEBUTERNE MILITARY CEMETERYII. Q. 1.Son of William James and Emily Walker, of 48, Penshurst Rd., South Hackney, London.
CHIPPERFIELD2414/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/63487'WANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYVII. A. 32.Son of Julia Chipperfield, of 21, Lyme Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
MORBEYALBERT EDWARD2015/6/1918PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentFrance'35299'VENDRESSE BRITISH CEMETERYIV. G. 10.Son of John and Jane Morbey, of 9, Fellows St., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
CORDWELLHORACE ALBERT1927/5/1918PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'69256'JONCHERY-SUR-VESLE BRITISH CEMETERYI. G. 5.Son of John and Harriett Cordwell, of 13, Crescent Place, Hackney Rd., London.
INKERSOLEFREDERICK JOSEPH ARTHUR2023/10/1918CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'280279'MAUROIS COMMUNAL CEMETERY8Son of Frederick and Beatrice Inkersole, of 37, Warneford St., Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
WILLIAMSONCHARLES ARTHUR2017/2/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'471'ST. MARY'S A.D.S. CEMETERY, HAISNESIII. F. 8.Son of Charles and Alice Williamson, of 20 Eaton Place, Hackney, London.
WALTERS31/10/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'40663'LAVENTIE MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEIII. B. 12.Son of Mrs. L. Walters, of 27, Brookfield Rd., South Hackney, London.
WHITBREAD30/10/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'2669'LAVENTIE MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEIII. B. 14.Son of Mrs. J. Whitbread, of 36, Cassland Rd., Hackney, London.
HICKSONHENRY2215/9/1918Lance CorporalNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'266963'MONTCORNET MILITARY CEMETERYC. 9.Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hickson, of 1 Cremer St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
BOLTONERNEST ALBERT2017/8/1919PrivateRoyal FusiliersGermany'G/127147'COLOGNE MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Emily Bolton, of 44, Essex St., Hackney, London.
NOTTAGEERNEST207/3/1917PrivateLondon RegimentGreece'684408'SARIGOL MILITARY CEMETERY, KRISTONC. 512.Son of John William and Mary Nottage, of 4, Jackson's Buildings, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
BANAGAN3/10/1916PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Greece'G/6113'STRUMA MILITARY CEMETERYV. B. 2.Husband of Mary Ann Banagan, of 28, Rothbury Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
DYERFREDERICK3210/2/1917PrivateDevonshire RegimentGreece'7840'DOIRAN MILITARY CEMETERYVI. C. 30.Husband of Elizabeth E. Dyer, of 13, Fortescue St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
DENNETTGORDON CLARKE COMPTON2021/9/1918PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'271029'HARGICOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 7.Only son of Frank and Abigail Dennett, of 6, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London.
SMITHALFRED HENRY3327/9/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/26695'FLESQUIERES HILL BRITISH CEMETERYVII. G. 14.Husband of Lilian Rose Smith, of 53, Havelock Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
CLARKTHOMAS2827/4/1917PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'242196'TEMPLEUX-LE-GUERARD BRITISH CEMETERYI. A. 43.Husband of Mrs. G. Clark, of 36, Landfield St., Clapton, London. Born at Hackney, London.
STOCKERCHARLES FREDERICK2825/11/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'473563'MOEUVRES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONSp. Mem. E. 1.Son of William and Kate Stocker, of 66, Paragon Rd., Hackney, London.
EINTRACHTALFRED JOHN1924/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/9293'BRAY MILITARY CEMETERYII. H. 16.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred John Eintracht, of 22, Westgate St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
SHARP11/7/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentUnited Kingdom'10904'CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERYD. 2602.Son of Mrs. A. Sharp, of 18, Florfield Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BLYTHEROBERT3013/11/1918PrivateLondon RegimentUnited Kingdom'822175'EXETER HIGHER CEMETERY122Son of John and Margaret Blythe; husband of Annie Blythe, of 42, Mare St., Hackney, London.
SMITH1711/5/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'G/6552'MATLOCK (ST. GILES) CHURCHYARDSon of Joseph and Lydia M. Smith, of The Myrtles, Hackney Rd., Matlock.
DIXIEWALTER JOHN426/11/1915PrivateLondon RegimentUnited Kingdom'20138'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARKScreen Wall. 235. 2A.Husband of Mary Ellen Dixie, of 39, Selman St., South Hackney, London.
FERDINAND3324/10/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'203389'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARKScreen Wall. 417. 89457.Husband of Elizabeth Ferdinand, of 14, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London.
LEES19/11/1918SergeantWiltshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'17362'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARKScreen Wall. 60. 22503.Husband of A. Lees, of 5, St. Thomas' Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
CREGORCHARLES213/6/1919PrivateRoyal FusiliersUnited Kingdom'58'EAST HAM (MARLOW ROAD) JEWISH CEMETERYG. 21. 16.Son of Morris and Annie Cregor, of 56, Victoria Park Rd., Hackney, London. Born at Liverpool.
BARKERJOSEPH CECIL189/10/1918PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.United Kingdom'54624'MANOR PARK CEMETERY14. 371.Son of Joseph and Maud Jessie Barker, of 16, Baroness Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
ELLIS174/7/1918Boy 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/89575'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 127. 56.Son of George and Eliza Mary Ann Ellis, of 67, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
HOLTON2515/4/1917PrivateLondon RegimentUnited Kingdom'684399'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 126. 251.Son of Arthur and Emma Holton; husband of Lily Holton, of 92. Lauriston Rd., Hackney, London.
SIMONSALFRED SAMUEL338/11/1918Flight SergeantRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'24429'PLASHET JEWISH CEMETERYG. 8. 3.Son of Alexander and Amelia Simons, of 73, Cassland Rd.,Hackney, London.
HANDLEYHORACE1826/6/1916PrivateWelsh RegimentUnited Kingdom'32130'WOODGRANGE PARK CEMETERY, EAST HAM23. 6775.Son of Albert Edward Handley, of 70 Gore Rd., South Hackney, London.
PROWSEWILLIAM STANLEY186/7/1917PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentUnited Kingdom'45814'LEYTONSTONE (ST. PATRICK'S) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERYXI.A. 3. 25.Son of Arthur and Marie Elizabeth Prowse, of 22, Bridge Rd., Stratford. Born at Hackney, London.
AGATEFRANCIS JAMES2428/7/1919DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'221023'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYB. 9. C.R. 8975.Son of Charles Harry and Elizabeth Agate, of 47, De Beauvoir Crescent, Hackney, London.
GALLIERSROBERT3811/10/1919PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)United Kingdom'51889'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC.R. 9208.Husband of Louisa Jane Galliers, of 29, Poole Rd., Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
PARKESGEORGE3824/5/1917PrivateArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T4/110637'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC.R. 4869.Husband of Margaret Parkes, of 66, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
WARDHERBERT T.315/12/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'622391'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYG. 11. C.R. 98425.Husband of Margaret Jane Ward, of 11, Beck Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
WEBBARTHUR BURTON194/9/1917PrivateArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M2/203733'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC.R. 5405.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Webb, of 9, Groombridge Rd., South Hackney, London.
BRADLEYGEORGE THOMAS3720/1/1916DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'L/45867'ALDERSHOT MILITARY CEMETERYAF. 1958.Husband of Elizabeth Hand, of 33, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London.
TURNEREDWARD2011/10/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/14261'LE FERMONT MILITARY CEMETERY, RIVIEREII. B. 3.Son of Richard and Sophia Turner, of 146, Guinness Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
MARSHALLARTHUR THOMAS2323/9/1916Lance CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsUnited Kingdom'R/18291'NETLEY MILITARY CEMETERYC.E. 1856.Son of Thomas Robert and Alice Rebecca Marshall, of 39, Beck Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BAKER235/3/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'13585'DERNANCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVI. B. 32.Son of Mrs. Baker, of 121, Pritchards Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
ELSTON2624/1/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersUnited Kingdom'G/13958'DOVER (ST. JAMES'S) CEMETERYN. H. 10.Adopted son of Mr. J. Bellett, of I, Albert Grove, Morpeth Rd., South Hackney, London.
CROSSALFRED GEORGE314/11/1916CorporalRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'24101'DERNANCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. B. 23.Husband of Maud Florence Cross, of 112, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
TEMPLEJAMES FREDERICK243/2/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'111529'BLACKPOOL (LAYTON) CEMETERYT. 53.Husband of Jane Harriet Temple, of 58A, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London. Born in London.
WICKERSARTHUR JAMES298/6/1915Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'L/8209'WANDSWORTH (EARLSFIELD) CEMETERYScreen Wall. F.B. 18. 4.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Wickers, of 11, Matilda St., Hackney Rd., London.
BRADSHAWOWEN ERNEST2124/2/1917PrivateWiltshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'10795'NUNHEAD (ALL SAINTS) CEMETERYScreen Wall. 152. 32726.Son of Charles William and Henrietta Bradshaw, of 53, Penshurst Rd., South Hackney, London.
HARPER10/4/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'252211'NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERYII. A. 17.Son of Mrs. S. Harper, of 5, Cadell St., Hackney Rd., London.
OCHILTREE1/4/1918PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'47371'NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERYI. F. 24.Son of Mr. F. Ochiltree, of 14, Balcome St., Hackney, London.
BEDFORD4229/10/19182nd CorporalRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'216644'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. P.6. 4. RN. 20658.Husband of Maria Bedford, of 7, Dunn St., Shackelwell Lane, Hackney, London.
CRADOCKJAMES EDWARD2218/12/1920Air Mechanic 2nd ClassRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'93767'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. O.7. RN. 24906.Son of James Joseph Cradock, of 31, Miller's Avenue, Arcola St., Hackney, London.
LANDENHORACE EDWARD227/11/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'957'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYN.5. 4. RN. 17010.Son of George Edward and Emma Ann Kate Landen, of 57, Halidon St., Hackney, London.
LIGHTFOOTROBERT CHRISHOP2129/5/1917Lance CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentUnited Kingdom'SD/2735'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYD.4. 1. RN. 18282.Son of John and Margaret A. Lightfoot, of 73, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
RASEYHERBERT EDWARD272/11/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)United Kingdom'450594'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. O.6. 2. RN. 20748.Son of Henry and Elizabeth Rasey, of 110, De Beauvoir Rd., Hackney, London.
VANNER198/12/1918Lance CorporalKing's Shropshire Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'27649'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. O.7. RN. 21101.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Varmer, of 10, East Side, London Fields, Hackney, London.
ABRAHAMSEDWARD27/1/1919PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)United Kingdom'540236'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1555.Son of Mrs. Mary Abrahams, of 65, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
AGLANDSAMUEL304/1/1919GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'74231'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1541.Son of James and Louisa Agland, of 61, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
KEARNEYALFRED JOHN312/5/1916CorporalRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'48158'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1297.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kearney, of 140, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
LACEY19/3/1918CorporalArmy Pay CorpsUnited Kingdom'8313'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. P. 1271.Husband of Jane Lacey, of 78, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
McLAUGHLINWILLIAM GEORGE234/10/1918PrivateRoyal Dublin FusiliersUnited Kingdom'15944'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1498.Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Polaine (formerly McLaughlin), of 97, Teesdale St., Hackney, London.
RONEY2223/10/1918PrivateRoyal Munster FusiliersUnited Kingdom'14171'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1499.Son of George and Emma Amelia Roney, of 53, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
SAFFRON2812/8/1918PrivateLondon RegimentUnited Kingdom'1804'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1494.Son of Thomas and Jane Saffron, of 25, Mead's Place, Hackney, London.
THURGOOD1727/1/1919PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)United Kingdom'540182'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1555.Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Thurgood, of 223, Guiness Buildings, Hackney, London.
WRIGHT1918/10/1920PrivateWiltshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'5563293'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. P. 1403.Son of Robert and F. Wright, of 127, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
PHILPCHARLES3221/3/1918SergeantMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'G/14199'ISLINGTON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUMScreen Wall. Z. 16353.Husband of Sarah Ann Philp, of 31, Tower St., Hackney, London.
TOOK16/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'6011'DARTMOOR CEMETERY, BECORDEL-BECOURTII. A. 36.Son of Mr. F. G. Took, of 34, Warburton Square, Hackney, London.
KNOWLESHAROLD332/11/1918CorporalArmy Pay CorpsUnited Kingdom'13452'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYXIII. A. 8A.Son of Caroline and the late Charles Knowles, of 47, Buckingham Rd., Hackney, London.
KNOWLES4030/10/1918PrivateThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)United Kingdom'82715'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYXIII. A. 8B.Husband of E. E. Knowles, of 7, Homerton Terrace, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
LEEKWILLIAM2510/6/1915Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/18526'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL11Son of Mary Ann Leek, of 10, Link St., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
MOONALBERT EDWIN173/2/1915Boy 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/27283'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL10Son of Albert and Mary Ann Moon, of 18, Arcline St., Hackney Rd., London.
TRAISHWILLIAM2327/5/1915Stoker 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/24761'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL12Son of Charles and Ellen Traish, of 31, Eaton Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
AMESWILLIAM407/12/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'63464'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEXVI. F. 24.Husband of Mrs. Mary A Ames, of 5, Speldhurst Rd., South Hackney, London.
DAVEY2328/5/1915GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'59590'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEVIII. F. 26.Son of Mrs. E. Davey, of 24, Poyston St., Victoria Park, Hackney, London.
HARTERNEST4710/2/1919RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'377040'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEXIII. C. 33.Husband of Mary Ann Hart, of 29, Ash Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
MARSHALL1913/12/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Irish Rifles)France'601497'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEXII. C. 34.Son of Frederick H. and Emily Marshall, of 110, Lansdowne Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
MINESJOSEPH3721/8/1918DriverAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'2450'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MILITARY CEMETERYXII. E. 6.Son of Joseph Morgan Mines and Catherine Mines. Born at Hackney, London,England.
BURFORDHENRY264/8/1917BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'671759'COXYDE MILITARY CEMETERYII.D.6.Son of Arthur and Elizabeth Burford of 20 St. Thomas's Place, Hackney, London.
HARDY2210/6/1915PrivateEssex RegimentUnited Kingdom'2146'BIRMINGHAM (LODGE HILL) CEMETERYScreen Wall. B10. 3. 280.Son of Mrs. Amy S. Hardy, of 29, Crozier Terrace, Homerton, London. Born at Hackney, London.
McCARTHY12/5/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1791'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. M. 50.Son of Mrs. M. E. McCarthy, of 2, Gainsborough Square, Hackney Wick, London.
PEVIERWILLIAM SYDNEY1920/4/1918PrivateArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersFrance'41042'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNV. G. 30.Son of William Charles and Edith Emily Pevier, of 17, Brookfield Rd., South Hackney, London.
SKENNERTONWILLIAM GEORGE CECIL1917/6/1917GunnerRoyal Horse ArtilleryFrance'140291'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. L. 15.Son of William and Edith Skennerton, of 22, Groombridge Rd., South Hackney, London.
COLES29/9/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'394085'DOINGT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. A. 44.Son of Mrs. A. Honnor, of 30, St. Peter's St., Hackney, London.
JENNERGEORGE FREDERICK214/7/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'40020'BRANDHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYII. L. 15.Son of George and Jessie Jenner, of 160, Lansdowne Rd., Hackney, London.
SHELDRICK2123/5/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'SR/8039'BRANDHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYI. B. 3.Son of Arthur Sheldrick, of 3, Antwerp St., Andrews Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
BARNESFRANCIS GEORGE2125/2/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'703295'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXI. B. 1A.Son of Robert John and Emily Barnes, of 119, Well St., Hackney, London.
CARNEJOHN REEVES2725/7/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Sussex RegimentBelgiumLIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXIV. A. 3.Son of William and Elizabeth Carne, of 26, Terrace Rd., South Hackney, London.
COLLIERALFRED HENRY3825/8/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentBelgium'573751'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. A. 15A.Husband of Esther Collier, of 58, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London.
MEDCRAFTCHARLES ALBERT394/4/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'17299'RIBEMONT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, SOMMEII. K. 9.Husband of Alice Maud Medcraft, of 29, Kenmure Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
ALDRIGEBERTRAND HAROLD2511/8/1917SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'47921'MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYIV. E. 2.Son of Mrs. A. Aldrige, of 16, Nelson St., Hackney Rd., London.
BISHOPHERBERT JOSEPH HENRY2115/6/1917PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersBelgium'22123'MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 36.Son of Herbert and Eliza Eleanor Bishop, of 49, Tullerie St., Hackney Rd., London.
FARMER2913/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'66590'MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYIV. E. 22.Son of Mr. G. W. Farmer, of 51, Gayhurst Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
STEVENS193/1/1918PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentBelgium'38609'OXFORD ROAD CEMETERYV. H. 8.Son of Mrs. E. Stevens, of 14, Temple St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
HARRINGTON313/3/1916PrivateThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)Belgium'12293'BARD COTTAGE CEMETERYI. A. 8.Husband of Ada Harrington, of 31, Lyme Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
PORTBURYWALTER ERNEST2427/9/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'64560'BARD COTTAGE CEMETERYIII. H. 40.Son of Joseph Edward and Charlotte Portbury, of 15, Warneford St., South Hackney, London.
SMITH20/12/1915SapperRoyal EngineersBelgium'49658'DICKEBUSCH NEW MILITARY CEMETERYF. 16.Husband of E. M. Smith, of 339, Wick Rd., Hackney, London.
PERRY7/6/1917Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersBelgium'10973'DICKEBUSCH NEW MILITARY CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. C. 7.Husband of A. H. Perry, of 19, Goring St., Hackney, London.
ROSEFREDERICK GEORGE2428/5/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'632229'DICKEBUSCH NEW MILITARY CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. A. 8.Son of Caroline Rose, of 21, Florfield Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
CHIPPERFIELDJOHN2111/5/1918RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43528'GWALIA CEMETERYII. E. 28.Son of William and Julia Chipperfield, of 21, Lyme Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
TORKINGTON214/2/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'L/20099'GWALIA CEMETERYII. E. 21.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Torkington, of 34, Balcome St., South Hackney, London.
NORTONALBERT LIONEL2128/10/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/33437'RIDGE WOOD MILITARY CEMETERYIII. F. 6.Husband of Alice H. Wall (formerly Norton), of 39, Eaton Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
DAVIESBASIL WILLIAM297/9/1917Lance CorporalRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/26025'KANDAHAR FARM CEMETERYII. G. 13.Son of Sidney and Emily Davies, of 9, Askew St., Hackney, London.
WILLIAMSREES LLOYD2410/10/1918CorporalYork and Lancaster RegimentBelgium'62344'KANDAHAR FARM CEMETERYII. J. 4.Son of Rees and Letitia Williams, of 10, Brett Rd., Hackney, London.
FOORDARCHIBALD JAMES354/7/1916CorporalAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Belgium'2360'LA PLUS DOUVE FARM CEMETERYI. B. 7.Son of F. William and Annie Elizabeth Foord. Native of Hackney, London.
BAUSORJAMES MONTAGUE188/4/1915PrivateDorsetshire RegimentBelgium'3/7222'RAMPARTS CEMETERY, LILLE GATEH. 11.Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Bausor, of 6, Gransden Avenue, Mare St., Hackney, London.
WEBBERCHARLES GEORGE2824/2/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'4101'RAMPARTS CEMETERY, LILLE GATED. 19.Husband of Alice Webber, of 148, Guinness Trust Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
MAPP28/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'352626'MINTY FARM CEMETERYI. C. 1.Son of Mr. W. Mapp, of 50, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
CORNELIUSWILLIAM2313/7/1915PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentBelgium'11093'RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERYIV. D. 6.Husband of Lily Cornelius, of 154, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
BARCLAYE. THOMAS246/6/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'8160'VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURE NO.3XIII. D. 12.Husband of Susan Jane Flaherty (formerly Barclay), of 51, Guinness Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
CANHAMWILLIE FREDERICK ROBERT192/10/1918PrivateArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersBelgium'S/19830'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYXVII. H. 8.Son of Willie and Rosina Canham, of 33, Essex St., Hackney, London.
HARRISGEORGE198/3/1918Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/52962'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYXVI. J. 13.Son of George and Matilda Harris, of 5, Glaskin St., Hackney, London. Old "Grocer's School" boy.
SINGLETONJAMES WILLIAM3331/7/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'87112'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYXI. K. 10.Son of James and Ann Hannah Singleton, of 83, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
HUMPHRIESCHARLES FREDERICK2428/9/1918Lance CorporalRoyal Scots FusiliersBelgium'50057'BIRR CROSS ROADS CEMETERYII. A. 18.Husband of Nellie Humphries, of 17, Anne's Rd., South Hackney, London.
DENMAN10/7/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'632375'WOODS CEMETERYI. B. 37.Son of Mrs. E. L. Denman, of 9, Plover St., Hackney Wick, London.
FIDDYGEORGE ANDREW3231/7/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/32638'PASSCHENDAELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERYX. D. 29.Son of Mrs. Ellen Fiddy; husband of Mary Ann Fiddy, of 71, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
WILLIAMSEDWARD2530/10/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/21949'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. I. 80.Son of Elizabeth Williams; husband of L. Williams, of 85, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
WILLSALBERT EDWARD2420/10/1914Lance CorporalEast Yorkshire RegimentFrance'8805'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIII. C. 39.Son of Charles John and Agnes Eliza Wills, of 15, Chalgrove Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
WALLHARRY254/10/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Belgium'3238'TYNE COT CEMETERYXXXIV. C. 13.Son of the late George and Ellen Wall. Native of Hackney Wick, London, England.
WORTHYERNEST1921/9/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/28049'TYNE COT CEMETERYLVIII. F. 40.Son of William James and Mary Worthy, of 6, Percy Villas, Retreat Place, South Hackney, London.
READ27/9/1915BuglerLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'1902'NOEUX-LES-MINES COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. C. 29.Son of Mr. W. J. Read, of 51, Elsdale St., South Hackney, London.
FENNWILLIAM3727/4/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'7802'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTVI. H. 2B.Husband of May Ann Fenn, of 10, Wilman Grove, London Fields, Hackney.
HERBERTHENRY ROBERT1811/11/1914PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'L/15125'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIII. C. 15.Son of Charles and Harriet Herbert of 12, Sheldon Place, Mansford St., Hackney Rd., London.
HOOD3415/4/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'48354'CALAIS SOUTHERN CEMETERYPlot G. Row 1. Grave 2.Son of Oliver and Sarah Hood, of 14, Frampton Park Road, Hackney, London.
SCOTTWILLIAM GEORGE2318/8/1917Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'253049'CALAIS SOUTHERN CEMETERYPlot H. Row 3. Grave 2.Son of Mrs. L. Scott, of 373, Wick Road, Hackney Wick, London.
THOMPSON1829/12/1915Lance CorporalRoyal Warwickshire RegimentGibraltar'10634'GIBRALTAR (NORTH FRONT) CEMETERYC. 3219.Son of Horace and Emma Susan Thompson, of 263, Wick Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
BISSHENRY WILLIAM2112/7/1916PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'1384'SUEZ WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYD. 58.Son of George and Margarite Biss, of 24, Brougham Rd., Hackney, London.
HOLDEN2718/8/1916PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'1935'SUEZ WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYD. 56.Son of Mrs. Sarah Holden, of 97, Roding Rd., Clapton, London. Born at Hackney, London.
THOMPSONCHARLES2215/10/1917PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'422232'KANTARA WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYE. 320.Son of Charles and Ada Thompson, of 25, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
DRANEWALTER ARTHUR2615/1/1919PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'614444'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYG. 95.Husband of H. Drane, of 34, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
LAMPONSTEPHEN LOUIS2028/7/1917Cook's MateRoyal NavyEgypt'M/12605'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYD. 162.Son of William and Emma Lampon, of 31, Andrews Rd., Hackney, London.
NOTTAGEHENRY EDWARD2923/1/1919PrivateOxford and Bucks Light InfantryEgypt'27046'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYC. 156.Husband of Mary Elizabeth Nottage, of 108, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
TIPLADYFREDERICK SAMUEL2615/1/1919PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'492879'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYG. 35.Son of Samuel and Sophia Tiplady, of 17, Fassett Square, Dalston, London. Native of Hackney, London.
WESTWALTER1930/12/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentEgypt'G/60406'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 65.Son of Joseph and Isabella West, of 167, Mare St., Hackney, London.
WILDHENRY GLESSING238/6/1919PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentBelgium'G/8156'TOURNAI COMMUNAL CEMETERY ALLIED EXTENSIONV. A. 2.Son of Henry Glessing Wild, of 23, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
ANSTEYWILLIAM2112/12/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'187278'CHARLEROI COMMUNAL CEMETERYP. 13.Son of Mrs. Louisa Anstey, of 46, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
MAUNDERS184/7/1915PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'10221'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. B. 56.Son of Thomas and Ada Maunders, of 25, Tower St., London Fields, Hackney, London.
WOODCRAFTWALTER2014/8/1917Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (The Rangers)Belgium'472489'DIVISIONAL COLLECTING POST CEMETERY AND EXTENSIONI. G. 3.Son of William and Esther Woodcraft, of 24, Retreat Place, Hackney, London.
MANSELLERNEST JOHN1929/9/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/54567'BEDFORD HOUSE CEMETERYEnclosure No.4 XII. J. 12/13.Son of John and Emily Mansell, of 39, Alvington Crescent, Hackney, London.
HALLJOSEPH374/11/1914Private14th (King's) HussarsBelgium'5055'POPERINGHE OLD MILITARY CEMETERYI. L. 33.Husband of Bertha Lilian Hall, of 69, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd., London.
SMITHSYDNEY BARTLETT2825/10/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'46002'VICHTE MILITARY CEMETERYI. C. 6A.Son of Mr. R. Smith, of 226, Victoria Park Rd., Hackney, London.
GREENWAY2124/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/11371'LONDON RIFLE BRIGADE CEMETERYII. D. 35.Son of Walter and Florence Greenway, of 49, Trego Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
PAYNEHENRY ERNEST2225/3/1917SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'S/85868'RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM)VII. K. 2.Son of Harry Thomas and Emma Payne, of 41, Annis Rd., South Hackney, London.
SCURRALBERT2622/4/1915PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'8678'RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM)VIII. A. 11.Only son of John William and Hannah Jane Scurr, of South Hackney, London, England. A Farmer.
KENRICKARTHUR HUGH3322/4/1918PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'3419'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXIX. L. 6A.Son of Herbert and Annie Kenrick, of North St., Maryborough, Queensland. Native of Hackney, London, England.
CHAPMAN3024/9/1916SergeantCanadian InfantryFrance'53212'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVI. D. 12.Son of William Thomas and Grace Chapman, of Hackney, London, England.
AYRESCHARLES349/12/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/34488'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXXI. C. 18A.Husband of Flora Martha Ayres, of Sylvester Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BUSHELLHENRY3427/8/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/24947'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXV. N. 4A.Husband of Elizabeth Bushell, of 486, Hackney Rd., Cambridge Heath, Bethnal Green, London.
GROVES3419/11/1918PrivateLabour CorpsFrance'208973'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYL. E. 23.Brother of Edward Groves, of 18, Long St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
HARRINGTONTHOMAS3615/4/1918PrivateLincolnshire RegimentFrance'202667'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXIX. C. 19.Husband of Florence E. Harrington, of 26, Valette Buildings, Mare St., Hackney, London.
KEOUGHTHOMAS WALTER2726/3/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'372940'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXXI. J. 29A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Keough, of 12, Horton Rd., Hackney, London.
MILLIEWILLIAM HENRY3529/10/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'96331'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXXI. E. 9.Husband of Emily Elizabeth Millie, of 22G, Peabody Buildings, Hackney Rd., London.
NORRISCHARLES FREDERICK1917/5/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'513703'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. O. 9A.Son of Henry N. and Louisa Norris, of Brynham, Trowbridge, Wilts. Native of Hackney, London.
SABEYALBERT JOHN2531/10/1916PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'7461'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXII. B. 9A.Son of George William Sabey, of 96, Gore Rd., Hackney, London.
CLARK3426/3/1918RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'574035'PUCHEVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYVII. E. 18.Husband of Mrs. Clark, of 20, Margaret St., Well St., Hackney, London.
DAVISFREDERICK PAUL186/10/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'4864'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENA. 12. 5.Son of John James and Jane Davis, of 16, Lamb Lane, Hackney, London.
ALDRIDGESTANLEY1929/10/1918PrivateWiltshire RegimentFrance'27428'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. II. K. 24.Son of George and Elizabeth Aldridge, of 60, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London.
CLARKEWILLIAM JONATHAN2130/11/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'11843'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. IV. C. 9.Son of Montague William and Louisa Emma Clarke, of 9, Homerton Terrace, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
MILLS2216/7/1917CorporalLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'202683'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENP. II. E. 3A.Son of Mr. H. J. and Mrs. E. Mills, of 56, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
OXLEYBERTRAM CHARLES213/4/1918CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/29429'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENP. VII. N. 7A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Oxley, of 64, Loddiges Rd., Mare St. Hackney, London.
PRICEHAROLD JOHN2218/5/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'62499'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENQ. II. K. 22.Son of James John and Eleanor Price, of 27, Cawley Rd., South Hackney, London.
STAITETHOMAS CHAMPION242/4/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'R4/461'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENP. VII. I. 1B.Son of the late Charles and Sarah Emma Staite. Born West Hackney, London.
SPURGEONALBERT VICTOR1911/5/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/57660'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYII. N. 18.Son of James and Ellen Spurgeon, of 24, St. Peter St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
COLELIONEL VICTOR2128/11/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'67818'ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERYI. F. 1.Son of F. G. and Fanny Cole, of 46, Kenton Road, South Hackney, London.
THOMPSON1923/3/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'250324'ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERYIV. B. 4.Only son of Beatrice Selina Arno (formerly Thompson), of 6, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
DENNISON24/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/53369'MONTAY-NEUVILLY ROAD CEMETERY, MONTAYIII. A. 2.Son of Mrs. E. Dennison, of 41, Wallis Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
MAYHENRY GEORGE342/7/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/28309'GONNEHEM BRITISH CEMETERYE. 13.Husband of Ellen Catheline May, of 11, Brampton Rd., South Hackney, London.
WATFORDFRANK LESLIE1927/9/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'54277'LA TARGETTE BRITISH CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-ST. VAASTIV. C. 14.Son of Walter Henry and Nellie Mary Watford, of 5, Trelawney Rd., Hackney, London.
WILLSON2225/2/1917Acting BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'53380'GUILLEMONT ROAD CEMETERY, GUILLEMONTI. E. 9.Son of William and E. Willson, of 176, Southgate Rd., Hackney, London.
STANDRINGFREDERICK JOHN216/9/1918LieutenantRoyal ScotsFranceSUN QUARRY CEMETERY, CHERISYE. 17.Son of Jean Hackney Standring, of 4, Coates Place, Edinburgh, and the late Walter John Standring.
SWAINCHARLES HENRY2225/8/1915PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'11545'MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERYIII. U. 2.Son of William and Jane Swain, of 24, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London.
EDMANSHERBERT WALTER2031/10/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'6843'MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. A. 38.Son of Herbert Samuel and Ellen Edmans, of 39, Homerton Terrace, Hackney, London.
SAUNDERSON27/8/1918PrivateRoyal Inniskilling FusiliersFrance'47387'NIEPPE-BOIS (RUE-DU-BOIS) BRITISH CEMETERY, VIEUX-BERQUINB. 7.Husband of Mrs. Saunderson, of 96, Pritchard's Rd., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
WOOTTENPERCY ALBERT2929/9/1918PrivateCambridgeshire RegimentFrance'327789'EPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHYSp. Mem. B. 9.Son of Charles and Alice Wootten, of 19, Gilpin Rd., Clapton Park, Hackney, London.
STEVENSGEORGE3830/1/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'14564'MEAULTE MILITARY CEMETERYB. 23.Son of S. and Helen Stevens, of 34, Temple Street, Hackney Rd., London.
BASTONFREDERICK307/7/1916Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/11693'OVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYXII. W. 4.Son of Thomas and Sarah Baston, of Hackney. Husband of Emma Baston (nee Euesden).
RAWLINGSJOSEPH229/6/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'3324'LAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERYI. F. 48.Son of Weldon and Rachel Rawlings, of 332, Mare St., Hackney, London. Born at Islington, London.
SMITH1925/8/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'395043'BRAY HILL BRITISH CEMETERY, BRAY-SUR-SOMMEI. B. 9.Son of Thomas Charles Smith, of 7, Rockmead Rd., Victoria Park, South Hackney, London.
MULLINGS7/7/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'22794'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZIX. K. 7.Son of Mr. E. Mullings, of 6, Southampton Cottages, Hackney Rd., London.
REYNOLDSWILLIAM JOHN1910/7/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'26711'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZV. T. 4.Son of William and Emily Reynolds, of 2, Georgina Gardens, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
CARROLL193/9/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'23902'DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVALIII. K. 8.Son of Mrs. C. Carroll, of 30, Trowbridge Place, Hackney Wick, London.
COLLINSON3011/9/1916SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'402'DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVALXXIII. J. 8.Son of John Quinton Collinson and E. Collinson, of 29, Homer Rd., South Hackney, London.
DULIEU2415/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'5603'DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVALXXIX. N. 3.Son of Mr. J. Dulieu, of 10, Woolpack Place, Hackney, London.
FULLERPERCY3018/8/1916Second LieutenantDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFranceDELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVALIX. G. 2.Son of Mrs. Annie Back, of 13, Minson Rd., South Hackney, London.
MANSELL3315/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/21896'DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVALXXVIII. L. 5.Husband of Mrs. A. Mansell, of 9, Glaskin Rd., Hackney, London.
DUMASCHARLES DERRICK196/8/1916PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'31246'ALBERT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. M. 28.Son of Edouard Derrick Dumas and Adeline Heath Dumas, of "Westholme," Farley Hill, Hackney, Matlock, Derbyshire.
CRADOCK226/9/1918CorporalEssex RegimentFrance'49730'FINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRANDVIII. C. 2.Son of James J. Cradock, of 31, Millers Avenue, Arcola St., Hackney, London.
CASTONFREDERICK209/3/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)France'4623'BELLACOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, RIVIEREI. L. 5.Son of Thomas and Eliza Caston, of 9, Henrietta St., Hackney Rd., London.
PHILLIPSSIDNEY2316/2/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'422506'BELLACOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, RIVIEREI. K. 6.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips, of I, Prince Edward Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
JASPER296/3/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'8192'DE CUSINE RAVINE BRITISH CEMETERY, BASSEUXH. 6.Son of Henry and Catherine Jasper; husband of Constance Jasper, of 118, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
GOOD241/3/1917Lance CorporalBedfordshire RegimentFrance'43181'ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, LOOSIII. A. 1.Son of Mr. G. Good, of 39, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
CLARKHENRY WILLIAM2210/11/1915RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'2612'BOIS-CARRE MILITARY CEMETERY, HAISNESA. 22.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark, of 42, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
GILBERTCHARLES WILLIAM2014/10/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'324042'LIEVIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. B. 16.Son of Charles William and Amelia Gilbert, of 8, Blanchard Rd., Hackney, London.
STANDING1913/10/1918BuglerKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'55905'LIEVIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. B. 18.Son of Mrs. E. Standing, of 206, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
ANDREWS2012/5/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'253440'TILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESI. A. 5.Son of Mrs. Rose Andrews, of 26, Ramsgate St., Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
HOSFORDWILLIAM249/4/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/18614'TILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESI. F. 36.Son of John and Sarah Hosford, of 16 Palace Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London.
CORDWELL3328/2/1918PrivateGrenadier GuardsFrance'29126'BROWN'S COPSE CEMETERY, ROEUXIV. C. 44.Son of John Cordwell; husband of Lily Cordwell, of 28, Baroness Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
GATESWILLIAM HAROLD2720/6/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'T/206824'BROWN'S COPSE CEMETERY, ROEUXIV. A. 6.Husband of Alice Gates, of 25, Chalgrove Rd., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
TILLEARDEDWIN BARLAND2630/6/1917Lance CorporalHonourable Artillery CompanyFrance'7157'MORY ABBEY MILITARY CEMETERY, MORYI. J. 5.Son of Hubert Barland Tilleard, and Julia S. Tilleard, of 40, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
FARNESJOHN JAMES2225/8/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/17957'GOMIECOURT SOUTH CEMETERYII. E. 4.Son of George Thatcher Farnes and Sophia Farnes, of 62, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
ALLMAN1819/7/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'C/3675'ST. VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEIII. A. 12.Son of Mr. A. Allman, of 444, Wick Rd., Hackney, London.
BROOKS2015/7/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/17377'ST. VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEIII. N. 11.Son of Mr. A. J. Brooks, of 6, Havelock Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
WHITTOMEHENRY JOSIAH198/1/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'22675'ST. VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEII. K. 11.Son of Josiah Jabez and Elizabeth Whittome, of 30, Trelawney Rd., Hackney, London.
WITHERS2515/6/1915PrivateLeicestershire RegimentFrance'11848'ST. VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEI. E. 3.Son of Mrs. H. Colley (formerly Withers), of 64, Ash Grove, Hackney, London.
CRONINEDWARD2215/5/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'11087'RUE-DES-BERCEAUX MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEII. E. 5.Son of Edward and Jane Cronin, of 22, Gorsuch St., Hackney Rd., London.
RASON1917/12/1918PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/14226'HONNECHY BRITISH CEMETERYI. B. 3.Son of Henry and Henrietta Rason, of 33, Stockmar Rd., Hackney, London.
DAVISGEORGE JOSEPH3112/6/1918PrivateLincolnshire RegimentFrance'41249'PERREUSE CHATEAU FRANCO BRITISH NATIONAL CEMETERY1. B. 4.Son of Mr. G. and Mrs. F. K. Davis, of 46, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London.
MANHOFFJOHN209/8/1918RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'305127'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MILITARY CEMETERYXVII. B. 4.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harris Manhoff, of 32, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
HOPKINSHERBERT LESLIE2719/9/1914LieutenantRoyal Army Medical CorpsFranceVAILLY BRITISH CEMETERYI. A. 8.Son of Alfred Richard Hopkins and Emma Hopkins. Born at South Hackney, London.
SHIMEILDALFRED EDWARD2015/7/1918PrivateNorth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'40318'LE QUESNOY COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. B. 3.Son of John James and Louisa Elizabeth Shimeild, of 148, Southgate Rd., Hackney, London.
SQUIRESJAMES ARTHUR1926/8/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/204185'BAGNEUX BRITISH CEMETERY, GEZAINCOURTVI. D. 1.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Squires, of 12, Treadway St., Hackney Rd., London.
JONESLEONARD2123/3/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'103515'ROYE NEW BRITISH CEMETERYMarchelepot Brit. Cem Mem. 62.Born at Hackney, London. Son of Fredrick and Ellen Jones, of "Oakdene," Worthing Rd., Laindon, Essex.
WILLCOCKS396/11/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'19730'WARGNIES-LE-GRAND CHURCHYARDOn North Boundary.Husband of M. Kerry (formerly Willcocks), of 20, Ribstone St., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
NEWMANSYDNEY T.2225/9/1915Lance SergeantLondon RegimentFrance'2872'CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZVIII. S. 3/21.Son of Mrs. J. Newman, of 15, Holms St., Hackney Rd., London.
BULLWINKLEARTHUR HEDGES265/10/1918PrivateWorcestershire RegimentFrance'260019'BEAUREVOIR COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSIONB. 1.Son of Arthur and Gertrude Bullwinkle, of 37, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
VANHINSBERGHPETER12/8/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'3446'RATION FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA CHAPELLE-D'ARMENTIERESIV. C. 3.Son of Peter and Emma Vanhinsbergh, of 208, Cassland Rd, South Hackney, London.
BAYLISGEORGE ROBERT JAMES2527/12/1916PrivateWelsh RegimentFrance'39161'COMBLES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. C. 19.Son of John Baylis, of Helmsley Villa, London Fields, Hackney, London.
BROWNHENRY HUBBARD2910/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'4891'COMBLES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVII. G. 11.Son of Arthur and Charlotte Brown, of 16, St. Thomas's Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
CORNELLCYRIL WILLIAM2710/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'2983'COMBLES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVII. D. 27.Son of Charles Edward and Caroline Martha Cornell, of 10, Queen's Gate Villas, South Hackney, London.
SUMSION187/12/1917PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'37169'RIBECOURT BRITISH CEMETERYSp. Mem. B. 15.Son of Frederick and Eliza Maria Sumsion, of 7, Mead's Place, Hackney, London.
WILKINSON302/12/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance''RIBECOURT BRITISH CEMETERYSp. Mem. A. 17.Son of Emma and the late William Wilkinson, of 4, Groombridge Rd.,Hackney, London.
MOORE2928/4/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'158311'PONT-DU-HEM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEIII. B. 4.Husband of Olive Eliza Moore, of 2, Dagmar Rd., South Hackney, London.
JENKINSCHARLES CHRISTOPHER2019/6/1916PrivateDorsetshire RegimentFrance'3/7055'AUTHUILE MILITARY CEMETERY, AUTHUILLED. 31.Son of Henry A. and Emma Jenkins, of 20, Dinmont St., Hackney, London.
BRINKMANHENRY2925/4/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'L/12870'PINK FARM CEMETERY, HELLESSp. Mem. 8.Son of Joseph and Eliza Brinkman, of 39, Trowbridge Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
PYNEJOHN2211/12/1915DriverRoyal EngineersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'837'PINK FARM CEMETERY, HELLESIII. A. 4.Son of John and Rebecca Pyne, of 11, Ion Square, Hackney Rd., London.
PARR257/6/1915PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryTurkey (including Gallipoli)'CH/18643'SKEW BRIDGE CEMETERYI. B. 3.Son of Margarett Parr, of 36, Shipton St., Hackney Rd., London.
SCHWEITZERALBERT3330/8/1915SergeantEssex RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'400'LALA BABA CEMETERYII. E. 8.Husband of Amy E. Schweitzer, of 74, Wilton Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
MEDCRAFTALBERT EDWARD414/6/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'C/3030'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYV. D. 82.Husband of S. Medcraft, of 31, Palace Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
DEARINGHENRY3030/7/1916PrivateLancashire FusiliersFrance'25486'SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2XXVI. M. 9.Son of Henry and Esther Dearing, of 81, Teesdale St., Hackney Rd., London.
DOWLINGDANIEL FREDERICK13/11/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'17617'SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2II. D. 16.Son of Mr. E. Dowling, of 9, Croston St., Hackney, London.
ENGLISHFREDERICK GARNET3413/11/1916Second LieutenantEssex RegimentFranceSERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2II. A. 7.Son of William English, of Hackney; husband of Annie Gertrude English, of 196, Anerley Rd., London.
MORSSFREDERICK T.2115/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'2696'SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2XXXV. H. 15.Son of Frederick William and Florence Morss, of 11, Penpoll Rd., Hackney, London.
SIMMONSALFRED WILLIAM2724/10/1914DriverArmy Service CorpsFrance'T/23763'SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2XII. L. 12.Husband of M. A. Simmons, of 78, Pritchard's Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
TURNER2328/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'253467'CROISILLES BRITISH CEMETERYV. A. 1.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sarah Turner, of 20, Brookfield Rd., Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
DUNCANGORDON ALEXANDER1918/7/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/53371'CROIX-ROUGE MILITARY CEMETERY, QUAEDYPREI. B. 10.Son of William and Alice Duncan, of 59, Navarino Mansions, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
WELLS2018/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'1816'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. C. 11.Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Wells, of 45, Mehitable Rd., Hackney, London.
LUGGJOSEPH HENRY3229/5/1918DriverArmy Service CorpsBelgium'T4/185437'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYXIV. G. 1.Husband of Annie Lugg, of 30, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
STEVENSJAMES2121/8/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryGreece'38009'KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERYB. 420.Son of George and Priscilla Stevens, of 14, Ash Grove, Mare St., Hackney, London.
AYRES3010/9/1915DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryGreece'41896'EAST MUDROS MILITARY CEMETERYII. N. 237.Son of Mr. C. A. and Mrs. A. Ayres, of go, Loddiges Rd., Hackney, London.
BYFORDALFRED NATHANIEL2027/6/1916DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryIraq'78865'AMARA WAR CEMETERYV. B. 5.Son of Alfred and Ettie V. Byford, of 21A, High St., Hastings. Born at Hackney, London.
HILLALFRED GEORGE1711/4/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'26653'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIII. G. 58.Son of Joseph and Rose Hill, of 8, Goldsmith's Square, Hackney Rd., London.
GRAYJAMES FRENCH2018/9/1920SapperRoyal Corps of SignalsIraq'314215'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXIX. G. 10.Son of Daniel and Lizzie Gray, of 31, Trego Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
GROSSELWILLIAM CHRISTOPHER219/8/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'62320'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Son of Mr. G. and Mrs. W. Grossel, of 100, Brunswick St., Hackney, London.
GUNNINGSIDNEY G.2121/5/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'322430'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 and 10.Son of Henry and Eliza Gunning, of 41, Frampton Park Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
BURLING5/6/1918PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'23704'PERNOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HALLOY-LES-PERNOISII. A. 11.Son of Harriet Burling of 78, Chapman Road, Hackney Wick, London.
HAGGARJOHN3/5/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/1147'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Charles Joseph and Eliza Ann Haggar, of Hackney, Middlesex.
CROFTDANIEL HENRY2326/6/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'420523'PERNOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HALLOY-LES-PERNOISII. D. 13.Son of Daniel and Emily Croft, of 13, Meads Place, Hackney.
HENRYJAMES ROBERT203/5/1918CorporalRoyal Welsh FusiliersItaly'31380'GRANEZZA BRITISH CEMETERYPlot 2. Row E. Grave 8.Son of Jane Henry, of 7, Cambridge Circus, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, London.
HAWKERFREDERICK W.234/5/1917PrivateLondon RegimentItaly'423648'SAVONA MEMORIALSon of William and Emily Hawker, of 16, Wimbolt St., Hackney Rd., London.
STEADMAN3113/10/1918Petty Officer StokerRoyal NavyItaly'310234'BARI WAR CEMETERY15. G. 25.Husband of F. M. Steadman, of 72, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London.
NIBBSFRANCIS HENRY235/11/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'420371'DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERYB. 6.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nibbs, of 9, Urban Place, Sheep Lane, Hackney, London.
SMITHHENRY JOSEPH365/11/1917PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'225477'DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERYB. 101.Husband of Elizabeth Smith, of 105, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London.
COLLINSGEORGE1927/11/1917Lance CorporalLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'570466'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYG. 87.Son of Mrs. M. A. Collins, of 19, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BARDELLARTHUR2127/11/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'420733'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYG. 64.Son of Mr. A. Bardell, of 44, London Lane, Mare St., Hackney, London.
COOPERHENRY2314/4/1918PrivateSomerset Light InfantryIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'242066'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYD. 39.Son of Henry and Emma Cooper, of 2, Brampton Rd., South Hackney, London.
FULLERFREDERICK GEORGE2129/11/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'421852'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYB. 12.Only son of Thomas and Hannah Fuller, of 195, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
GILBURT2119/9/1918PrivateEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'303338'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYU. 71.Son of Alfred and Annie Gilburt, of 5, Beck Rd., Hackney, London.
KAIN3619/9/1918PrivateLeinster RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'5717'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYU. 1.Son of John and Martha Kain, of 10, Minson Rd., South Hackney, London.
LANEFREDERICK CHARLES174/8/1916RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'3587'ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY, MONT-ST. ELOIIII. C. 19.Son of Henry W. and Harriet Lane, of South Hackney, London.
TWEEDHENRY WILLIAM2021/5/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'4484'ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY, MONT-ST. ELOIII. A. 26.Son of Henry George and Agnes Tweed, of 8, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
PURSELLCHARLES ERNEST3915/7/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryIreland, Republic of'182576'CURRAGH MILITARY CEMETERY1247Son of James and Eliza Pursell, of 15, Fremont St., Hackney, London.
CATANACHARTHUR THOMAS2418/9/1914Petty Officer StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/3437'QUEENSFERRY CEMETERY574Son of Mr. A. T. and Mrs. C. Catanach, of 104, Pritchards Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
FLATMANCLARENCE HERBERT25/12/1914Officer's Steward 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'L/5805'QUEENSFERRY CEMETERY566Son of Herbert Freeman Flatman and Clara Flatman, of 31, Horton Rd., Hackney, London.
PARKER2721/2/1917PrivateWorcestershire RegimentFrance'8977'LA NEUVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, CORBIEB. 78.Husband of Alice Parker, of 20, Hedger's Grove, Cassland Rd. South Hackney, London.
THOMPSON20/5/1918CorporalSouth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'40609'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEIII. D. 38.Son of Mr. G. Thompson, of 30, Goring St., London Fields, Hackney, London.
SMARTJAMES FELIX2025/11/1915PrivateEssex RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'16748'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 146 to 151 or 229 to 233.Son of Charles and Louisa Jane Smart, of 11, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
JONESALBERT2113/8/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'12004'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 126-135 or 223-226 228-229 & 328.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of 26, Maidstone St., Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
WADEYFRANK BEARNE2210/8/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'12563'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 126-135 or 223-226 228-229 & 328.Son of Thomas Francis and Alice Mary Wadey, of 146, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
WILLISGEORGE1715/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'1446'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of Frances Emma Willis, of 9, Gascoigne Place, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
SMITHSIDNEY ALFRED2425/4/1915PrivateBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'10095'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 120 to 126 or 222 and 223.Son of William George and Edith Emily Smith, of 4, Devonshire Rd., Hackney, London.
SPELLERHENRY2115/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'2217'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of Mrs. Annie Speller, of 35, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
PIDGEONWILLIAM THOMAS242/12/1915CorporalRoyal Garrison ArtilleryTurkey (including Gallipoli)'42035'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 23 or 325.Son of John Thomas and Alice Pidgeon, of 70, Leopold Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
PRENTICEWILLIAM PATRICK10/8/1915PrivateWiltshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'3/245'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 156 to 158.Brother of Isaac Henry Prentice, of 17, Andrews Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
McCAULEYJOHN1915/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'604'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of John and Annie McCauley, of 41, Eaton Place, Wells St., Hackney, London.
GAMMONTHOMAS198/12/1915PrivateDorsetshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'13723'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 137 to 140.Son of Sophie Gammon, of 13, St. Peter's St, Hackney Rd., London.
GREENJOHN2721/8/1915Lance CorporalBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'9005'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 120 to 126 or 222 and 223.Son of John and Caroline Green, of 189, Navarino Mansions, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
CUFFEYFREDERICK1910/8/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'3/4173'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 126-135 or 223-226 228-229 & 328.Son of James and Cordelia Cuffey, of 27, Scawfell St., Hackney Rd., London.
ECCLESHALLCHARLES PEIRCE426/6/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'SR/25'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 38 to 42 or 328.Brother of James Eccleshall, of 29, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
FENNWILLIAM1913/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'364'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of James G. T. Fenn, of 27, Balcorne St., South Hackney, London.
CARPENTERWILLIAM289/8/1915PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'13157'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 52 to 55.Son of Alfred and Mary Carpenter, of 220, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
CRAYCHARLES188/8/1915PrivateGloucestershire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'2355'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 102 to 105.Son of C. F. Cray, of 29, Ravenscroft St., Hackney Rd., London.
ALDHOUSHERBERT SLAP4021/8/1915PrivateBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'8903'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 120 to 126 or 222 and 223.Served as CAFFREY. Brother of John Arthur Aldhous, of 2, Robinson's Retreat, Retreat Place, Hackney, London.
BASSETTJOHN2628/4/1915PrivateBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'9009'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 120 to 126 or 222 and 223.Brother of Mrs. Alice Bacon, of 5, St. Peter Square, St. Peter St., Hackney Rd., London.
BLUNDELLJOHN THOMAS265/6/1915CorporalSouth Wales BorderersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'9531'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 80 to 84 or 219 and 220.Son of Mrs. S. J. Blundell of 172, Lansdowne Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
BRIGHTWELLHENRY GEORGE K.2216/8/1915PrivateRoyal Munster FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'2785'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 186 to 192.Son of Henry George and Mary Ann Brightwell, of 78, Scawfell St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
BATTELLWILLIAM ELIAS2811/8/1918CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'368026'CROUY BRITISH CEMETERY, CROUY-SUR-SOMMEVI. D. 22.Son of William and Myra Battell, of 342, Hackney Rd., London; husband of Anna Battell.
PRITCHARDWILLIAM256/8/1915PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Turkey (including Gallipoli)'1422'LONE PINE MEMORIAL23Son of James and Ellen Pritchard, of 10, New St., London Fields, Hackney, London, England.
MARKERFRANK EDWIN274/10/1916PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'5730'AUCHONVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYII. H. 20.Son of Frederick and Maria Marker, of 11, Swiss Cottages, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
SHAMBROOKSIDNEY BENJAMIN311/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1947'AUCHONVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYII. E. 9.Husband of Violet Louisa Shambrook, of 12, Valentine Rd., South Hackney, London.
PAYNESAMUEL HERBERT1926/8/1914GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'75387'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Jane Payne, of 6, Trowbridge Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
BRITTINTHOMAS WILLIAM1825/9/1915PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'2723'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 130 to 135.Son of Mrs. E. E. Ingram, of 27, Kenton Rd., South Hackney, London.
HAWKESALFRED GEORGE2218/9/1918PrivateGloucestershire RegimentFrance'204610'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 60 to 64.Son of Henry George and Eliza Hawkes, of 5, Conrad St., Hackney, London.
LASCELLESALBERT PHILIP1913/10/1915PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'12665'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 30 and 31.Son of Philip and Emily Lascelles, of 401, Mare St., Hackney, London.
BALLJAMES THOMAS3325/3/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'225223'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9. Husband of Nellie Ball, of 68, Prince Edward Rd. Hackney Wick, London.
CAMMACKJAMES HUXLEY3127/7/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'2361'WARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONV. B. 28.Son of John and Mary Ann Huxley Cammack. Native of Hackney, London, England.
CARTERHARRY2229/6/1917PrivateGloucestershire RegimentFrance'22043'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Son of Mrs. Jane Carter, of 200, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
COQUARDWILLIAM CAPE2112/4/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/33619'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of William and Annie Coquard, of 148, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
JOHNSONHAROLD2514/7/1916Second LieutenantMachine Gun CorpsFranceWARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. D. 5.Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Johnson, of South Hackney, London. B.Sc., London.
DAREWILLIAM28/3/1918PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'40829'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 4.Husband of Esther M. Dare, of 31, Ton Square, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
DAVIDJAMES JOHN2614/2/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'2116'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 or 10.Son of Mr. and Mrs. David, of 20, Welshpool St., Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
PENNIKETARTHUR CECIL1924/9/1918PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/21028'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 127. 88.Son of Caroline Penniket, of 399, Wick Road, Hackney Wick, London.
DALBYHARRY196/9/1916PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'17603'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 1 C.Son of H. and Elizabeth Dalby, of 6, Navarino Grove, Hackney, London.
COLLINSJOHN JOSEPH265/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/15727'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Frances Marshall, of 25, Havelock Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
FULLARDARTHUR CHARLES205/9/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'34408'ABBEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERYIV. E. 19.Son of Charles and Esther Fullard, of 8, Casterton St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
CORNELLARTHUR GEORGE287/7/1916Second LieutenantNorthumberland FusiliersFranceTHIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.Son of Charles Edward and Caroline Martha Cornell, of 10, Queens Gate Villas, South Hackney, London.
CHURCHERJAMES3731/7/1916PrivateKing's Own Scottish BorderersFrance'7714'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 4 A and 4 D.Son of James and Hannah Churcher, of 75, Bentham Rd., Hackney, London.
COHENJACK2318/2/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/17909'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Son of Morris H. Cohen and Miriam Cohen, of 3, Southborough Rd., South Hackney, London.
BURNINGHAMFRANK191/7/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/21146'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of William and J. Burningham, of 40, Southgate Rd., Hackney, London.
BRIALEYTHOMAS GEORGE2010/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'2162'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D.Son of Thomas Charles and Charlotte Brialey, of 345, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
BRISTOWHENRY CHARLES201/7/1916Lance CorporalNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'24936'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.Son of Mrs. Nellie Sophia Bristow, of 82, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London.
BUCKINGHAMJAMES WILLIAM3425/5/1918PrivateLabour CorpsFrance'523919'QUERRIEU BRITISH CEMETERYA. 41.Husband of Emily M. A. Buckingham, of 78, St. Peters St., Hackney Rd. London.
BRUINTHOMAS CHARLES1918/10/1916PrivateWiltshire RegimentFrance'29671'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 A.Son of William and H. S. Bruin, of 18, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
BRUINWILLIAM217/11/1916PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'24461'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 4 A.Son of William and H. S. Bruin, of 18, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
BLYTHERARTHUR CHARLES287/10/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'4831'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D 9 C 13 C and 12 C.Husband of Lilian S. Blyther, of Helmsley Villa, Helmsley Terrace, London Fields, Hackney, London.
ALABASTERWILLIAM2526/8/1918Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'350550'DAOURS COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVIII. A. 51.Son of John and Susan Alabaster, of 154, Columbia Square, Hackney Rd., London.
BARRETTJAMES EDWARD213/7/1916PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'9460'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 11 D.Only son of Mr. and Mrs. David Barrett, of 12, Arthur St., Well St., Hackney, London.
ALTHANSENMORRIS201/7/1916PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)France'3629'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 D and 12 B.Son of Mrs. Millie Althansen, of 47, Tower St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
WOODARDGEORGE SAMUEL ROBERT273/5/1917SergeantRoyal ScotsFrance'9703'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 1 and 2.Brother of Mr. A. J. A. Woodard, of 50, Arthur St., Well St., Hackney, London.
WOODSWILLIAM ERNEST2127/5/1917Lance CorporalRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'28057'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Son of William George and Elizabeth Woods, of 24, Belmont Buildings, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
WEBBFREDERICK JAMES1918/4/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'283661'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of Mrs. Mildred Savill (formerly Webb), of 24, Chatham Place, Hackney, London.
WELCHALBERT2430/4/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'3057'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 and 10.Son of Mrs. E. Welch, of 6, Mehetable Rd., Hackney, London.
WALDIEARTHUR RICHARD3319/2/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/1693'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Brother of Mr. W. T. Waldie, of 28, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
KNIGHTLYHORACE CHARLES ERNEST3422/3/1918SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'46749'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 1.Husband of Mary Ann Elizabeth Knightly, of 14, Glaskin Rd., Hackney, London.
LEWISHENRY389/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/24227'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Husband of Susanah Margaret Lewis, of 32, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
LOCKWOODHENRY WILLIAM3321/3/1918PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'242603'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of George and Caroline Lockwood, of 16A, Peabody Buildings, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
LOKATISANTHONY2023/5/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)France'451996'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 10.Son of Anthony and Magdelene Lokatis, of 7, Essex Place, Hackney Rd., London.
HOLMESALFRED GEORGE204/7/1917Lance CorporalMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'15145'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 10.Son of Alfred and Martha Edith Holmes, of 74, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
HOSFORDJOSEPH2121/3/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/14179'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of John and Sarah Hosford, of 16, Palace Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London.
HUMPHREYSRICHARD LEWIS2021/3/1918PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'267701'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Isaac and Sophia Humphreys, of Ashford House, St. Thomas Place, Hackney, London.
HARMANFREDERICK2323/4/1917SergeantBorder RegimentFrance'9765'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Son of Mrs. Amy Harman, of 16C, Reading Lane, Hackney, London.
HARRISSROBERT W.1924/3/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/60457'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Robert and Evelyn Harriss, of 105, Pritchards Rd., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
GROSSJACK2515/9/1916PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentFrance'4998'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 2 C.(served as ROSS). Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gross, of 120, Mare St., Hackney, London.
HAMMONDFRANK ROBERT199/9/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'1963'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D and 16 B.Son of Frank Harry and Harriett Elizabeth Hammond, of 12, Millers Terrace, Arcola St., Hackney, London.
HARBOURISRAEL2117/2/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1786'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Harbour, of 3, Southborough Rd. South Hackney, London.
HARDINGFRANCIS2416/7/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'4011'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of Mrs. Sarah Harding, of 23, Garner St., Hackney Rd., London.
HOOPERTHOMAS FREDERICK237/10/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'PS/9668'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hooper, of 19, Waterloo St., Haggerston Rd., Hackney, London.
HOWARDGEORGE2018/8/1916SergeantSuffolk RegimentFrance'1861'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 1 C and 2 A.Son of Charles Napier Howard, of Hackney Rd., Peasenhall, Saxmundham, Suffolk.
ISBISTERLEONARD STANLEY219/9/1916Second LieutenantLondon Regiment (The Rangers)FranceTHIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 C.Son of John Malcolm and Marion Isbister, of 70, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
JAMESHERBERT222/7/1916Lance CorporalWiltshire RegimentFrance'17758'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 A.Son of Herbert Joseph and Emily Bertha James, of 34, Churchill Rd., Hackney, London.
JOHNSONGEORGE WILLIAM3528/7/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'24409'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 D.Husband of Alice May Johnson, of 202, Samuel Lewis Dwellings, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
JONESARTHUR JOHN212/10/1916CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'2814'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D 9 C 13 C and 12 C.Son of John Luke and Eliza Ellen Jones, of 94, De Beauvoir Rd., Hackney, London.
KERMATTHEW319/9/1916PrivateRoyal Munster FusiliersFrance'5864'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 C.Son of Robert and Maggie M. Ker, of 44, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London.
KIGGINSJOHN JAMES271/10/1916Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'570796'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D 9 C 13 C and 12 C.Son of Mrs. Jane Kiggins, of 21, Tuilerie St., Hackney Rd., London.
LAMBALFRED193/7/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'15164'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 D.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lamb, of 87, Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
GODFREYCHARLES ALBERT1912/7/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'R/41314'DAINVILLE BRITISH CEMETERYII. A. 11.Son of Charles and Emma Godfrey, of 75, Long Street, Hackney Rd., London.
LEEWILLIAM ALFRED2515/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)France'5864'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 C.Son of Mrs. Lee, of 20, Minerva St., Hackney Rd., London.
LEWISMONTY209/9/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'935649'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 1 A and 8 A.Son of John and Rose Lewis, of 124, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
McGUINNESSHENRY RICHARD3027/7/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'12304'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of Frederick R. and Sarah A. McGuinness, of 146, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
MARKERJOSEPH HENRY2023/4/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'6707'LA CHAUDIERE MILITARY CEMETERY, VIMYX. B. 7.Son of Emma Marker, of Hackney, London, and the late Henry Marker.
BROCK2416/11/1916Lance CorporalWiltshire RegimentFrance'11805'CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY, CONTAYVIII. B. 12.Husband of E. S. Brock, of 13, Horatio St., Hackney Rd., London.
ELLISALFRED WALTER371/2/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'27433'CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY, CONTAYVII. D. 13.Husband of Mrs. Ellis, of 4, Ion Square, Hackney Rd., London.
SUTTONFREDERICK2623/10/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/17883'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Sutton, of 12, Gillman St., Coate St., Hackney Rd., London.
TITCOMBERNEST JAMES297/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'7868'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 C.Husband of Susan Ellen Titcomb, of 8, Beck Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
WADLOWBERTRAM FRANCIS1815/9/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'7523'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D 9 C 13 C and 12 C.Son of John Henry and Elizabeth Wadlow, of 30, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
WALKERJAMES EDWARD2927/9/1916SergeantBorder RegimentFrance'5042'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 6 A and 7 C.Husband of Mrs. E. M. Ridler (formerly Walker), of 43, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
NOBLE2021/6/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'228900'HARPONVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIOND. 7.Son of Joseph Noble, of 36, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
AYTONROBERT CHRISTOPHER2319/12/1914PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'9441'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 9 and 10.Son of Robert and Minnie Ayton, of 3, Halidon St., Hackney, London.
WATSONJOSEPH1926/10/1917Lance CorporalBorder RegimentBelgium'33442'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 85 to 86.Son of Mrs. Watson, of 6, Acton St., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
STONELEYTHOMAS WILLIAM2820/9/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/28183'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 145 to 147.Son of Thomas William and Martha Hannah Stoneley, of 26, Cooper's Gardens, Hackney Rd., London.
SULLIVANGEORGE3615/4/1918RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43705'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 138 to 140 and 162 to 162A and 163A.Husband of Annie Rosie Sullivan, of 75, L.C.C. Dwellings, Teale St., Pritchard's Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
TAYLORARCHIBALD205/10/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/202558'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 115 to 119 and 162A and 163A.Son of Harry and Emma Taylor, of 25, Essex Place, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
EDMANSJOSEPH PHILLIP HEYWOOD255/4/1918Lance CorporalRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'9779'DOULLENS COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION NO.1VI. E. 52.Son of James Heywood Edmans and Alice Maud Edmans, of Hackney, London.
SCOTTJOHN JAMES1914/3/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'O/335'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 145 to 147.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott, of 38, Nichol Square, Hackney Rd., London.
REEDJAMES2322/9/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/1426'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 113 to 115.Son of Alfred Reed, of 39, Percy Rd., South Hackney, London. His brother Alfred also fell.
KENDRICKEDGAR2619/8/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'25454'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 154 to 159 and 163A.Son of Lewis I. and Frances Maria Kendrick, of 19, Bradstock Rd., South Hackney, London.
LANGLEYEDWARD JAMES2326/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'275157'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148 to 150.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Langley, of 42, Palace Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
HEWSONRICHARD256/10/1917SergeantCheshire RegimentBelgium'10388'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 61 to 63.Son of Mrs. L. Hewson, of 4; The Oval, Hackney Rd., London.
HALEGEORGE3323/8/1917PrivateSouth Wales BorderersBelgium'22924'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 65 to 66.Husband of Emily Hale, of 92, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
HANCOCKALBERT THOMAS3830/10/1917PrivateHertfordshire RegimentBelgium'267579'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 153.Son of Charlotte Elizabeth Hancock, of 4, Felix St., Hackney Rd., London.
HARDINGJAMES3416/10/1917PrivateDuke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)Belgium'25855'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 82 to 85 and 162A.Husband of Elizabeth Harding, of 35, Trego Rd., Victoria Park, Hackney Wick, London.
HARTWALTER3113/10/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'39454'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 19 to 23 and 162.Husband of Mary Ann Dodd (formerly Hart), of 39, Ada St., Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
HAWKESJOHN STEPHEN2420/9/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'B/200187'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 145 to 147.Son of Henry George and Eliza Hawkes, of 5, Conrad St., Hackney, London.
GARDNERJOHN3116/8/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'42232'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 138 to 140 and 162 to 162A and 163A.Husband of Elsie Gardner, of 173, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
GOWLETTFRANK JOHN222/10/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'L/44829'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 4 to 6 and 162.Son of Alfred and Alice Lousia Gowlett, of 11, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
COULDRIDGEJAMES2114/11/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/21723'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 115 to 119 and 162A and 163A.Son of Mrs. Ada Couldridge, of 2, Busk St., York St., Hackney Rd., London.
CROXFORDCHARLES3312/10/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/27968'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 145 to 147.Brother of George Croxford, of 35, Essex St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
BRADLEYCHARLES EDWIN2026/9/1917PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)Belgium'242038'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 99 to 102 and 162 to 162A.Son of Mr. E. A. and Mrs. A. Bradley, of 68, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London.
BELGROVEWILLIAM THOMAS2426/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'254017'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148 to 150.Husband of Mrs. R. E. Munt (formerly Belgrove), of 37, Kay Street, Hackney Road, London.
BIRCHAMLEWIS SIDNEY2126/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'202016'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148 to 150.Son of Christopher and Esther Susan Bircham, of 213, Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
ASHTONJAMES1922/8/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'87868'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 154 to 159 and 163A.Son of Joseph and Sophia Ashton, of 32, East Side, London Fields, Hackney, London.
BEALEHENRY ALBERT202/4/1918PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'27507'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 45.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Alice Beale, of 7, Amhurst Terrace, Hackney Downs, London.
MARIEFREDERICK2024/12/1914RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'5/4248'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 32 and 33.Son of Mrs. Emily Julia Marie, of 45, Brunswick St., Hackney, London.
JOHNSONTHOMAS3014/10/1914PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'L/10850'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanels 31 and 32.Son of the late Richard and Jane Johnson. Born at Hackney, London.
BREGAZZIEDWARD428/11/1918Second LieutenantSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)FranceLES BARAQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, SANGATTEVI. E. II.Husband of Eleanor F. Bregazzi, of 58, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
HANKSALBERT F.1929/1/1915PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'S/1606'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 20 and 21.Son of Mrs. Mary Hanks, of 11, Bohemia Place, Hackney, London.
DESMONDJAMES JEREMIAH2126/12/1914PrivateScots GuardsFrance'9106'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 3 and 4.Son of Cornelius and Hanorah Desmond, of 53, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
DIGBYPERCIVAL229/5/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'6/1112'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 32 and 33.Son of Walter and Ellen Digby, of 29, Spurstowe Rd., Hackney, London.
THOMPSONERNEST ALFRED364/12/1918CorporalRoyal EngineersFrance'551808'LES BARAQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, SANGATTEVII. B. 4A.Husband of M. E. Thompson, of 82, Downs Park Rd., Hackney, London.
WILLMERWALTER CHARLES3021/10/1914SergeantMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'L/11690'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 8.Son of the late Fredrick Willmer, of 16, Osborne Rd., Hackney, London.
RUSSELLWILLIAM R.1912/4/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/53433'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 8.Son of Richard and Sarah Elizabeth Russell, of 5, Gainsborough Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
ENTWISTLEWILLIAM4511/4/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'G/28543'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of Joseph Entwistle, of 5, Hindle St., Arkola St., Hackney, London.
BRIDGETHOMAS249/5/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'3307'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bridge, of 3, Durham Grove, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
BARRYHENRY JOHN2015/9/1914PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'9942'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of John and Susan Barry, of 52, Shipton St., Hackney Rd., London.
BUCKINGHAMTHOMAS WILLIAM1923/8/1914PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'3809'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of Thomas H. and Elizabeth Buckingham, of 19, Westgate St., London Fields, Hackney, London.
FROSTFREDERICK HENRY3013/9/1914PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'L/9340'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALHusband of Mrs. E. A. Frost, of 18, Ramsgate St., Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
HAYNESCHARLES THOMAS21/9/1914PrivateRoyal Scots FusiliersFrance'9195'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALHusband of Mrs. Stokes (formerly Haynes), of 10, Garner St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
PAYNEWILLIAM2926/12/1917PrivateRoyal ScotsGermany'9352'BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN CEMETERYVI. E. 11.Son of James and Lydia Payne, of 18, Duncan Rd., Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
SMITHPERCY SUDBURY3727/6/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentGermany'23029'BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN CEMETERYI. C. 6.Husband of Emily Maud Smith, of 233, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
GARDNER2316/10/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'L/44777'COXYDE MILITARY CEMETERYIV. G. 21.Husband of Caroline Prince (formerly Gardner), of 12, Kay St., Hackney Rd., London.
SPRATTSTEPHEN FRANK2418/11/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentLebanese Republic'30962'BEIRUT WAR CEMETERY153Son of Stephen and Eliza Spratt, of 19, Poole Rd., South Hackney, London.
BROCKLENARD CLIFTON2411/11/1918PrivateWiltshire RegimentGermany'18007'COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERYXVIII. A. 37.Son of Pte. Francis Edward and Hannah Brock, of 41, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
HOLDINGHENRY FRANCIS177/10/1915PrivateArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersGermany'S/8651'COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERYVII. D. 22.Son of Henry and Hannah Holding, of 183, Richmond Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
OAKHILLJAMES FREDERICK WILLIAM192/10/1918PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersGermany'69396'NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSELI. E. 16.Son of J. H. and J. M. Oakhill, of 17, Perch St., Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London.
ENGLISHBERTIE EDWARD20/6/1918SergeantLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Mozambique'300320'PEMBA CEMETERYB. 14.Son of William Edward and Annie English, of Gore Rd., South Hackney.
GROVESRICHARD2225/9/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/3074'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Son of Richard and Elizabeth Groves, of 4, Mansford St., Hackney Rd., London.
HARRISGEORGE2826/10/1914PrivateBorder RegimentBelgium'8682'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 35.Son of Mary Ann Harris, of 117, Morning Lane, Hackney, London, and the late William Harris.
WESTBROOKJAMES6121/7/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeMyanmar'200235'TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY27. J. 3.Husband of Rose Westbrook, of 49, Kelday Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
COPEJOSEPH26/10/1914PrivateBorder RegimentBelgium'7620'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALAddenda Panel 59.Husband of M. M. Bowden (formerly Cope), of 33, Baroness Rd., Hackney Rd., London.
GOVEYALFRED3122/10/1914PrivateYorkshire RegimentBelgium'10179'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALAddenda Panel 59.Son of Robert and Emma Govey, of 23, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London.
GRAHAMJOHN1922/10/1914PrivateYorkshire RegimentBelgium'10261'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALAddenda Panel 59.Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Graham, of 3, Trowbridge Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
WIDDICKS2325/5/1915PrivateKing's Shropshire Light InfantryBelgium'9190'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 47 and 49.Son of Mrs. Maria S. Widdicks, of 16, Cottrill Rd., Hackney, London.
WILKINSONJOSEPH GEORGE ALFRED1920/9/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'281967'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilkinson, of 116, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
WILLISWILLIAM ALFRED2231/3/1916CorporalDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgium'12192'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 20.Son of William John and H. L. Willis, of 434, Wick Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
JEVANS4131/3/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/32207'WARLINCOURT HALTE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAULTYVI. F. 13.Husband of Mary E. Jevans, of 16, London Lane, Hackney, London.
SPINSBYWILLIAM2917/1/1915Lance CorporalKing's Own Scottish BorderersBelgium'9175'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 22.Son of Mrs. Ellen Spinsby, of 427, Wick Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
SMITHJOHN HENRY192/3/1916CorporalSuffolk RegimentBelgium'8349'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 21.Son of John and Ellen Smith, of 5, Havelock Rd., Hackney, London.
WILSON2813/4/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'553367'WARLINCOURT HALTE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAULTYVII. D. 3.Son of Martha Wilson; husband of Annie Lilian Wilson, of 27, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London.
ROSSDAVID ARTHUR CECIL1725/9/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/7435'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of James Ross, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., and Alice Ross, of "Glengariff," Shore Rd., South Hackney, London.
SAGE2419/6/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'44708'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 5 and 9.Son of Charles Sage, of 71, Broadway, London Fields, Hackney, London.
SAUNDERS2112/6/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'52399'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 56.Son of Mrs. Caroline Saunders, of 18, Spurstowe Rd., Hackney, London.
COHEN2523/4/1915PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'18330'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 10 - 26 - 28.(Served as CLARKE). Son of Kate Cohen, of 258, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, England.
ANGUSDAVID2725/4/1915PrivateRoyal Warwickshire RegimentBelgium'9384'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 8.Husband of Elizabeth Angus, of 49, Havelock Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
AYTONSIDNEY WILFRED2014/4/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/14240'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of Robert and Minnie Ayton, of 68, Halidon St., Hackney, London.
BANSEMERGEORGE ALBERT2215/2/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'L/13890'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 49 and 51.Son of Ernest W. E. and Letitia W. Bansemer, of 33, Union St., Hackney Rd., London.
BIRKITTCHARLES248/5/1915PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'2244'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 8 and 12.Son of Charles and Susan Birkitt, of 6, Davy Rd., White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, London.
GIBBSSTANLEY255/8/1917BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'87553'BELGIAN BATTERY CORNER CEMETERYI. K. 4.Son of William and Eva Gibbs, of 3, Ramsgate St., Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
BLACKHALLALFRED WILLIAM AMBROSE214/2/1915Lance CorporalYork and Lancaster RegimentBelgium'8823'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 36 and 55.Brother of John Blackhall, of 11, Belmont Mansions, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
FREEDMANJACK2023/7/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/8524'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of the late Mrs. B. Freedman, of 5, Westgate St., Hackney, London.
NIGHTINGALEEDWARD JOHN2318/4/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsBelgium'517055'HARINGHE (BANDAGHEM) MILITARY CEMETERYII. F. 25.Son of John and Kate Nightingale, of 25, Darnley Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
KEMPALFRED WILLIAM2716/10/1916Lance CorporalRoyal Munster FusiliersBelgium'2776'LA LAITERIE MILITARY CEMETERYVII. C. 4.Son of Alfred William and Emma Kemp, of 7, Osborne Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
MORLEY7/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)Belgium'5640'LA LAITERIE MILITARY CEMETERYVII. C. 10.Son of Mr. W. Morley, of 204, Mare Street, Hackney, London.
BIRDALFRED THOMAS197/6/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43527'LONE TREE CEMETERYI. B. 17.Son of Edward Charles and Ellen Louise Bird, of Hackney, London.
COWLING2427/9/1915PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'16990'BERKS CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. B. 12.Son of Mrs. Sarah Cowling, of 31, Eastbourne Rd., South Tottenham, London, England. Born at Hackney, London.
NEALRALPH3324/12/1918PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsBelgium'M1/6308'KORTRIJK (ST. JAN) COMMUNAL CEMETERYB. 6.Son of William and Emily Neal; husband of Mary Margaret Neal, of 36, Mortimer Rd., Hackney, London.
SMITHJOHN LEWIS2614/5/1916SapperAustralian EngineersEgypt'5726'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 58.Son of Jacob Adams Smith and Mary Ellen Smith of The Knoll Blackwood, South Australia. Born at Hackney, London, England.
VARTY2415/8/1919PrivateSuffolk RegimentEgypt'64988'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYP. 59.Son of Adolphus Rupert French Varty and Alberta Varty, of 58, Graham Mansions, Graham Rd., Hackney, London.
LEVEYFRANK ALBERT1712/8/1915Ordinary SignalmanRoyal NavyMalta'J/27223'PIETA MILITARY CEMETERYB. V. 6.Son of Mr. F. H. and Annie Levey, of 5, New St., Braintree, Essex. Born at South Hackney, London.
HARDYWALTER4330/12/1917PrivateLabour CorpsEgypt'133761'CHATBY MEMORIALSon of the late Leonard and Sarah Hardy; husband of Elizabeth Hardy, of 19, Duncan Rd., Hackney, London.
MAYWILFRID JOHN221/8/1917Second LieutenantWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)BelgiumLIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXV. A. 1.Son of John Alchin May and Clara Elizabeth May, of 14, Roy Rd., Northwood, Middx. Born South Hackney, London.
PAMPHILONFREDERICK ALBION HART337/9/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'96477'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXIV. B. 23.Son of Frederick and Phyllis Pamphilon, of Hackney, London; husband of Agnes Pamphilon, of 8, Pellerin Rd., Stoke Newington, London.
SUTHERLANDWILLIAM HAROLD3622/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'177532'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. B. 18A.Son of Wymss Thomas and Jane Sutherland; husband of A. A. Sutherland, of 9, Kenmure Avenue, Mare St., Hackney, London.
POTTSHORACE HENRY2112/8/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'1602'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 6 B and 6 C.Son of Amy Anna Potts, of 48, Lamb Lane, Mare St., Hackney, London, and the late James Potts.
QUICKHENRY JOHN187/4/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'67921'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 C and 12 C.Son of John Henry Quick, of 65, Middleton Rd., Hackney, London, and the late Amelia Frances Quick.
SIEGERTFRANCIS GUSTAVE168/10/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'4316'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D and 16 B.Son of Mr. R. E. Siegert and Mrs. E. Siegert, of 106, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London.
PETTYHENRY BENJAMIN3221/3/1918Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersBelgium'49562'THE HUTS CEMETERYXV. D. 2.Son of George and Elizabeth Petty, of Hackney, London; husband of Sarah Ann Petty, of 40, Brooksbys Walk, Homerton, London.
SKINNERJOHN WILLIAM231/9/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'324257'TRACK X CEMETERYD. 49.Son of John and Sarah Emily Skinner; husband of Louisa Skinner, of 29, Gt. Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
RICKETTSFREDERICK GEORGE CHARLES4221/3/1918PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/3188'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 16.Son of the late George and Esther Ricketts; husband of Lily Alice Ricketts, of 74, Frampton Park Rd., Hackney, London.
PETERSENWILLIAM JOHN HENRY2216/6/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'202509'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9. Son of Betsy Raumecker (formerly Petersen), of 15, Killowen Rd., Hackney, London, and the late Robert Petersen.
DAWSONJAMES194/8/1917PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Belgium'205155'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 45 and 47.Son of James and Alice Dawson; husband of Mrs. E. Foxley (formerly Dawson), of 2A, Boston St., Hackney Rd., London.
EADYCHARLES3526/4/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'6/362'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of Charles and Polly Eady; husband of Mary Matilda Eady, of 3, St. Thomas's Place, Hackney, London.
HOUSEWILLIAM ALFRED3424/5/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'4466'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Son of William and Catherine House, of London; husband of Eleanor House, of 73, Temple St., Hackney Rd., London.
McMILLANDONALD JAMES225/5/1915Lance CorporalBedfordshire RegimentBelgium'13116'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 31 and 33.Son of William Daniel Frederick John McMillan and Mary Ann McMillan, of 9, Brett Rd., Hackney, London.
ESQUILANTCHARLES3914/10/1918CorporalRoyal FusiliersBelgium'64140'DADIZEELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERYIV. D. 19.Son of Joseph and Eliza Esquilant, of Hackney, London; husband of Elizabeth Alice Esquilant, of 94, Lansdowne Rd., Dalston, London.
JARMANGEORGE HENRY4016/8/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43640'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 138 to 140 and 162 to 162A and 163A.Son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Jarman; husband of Mrs. Mary French (formerly Jarman), of 235, Hackney Rd.) London.
PATERSONJAMES3422/9/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'67935'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 154 to 159 and 163A.Son of Fredrick Paterson, of 16, Loveridge Rd., Brondesbury; husband of Ar.nie Paterson, of 19, Appleby Rd., Hackney, London.
ROBERTSONWILLIAM HENRY219/4/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'280767'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of E. E. E. Franklin (formerly Robertson). of 8, Ion Square, Hackney Rd., London, and the late H. Robertson.
COLEWILLIAM297/11/1917PrivateLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'635722'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 45 to 52.Son of James and Sophia Cole; husband of Rose Lily Cole, of 7, St. Thomas's Square, Mare St., Hackney, London.
ROBINSONALBERT HENRY2327/3/1917PrivateEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'300407'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 32 to 38.Son of Fanny M. Robinson, of 17, St. Peter's Square, Hackney Rd., London, and the late John Robinson.
SMITHHERBERT EDWARD3214/4/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'5935'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of A. and Emily Smith; husband of Florina Elizabeth Smith, of 2. Norwich Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
MORGANCHARLES SAMUEL319/4/1918DriverArmy Service CorpsFrance'M2/078526'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. M. 35.Son of Thomas and Alice Morgan, of Hackney, London; husband of Edith Morgan, of 44, Bunyan Rd., Walthamstow, London.
ATKINSONSTANLEY JAMES2821/5/1917PrivateDurham Light InfantryFrance'32576'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. N. 34.Son of Emilia Atkinson, of 42, Loddiges Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London, and the late Mark Atkinson. Native of Durham.
CHAPMANHENRY GEORGE363/10/1918PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'267718'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 7.Son of Joseph and Emma Chapman; husband of Ethel Chapman, of 12, Havelock Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
HUDGELLJOHN THOMAS2127/9/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'352624'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of George and Martha Hudgell, of 130, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London. His brother Arthur also fell.
SANDERS193/7/1916Air Mechanic 2nd ClassRoyal Flying CorpsFrance'7181'COUIN BRITISH CEMETERYII. A. 1.Son of Alexander and Edith Annie Sanders, of 49, Pretoria Rd., Upper Edmonton, London. Native of South Hackney.
LEADERLESLIE HAROLD2129/5/1918PrivateDurham Light InfantryFrance'53101'SOISSONS MEMORIALSon of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Leader, of 17, Aspland Grove, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London.
HOYFRANK CECIL2315/9/1917PrivateRoyal Inniskilling FusiliersFrance'40871'BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUXII. C. 2.Son of Henry and Annie Elizabeth Hoy, of 42, Newbury Rd., Higham's Park, London. Born at Hackney, London.
BLAKEWILLIAM PETER2222/6/1915RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'2775'MAZINGARBE COMMUNAL CEMETERY94Son of George and Emily Blake, of 27, Annis Rd., South Hackney, London. Born at Clerkenwell, London.
HUMPHRIESARTHUR JOHN404/10/1918Regimental Sergeant MajorSouth Wales BorderersFrance'3927'JONCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYB. 20.Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Husband of A. B. Humphries, of 15, St. Thomas Place, Hackney, London.
BOLTON3016/2/1917Lance SergeantKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'5/4095'AVELUY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONM. 38.Son of Laura Bolton; husband of Florence Bolton, of 55, Palace Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London.
MARKEYHENRY THOMAS3613/10/1915SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/603'SAILLY-LABOURSE COMMUNAL CEMETERYK. 10.Son of Peter and Sarah Markey; husband of Florence Markey, of 26, Trelawney Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
AMEYFREDERICK2315/3/1915Lance CorporalDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'9478'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY, NORDJ. 26.Son of Mrs. Amey, of 6, Victorious Place, The Oval, Hackney Road, London, and the late Mr. Amey.
GREEN1728/9/1915PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'14019'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDII. A. 15.Son of John and Ada Green, of 11, Trowbridge Place, Hackney Wick, London. Native of Stratford, London.
LYEANDREW2918/11/1916PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'828'REGINA TRENCH CEMETERY, GRANDCOURTIX. G. 4.Son of Samuel Andrew Lye, of 55, Bushberry Rd., Sidney Rd., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
HEAVERMANLESLIE WALTER2919/9/1918Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'84117'VILLERS HILL BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLERS-GUISLAINVI. D. 31.Son of Walter and Rosina Heaverman, of South Hackney; husband of Pauline Heaverman, of 8, Heyworth Rd., Clapton, London.
MARSHALL196/11/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/19020'CANONNE FARM BRITISH CEMETERY, SOMMAINGD. 11.Son of Mr. H. W. and Mrs. E. J. Marshall, of 35, Holms St., Tuilierie St., Hackney Rd., London, E2.
WOODHORACE VINCENT MILFORD3931/8/1918Lance CorporalCanadian InfantryFrance'115'VIS-EN-ARTOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HAUCOURTI. C. 7.Son of George and Amy Wood. Born at Hackney, London, England. Served in the South African War.
FITCHGEORGE CHARLES2413/11/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsFrance'M2/200365'TINCOURT NEW BRITISH CEMETERYVI. D. 7.Son of George and Clara Jessie Fitch, of 6, Kenton Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Amelia E. Fitch.
BARTONALFRED RICHARD2521/8/1918CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'62164'BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. F. 9.Son of Alfred and Eveline Florence Barton, of 21, King's Rd., Bournemouth. Native of North Hackney, London.
BROWN249/3/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'282326'BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYVI. C. 6.Son of Alfred and Catherine Brown, of 1, Eleanor House, Whiston St., Haggerston, London. Native of Hackney.
BEAVONCHARLES JAMES2231/3/1918SergeantLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'280205'ORCHARD DUMP CEMETERY, ARLEUX-EN-GOHELLEVI. D. 24.Son of Charles Alfred and Kate Beavon, of 58, Guiness Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London. Native of Bow, London.
HOLLAND419/3/1921GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'194016'ASTBURY (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARDEast end of Church.Son of Henry Holland, of Congleton; husband of Nellie Tattersall (formerly Holland, nee Procter), of Sunnyside, Hackney's Lake, Congleton.
FENNER2112/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'209505'CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERESVIII. C. 7.Son of George and Blanche Fenner, of 116, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London. Born at Islington, London.
OLLETTARTHUR JOSEPH2812/11/1915Lance CorporalRoyal EngineersFrance'17352'CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERESIX. D. 39.Son of Arthur F. and Sarah Ann Ollett, of 48, Ainslie Wood Rd., South Chingford, London. Born at Hackney London.
COLLIERFRANCIS HENRY2513/5/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'10558'ST. AMAND BRITISH CEMETERYII. C. 6.Born at Hackney, London. Son of Frank 0. and Florence May Collier, of 73, Park Avenue, East Ham, London.
EATONDANIEL HORATIO3311/4/1918PrivateSouth Wales BorderersFrance'44007'CROIX-DU-BAC BRITISH CEMETERY, STEENWERCKIV. C. 11.Son of Thomas and Louisa Eaton, of Hackney, London; husband of Rose Eaton, of Pankridge St., Crondall Hants.
CREASE203/6/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'21191'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASV. G. 12.Son of Joseph and Emma Crease, of 16, Ropley St., Hackney Rd., London. Born at Bethnal Green, London.
FEATHERSTONECHARLES JAMES3231/5/1916Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'303372'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL18Son of William Frederick Featherstone, of 5, Cadogan Terrace, South Hackney, London, and the late Martha Featherstone.
BASFORD3915/7/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'625010'BOUZINCOURT RIDGE CEMETERY, ALBERTII. P. 8.Son of George and Louisa Basford; husband of Elizabeth E. Basford, of Goldsmith's Row, Hackney Rd., London. Born at Marylebone.
REYNOLDSARTHUR EDWARD2025/8/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'49055'ACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. L. 10.Son of Mr. A. H. and Mrs. S. Reynolds, of 31, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
DEVANNEYJOHN CHARLES1920/10/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'136703'CROSS ROADS CEMETERY, FONTAINE-AU-BOISII. F. 8.Son of Lilian Devanney, of 35, King Edward Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late Thomas Devanney.
DAVEYGORDON WINSLAND2119/3/1917Fourth MateMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Henry and Ellen Elizabeth Davey, of 36, Nene Parade, Wisbech. Born at West Hackney, London.
DENHAMALBERT1810/1/1918Wireless OperatorMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Frederick and Julia Denham (nee Shildrake), of 55, Brougham Rd., Dalston, London. Born at Hackney.
ADKINWILLIAM JAMES2730/9/1917Able SeamanMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of John Joseph and Emily Alice Adkin (nee Simmonds) of 43 Wetherell Rd. South Hackney, London.
PLAYLEHENRY3627/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/294'GRAND RAVINE BRITISH CEMETERY, HAVRINCOURTA. 38.Son of Mary Ann Playle, of Hackney Wick, London; husband of Rose Emma Playle, of 69, Mabley St., Homerton, London.
RAINBOWPERCY3216/9/1917Fireman and TrimmerMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Joseph and Caroline Emma Rainbow (nee Noyes), of 56A, Newbury Rd., Higham's Park, Essex. Born at Hackney, London.
HARMANCHARLES FREDERICK1831/5/1916TelegraphistRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/21231'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL15Son of Charles and Louisa F. Harman, of 143, Old Oak Lane, East Acton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
MORRELLWILLIAM ANTHONY3531/5/1916GunnerRoyal NavyUnited KingdomPORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL11Son of William and Mary Morrell, of Hackney, London; husband of Gertrude Morrell, of "Hope Lodge," Alumhurst Rd., Bournemouth.
COOPERERNEST REUBEN219/7/1917Wireman 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/18685'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL26Son of Annie Cooper, of 75, Queen's Rd., Southend, and the late Albert Cooper. Native of Hackney, London.
PARFITTHENRY EDWARD1920/1/1918Officer's Steward 3rd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'L/7105'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parfitt, of 27, West St., Grove Rd., Walthamstow, London. Born at Hackney.
ARMSTRONGJOHN2222/8/1914Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/3996'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL2Son of Charles and Anne P. Armstrong, of 37, Harcombe Rd., Stoke Newington, London. Native of Hackney, London.
BARTLETTHENRY ARTHUR205/9/1914Stoker 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/21843'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL6Son of John and Hannah Elizabeth Bartlett, of 160, Fulbourne Rd., Walthamstow, London. Born at Hackney, London.
CONWAYJOHN CHARLES4015/10/1914MechanicianRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'282316'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL4Son of John and Sarah Conway, of London; husband of Rosabel Julia Conway, of 8, Horton Rd., Hackney, London.
GREENAWAYSIDNEY HERBERT305/9/1914PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/13484'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL7Son of Rebecca Greenaway, of 49, Reading Lane, Hackney, London. Awarded Naval General Service Medal (Persian Gulf).
HOOKHAMWILLIAM2722/9/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'309231'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL5Son of Samuel C. and Hannah Hookham, of 71, Ballance Rd., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
WAGLANDISAAC WILLIAM3515/10/1914Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'186631'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL3Son of Isaac and Annie Wagland, of Wrotham, Kent; husband of Priscilla Barber (formerly Wagland), of 155, Hackney Rd., London.
LEEBERNARD RICHARDS2015/2/1916Flight Sub-LieutenantRoyal Naval Air ServiceUnited KingdomCHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL18Son of C. Richards Lee and Amy S. Lee, of 2, Bethill Avenue, Ilford, Essex. Native of South Hackney, London.
PARFETTGEORGE JAMES201/6/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/22235'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL16Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parfett, of 27, West St., Grove Rd., Walthamstow, London. Born at Hackney, London.
AVISALFRED WILLIAM319/7/1917Stoker 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/34743'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL24Son of Henry George and Ada Ellen Avis, of 10, Leas Rd., Guildford, Surrey. Native of Hackney, London.
GROVESROBERT309/7/1917PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/15254'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL25Husband of Florence Elizabeth Groves, of 12, Junction Place, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London. Native of Tottenham, London.
LEEWILLIAM GEORGE2223/1/1917Leading SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/6174'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL22Son of Emily Ann Lee, of 23, Wetherell Road, South Hackney, London, and the late John Lee.
McCARTHYFREDERICK THOMAS ALBERT269/7/1917Armourer's MateRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/4290'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL24Son of Justin and Charlotte McCarthy; brother of A. McCarthy, of 22, Oriel Rd., South Hackney, London.
SMITHGEORGE HENRY209/7/1917Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/32455'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL22Son of Mrs. A. J. Bowles (formerly Smith), of 32, Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Bethnal Green, London.
McEWENARTHUR THOMAS252/5/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'45944'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 1.Son of Mary Ann McEwen, of 138, Hertford Rd., De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, London, and the late Samuel John McEwen.
KEDGLEYALFRED EDMUND2417/10/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryFranceMAUROIS COMMUNAL CEMETERY25Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kedgley; husband of R. Kedgley, of 8, St. Thomas Square, Mary St., Hackney, London.
CASONCHARLES2125/10/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'472432'DON COMMUNAL CEMETERY, ANNOEULLINI. A. 57.Son of Charles Edward and Elizabeth Cason, of Chapel House, Glenarm Rd., Lower Clapton, London. Native of Hackney.
FRANCISRICHARD2021/3/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'204557'CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION2. F. 17.Son of Richard and Emma Francis; brother of Mr. J. W. Francis, of 297 Wick Rd., South Hackney, London.
HOINVILLESIDNEY JOHN3224/3/1918Sergeant1st (Royal) DragoonsFrance'188'CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION1. C. 4.Son of Frederick and Minnie Hoinville, of Hackney, London; husband of Winifred Hoinville, of West End, Woking, Surrey.
MOXONGEORGE WILLIAM2313/3/1918SergeantLondon RegimentFrance'420352'CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION1. A. 8.Croix de Guerre (Belgium). Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moxon, of 10 Holms St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
SHULVERJOSEPH2830/3/1916PrivateRoyal Scots FusiliersGermany'8441'COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERYXII. G. 9.Son of William and Harriett Shulver, of 19, Chelgrove Rd., Morning Lane, Hackney, London. Born at Homerton, London.
ATTWOODJAMES2315/2/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/16206'HARGICOURT BRITISH CEMETERYI. I. 12.Son of William and Julia Alice Attwood, of 18, Balmes Rd., Southgate Rd., London. Native of Hackney, London.
UNDERWOODGEORGE HAROLD2530/10/1918SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'22404'VENDEGIES-AU-BOIS CHURCHYARD2Son of Thomas Bryant Underwood and Matilda A. Underwood, of 387, Kingsland Rd., London. Born at Hackney, London.
JOHNSONGEORGE MATTHEW4418/2/1919PrivateBorder RegimentUnited Kingdom'22541'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARKScreen Wall. 235. 7A.Son of Mrs. Mary Johnson, of 24. Horatio St., Hackney Rd., London. Served in the South African Campaign.
BACON4612/4/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'PW/2412'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 129. 663.Son of William Bacon; husband of Rachel Mary Ann Bacon, of 63, Palace Rd., Well St., Hackney, London.
DAWSONTHOMAS3513/2/1917PrivateHampshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'33816'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 128. 523.Son of the late George Dawson; husband of Lilian Annie Dawson, of 24, Sylvester House, Sylvester Rd., Hackney.
DORKINGS358/9/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'115971'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 128. 52.Son of William and Elizabeth Dorkings; husband of Louisa Dorkings, of 1, Mapledene Rd., Dalston, London. Born at Hackney.
GOODCHILDOLIVER3117/8/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesUnited Kingdom'43263'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 128. 547.Son of Thomas Mason Goodchild and Elizabeth Goodchild; husband of Florence Paige Goodchild, of 60, Penshurst Rd., South Hackney, London.
MASKELLTHOMAS J.247/7/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)United Kingdom'3392'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 128. 472.Son of Mrs. Emily H. Maskell, of 28, Maidstone St., Hackney, London. Served in Malta, Gallipoli, Egypt and France.
PLAICE3819/12/1917SergeantMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'G/2062'MANOR PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. 127. 10.Son of Robert and Sarah Plaice; husband of Emily Plaice, of 66, Harrowgate Rd., South Hackney. Born at Pimlico, London.
BOUGHTONJOSEPH ERNEST2621/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'S/15548'WOODGRANGE PARK CEMETERY, EAST HAMScreen Wall. 11. 11629.Son of Joseph T. and Alice Maria Boughton, of 104, Leyton High Rd., Stratford. Born at Hackney.
MATTACKSLEONARD CHARLES3226/3/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'116990'WOODGRANGE PARK CEMETERY, EAST HAM33. 642.Son of George and Matilda Mattacks; husband of E. M. Mattacks, of 6, Groombridge Rd., South Hackney, London.
BACON268/11/1918PrivateLondon RegimentUnited Kingdom'1726'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC.R. 7792.Son of Mr. J. and Mrs. E. Bacon; husband of Amy Bacon, of 49, Palace Rd., Hackney, London.
KINGCHARLES HENRY2025/3/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'S/8806'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC. 10. 99018.Son of Clara Emily Helbrough (formerly King), of 4, Tudor Grove, Hackney, London, and the late Charles Henry King.
SCOTTHENRY FREDERICK2916/3/1919PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersUnited Kingdom'292510'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYJ.5. RN. 22038.Son of John Frederick and Alice Scott; husband of Jessie May Scott, of 78, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London.
GRIFFITHSJAMES JOHN2122/10/1918PrivateArmy Pay CorpsUnited Kingdom'20326'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. P. 1303.Son of Mary A. Moore (formerly Griffiths), of 23, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd., London, and the late James Griffiths.
ROSE4216/4/1918PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'58642'NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERYII. B. 2.Son of George and Sophia Rose; husband of Ada Jane Rose, of 22, Graham Rd., Hackney, London.
LEWISRICHARD WALTER257/2/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'S/23922'HITHER GREEN CEMETERYC. 6.Son of Richard and Annie Lewis; husband of Minnie May Doris Lewis, of 64, Graham Rd., Hackney, London.
BUSH2424/7/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersUnited Kingdom'18462'GREENWICH CEMETERYScreen Wall. 1 "C." B. 1211.Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Bush, of 65, Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London. Born at Bethnal Green, London.
PAULCHARLES3120/11/1918SergeantArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M2/033982'GREENWICH CEMETERYScreen Wall. 1 "C." B. 1146.Son of Charles and Caroline Paul; husband of Jennie Paul, of 46, Victoria Park Rd., Hackney, London.
TAYLORHENRY WILLIAM JOSEPH2320/2/1918DriverArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T/329487'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYXIII. E. 15.Son of John and Jane Taylor; husband of A. M. Taylor, of 1, Trowbridge Place, Hackney Wick, London.
WESTONJAMES ALFRED283/4/1919PrivateBedfordshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'36422'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYVI. G. 9.Son of William John and Susan Elizabeth Weston, of 20, Marsh Hill, Homerton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
GROSSELGEORGE2815/4/1918Second Cook and BakerMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of George and Wilhelmina Grossel (nee Mathis), of 100, Brunswick St., Hackney Rd., London. Born at Deptford.
WATKINSGEORGE EDWARD3215/6/1918PioneerRoyal EngineersFrance'312839'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEI. A. 9.Son of George Vaughan Watkins and Sarah Watkins; husband of Jane Watkins, of 39, Well St., Hackney, London.
PRICEJAMES THOMAS3326/8/1918PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'916176'QUEBEC CEMETERY, CHERISYA. 30.Son of James John and Eleanor Price, of 27, Cawley Rd., South Hackney, London, England. Five years' resident in Canada.
MEARSWILLIAM4018/3/1919PrivateCanadian InfantryCanada'270399'PARIS CEMETERYVeterans. Blk. C. 2.Son of Mrs. Carrie Mears, of 46, Chapman Rd., Hackney, London, England; husband of Mrs. W. Mears, of Paris, Ont.
BALDRYJOHN GOODWIN232/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'18710'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXIII. A. 25.Son of Charles and Matilda Baldry; husband of Rosina Baldry, of 6, Ropley St., Hackney Rd., London.
HUBBLEROBERT PAGET2014/12/1915GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'50232'RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERYIII. C. 6.Son of Thomas and Margaret Lucy Hubble, of 12, Darnley Rd., Hackney, London. Native of Brasted, Sevenoaks.
SCHEUJAMES BERTRAM2726/6/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43299'DERRY HOUSE CEMETERY NO.2I. B. 6.Son of John Jacob and Clara Scheu, of 323, Essex Rd., Islington, London. Native of Hackney, London.
CASEYSTANLEY1815/4/1915PrivateDevonshire RegimentBelgium'3/6969'AEROPLANE CEMETERYIII. B. 17.Son of Louisa Chapman (formerly Casey), of 20, Station Buildings, Haggerston Rd., Hackney, London, and the late George Casey.
GOWLETTCHARLES2618/10/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'132282'LA BRIQUE MILITARY CEMETERY NO.2I. D. 4.Son of Alfred and Alice Louisa Gowlett, of 11, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Maud Rosina Gowlett.
MADDENALBERT JOHN2716/8/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'292654'NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERYXI. B. 8.Son of Alfred and Susie Madden; husband of Florence Eliza Madden, of 35, Tudor Rd., Hackney, London.
WRIGHT2127/5/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'52926'DRANOUTRE MILITARY CEMETERYI. J. 8.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wright; husband of E. C. Wright, of 49, Tuilerie St., Hackney Rd., London.
DEVENISHHENRY4611/7/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/10372'POND FARM CEMETERYB. 13.Husband of Mrs. M. Devenish, of 17, Edith St., Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
WILLS2920/4/1918SergeantRoyal Air ForceBelgium'11483'TYNE COT CEMETERYI. AA. 18.Son of Frederick Thomas and Manilla Wills; husband of Sarah Wakefield (formerly Wills), of 38, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London.
GRIFFINSAMUEL JOSEPH265/6/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'6935'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. A. 70.Son of Samuel Joseph and Alice Griffin, of 14, St. Thomas Rd., South Hackney, London. Born at Brixton, London.
HARRISGEORGE HENRY CHARLES3316/5/1916CorporalRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'67571'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. A. 112.Son of George and Sarah Harris, of Hackney, London; husband of Ethel M. Harris, of 51, Deerings Rd., Reigate, Surrey.
FISHERFREDERICK JOHN RIPPON2728/11/1918PrivateLondon RegimentEgypt'420529'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYE. 232.Son of Elizabeth Fisher, of 31A, St. Peter's St., Hackney Rd., London, and the late Charles Fisher.
HARDINGPETER3630/5/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsEgypt'M/319022'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 143.Son of Peter and Ellen Harding, of Hackney, London; husband of Alice Agnes Harding, of 20, Camberwell Gate, Walworth, London.
NELSONHENRY2729/5/1915PrivateWelsh RegimentFrance'9756'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. A. 54.Son of Henry and Phoebe Nelson, of London; husband of Ada Davies (formerly Nelson), of 7, Sheep Lane, Hackney, London.
GRIFFITHSALFRED EDWARD2825/4/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'5103'POPERINGHE OLD MILITARY CEMETERYII. K. 31.Son of Alfred E. Griffiths; Husband of Harriett K. Palmer (formerly Griffiths), of 49, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
TUCKALFRED E.2212/10/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/19336'POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERYXLII. D. 15.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tuck, of Clapton Park, London; husband of D.B. Tuck, of 189, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
PATERSON397/7/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'563'SANDPITS BRITISH CEMETERY, FOUQUEREUILII. M. 9.Husband of F. R. Paterson, of 17, Ellingfort Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London. Served in the South African Campaign.
BRADFORDWILLIAM THOMAS2129/4/1916SaddlerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'66157'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYV. B. 18.Son of William John and Minnie Elizabeth Bradford, of 5, Trego Rd., Victoria Park, London. Native of Hackney, London.
HARRIS2918/10/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/31240'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXX. E. 10A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harris, of Old Ford, London; husband of Helen Harris, of 417, Wick Rd., Hackney, London.
MAYOGEORGE2718/2/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'573133'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXI. G. 11A.Son of George and Rose Mayo; husband of Alice Mayo, of 61, Holmbrook St., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney.
PARKERLOUIS EDWARD262/11/1918Air Mechanic 1st ClassRoyal Air ForceFrance'22928'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXXI. C. 16.Son of Charles and Clara Parker, of 96, Wilberforce Rd., Finsbury Park, London. Native of Hackney, London.
PERRIDGE365/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'615845'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXXI. A. 3A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Perridge, of 53, Arkley Crescent, St. James' St., Walthamstow, London. Native of Hackney, London.
WITCHELLALBERT WILLIAM1924/10/1917BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'15145'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXX. F. 22A.Son of Thomas A. and Elizabeth Mary Witchell, of 4, Holms St., Hackney Rd., London. Native of Haggerston, London.
BROWNHAROLD2512/5/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'77200'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. M. 21A.Son of Arthur and Eliza Brown, of 22, Lordship Rd., Church St., Stoke Newington, London. Born at Hackney, London.
GREENPERCY2125/11/1914PrivateScots GuardsFrance'8207'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. B. 21A.Son of John and Agnes Mary Green, of 29, Cranleigh Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Native of South Hackney, London.
SHOTTONLEONARD4023/9/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'472355'PUCHEVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYIII. D. 30.Son of John and Eliza Shotton, of 67, Dale View Rd., Stamford Hill, London. Native of Hackney, London.
BRAZIERALFRED WILLIAM2219/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'4647'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENB. 12. 50.Son of Ernest J. and Emily M. Brazier, of 51, Churchill Rd., Homerton, London. Native of Hackney.
KENDRICKALFRED WILLIAM2320/11/1916PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'5137'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENO. II. J. 4.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick; husband of Jessie Dorothy Kendrick, of 43, Retreat Place, Hackney, London.
LIPSCOMBEJAMES2519/10/1918CorporalRoyal Air ForceFrance'16994'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. II. R. 17.Son of Mr. W. A. and Mrs. E. S. Lipscombe, of I, Church Crescent, Terrace Rd., South Hackney, London.
MACKPHILLIP ERNEST274/3/1917PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'13498'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENO. VI. E. 13.Son of Thomas and Sarah MacK; husband of Emily MacK, of 6, Antwerp St., Hackney, London. Born at Bow, London.
SAGGERSHENRY2725/8/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'43298'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENP. II. H. 7A.Son of John Gilbert Saggers, of London; husband of Frances Saggers, of 243, Queen's Rd., Hackney, London.
ARISSRICHARD2626/1/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'5216'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEI. L. 30.Son of Joseph Thomas Richard and Mary Anne Tabitha Ariss, of 19, Norwich Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
HEMSFRANK HENRY3513/8/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'105710'GONNEHEM BRITISH CEMETERYH. 12.Son of William and Louisa Hems; husband of Florence E. Hems, of 73, Ulverston Rd., Walthamstow, London. Native of Hackney.
GREENBERG2418/12/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/74404'SOLESMES BRITISH CEMETERYI. F. 19.Son of Abram and Fanny Greenberg, of Dalston, London; husband of Jenny Greenberg, of 36, Mare St., Hackney, London.
FRANKIS2611/4/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'63508'MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. F. 35.Son of William and Esther Frankis, of 22, Shipton St., Hackney Rd., London. Native of Bethnal Green.
MORISON2422/8/1918PrivateCambridgeshire RegimentFrance'327581'MEAULTE MILITARY CEMETERYG. 2.Son of Thomas F. and Eliza Morison, of 16A, Danehurst St., Fulham, London. Born at Hackney, London.
PETERSFREDERICK CHARLES211/10/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'2292'GUARDS' CEMETERY, LESBOEUFSSp. Mem. 42.Son of George Henry and Emily Peters, of 61, Stanley Rd., Balls Pond Rd., Islington, London. Born at Hackney, London.
DRAGEARTHUR WILLIAM2626/9/1918Second LieutenantMiddlesex RegimentFranceFINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRANDV. E. 22.Son of W. J. and Mary Ann Louisa Drage, of 20, Rushmore Rd., Clapton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
MADELL2023/3/1916CorporalLancashire FusiliersFrance'2666'DE CUSINE RAVINE BRITISH CEMETERY, BASSEUXG. 5.Son of Henry Joseph and Emma Jane Madell, of 27, Benyon Rd., Southgate Rd., Islington, London. Native of Hackney.
MAYWILLIAM1913/11/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'10930'TILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESV. C. 27.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank May, of 245, Katherine Buildings, Cartwright St., Aldgate, London. Born at Hackney, London.
PASTERFULWILLIAM ALBERT208/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'251439'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MILITARY CEMETERYXVII. B. 3.Son of William and Elizabeth Pasterful, of Gee's Cottages, St. Helen's St., Ipswich. Born at Hackney, London.
WRIGHT2129/9/1916PrivateYorkshire RegimentFrance'10714'POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLEIV. B. 10.Son of William and Esther Emily Wright, of 39, Winter St., West Hartlepool. Native of Hackney, London.
BARRATT2929/5/1915RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'2512'WOBURN ABBEY CEMETERY, CUINCHYII. E. 9.Son of Robert John and Elizabeth Barratt, of 84, Hewlett Rd., Bow, London. Native of Hackney, London.
SAINTYARTHUR JAMES199/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'303961'SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2XXXVI. L. 2.Son of William Arthur Sainty and E. F. Sainty (Stepmother), of 253, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
TRIESMAN2626/5/1918Lance CorporalWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'72560'CHAMBRECY BRITISH CEMETERYVII. A. 10.Son of Lewis and Annie Triesman, of London; husband of Raie Triesman, of 171A, Mare St., Hackney, London.
WADETHOMAS243/4/1915PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'2565'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. B. 13.Son of Mr. and Mrs. John William Wade, of 14, Trederwen Rd., Lansdowne Rd., Dalston, London. Native of Hackney, London.
EVERETTJOHN WALTER3531/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'203487'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYXII. A. 7.Son of John Walter Everett; husband of Elizabeth Henrietta Everett, of 28, Clare St., Hackney Rd., London.
HALLALFRED GEORGE2214/10/1917PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/22453'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYXII. H. 14.Son of Charles William and Ellen Hall; husband of Florence Louisa Hall, of 49, North St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
GOODYEARROLAND THORNTON2515/10/1917OrderlyBritish Red Cross SocietyGreece'12172'SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) MILITARY CEMETERY1237Son of William S. and Caroline Goodyear; husband of E. A. Goodyear, of 31, Harrogate Rd., South Hackney, London.
TEMPLE203/12/1918Clerk 2nd ClassRoyal Air ForceGreece'215332'EAST MUDROS MILITARY CEMETERYV. A. 6.Son of G. O. and Elizabeth Temple, of 3, Dagmar Rd., South Hackney, London. Born at Great Yarmouth.
PITTALBERT EDWARD2831/5/1916GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryIraq'31209'AMARA WAR CEMETERYXXI. A. 7.Son of George and Caroline Pitt, of 8, Chapman Rd., Hackney Wick, London. Born at Sydenham, London.
BATESREGINALD GEORGE2329/8/1917PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsIraq'477291'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXXI. A. 33.Son of Thomas Carter Bates and Maria Bates, of Garfield, Noak Hill, Billericay, Essex. Born at Hackney, London.
WEBBCHARLES ERNEST3923/8/1918PrivateYork and Lancaster RegimentItaly'235401'DUEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 1. Row F. Grave 3.Son of Charles William and Lucy Margaret Webb, of Hackney, London; husband of Adela Mercy Webb, of Leyton, Essex.
HOWHENRY ARTHUR3321/8/1918PrivateHonourable Artillery CompanyItaly'10121'BORDIGHERA BRITISH CEMETERYII. B. 1.Son of James and Emily How; husband of R. A. How, of 23, Chesterfield Rd., Leyton, London. Born at Hackney.
CANTERHARRY2222/10/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'J/1119'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYJS. 18.Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Canter, of 129, Teesdale St., Hackney Rd., London. Born at Kossova, Russia.
HANSONHERBERT STANLEY1920/7/1917PrivateEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'300147'GAZA WAR CEMETERYXXII. D. 9.Son of Thomas Frederick and Lucy Hanson, of 77, St. John's Rd., Walthamstow, Essex. Born at Hackney, London.
MARSHJAMES WILLIAM347/10/1918Sergeant MajorMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'18822'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYCC. 24.Son of James and Sarah Marsh, of Hackney, London; husband of Elizabeth Marsh, of 49, Milton Rd., Warley, Essex.
WESTONHERBERT AMBROSE2315/8/1915PrivateRoyal Inniskilling FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'12388'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 98 to 102.Only son of Henry Robert Ambrose Weston and Alice Mary Weston, of 3, Gore Rd., South Hackney, London.
OLIVERALFRED JOHN3215/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'2866'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of Alfred John Oliver; husband of Eleanor Oliver, of 42, Brunswick St., Well St., Hackney, London.
LEWISJOHN FRED2011/8/1915SapperRoyal EngineersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'1175'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 24 to 26 or 325 to 328.Son of Lt. Col. W. J. Lewis, J.P., O.B.E., and Alice Lewis, of 35, St. Peter St., Hackney Rd., London.
CURSONJOHN17/8/1915SergeantRoyal Army Medical CorpsTurkey (including Gallipoli)'260'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 201 and 202 or 236 to 239 and 328.Son of the Late Richard and Emily Curson, husband of Sarah Ann Curson, formerly Retallick, of Hackney, London.
FORD2730/7/1918PrivateNorth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'44401'BORRE BRITISH CEMETERYII. F. 12.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ford, of Stepney, London; husband of Mrs. Ford, of 72, Boston Street, Hackney Road, London.
SPONGSAMUEL271/9/1914GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'13124'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of John Spong, of Sarmend, Kent; husband of Helen Spong, of 28, Brookfield Rd., South Hackney, London.
DEVANNEYWILLIAM GEORGE1726/10/1915RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'1688'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 130 to 135.Son of Elizabeth D. Cashin (formerly Devanney), of 77, Long St., Hackney Rd., London, and the late Simon Devanney.
BARNETTWILLIAM GEORGE3/5/1917Lance SergeantRifle BrigadeFrance'S/26074'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of William George and Bessie Elizabeth Barnett, husband of Hannah Sarah Ann Barnett, nee Retallick, of Hackney, London.
CRABBHENRY W.263/1/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/27321'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Elizabeth Rose Lindsey (formerly Crabb), of 365, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late Harry Crabb.
DYERFRANK E.231/7/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'2897'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D.Son of Mrs. H. M. Dyer, of 145, Bentham Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late E. H. Dyer.
JONESERNEST GEORGE3126/8/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/7341'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Son of Henry and Elizabeth Jones; husband of Alice Jones, of 67, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London.
OSBORNHENRY2523/10/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/17939'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 16 B and 16 C.Son of the late Mrs. Osborn; husband of A. M. Osborn, Or 44, Duncan Square, Broadway, Hackney, London.
WILLIAMSCHARLES ALFRED WILLIAM3820/7/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'13615'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 D.Son of Samuel and Amelia Williams; husband of Alice Williams, of 23, Gainsborough Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
BARRYJOHN EDWIN26/10/1917PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryBelgium'CH/352(S)'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 1 and 162A.Son of William George abd Maria Barry of 6 Ada Place, Pritchard Road, Hackney Road, NW London.
ADELSONABRAHAM2024/4/1918PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'30894'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 24 and 25.Son of Minnie Adelson, of 31, Ellingfort Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London, and the late Morris Adelson.
MASTERSWILLIAM JAMES309/5/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'Y/1830'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 32 and 33.Son of Mary Anne Masters, of 10, Riseholme St., Hackney Wick, London, and the late William James Masters.
LOCKSMORERICHARD JAMES3916/5/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/867'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Richard and Elizabeth Locksmore, of Hackney, London; husband of Clementina Locksmore, of 19, Etropol Rd., Clapton, London.
NOVISARTHUR JOHN319/6/1918Air Mechanic 1st ClassRoyal Air ForceFrance'218254'LES BARAQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, SANGATTEIV. A. 7A.Son of John and Eliza Novis; husband of E. Novis, of 106, Goldsmith Row, Hackney Rd., London.
GLUCKAUBREY2125/9/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/8078'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Caroline Gluck, of 21, St. Thomas's Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late Ignatius Gluck.
WHITEHEADALFRED GEORGE3112/4/1918Lance CorporalYork and Lancaster RegimentBelgium'203276'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 125 to 128.Son of Thomas Whitehead, of Hackney, London; husband of Amy Beatrice Whitehead, of 84, Woodseats Rd., Sheffield.
ORANGEHAROLD STARLING1825/9/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceGermanyNIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSELIV. N. 2.Son of Charles Richard and Alice Orange, of 100A, High St., Walthamstow, Essex. Born at Hackney, London.
RAYMENTJAMES FREDRICK4610/12/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeMyanmar'200416'RANGOON WAR CEMETERY4. G. 5.Husband of Fanny Rebecca Rayment, of 104, Hargwyne St., Landor Rd., Stockwell, London. Born at Hackney, London.
WILKINSWILLIAM THOMAS1922/4/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/1456'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 49 and 51.Son of George T. Wilkins, of 25, Ion Square, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London, and the late Kate Wilkins.
WILLISALBERT JOHN385/8/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'44205'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 40.Son of the late Albert Willis; husband of Florence Louisa Willis, 71 Great Cambridge St., Hackney Rd., London.
SMITHEDWARD GEORGE3830/7/1915SergeantRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/2249'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of George Edward and Isabella Smith, of 114, Lansdowne Rd., Hackney, London. Served in the South African War.
RICHARDSONBERTRAM H.1813/5/1915Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Belgium'9887'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52 and 54.Son of William John and Kate Elizabeth Richardson, of 90, Woodland Gardens, Muswell Hill, London. Native of Hackney, London.
ROPERWILLIAM JOHN1912/1/1916PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/3184'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 45 and 47.Son of Louisa Roper, of 27, Wallis Rd., Hackney Wick, London, and the late John Roper. Enlisted Sept., 1914.
PELLATTWILLIAM GEORGE211/9/1915CorporalThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/9'CALVAIRE (ESSEX) MILITARY CEMETERYIII. C. 2.Son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Pellatt, of 168, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Broomfield, Herne Bay.
BALLAMGEORGE SAMUEL407/6/1917PrivateLondon RegimentBelgium'722576'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanels 52 to 54.Son of Emma Ballam, of 216, Guinness Buildings, Columbia Rd., Hackney Rd., London, and the late Robert Ballam.
BLENKOEDWARD HENRY2016/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'281935'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Blenko, of 13, Morpeth Grove, Morpeth Rd., South Hackney, London.
BREADYPERCY HERBERT2831/7/1917PrivateSuffolk RegimentBelgium'235023'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 21.Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bready; husband of Margaret Matilda Bready, of 29, Ion Square, Hackney Rd., London.
GERRARDFREDERICK293/5/1915SergeantRoyal FusiliersBelgium'11516'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.(Served as PIPER). Son of George and Lavinia Caroline Gerrard, of 29, Kenton Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London.
SHIPP2320/4/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/203314'HARINGHE (BANDAGHEM) MILITARY CEMETERYV. C. 20.Son of Horace and Caroline Shipp, of 5, Fellow St., Weymouth Terrace, Hackney, London. Native of Hoxton, London.
MEDCALFFREDERICK GEORGE3929/10/1917Lance CorporalAustralian EngineersBelgium'4903'YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERYI. I. 47.Son of Thomas Frederick and Mary Ann Medcalf, of 221, Graham Rd., Hackney, London, England. Native of Paarl, South Africa.
PARDOE364/7/1917SergeantLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)Belgium'531533'BUS HOUSE CEMETERYG. 15.Son of Alfred Ince Pardoe and Eliza Ann Pardoe; husband of Miriam Ellona Pardoe, of 45, Southborough Rd., South Hackney, London.
BUCKLE3726/9/1915PrivateLondon RegimentMalta'2493'PIETA MILITARY CEMETERYB. XV. 4.Son of William and Sarah Buckle, of St. Lukes, City Rd., London; husband of Caroline Louisa Buckle, of 29, Durrant St., Hackney Rd., London.
ROBESONCHARLES ARTHUR3030/8/1916SergeantAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'2900'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Robeson; husband of Olga M. I. Robeson, of 340, Alison Rd., Coogee, New South Wales. Born at Hackney, London, England.
BRODRIBBHENRY BUCKLER3/9/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'1625'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIALSon of Samuel and Eliza Hebden Brodribb; husband of Alma M. Brodribb, of Archdeacon St., Nedlands, Western Australia. Born at West Hackney, London, England.
STEVENSWILLIAM294/11/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'1533'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYX. C. 3.Son of George Goodchild Stevens and Emily Stevens, of Hackney, London; husband of Charlotte Annie Stephens, of 83, Greenleaf Rd., Walthamstow, London. Enlisted Sept., 1914.
SUMMERSJAMES301/9/1918PrivateRoyal Warwickshire RegimentIran'20697'TEHRAN MEMORIALPanel 2. Column 2.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Summers, of Cartwright St., Upper East Smithfield, London; husband of Minnie Summers, of 78 Graham Rd., Hackney.
ELLGEORGE ERNEST3516/4/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'281913'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of the late Charles and Flora Ell; husband of Mrs. Robert F. Gearing (formerly Ell), of 114, Treadway St., Hackney Rd., London.
FINCHWILLIAM293/5/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)France'452952'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 10.Son of Mrs. Finch, of 5, Smart St., Green St., Bethnal Green, London; husband of Eliza Flowers (formerly Finch), of 33, Eastside, London Fields, Hackney, London.
BULLERNEST2425/3/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'11864'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 19 to 21.Son of William and Susanah Bull, of 26, Frampton Park Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London; husband of Annie Cameron Bull, of 25, Clova Rd., Forest Gate, Essex.
OTTHARRY2921/3/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/34838'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 61 to 64.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ott, of 41, Hindrey Place, Clapton, London; husband of Lydia Ott, of 110, Berkshire Rd., Hackney Wick, London.
PAGEWALTER313/5/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'51739'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Son of Walter Page, of 46, Broke Rd., Dalston, London; husband of Mary Ann Harriet Page, of 55, Holms St., Hackney Rd., London.
KILBEYSIDNEY3315/2/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/1443'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 49 and 51.Son of John and Frances Kilbey, of 4, Connor St., South Hackney, London husband of Eleanor, Kilbey, of 51, Lamprell St., Old Ford, Bow, London.
PURDONEDWARD ALBERT1914/2/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'1412'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 or 10.Son of Alice Hannah Vobe (formerly Purdon), of 177, Columbia Square, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London, and the late Albert Joseph Purdon.
PINFOLDFREDERICK H.3420/9/1917CorporalLondon RegimentBelgium'422161'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanels 52 to 54.Son of the late Frederick and Kate Pinfold; husband of Violet Lilian Pinfold, of 33, Retreat Place, Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
PURSERHERBERT LUCRAFT3231/7/1917Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersBelgium'44988'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Purser, of 535, Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Mrs. D. G. Purser, of Mount Pleasant, Bracknell, Berks.
THORPRICHARD ELDON3416/8/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'233283'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52.Son of Emily Thorp, of 18, Devonshire Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Rosetta M. Weaver (formerly Thorp), of 103, Warren Rd., Leyton, London.
TURNERHERBERT FREDERICK3431/7/1917PrivateManchester RegimentBelgium'51069'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 53 and 55.Son of Albert and Fanny Turner, of 138, Glenarm Rd., Clapton, London; husband of Lizzie Turner, of 64 Penshurst Rd. South Hackney. London.
CHANEYALFRED2916/8/1917PrivateRoyal Dublin FusiliersBelgium'43297'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 144 to 145.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chaney, of 15, Patriot Square, Cambridge Rd., Bethnal Green; husband of Lydia Rosina Chaney, of 50, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London.
CLARKESTANLEY M.3822/8/1917PrivateDurham Light InfantryBelgium'201342'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 128 to 131 and 162 and 162A.Son of John William Clarke, of 6, Baker St., Maidstone Rd., Rochester, Kent; husband of Elizabeth G. A. Clarke, of 43, De Beauvoir Crescent, Hackney, London.
DOROWCHARLES WILLIAM3420/9/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersBelgium'266796'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 19 to 23 and 162.Eldest son of Charles Frederick and Amelia Jennie Dorow, of 392, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London; husband of Florence Dorow, of 69, Hyde Rd., Hoxton, London.
FRANCISJOSEPH1926/10/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'275228'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148 to 150. Son of William and Elizabeth Francis, of Prince Edward Rd., Hackney Wick, London; husband of Edith Grace Francis, of 29, Colne Rd., Clapton Park, London.
JONESLEWIS LINDO3016/8/1917PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentBelgium'37939'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 105 to 106 and 162.Son of the late Henry and Hannah Jones; husband of Blanche Jermer (formerly Jones), of 58, Devonshire Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
ROBINSONWILLIAM FREDERICK ROKEBY2424/9/1918LieutenantRoyal Air ForceFranceARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIALSon of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, of Round Hill, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia; husband of Harriett Adalaide Robinson, of 4, Martello Terrace, Hackney, London. Enlisted 1914.
RUGGARTHUR HENRY WILLIAM3828/4/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'8035'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Harry and Agnes Rugg, of 6, Spruce Hill Rd., Walthamstow, Essex; husband of Sarah Whitbread (formerly Rugg), of 51, Treadway St., Hackney Rd., London.
ROBERTSCHRISTOPHER THOMAS243/11/1917CorporalEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'300086'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 32 to 38.Son of Christopher Roberts, of 25, Rutland Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late Elizabeth Roberts; husband of Margaret L. Roberts, of 43, Mabley St., Homerton, London.
JUDDEDWARD HENRY301/1/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeGreece'207968'MIKRA MEMORIALSon of George David and Jane Judd, of 5, Clifton St., Finsbury, London; husband of Sophia Henrietta Holdsworth (formerly Judd), of 22, Bradstock Rd., Hackney, London.
CHAPMANJOSEPH3217/5/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'9192'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONM. 43.Son of John and Mary Chapman, of Hackney, London; husband of Mabel Reeve (formerly Chapman), of 240, St. Ann's Rd., Tottenham, London.
LOVEGROVEGEORGE3627/8/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'324260'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Rueben Lovegrove, of Aston Clinton, Bucks; husband of Sarah Jane Lovegrove, of 13, Warburton Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
NEWTONGEORGE HENRY307/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/86116'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of George Henry and Jane Newton, of 78, Braintree St., Mile End, London; husband of Sarah Newton, of 32, Casterton St., Mare St., Hackney, London.
ALLENWILLIAM T.263/12/1917RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'570481'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 12.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen, of 48, Cadogan Terrace, Hackney; husband of S. E. V. Allen, of 53, Driffield Rd., Roman Rd., Bow, London.
BARKERTHOMAS HENRY263/12/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)France'372938'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Son of Thomas Henry and Alice Barker, of 10, Brett Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Eliza Hannah Barker, of 144, Old Ford Rd., London.
GODDARDWILLIAM THOMAS332/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'354601'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Son of Mr. W. T. Goddard, of 77, Albion Rd., Dalston; husband of Florence Elizabeth Goddard, of 171, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
READYJOHN4513/10/1915PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'13935'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 93 to 95.Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ready; husband of Margaret Ready, of 17, Diss St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
SEARSEDWARD HENRY292/3/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'17646'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 25 to 27.Son of Edward and Harriet Sears, of 4, Warburton St., Mare St., Hackney, London; husband of Emily Frances Sears, of 94, Ballance Rd., Homerton, London.
BLACKALFRED THOMAS3511/10/1918BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'32687'BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUXIV. F. 29.Son of William and Emma Black; husband of Hannah Elizabeth Black, of 150, Graham Rd., Hackney, London. Previously wounded in June, 1915 and June, 1916. Native of London.
RUSHPERCY SAMUEL335/4/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'545047'MARTINSART BRITISH CEMETERYSp. Mem. 6.Son of Samuel Ebenezer and Henrietta Rush, of Hackney, London; husband of Alice Frewer Rush, of 77, Macdonald Avenue, Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex.
FISHERLAURENCE HENRY248/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'3127'BROWN'S ROAD MILITARY CEMETERY, FESTUBERTI. A. 12.Only son of Henry Peire Fisher and Julia Fisher, of 118, Winchester Rd., Higham's Park, Chingford, Essex. Native of Hackney, London.
BRADSHAW2925/4/1917PrivateDurham Light InfantryFrance'26731'LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERYIV. B. 59.Son of George and Agnes Bradshaw, of Hackney, London; husband of Julia Seymour Bradshaw, of 83, Albert Rd., Hoe St., Walthamstow, London.
SHIPLEYREGINALD HENRY2325/4/1918Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'470458'ST. PIERRE CEMETERY, AMIENSXIII. B. 1.Only son of Henry William and Susan Shipley, of 9, The Terrace, Hampton Wick, Kingston-on-Thames, Middx. Native of Hackney, London.
DOWSETT3624/3/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/12660'BANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYI. O. 12.Son of Mrs. Ella Dowsett, of 5, Askew St., South Hackney, London; husband of Mrs. Frances M. Dowsett, of 28, Palm St., Grove Rd., Bow, London.
LAIDLER2825/3/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'201014'ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURTSp. Mem. 6.Son of John Henry and Margaret Laidler, of Hackney, London; husband of Rosina Keep (formerly Laidler), of 1 5, Hertford St., Haggerston, London.
MUDDJOHN REGINALD3525/4/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'394656'HANGARD COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. B. 12.Son of the late John Mudd and Maria Elizabeth Mudd; husband of Lilian Mary Mudd (nee Warner), of 49, Gore Rd., South Hackney, London.
WOOLFLOUIS2415/9/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'18503'A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND, FLERSXIII. B. 1.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Woolf, of Victoria Park, Hackney; husband of Lily Fuller (formerly Woolf), of 51, Fleming Rd., Walthamstow, London.
HILLJAMES2812/1/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'5782'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENO. IV. M. 4.(Served as WILLIAMS, C). Son of James and Mary Ann Hill, of 74, Nichol Square, Hackney Rd., London, England. Native of Spitalfields, London.
INKERSOLEGEORGE EDWIN194/4/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/27636'NEUVILLE-BOURJONVAL BRITISH CEMETERYA. 25.Son of George F. and Sarah Ann Inkersole, of 19, Maiwand Rd., Clapton Park, Lower Clapton, London. Native of Hackney, London.
YEOWELL2628/5/1917SergeantKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'Y/874'SUNKEN ROAD CEMETERY, BOISLEUX-ST. MARCI. D. 10.Son of William James Yeowell, of 122 Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Annie Yeowell, of 39, Wyatt Rd., Highbury, London.
HUTTONBENJAMIN ROBERT2931/5/1916Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'SS/109262'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL16Son of Benjamin Hutton, of 69, Paragon Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London, and the late Jane A. Hutton. Born at Peckham, London.
INNOCENTJAMES ALFRED311/11/1914Second Yeoman Of SignalsRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'206250'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL3Son of Jonathan Amos and Emma Innocent, of Hackney, London; husband of Annie Louisa Innocent, of 28, Sheringham Avenue, Manor Park, London.
HARDINGMATTHEW3328/5/1917DonkeymanMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Samuel and Jane Harding; husband of Lilian Harding (nee Wright), of 8, Bower Rd., Hackney Wick, London. Born at Wellington, New Zealand.
MURPHY4728/5/1917PrivateDurham Light InfantryFrance'53589'GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYV. D. 12.Son of the late J. Murphy, of North Rd., Poplar, London; husband of the late Rose Murphy, of 121, Phillip St., Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London.
STEVENSFRANCIS WILL3316/10/1918PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryFrance'CH/2112(S)'FILLIEVRES BRITISH CEMETERYA. 28.Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Stevens, of Hackney, London; husband of Blanche Stevens, of 10, Lea Hall Rd., Leyton, London.
HEAD278/11/1914Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'9229'RUE-DAVID MILITARY CEMETERY, FLEURBAIXII. A. 46.Son of Mr. W. and Mrs. E. Head, of Stoke Newington, London; husband of Mrs. A. Head, of 40, Belsham St., Morning Lane, Hackney, London.
SAUNDERSWILLIAM JAMES3510/5/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'163453'DUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERYIV. G. 6.Son of James and Mary Ann Saunders, of Hackney, London; husband of Nina Grace Saunders, of 157, Bury St., Lower Edmonton, London.
FLEMINGJOSEPH WILLIAM331/10/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/25231'VADENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY, MAISSEMYIII. C. 1.Son of John and Emily Fleming, of Leighton Buzzard, Beds.; husband of Jessie Dorothy Fleming, of 2, Alice Place, Mead Place, Hackney, London.
HICKSGEORGE HENRY3231/5/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'421210'ACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. I. 21.Son of George Richard and Louisa Hicks, of Hackney; husband of Gertrude de Ville Hicks, of 140, Albert Rd., Leyton, London. Enlisted Jan., 1915.
WHITE299/9/1918Lance CorporalRoyal Scots FusiliersFrance'59155'AUBERS RIDGE BRITISH CEMETERY, AUBERSIV. F. 5.Son of Edwin Edgar and Agnes Emma White; husband of Daisy Amelia Scott (formerly White), of 27, Penshurst Rd., South Hackney, London.
SAVAGE3418/8/1917PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'785048'BULLY-GRENAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY, BRITISH EXTENSIONIV. E. 15.Son of Joseph C. and Elizabeth E. Savage, of 15, Hassard St., Hackney Rd., London, England; husband of Martha Savage, of 48, Whiston St., Haggerston, London.
SIMMONDSARTHUR JAMES3931/5/1916GunnerRoyal Marine ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'RMA/8313'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL21Son of Charles and Sophia Simmonds, of Hackney Wick, London; husband of Kate Simmonds, of 11, Aragon Rd., East Ham, London.
WHAYLINGJOHN RICHARD2731/5/1916Leading StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'311738'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL17Son of John and Emma Whayling; husband of Adelaide Mary Allen, (formerly Whayling) of 2, West Side, London Fields, Hackney, London.
CLARKEBENJAMIN JACOB3520/1/1921LieutenantRoyal NavyUnited KingdomPORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL32Son of Benjamin Jacob and Lucy Clarke, of Hackney, London; husband of Ellen Mary Clarke, of 26, Kent Rd., Ford, Devonport.
RUSHWILLIAM JOSEPH2912/1/1918Petty OfficerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'227514'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of William and Emily Rush, of Hackney, London; husband of Mabel May Rush, of 19, Bolton Gardens, Earl's Court, London.
ADDINGTONWALTER THOMAS3530/5/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsFrance'52125'FOSSE NO.10 COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, SAINS-EN-GOHELLEIII. B. 19.Son of Walter and Clara Amelia Addington, of London; husband of Harriett Louisa Addington, of 142, Well St., South Hackney, London.
LEEJOSEPH HENRY2615/8/1918Leading StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/12171'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of Joseph Henry and Annie Lee, of London; husband of Rosetta Alice Lee, of 5, Cambridge Circus, Hackney Road, London.
HUGGINSPETER WILLIAM2522/9/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'SS/107667'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL5Son of Charles James and Mary Elizabeth Huggins, of 20, Hedgers Grove, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Whitechapel, London.
LENCHJAMES SYDNEY4122/9/1914Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'145290'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL2Son of Luke Francis and Mary Jane Lench, of London Fields, Hackney, London; husband of Annie Elizabeth Lench, of 149, Bow Common Lane, Bow, London.
PERHAMJOHN CHARLES2422/9/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/14848'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL5Son of Alice Jane Berd (formerly Perham), of 1, Wellington Rd., Walthamstow, London, and the late William Henry Perham. Native of Hackney, London.
BRADLEYALBERT THOMAS309/7/1917MechanicianRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'309830'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL23Son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Bradley, of Hackney, London; husband of Kathleen Mary Bradley, of 65, Albany Rd., Gillingham, Kent.
TAYLORCHARLES WILLIAM219/7/1917Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/21366'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL24Son of Samuel Joseph and Annie Taylor, of 5, Pelter St., Diss St., Hackney Rd., London. Native of Bethnal Green, London.
WRIGHTCHARLES3531/3/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/21134'PARGNY BRITISH CEMETERYIII. D. 15.Son of Henry and Priscilla Wright, of Haggerston; husband of Alice Rosina Wright, of 17, Palace Rd., Well St., South Hackney, London.
EDWARDSGEORGE LEONARD1524/9/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'11117'GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTEI. H. 30.Born at South Hackney, London. Son of William and the late Jane Elizabeth Edwards, of 250, Dersingham Avenue, Manor Park, London. Educated at Fortescue House School, Twickenham.
BROWNARTHUR ALFRED194/6/1917SergeantLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'280286'CROISILLES RAILWAY CEMETERYII. B. 13.Son of George Edward and Adaline Brown, of 4, Belgrade Rd., Stoke Newington, London. Native of Hackney, London. Previously wounded in 1915.
BYERSSAMUEL FREDERICK FRANCIS312/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentGreece'28191'KIRECHKOI-HORTAKOI MILITARY CEMETERY214Son of John James Byers and Julia (his wife), of 41, Andrews Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London. Native of Bethnal Green, London.
LINDSEY3323/10/1918Lance CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/31621'BEAURAIN BRITISH CEMETERYC. 8.Son of Walter and Margaret Lindsey, of London; husband of Maud Torr (formerly Lindsey), of 76, Culford Rd., Downham Rd., Hackney, London.
CHILDSHENRY JOHN4117/6/1917PrivateArmy Veterinary CorpsUnited Kingdom'SE/27292'CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERYD. 2492.Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Childs; husband of Jessie Florence Hall (formerly Childs), of 5, Plough Lane, Homerton, London. Born at Hackney.
ILIFFESAMUEL WILLIAM2414/4/1916PrivateArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M2/156375'CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, MANOR PARKScreen Wall. 235. 31A.Son of William H. and Margaret Iliffe, of 101, Wallwood Rd., Leytonstone. Served 11 months in France with British Red Cross Society. Born at Hackney, London.
YARROWDANIEL PHIPPS3417/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)United Kingdom'253340'LEYTONSTONE (ST. PATRICK'S) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERYC. 10. 62.Son of D. P. Yarrow, of 38, Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London; husband of Florence Rose Gosling (formerly Yarrow), of 10, White Hart Lane, Tottenham.
BESTOWLESLIE WILLIAM9/2/1919Able SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveUnited Kingdom'London Z/4773'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYB. 6. C.R. 8289.Son of Charles Horton Bestow and Elizabeth White Bestow, of Melford House, 43, Upper Clapton Rd., London. Born at Hackney, London.
DAYTHOMAS CHARLES4420/3/1919RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'S/4488'CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETERYC.R. 8447.Son of John Thomas and Selina Day; husband of Jane Sarah Day, of 38, Eleanor Rd., Hackney, London. Born in London.
EVANS3211/2/1919PrivateRoyal Defence CorpsUnited Kingdom'48680'SOUTHEND-ON-SEA (SUTTON ROAD) CEMETERYA. 1364.Son of Henry and Rose Evans; husband of Ruby Evans, of 63, South Avenue, Southend-on-Sea. Born at Hackney, London.
BURSEYALFRED CHARLES359/4/1917PrivateCanadian InfantryUnited Kingdom'730522'BRAMSHOTT (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARDI. F. 11.Son of Eli and L. M. Bursey, of 7, White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, London, England; husband of Lottie Bursey, of 43, Chalmer St., Galt, Ontario.
WOODWILLIAM GEORGE1925/10/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'S/14781'WANDSWORTH (EARLSFIELD) CEMETERYScreen Wall. G.B. 18. 140.Son of William and Mary Ann Wood, of 110, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London. Born at Shoreditch, London. His twin brother also fell.
ASHTONFRANCIS GEORGE4330/7/1920RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'211153'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. O.7. RN. 24382.Son of William Henry and Amelia Ashton; husband of Lilian Ashton, of 57, Englefield Rd., Hackney, London. Born at Walworth, London.
BURNINGHAM2030/5/1919PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentUnited Kingdom'22148'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYE.4. 1. RN. 19783.Son of Angelina Burningham, of 40, Southgate Rd., Hackney, London, and the late William Burningham. His brother Frank George also fell.
CRAIKEROBERT4812/11/1915Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'B/242'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYElm Walk. B.6.2. RN. 15462.Served as "CRAKE". Son of William and Hannah Craike; husband of Jane Anne Craike, of 56, Lea Bridge Rd., Clapton, London. Born at Hackney, London.
POUTNEYHERBERT404/3/1920PrivateBedfordshire and Hertfordshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'24628'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYScreen Wall. M. 10. RN. 23569.Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Poutney; husband of Sarah E. Poutney, of 3, Lenthall Rd., Dalston, London. Served in India. Born at Hackney, London.
COPP3311/1/1918Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (Post Office Rifles)United Kingdom'370848'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1437.Son of William and Elizabeth Copp; husband of Maud M. James (formerly Copp), of 60, Osborne Rd., Hackney Wick, London. Born at Bideford, Devon.
RITTAALFRED THOMAS335/12/1918PrivateRoyal Irish RegimentUnited Kingdom'18564'CITY OF LONDON AND TOWER HAMLETS CEMETERYScreen Wall. R. 1527.Son of Frederick and Annie Ritta; husband of Nellie Hooper (formerly Ritta), of 99, Skidmore St., Stepney, London. Born at Hackney.
WOODSCHARLES FREDERICK455/3/1920Quartermaster SergeantQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)United Kingdom'G/6308'GREENWICH CEMETERYScreen Wall. 1 "C." B. 1281.Son of Robert and Francis Woods, of Victoria Park, South Hackney; husband of Emmeline Woods, of 9, Bridge Rd., East Ham.
POLLARDPERCY3225/4/1917CorporalBorder RegimentFrance'33253'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIV. E. 28.Son of Samuel and Rosa Pollard, of 5, Patrick Row, Plaistow; husband of Agnes Mary Ann Pollard, of 6, Patrick Rd., Plaistow, London. Native of Hackney, London.
CLARKESYDNEY2913/3/1918PrivateCanadian Army Medical CorpsCanada'528149'HAMILTON CEMETERYU.I. 103.Son of William and Elizabeth Clarke, of 6, Milton House, Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London, England; husband of Mary Jane Clarke, of 1253, Cannon St., Hamilton, Ont.
ELLISCHARLES GEORGE387/2/1920Private4th Canadian Mounted Rifles BattalionCanada'141190'HAMILTON CEMETERYLot 116. S. 19.Son of Thomas and Rose Ellis, of 17, Belsham St. Hackney, London, England; husband of Lil;ian Ellis; of 25, Dalkeith Avenue, Hamilton, Ont.
CARPENTERGEORGE ROBERT3515/10/1914Lance CorporalEssex RegimentFrance'8190'HAZEBROUCK COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. C. 32.(served as SMITH), Son of James and Rebecca Carpenter, of Middlesex; husband of Edith Alice Carpenter, of 40, Andrews Rd., Hackney, London.
SMITH3030/8/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/30274'SOMER FARM CEMETERYA. 15.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith, of 30, Warner Place, Hackney, London; husband of Isabel Helen Smith, of 2, Osborne Rd., Westcliffe, Southend-on-Sea.
McCARTHYTHOMAS BARTHOLOMEW3213/6/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/33379'VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURE NO.3XVI. D. 22.Son of Bartholomew and Jane McCarthy, of 179 and 181, Bethnal Green Rd., London; husband of Florence Maria McCarthy, of 358, Hackney Rd., London.
PARKER4220/9/1918PrivateEssex RegimentEgypt'3/3335'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 208.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, of 6, Peter St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London; husband of E. Parker, of 4, Holmes Rd., Kentish Town, London.
BAYLISS4125/6/1917PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'17572'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXII. L. 15A.Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bayliss of London; husband of C. E. Bayliss, of 24, Tudor Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
CLINEJOHN RICHARD3719/5/1918Corporal6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)France'P/20382'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXVII. C. 30.Son of Edmund and Hannah Cline; husband of Mrs. M. C. Cline, of 120, Mandeville St., Clapton Park, London. Native of Clapton Park, Hackney.
GARDINERALFRED ERNEST2629/5/1917SergeantLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'280102'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXV. F. 18A.Son of the late W. G. Gardiner, of Dorchester St., Bridport Place, Hoxton, London; husband of Lily Matilda Gardiner, of 125, De Beauvoir Rd., Hackney, London.
HAWKINSBERTIE WILLIAM2622/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Irish Rifles)France'4931'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVI. C. 11A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Hawkins, of 48, Prince George Rd., Stoke Newington, London; husband of Mary F. Hawkins, of 54, Well St., Hackney, London.
SMITHHAROLD G.285/4/1917PrivateHousehold BattalionFrance'1778'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXII. E. 16A.Son of the late Henry George and Elizabeth Smith; husband of Ruth Ellen Jessie Smith, of 5, St. Thomas's Square, South Hackney, London.
BAKERGEORGE ERNEST2130/7/1916PrivateWelsh RegimentFrance'35629'PUCHEVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYII. C. 21.Son of Sarah Jane and the late William Frederick Baker, of 28, Dagmar Rd., South Hackney, London. His brother Charles Henry Baker also fell.
GRAVESFREDERICK344/10/1918SergeantLondon RegimentFrance'720758'HOUCHIN BRITISH CEMETERYIII. C. 21.Son of Jabez and Sarah Ann Graves, of Bethnal Green, London; husband of Florence Graves, of 39, Southboro' Rd., South Hackney, London.
FRENCH3423/8/1918PrivateKing's Own Yorkshire Light InfantryFrance'65023'AVAL WOOD MILITARY CEMETERY, VIEUX-BERQUINI. C. 14.Son of Benjamin and Eliza French, of North Mundham, Chichester; husband of Martha Eliza French, of 74, Graham Mansions, Hackney, London.
NEEDSJAMES HENRY3010/9/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'415058'EPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHYI. D. 3.Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Needs, of Bethnal Green, London; husband of Jessica Lilian Needs, of 165, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London.
MELLENFIELDCECIL BEVEN3323/10/1916Second LieutenantSouth Lancashire RegimentFranceMILL ROAD CEMETERY, THIEPVALXIV. C. 6.Son of James Henry and Marianne Mellenfield, of "Elmstead," 140, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, London. Native of Hackney, London. A Solicitor.
POYSER2712/4/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'63738'ERVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYA. 6.Son of the late William and Annie Poyser; husband of Ivy Poyser, of Hope Cottage, Over Hackney, Matlock, Derbyshire. Born at Ashby-de-la-Zouch.
PARKINSONJOSEPH WILLIAM228/10/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/203121'RUMILLY-EN-CAMBRESIS COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. C. 6.Son of Alice Hillyard (formerly Parkinson), of 46, Gainsborough Rd., Homerton, London, and the late Martin Parkinson. Native of Hackney Wick, London.
NYEALEXANDER3414/6/1915PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'12196'RUE-DU-BACQUEROT (13TH LONDON) GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIEF. 12.Husband of Mrs. K. E. Grist (formerly Nye), of 27, Meads Place, Well St., South Hackney, London. Served in South African Campaign.
PROCKSONEDWIN CHARLES3529/11/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'175032'VILLERS STATION CEMETERY, VILLERS-AU-BOISIV. B. 6.Son of William Henry and Harriett Prockson, of 18, Temple Dwelling, Temple St., Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London, England. Born in London.
SAMSJAMES3129/3/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'217096'VILLERS STATION CEMETERY, VILLERS-AU-BOISXII. B. 4.Son of Joseph and Louisa Sams, of Ellingfort Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Mabel V. Sams, of 144, Vartry Rd., South Tottenham, London.
WOODEDWIN WALTER234/10/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsGreece'S4/044776'SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) MILITARY CEMETERY1555Eldest son of Edwin George and Frances Wood, of 6, Morpeth Grove, South Hackney, London. A Territorial; volunteered at outbreak of war for active service.
NEWMANALBERT SAMUEL365/11/1917Sergeant13th HussarsIraq'46170'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYIV. J. 2.Son of Hugh John Newman, of 182A, Mare St., Hackney, London; husband of Mabel Alice Newman, of Risborough Lane, Cheriton, Folkestone.
IRONERNEST SAMUEL WALLACE3618/11/1917GunnerTank CorpsIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'302077'DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERYB. 125.Son of William and Eliza Iron, of 148, King Edward Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Lily Iron, of 79, Wessex Buildings, Wedmore St., Holloway, London.
HOPPENLOUIS2923/10/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'J/2027'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYBB. 4.Son of Abram Hirsh and Bloomer Hoppen; husband of Alice Hoppen, of St. Margaret's, St. Thomas's Square, Mare St., Hackney, London. Born at Riga.
SCHWARTZJOHN FRANCIS GODFREY2817/12/1918PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'DM2/207390'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYA. 20.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz, of 7, Killowen Rd., Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of, Florence Schwartz, of 64, Morton Rd., Canonbury, London.
GALEFRANK3311/3/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'TR10/126'HASTINGS CEMETERY, SUSSEXL. C. C23.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gale, of 94, Manor Rd., Hastings; husband of Mary Gale, of 20, Valentine Rd., South Hackney, London.
MEENSSAMUEL386/8/1915PrivateEssex RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'16086'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 146 to 151 or 229 to 233.Son of Henry and Catherine Meens, of 10, Arnold Rd., Bow, London; husband of Elizabeth Louisa Barnes (formerly Meens), of 9, Selman St., Carsland Rd., South Hackney, London.
HYNESCHARLES ALFRED2929/6/1915Company Quartermaster SergeantBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'7377'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 120 to 126 or 222 and 223.Son of Mrs. E. Bacon, of 10, Tudor Grove, Well St., Hackney, London; husband of Elizabeth Hynes, of 3, Devonshire Walk. Carlisle.
DAYNESERNEST2915/8/1915PrivateLondon RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'241'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 198 and 199.Son of Richard and Mary Daynes, of 34, Twederwin Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Emily E. Daynes, of 21, Kemp St., Old St., London.
DORRINGTONALBERT EDWARD2811/8/1915SergeantRoyal Irish RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'8590'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 56.Son of Edward William and Mary Dorrington, of 135, Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London; husband of Amy Winch Dorrington, of 17, John Campbell Rd., Stoke Newington, London.
ALLENJOHN ARTHUR222/5/1915PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Turkey (including Gallipoli)'269'LONE PINE MEMORIAL33Son of William Arthur and Esther Allen, of 35, Quested Buildings, Brett Rd., Hackney, London, England. Born at Kingston-on-Thames. His brother William Vincent Allen also fell.
ALLENWILLIAM VINCENT262/5/1915SergeantAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Turkey (including Gallipoli)'746'LONE PINE MEMORIAL33Son of William Arthur and Esther Allen, of 35, Quested Buildings, Brett Rd., Hackney, London, England. Born at Kingston-on-Thames. His brother John Arthur Allen also fell.
BRETTJOHN HENRY2626/9/1915PrivateLincolnshire RegimentFrance'13158'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 31 to 34.Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Brett; husband of Lucinda Elizabeth Brett, of 46, Darnley Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London.
COTTAGESAMUEL2928/9/1915CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'4778'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 25 to 27.Son of Samuel and Mary A. Cottage, of 48, Scawfell St., Hackney Rd., Shoreditch, London; husband of Annie Elizabeth Cottage, of 48, Median Rd., Lower Clapton, London.
GORDON3324/7/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'341083'WARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. H. 21.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, of 75, Lefevre Rd., Bow, London; husband of L. E. Gordon, of 91, Pritchards Rd., Hackney, London.
COXALFRED EDWIN3728/4/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/11023'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Henry Edwin and Caroline Amy Cox, of 65, Craven Rd., Newbury, Berks; husband of Lily Cox, of 164, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
CULLINGTONHENRY THOMAS2826/3/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/58889'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Son of Henry and Ellen Cullington, of 37, Trelawney Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Charlotte Louisa Cullington, of 8, Elsden Rd., Lordship Lane, Tottenham, London.
CRABBWALTER FRANCIS221/7/1916PrivateSouth Wales BorderersFrance'19092'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 4 A.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Rose Lindsey (formerly Crabb), of 365, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late Harry Crabb. His brother Henry W. also fell.
COOKRALPH HERBERT216/9/1916PrivateGloucestershire RegimentFrance'201861'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 A and 5 B.Son of Herbert Sales Cook, and Alice Cook, of "Springfield" Filton, Gloucester; husband of Jane Elizabeth Aitken Cook, of 1, Meynell Rd., South Hackney, London.
NEWTONEDGAR2912/5/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'283039'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of James and Jane Newton, of 16, Blanchard Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Annie Edith Newton, of 101, Isledon Rd., Finsbury Park, London.
HEADHENRY RICHARD225/4/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'738183'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9 or 10.Son of Henry Head, of 12, Francis Terrace, Junction Rd., Highgate, London; husband of Lena Bennett (formerly Head), of 1A, Cambridge Circus, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
KRAHMERWILLIAM HENRY CHARLES2115/9/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'22594'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Only son of Max Robert and Dorothy Augusta Krahmer (nee Bender), of 7, Mare St., Hackney, London; husband of Phoebe Krahmer, of 16, Livermere Rd., Dalston, London.
EMPSONJOHN JAMES404/7/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'234148'DAINVILLE BRITISH CEMETERYII. A. 5.Son of Henry and Martha Empson, of Victoria Park, London; husband of Amelia Amy Empson, of 15, Gainsborough Square, Hackney Wick, London.
MARTINJAMES WILLIAM313/7/1916Lance CorporalWorcestershire RegimentFrance'20940'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 A and 6 C.Son of John Martin, of 80, Mill St., Witney, Oxon; husband of Lily Louise Martin, of 149, Richmond Rd., Hackney, London.
RUBYALBERT263/7/1916Lance CorporalLincolnshire RegimentFrance'11225'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 1 C.Son of Alice Ruby, of 16, Beck Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London, and the late Joseph Ruby; husband of the late Ada Adams (formerly Ruby).
SAICHHERBERT2823/8/1917PrivateSomerset Light InfantryBelgium'27436'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 41 to 42 and 163A.Son of Joseph and Kate Saich, of 14B, Reading Lane, Hackney, London; husband of Ellen E. M. Saich, of 28, Mount Pleasant Rd., Tottenham, London.
ROBBINSALBERT HENRY26/10/1917PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/20180'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 106 to 108.Son of Mary E. Robbins, of 34, Tower, Hackney, London, and the late James Robbins; husband of Beatrice Rose Weston (formerly Robbins), of 4, Aylmer Rd., Leytonstone, London.
HATTONWALTER GEORGE273/12/1917PrivateDorsetshire RegimentBelgium'13965'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 92.Son of Mr. W. Hatton, of 153, Great Dover St., London; husband of Ethel Maud Hooker (formerly Hatton), of 236, Hackney Rd., Bethnal Green, London.
COOKFREDERICK THOMAS2630/10/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'322565'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 150.Son of Frederick Charles and Sophia Cook, of 12, Fassett Rd., Graham Rd., Dalston, London; husband of Mary Kathleen Cook, of 16, Trederwen Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London.
CROSSALBERT VICTOR274/10/1917PrivateHampshire RegimentBelgium'33845'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 88 to 90 and 162.Son of Percy and Hannah Cross, of 14, Woolpack Place, Morning Lane, Hackney; husband of Florence W. Cross, of 321, Capworth St., Church Rd., Leyton, Essex.
BOOTLEALBERT3119/7/1918SapperRoyal EngineersBelgium'554371'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 8 and 162.Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. Bootle; husband of Elizabeth Alice Bootle, of 9, Morpeth Rd., South Hackney, London.
RENEVILLEALBERT HARRY288/1/1916Lance CorporalBedfordshire RegimentFrance'16464'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. L. 12.Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Reneville, of 20, Tower St., London Fields, Hackney, London; husband of Daisy Reneville, of I, Russell Place, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
DOWNESJAMES WILLIAM2715/10/1914Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'L/10292'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanels 31 and 32.Son of the late Thomas Richard and Jane Downes; husband of Ethel Maud Downes, of 122, Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Rd., London.
MARSHALLERNEST WILTON BLAKE3025/9/1915SergeantRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/2936'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mr. W. J. and Mrs. E. Marshall, of 148, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Violet Marshall (nee Arnold), of 1, Heath Lane, Codicote, Herts.
BYRONARTHUR2929/8/1914PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'L/9856'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Byron, of 161, Victoria Park Rd., South Hackney, London; husband of Ada Rebecca Byron, of 55, Clinton Rd., Mile End, Bow, London.
COCKLINJAMES2718/9/1914PrivateSouth Wales BorderersFrance'8811'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of Mr. and Mrs. James Cocklin, of 4, Old Church Rd., Stepney, London; husband of Mary Picon (formerly Cocklin) of 4, Priory Place, Well St., Hackney, London.
COXBENJAMIN242/10/1917PioneerRoyal EngineersBelgium'167114'COXYDE MILITARY CEMETERYIV. D. 28.Son of Rosetta Martha Robertson (formerly Cox), of 7, B Block, Peabody Buildings, Cambridge Circus, Hackney Rd., London, and the late Benjamin Cox.
MARSHALLHERBERT2628/4/1915GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'10541'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 5 and 9.Son of Mr. F. H. and Mrs. E. Marshall, of 110, Lansdowne Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London. One of three Brothers who fell.
MIDDLETONARTHUR317/6/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'8173'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Son of Richard Middleton, of 23, Belmont Rd., Belmont, Sutton, Surrey; husband of Emma Maloney (formerly Middleton), of 3, Valentine Rd., South Hackney, London.
WHENTGEORGE292/8/1917PrivateSeaforth HighlandersBelgium'202121'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 38.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Whent, of 25, Bertram Rd., Enfield, Middx.; husband of Florence Whent, of 88, Well St., Hackney, London.
WHITEARTHUR Y.2920/9/1917Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Belgium'301644'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52 and 54.Son of Mrs. Ellen White, of 461, Kingsland Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Helen Christina White, of Rose Cottage, Avon Dassett.
SPORTONFREDERICK ARTHUR303/11/1914PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentBelgium'6639'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 43 and 45.Son of Henry and Ellen Sporton, of 28, Marion St., Homerton, London; husband of Maud Sporton, of 27, Bradstock Rd., South Hackney, London.
WISBYHENRY3628/3/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'303293'WARLINCOURT HALTE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAULTYV. F. 1.Son of the late Walter and Polly Wisby, of Hackney, London; husband of Dorcas Eliza Wisby, of "Gillingham," Malling St., Lewes, Sussex.
BARKERFREDERICK JAMES423/5/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentBelgium'3/4835'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 35.Son of William and Hannah Barker, of Sandridge, St. Albans, Herts.; husband of Gertrude Barker, of 57, Sylvester House, Sylvester Rd., Hackney, London.
WOODARD3521/5/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'C/9285'LA LAITERIE MILITARY CEMETERYIX. A. 4.Son of R. A. and Eliza Woodard, of South Hackney, London; husband of Mildred Rose Langridge (formerly Woodard), of 54, Russell Rd., Croydon.
BROOKEJAMES ARTHUR199/10/1915RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/11841'YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERYI. A. 55.Son of William Edward and Emily Sarah Brooke, of 69, Northbank Rd., St. John's Rd., Walthamstow, London. Born at Hackney, London.
MILLER2412/7/1919PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsIndia'227293'DELHI MEMORIAL (INDIA GATE)Face 23.Son of Charles and Ellen Miller, of 9, Jersey St., Bethnal Green; husband of Lilian Eliza Simmons (formerly Miller), of 54, Chalgrove Rd., Hackney, London. (Buried Karachi Cem. A/E. D. 4.).
WOOD206/12/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'47973'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYXIV. F. 2.Son of Mary Ann Wood, of 110, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London, and the late William Wood. Born at Shoreditch, London. His twin brother, W. G. Wood, also fell.
GANEWILLIAM JOHN279/4/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'203894'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9. Son of Caroline Mary Gane, of 69, Howe St., Kingsland Rd., Bethnal Green, and the late William John Gane; husband of Lillian Una Wildman (formerly Gane), of 104, Lewis Trust Buildings, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.
PARKERALAN1923/9/1917Second LieutenantLondon RegimentBelgiumYPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanels 52 to 54.Son of William and Jane Ann Parker, of 125, King Edward Rd., South Hackney, London, E.9. Enlisted in Queen's Westminsters, Aug., 1914, from Civil Service (Board of Trade).
READERWILLIAM405/6/1915PrivateRoyal Canadian DragoonsFrance'958'BROWN'S ROAD MILITARY CEMETERY, FESTUBERTV. F. 5.Son of Henry and Jane Reader, of Spinney Lane, Marden, Kent, England; husband of Elizabeth Mary Hobart (formerly Reader), of 10, Church Yard, Hackney, London, England. Served in the South African Campaign.
FREEMANTOM2217/2/1917Second LieutenantNorthamptonshire RegimentFranceREGINA TRENCH CEMETERY, GRANDCOURTV. A. 19.Son of Tom and Mary Freeman (nee Mockford), of Bedworth, Nuneaton; husband of Hilda Frances Freeman (nee Skipper), of 132, King Edward Rd., South Hackney, London. Student of East London College (University of London).
MITCHELLPERCY JAMES2012/10/1916SergeantBedfordshire RegimentFrance'14666'WARLENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYV. B. 12.Son of Mr. W. H. Mitchell, of "Tillingbourne", Leigh Cliff Rd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Enlisted as a Volunteer from Children's Hospital, where he was studying chemistry. Native of South Hackney, London.
BAINESJAMES HENRY329/7/1917PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/13466'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL25(Served as BAYNES). Son of James Henry and Georgina Cordelia Catlin Townsend Baines (nee Thompson), of 30, Hindrey Place, Clarence Road, Hackney, London, and the late James Henry Baines. His brother George Joseph also fell.
BURKETTWILLIAM PETER2923/4/1918Second LieutenantYorkshire RegimentFranceEBBLINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYI. B. 25.Croix de Guerre (Belgium). Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Edmund Burkett, of Clapton Park, London; Husband of Mrs. Lilian Agnus Burkett, of 176, Cassland Rd., South Hackney, London.
HOWELLEBENEZER475/8/1917PrivateHampshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'16888'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYXIII. F. 2C.Husband of Rose H. M. Howell, of 2, King Edward's Mansions, Mare St., Hackney, London. A pre-war pensioner. Served seven years in India; and in the South African War.
CROSHERWILLIAM JOHN3820/5/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFranceETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVII. E. 20.Son of the late Henry J. and Grace Crosher; husband of Florence Mary Crosher, of 57, St. Dunstan's Rd., Baron's Court, London. Also served in Sierra Leone and Gibraltar. Born at Hackney, London.
HOWLETTALFRED HENRY3820/10/1916CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'8070'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENB. 12. 33.Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Son of Elizabeth Howlett, of Hackney, London; husband of Hannah Howlett, of 6, Post Office Yard, Falmouth. Served in the South African Campaign.
TISDALL2812/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'95318'BELLE VUE BRITISH CEMETERY, BRIASTREA. 12.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tisdall, of 13, Morrison St., Lavender Hill, Battersea, London; husband of Mrs. C. Gayler (formerly Tisdall), of 80, Sylvester Avenue, Sylvester Rd., Hackney, London.
OSWALD-HICKSHARLEY LIONEL ADRIAN2712/4/1918Second LieutenantMiddlesex RegimentFranceTILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESII. H. 7.Son of the Rev. Thomas William and Mrs. Amy Mary Oswald-Hicks, formerly of "Lesware," 9, Linden Rd., West Green, now of "Elvington," Compton Rd., Winchmore Hill, London. Formerly Grenadier Guards. Born at Hackney, London.
BAINESGEORGE JOSEPH2428/7/1916DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'85396'LA NEUVILLE BRITISH CEMETERY, CORBIEI. E. 10.(Served as BAYNES). Son of James Henry and Georgina Cordelia Catlin Townsend Baines (nee Thompson), of 30, Hindrey Place, Clarence Road, Lower Clapton, London. Native of Hackney, London. His brother James Henry also fell.
BELLCHARLES ADAM381/5/1915PrivateOtago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.Turkey (including Gallipoli)'8/546'LONE PINE MEMORIAL75Son of the late Alfred and Elizabeth Bell, of Hackney, London, England; husband of Edith Bell, of 72, Letland Rd., Box Hill, Victoria, Australia. Also served on the Indian Frontier.
STRETTONERNEST2923/8/1914Lance CorporalRoyal Irish RegimentFrance'7510'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Louisa Ede, of 12, Haggerston Rd., Hackney, London; husband of Mary Ann Stretton, of 8, Cruden St., Islington, London. Also served six years in India and three years in Africa.
WADEYEDMUND WEST231/4/1920SergeantRoyal Air ForceSudan'313941'KHARTOUM WAR CEMETERY9. C. 1.Son of John Edmund and Ada Amelia Wadey, of 2, Woodland Vale, Polegate, Sussex; husband of Ada Ann Billingham (formerly Wadey), of 46, Bentham Rd., Hackney, London. Born at Eastbourne.
WOODALBERT272/11/1914PrivateSouth Wales BorderersBelgium'8735'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 22.Son of Alfred and Mary Ann Wood, of 16, Helmsley St., Mare St., Hackney, London; husband of Polly Wicks (formerly Wood), of 7, Heyworth Rd., Downs Rd., Lower Clapton, London.



A number of men also served in previous conflicts, such as Captain David Barrie, Lynton Road, Croydon, who served in the Egyptian Campaign from 1882-1889 and the Malakand expedition in 1887. He died in 1917 at the age of 53.

There are an incredible number of untold stories inside this record, including Sydney Beaumont, the Headmaster of Oval Road school. He was an Intelligence Officer for the 198th Infantry Bde and most likely died during Operation Michael on 28 March 1918, which marked the start of the German Spring Offensive.

SurnameFirst nameAgeDied
Service number
Grave reference
Additional information
RAYNERERNEST WALTER2928/9/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'65344'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYVII. E. 20.Husband of Martha Rayner, of 9, Croydon Grove, West Croydon.
MILLSALBERT CHARLES27RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/18604'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. J. 11.Native of Croydon, Surrey.
BALLOTT3129/9/1914PrivateOxford and Bucks Light InfantryFrance'6915'ST. NAZAIRE (TOUTES-AIDES) CEMETERYC. 52.Native of Croydon.
GATLANDJOHN JAMES3428/2/1918Private7th (Queen's Own) HussarsUnited Kingdom'6347'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYX. 1. 1550.Born at Croydon.
RUSSELLFREDERICK ALFRED3212/9/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'L/8981'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYB. 2. 14981.Born at Croydon.
GOODINGEDWARD ALBERT236/9/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/6731'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 2. Row C. Grave 26.Born at South Croydon, Surrey.
IGOEA185/4/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'20808'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYV. C. 38A.Son of James and Rose Igoea, of 58, Croydon Grove, West Croydon, Surrey.
CROFTALBERT JOHN2013/6/1917PrivateCanterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F.Belgium'614598'MESSINES RIDGE (N.Z.) MEMORIALSon of George and Eliza Croft, of 98, George St., Croydon, England. Native of Croydon.
SCOTTTHOMAS GEORGE2422/3/1918Lance BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'53986'ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURTXI. A. 6.Son of James and Jane Scott, of 69, Croydon Grove, Croydon.
SCHULZEJOHN3521/10/1917Leading StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/1885'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL22Son of the late Fredrick and Amelia Schulze, of 72, Croydon Grove, Croydon, Surrey.
LAINGJAMES GORDON333/10/1918MajorLondon Regiment (Artists' Rifles)FranceLAVENTIE MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEI. D. 7.Son of Robert A. Laing, of Croydon; husband of Jean Laing, of Cromwell House, Croydon.
SLARK3912/9/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'111416'BARD COTTAGE CEMETERYIV. G. 39.Son of Emily Slark, of Croydon; husband of Emily Alice Slark, of 33, Scarbrook Rd., Croydon.
ALEXANDERCHRISTOPHER JAMES305/10/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/24732'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYI. A. 13.Son of Joseph Gundry Alexander and Josephine Alexander, of 15, Eldridge Rd., Croydon. Born at Croydon.
LOCKROBERT WILLIAM249/4/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'17089'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXXIII. E. 4A.Son of Edward Lock, of 52, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon, Surrey. Native of Croydon.
PLESTED1824/6/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'44144'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXVI. F. 18.Son of James and Elizabeth Plested, of 79, Wilford Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Native of Croydon.
FAIRBAIRNEDGAR COLIN15/10/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'6751'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYVI. D. 11A.Son of James and Marion Fairbairn, of 1, Outram Rd., Croydon, Surrey, England. Native of Croydon.
MARSHALLWELLESLEY2221/3/1918PrivateRoyal Munster FusiliersFrance'10500'EPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHYIII. D. 5.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, of 64, Croydon Grove, West Croydon.
HADDOWARCHIBALD JAMES3516/8/1917PrivateHampshire RegimentBelgium'34169'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 88 to 90 and 162.Son of Mrs. Emma Haddow, of 14, Croydon Grove, West Croydon; husband of Grace Haddow.
ALLENWILLIAM FRANCIS1830/10/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/10370'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Son of William and E. Allen, of 37, Croydon Grove, West Croydon.
DUTTONFRANK2620/3/1918GunnerRoyal Marine ArtilleryFrance'RMA/1223(S)'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYVIII. D. 9A.Husband of Ruth Dutton, of Croydon, Surrey.
DYEREDWARD EXIN3316/5/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'77486'ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERYI. K. 3.Son of Edward Dyer, of Croydon.
SANDERSONCHARLES BUSWELL1917/10/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceFranceHAUTMONT COMMUNAL CEMETERYIV. D. 20.Son of R. W. Sanderson, of Croydon.
SIMMONDSERNEST EDWARD2831/5/1918SergeantRoyal EngineersFrance'129756'LA KREULE MILITARY CEMETERY, HAZEBROUCKI. B. 15.Son of Sarah Simmonds, of Croydon, Surrey.
SONGHURSTGEORGE3321/10/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'203326'MOORSEELE MILITARY CEMETERYC. 13.Son of Alfred and Jane Songhurst, of Croydon; husband of Caroline Songhurst, of 42A, St. Peter's Rd., Croydon.
BASHFORDARTHUR235/9/1915SergeantHighland Light InfantryFrance'11273'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONG. 29.Son of H. and E. Bashford; husband of Doris Bashford, of 17, St. James's Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Of Croydon.
CRANSTONHENRY JAMES2417/2/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/20506'REGINA TRENCH CEMETERY, GRANDCOURTV. B. 8.Son of Harry Cranston, of Croydon; husband of Dorothy Amelia Cranston of 120, Oval Rd., East Croydon.
TURNERGEORGE JAMES205/1/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'201309'HEUDICOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONF. 8.Son of Alfred and Annie Elizabeth Turner, of 78, Strathmore Rd., West Croydon, Surrey. Native of Addiscombe, Croydon.
WELLS302/8/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1706'DIVE COPSE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAILLY-LE-SECII. D. 34.Son of Polly Wells; husband of Nellie Wells, of 61, Edward Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon. Native of Croydon.
ELLISCHARLES JOHN2018/9/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'19957'A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND, FLERSIV. J. 1.Son of Charles William and Gertrude Emma Ellis, of 15, Alton Rd., Waddon, Croydon. Born at Croydon.
JEEARTHUR ALBERT2317/4/1918Lance CorporalNorthumberland FusiliersFrance'45341'MONT NOIR MILITARY CEMETERY, ST. JANS-CAPPELII. D. 14.Son of George and Mary Jee, of Croydon; husband of Catherine Jee, of 18, Queen's Rd., West Croydon.
WAKERELLLEONARD3723/8/1918PrivateWelsh RegimentFrance'46588'HEDAUVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONF. 3.Son of George Thomas and Mary Ann Wakerell, of Croydon; husband of Dorothy, Wakerell, of 248, Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
KNIGHT272/9/1918SergeantLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'531510'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONV. J. 22.Son of George and Lucy Knight, of Croydon; husband of F. Johnson (formerly Knight), of 86, Cecil Rd., West Croydon.
ELLIFF2819/9/1918PioneerRoyal EngineersFrance'WR/23653'WINDMILL BRITISH CEMETERY, MONCHY-LE-PREUXII. F. 12.Son of John and Emma Elliff, of Croydon; husband of Elizabeth Louisa Elliff, of 51, Broadway Avenue, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon.
ROWEARTHUR WILLIAM2918/6/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'3418'LILLERS COMMUNAL CEMETERYV. C. 17.Son of Henry and Harriett Rowe, of Croydon, Surrey; husband of Ethel M. Rowe, of 28, Vincent Rd., East Croydon.
CHAFFERNEST323/10/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'S/396'NETLEY MILITARY CEMETERYC.E. 1736.Son of Charles and Louisa Chaff; husband of May Clara Chaff, of 115, High St., Croydon. Born at Croydon.
FULLER368/4/1919PioneerRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'110694'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYL4. 4837.Son of John and Mary Fuller, of Croydon; husband of Eliza Fuller, of 68, Old Town, Croydon.
HALEY4911/11/1918Company Sergeant MajorThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'200034'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ4. 10348.Son of Henry Charles Haley, of Croydon; husband of Maria Elizabeth Haley, of 87, Queen's Rd., Croydon.
LISNEYHARRY4324/8/1920PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'34904'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ1. 11313.Son of Frederick and Emma Lisney, of Croydon; husband of Rose Lisney, of 44, Abbey Rd., Croydon.
ROGERS3814/5/1917DriverArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T/313382'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYT4. 9454.Son of Thomas William and Mary Ann Rogers, of Croydon; husband of Elizabeth Rogers, of 53, Addiscombe Court Rd., Croydon.
BIGNELLERNEST VICTOR2718/2/1919CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'203088'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYEE. 5. 33730.Son of A. and E. S. Bignell, of Croydon; husband of Florence Rose Bignell, of 1, St. John's Rd., Croydon.
BROWN2910/11/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'2706'KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES CEMETERYE. 4786.Son of William Brown; husband of Elizabeth Kingman (formerly Brown), of 5, Dominion Rd., Croydon. Born at Croydon.
PENTLAND2819/9/1918SergeantNorfolk RegimentEgypt'30235'SUEZ WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYA. 6.Son of William Pentland, of Croydon; husband of Annie Bailey (formerly Pentland), of 16, Church Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HOPEBERTIE FREDERICK2916/11/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'7155'LARCH WOOD (RAILWAY CUTTING) CEMETERYIV. D. 16.Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hope, of Croydon; husband of Mrs. M. Hope, of 192, Gloucester Rd., East Croydon.
HOPE336/5/1917PrivateMachine Gun CorpsFrance'55521'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. K. 8A.Son of Elizabeth Hope, of Croydon; husband of N. Hope, of 80, Devonshire Rd., Merton, London. Native of Croydon.
LEANINGREGINALD WILLIAM1931/5/1918Second LieutenantThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)FranceETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXVIII. M. 5.Son of William A. and Theresa Leaning, of 23, Spencer Rd., South Croydon. Native of Croydon, Surrey.
BLOWERJOSEPH BATES3625/9/1918PrivateSeaforth HighlandersFrance'S/43405'ST. NICOLAS BRITISH CEMETERYII. E. 13.Son of Joseph and Emma Blower, of Croydon; husband of Sybil Ellen Blower, of 36, Helder St., Croydon.
COOPER3322/6/1919Lance CorporalMilitary Police CorpsIraq'P/11787'BASRA WAR CEMETERYIII. J. 10.Son of George and Martha Cooper, of Croydon; husband of Rose Lilian Cooper, of 72, Albert Rd., Croydon.
HARRISRICHARD3318/3/1917PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/17821'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYI. P. 3.Son of Richard and Elizabeth Harris, of Croydon; husband of Sarah Harris, of 44, Addington Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PETOJOSEPH2830/4/1918SergeantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'50820'LA KREULE MILITARY CEMETERY, HAZEBROUCKI. E. 11.Son of James and Caroline Peto, of Croydon; husband of Alice Maud Peto, of 13a, Henderson Road, Croydon, Surrey.
BYFIELDHAROLD1916/9/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'L/10482'LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIALSon of H. H. and Jane Byfield, of 18, Park Lane, Croydon. Assistant Scout Master 15th Croydon Troop.
WOODS372/4/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/15578'AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. D. 50.Son of William and Sarah Woods, of Croydon; husband of Mary Woods, of 32a, Dartnell Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
STEVENSJOHN JAMES2125/5/1918PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'38976'ACHEUX BRITISH CEMETERYPlot 1. Row D. Grave 6.Son of Arthur and Hannah Julia Stevens, of Croydon, Surrey.
FRITH2322/6/1918Lance CorporalKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)France'30663'PERNES BRITISH CEMETERYV. B. 45.Son of George and Elizabeth Frith, of Croydon, Surrey.
LOVERARTHUR CHARLES WALTER3216/6/1918PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'306856'PERNES BRITISH CEMETERYV. A. 38.Son of Walter and Louisa Lover, of Croydon, Surrey.
TITCHMARSHFREDERICK JAMES2315/6/1918PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'24305'PERNES BRITISH CEMETERYV. A. 45.Son of Charles G. and Joyce Titchmarsh, of Croydon, Cambs.
DOWDENALBERT SIDNEY2325/11/1917PrivateKing's Own Yorkshire Light InfantryFrance'36518'BOIS-GUILLAUME COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONB. 15B.Son of Fredk. and Sarah Dowden, of Croydon, Surrey.
CHALK2510/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'37889'NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERYXI. F. 22.Son of George and Elizabeth Chalk, of Croydon.
DICKSONCYRIL GARLIES244/11/1914LieutenantThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentTanzaniaTANGA MEMORIAL CEMETERYSon of James F.G. Dickson, of Nuthurst, Avondale Road, Croydon.
LAWNWALTER HERBERT2629/10/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Pakistan'94479'KARACHI 1914-1918 WAR MEMORIALSon of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawn, of Croydon, London.
SAUNDERSHENRY JOHN3520/6/1921SergeantLancashire FusiliersPakistan'3436706'KARACHI 1914-1918 WAR MEMORIALSon of Sophia Saunders, of West Croydon, London.
SMITHWILLIAM ALEXANDER4017/12/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)India'135'KIRKEE 1914-1918 MEMORIALFace B.Son of James and Ellen Smith, of Croydon, London.
MOSSALBERT24/3/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'73993'KEMMEL CHATEAU MILITARY CEMETERYSpecial Memorial at end of Row K.Son of Mrs. Jane Moss, of 25, Dering Rd., Croydon.
GANDEYWILLIAM ALFRED3418/7/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'31626'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Husband of Susan Gandey, of 4, Freemasons Rd., East Croydon.
SMITHALBERT GEORGE1816/5/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/6343'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Daniel Smith, of 57, Foster Rd., Croydon.
SWANSTONJOHN TAYLOR22/12/1914Company Sergeant MajorLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'243'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 45.Son of James and Jane Swanston, of South Croydon.
DIXONJULIAN L.358/5/1915PrivatePrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)Belgium'1561'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Edmund Dixon, of "Fittleworth", Shirley Rd., Croydon, England.
PETCHEYJAMES WILLIAM4323/4/1917PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'15444'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 4.Son of Joseph Petchey, of 10, Beddington Lane, Beddington, Croydon.
DICKSONFRANCIS JAMES2326/10/1914Acting BombardierRoyal Horse ArtilleryBelgium'43920'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 5 and 9.Son of Mrs. Dickson, of 438, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon.
INGREYHARRY ALBERT2224/4/1915Lance CorporalSuffolk RegimentBelgium'3/8232'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 21.Son of Henry Ingrey, of 33, Croydon, Royston, Herts.
PARRISHTHOMAS258/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)Belgium'2434'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of George Parrish, of 85, St. Saviour's Rd., Croydon.
VININGERNEST GEORGE269/6/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)United Kingdom'1928'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYJ. 1. 29287.Son of the late Thomas and Elizabeth Vining, of Croydon.
CARLEYHARRY VICTOR2814/10/1915LieutenantNorfolk RegimentFranceCHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. F. 9.Brother of G. Carley, of 55, Canning Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
CHAPMANCHARLES LESLIE211/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'354189'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Son of Edmund Chapman, of 186, Canterbury Rd., West Croydon.
TRIGGSEDWIN ALBERT EDWARD272/10/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'11287'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 6 and 8.Husband of Emily Triggs, of 49, Croydon Rd., Penge, London.
KINGSMANGEORGE RICHARD4020/8/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'8651'PONT-DE-NIEPPE COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. A. 3.Husband of Louisa Kingsman, of 3, Bourne St., Croydon.
TIDYPERCY ERNEST24/4/1917Second LieutenantHampshire RegimentGreeceDOIRAN MEMORIALSon of John and Fanny Tidy, of Oakwood, Croydon, Surrey.
HALL28/1/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'718'LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERYII. B. 17.Son of Mr. E. Hall, of 51, Church Rd., Croydon.
WARRENALBERT HARRY286/9/1916RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'1981'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 2. Row C. Grave 34.Son of Thomas and Ellen Warren, of Croydon.
ROFFEYEDWARD FRANK3922/5/1918PrivateArmy Veterinary CorpsFrance'SE/26652'LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERYV. B. 28.Son of the late John Roffey, of Croydon.
ROOMFREDERICK ARTHUR344/8/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'145806'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYII. AA. 17.Husband of Margaret Room, of 27, Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
WOODHALL2621/10/1915Lance SergeantRoyal Munster FusiliersFrance'8550'LES GONARDS CEMETERY, VERSAILLES3. 36.Son of Mrs. Woodhall, of 59, Wilford Rd., West Croydon.
BEVEN323/10/1918PrivateDorsetshire RegimentFrance'34244'CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERYIII. M. 6.Son of the late G. H. Beven, of Croydon.
EDE1819/9/1918PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/14820'TREFCON BRITISH CEMETERY, CAULAINCOURTB. 38.Son of Alfred Ede, of 109, Sanderstead Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HAWTINJOSEPH2918/7/1916SergeantGordon HighlandersFrance'7919'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 15 B and 15 C.Husband of E. Hawtin of 19, Elgin Rd., Croydon.
FRANKLINWILLIAM HYSLOP2726/9/1915LieutenantKing's Own Scottish BorderersFranceLOOS MEMORIALPanel 53 to 56.Son of James Franklin, of "Craigmillan", South Croydon.
HOLLOWAYJOSEPH ELIJAH3031/5/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'226745'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL13Son of Frederick and Annie Sophia Holloway, of Croydon, Surrey.
QUILTERERNEST CHARLES206/10/1917Officer's Steward 2nd ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'L/5506'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL26Son of Thomas Quilter, of 27, Tait Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
McCARTNEYJOSEPH DONKIN22/9/1914Petty OfficerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'175178'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL1Husband of Catherine McCartney, of 44, Ritchie Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BOYCEALFRED JOHN1731/5/1916Boy 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/32481'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL16Son of Charles Boyce, of 17, Lahore Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
VOLZEFREDERICK CHARLES HEDGES2222/11/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/9710'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL16Son of John and Ellen Volze, of Croydon, Surrey.
AIREYWILLIAM HENRY2610/7/1917BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'82933'COJEUL BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. MARTIN-SUR-COJEULB. 2.Husband of Ada Elizabeth Airey, of Addiscombe, East Croydon.
SIMPSONFRANK283/4/1918CorporalMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/29040'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 113 to 115.Husband of Ellen Simpson, of 24, Dalmally Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
ILOTT3/7/1917SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'71373'BOYELLES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. E. 7.Son of Mrs. M. Ilott, of 22, Addington Rd., Croydon.
CANNONEDWIN HERBERT2919/6/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'3082'HEBUTERNE MILITARY CEMETERYIII. D. 4.Son of Walter Cannon, of 9, Montague Rd., West Croydon.
GRAHAMHARRY5310/1/1916CaptainHighland Light InfantryUnited KingdomWOOLWICH CEMETERYN. 139.Husband of Elizabeth P. Graham, of 86, Wellesley Rd., Croydon.
KILBYJOHN4718/7/1918Air Mechanic 3rd ClassRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'263441'CATERHAM AND WARLINGHAM (CATERHAM) BURIAL GROUNDE. 205.Husband of Caroline Ellen Kilby, of 156, Croydon Rd., Caterham.
BORLEYALBERT WILLIAM10/10/1917PrivateNorfolk RegimentUnited Kingdom'34146'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK7. 8532.Husband of M. Borley, of 77, Dalmally Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
CREED2220/6/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'96376'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF2. 10092.Son of George Creed, of 26, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon.
DAVIESJOHN JOSEPH243/3/1919PrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)United Kingdom'32759'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYI1. 7987.Son of Frederick Davies, of 55, Wandle Rd., Croydon.
GEERING20/10/1919CaptainRoyal FusiliersUnited KingdomCROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ3. 10893.Husband of L. Geering, of 42, Everton Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
HATTENISAAC WILLIAM3324/9/1918SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'33319'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ3. 9372.Husband of Henrietta Hatten, of 17, Southbridge Place, Croydon.
MARTIN2514/1/1919SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'68644'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYO8. 1818.Husband of Blanche Hellenor Martin, of 34, Eland Rd., Croydon.
REEDTHOMAS EDWARD2319/10/1918Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/22128'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYR1. 843.Son of George Walter Reed, of 15, Addiscombe Rd., Croydon.
SCRIVENERARCHIBALD EDWARD327/4/1918Lance SergeantSomerset Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'7364'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK8. 9973.Husband of Clara Scrivener, of 34, Newark Rd., South Croydon.
SWAINHENRY FRANCIS2/12/1919PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M2/114676'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYG3. 1957.Husband of Eleanor Swain, of 6, Cranmer Rd., Croydon.
WALLACESIDNEY4627/2/1920SapperRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'54728'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK9. 11086.Husband of Sarah Wallace, of 14, Westfield Rd., Croydon.
BANCEGEORGE2210/9/1919PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'87553'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYL. 1. 30009.Son of George Bance, of High St., Croydon.
BARRY4023/10/1917PrivateRoyal Welsh FusiliersUnited Kingdom'57414'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYW. 3. 210.Husband of C. Barry, of 25, Strathmore Rd., West Croydon.
BROWNJOHN BROOK3421/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (The Rangers)United Kingdom'2818'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYHH. 3. 17967.Son of the late William Brown, of Croydon.
CARDWILLIAM LAMBERT4622/2/1915Petty OfficerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'125859 (Ch)'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYKK. 9949.Son of William John and Matilda Card, of Croydon.
KEELINGHENRY THOMAS3925/11/1919GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'L/815'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYKK. 1. 35175.Husband of M. Keeling, of 24, Tamworth Place, Croydon.
LINDSELLCHARLES30/12/1914Sergeant17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)United Kingdom'GS/10975'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYX. 1. 34346.Husband of Julia Lindsell, of 38, Edward Rd., East Croydon.
PEARCE3712/11/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'6434'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYG. 6. 16074.Husband of E. Pearce, of 144, Gloucester Rd., Croydon.
WOODALL373/7/1918DriverArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T4/161094'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYQ. 1. 17059.Husband of P. Woodall, of 46, Windmill Grove, West Croydon.
CHAPMANJOHN EDWARD20/8/1917PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'112460'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYQ2.5934.Son of W. W. Chapman, of 12, Kidderminster Road, Croydon.
SIMPSONGEORGE WILLIAM2629/6/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'81000'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEI. C. 8.Son of George and Phillis Simpson, of Croydon, Surrey.
PALMER10/4/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'22276'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNI. N. 8.Son of Mr. T. Palmer, of 36, Windmill Grove, Croydon.
PHILLIPSWILLIAM3219/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'92252'DOINGT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. B. 18.Son of the late George and Emily Phillips, of Croydon.
BRAZIER3227/4/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'454242'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYVI. D. 21A.Son of John and Emma Brazier. Native of Croydon, England.
WARNEREVAN3411/12/1914SergeantLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Belgium'8050'LANCASHIRE COTTAGE CEMETERYI. C. 8.Son of John and Alice Warner, of Waddon House, Croydon.
COOMBER3328/3/1915Company Sergeant MajorEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'5608'VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURE NO.3II. B. 15.Brother of George Coomber, of 8, Tamworth Rd., West Croydon.
GAMBLINGWILLIAM HENRY2916/10/1917SergeantKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'C/9508'TYNE COT CEMETERYX. A. 16.Son of William and Sarah Gambling, of West Croydon, Surrey.
GILESERNEST WILLIAM1930/4/1918PrivateMachine Gun CorpsFrance'132383'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIX. B. 2.Son of James William Arthur and Annie Giles, of Croydon.
DUNCANEDWARD WALLACE BRUCE238/4/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'74597'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTIII. E. 1B.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, of Croydon.
FOLEY1915/4/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'14600'CALAIS SOUTHERN CEMETERYPlot C. Row 2. Grave 17.Son of John and Mary Foley, of Croydon, Surrey.
HOPKINSSIDNEY JOHN4221/6/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'6694'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIV. A. 11.Son of George and Louisa Hopkins, of Croydon, Surrey.
ORGANFRANK3211/1/1918SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Egypt'201364'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYF. 4.Husband of Emma Organ, of 21, Wortley Rd., West Croydon.
MILLSBERTRAM257/12/1918SapperRoyal EngineersBelgium'WR/253951'TOURNAI COMMUNAL CEMETERY ALLIED EXTENSIONIV. L. 1.Son of Maria Mills, of 1, Beaconsfield Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BUCKWORTH3626/2/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Irish Rifles)Belgium'592334'BEDFORD HOUSE CEMETERYEnclosure No.4 I. C. 5.Son of Benjamin and Ellen Buckworth, of Croydon, Surrey.
BATSONHENRY THOMAS2811/9/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsBelgiumLARCH WOOD (RAILWAY CUTTING) CEMETERYI. B. 11.Son of Thomas and Ellen Batson, of Croydon.
AYLINGWALTER EDWIN2326/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)France'5740'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXI. B. 15.Son of Edwin and Eliza Ayling, of Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
BIGNELLROBERT WILLIAM2330/10/1918Lance BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'202362'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXXI. D. 9.Son of William and Annie Bignell, of Croydon, Surrey.
COOPERHARRY2114/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1503'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXIV. A. 11.Son of Harry and Eliza Cooper, of Croydon, Surrey.
KINGFRANK HALSTEAD285/8/1917Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'513793'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXII. N. 2A.Husband of Dorothy King, of 162, Croydon Rd., Anerley, London.
LIBBYFRANK THOMAS2519/4/1918SergeantLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'302391'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXIX. H. 3.Son of John and Emily Harriet Libby, of Croydon, Surrey.
LONGHURSTSIDNEY JOHN2922/2/1917PrivateArmy Service CorpsFrance'DM2/166097'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXI. H. 8.Husband of M. Longhurst, of 2, Laurier Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BARKHAMHERBERT THOMAS CLIFFORD2515/4/1917PrivateHonourable Artillery CompanyFrance'5391'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. H. 1.Son of Herbert B. Barkham, of Croydon, Surrey.
CHARMANALBERT HENRY2129/12/1914PrivateKing's Own Yorkshire Light InfantryFrance'3041'WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. C. 11A.Son of Henry and Emily Charman, of Croydon, Surrey.
GRAY1926/11/1916CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'L/10697'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEII. J. 1.Son of Harry and Florence Gray, of Croydon.
GROVERPERCY218/10/1916CorporalLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'2701'CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVALVI. C. 4.Son of Henry James and Laura Grover. Born at Croydon.
FRYERSYDNEY ERNEST3315/8/1916PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/596'FLATIRON COPSE CEMETERY, MAMETZSp. Mem. 34.Son of William and Maria Fryer, of Croydon, Surrey.
SHADBOLTHERBERT WILLIAM424/10/1914SergeantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'4694'BRAINE COMMUNAL CEMETERYB. 6. (Sp. Mem.).Son of the late Thomas Shadbolt, of Croydon, Surrey.
PARKERJAMES2026/4/1918Air Mechanic 1st ClassRoyal Air ForceFrance'8861'BOVES WEST COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 36.Born at South Croydon. Son of James and Jane Parker.
AUSTINHENRY DAVID2421/5/1915PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'27684'PONT-DU-HEM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEV. A. 13.Son of Harry and Lizzie Austin, of Croydon, Surrey.
CORRYJOHN BEAUMONT405/11/1914MajorRoyal EngineersFranceROYAL IRISH RIFLES GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIEIII. C. 11.Son of John and Margaret Corry, of Croydon, Surrey.
CAGE22/4/1917DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'29526'BOIS-CARRE BRITISH CEMETERY, THELUSI. A. 13.Husband of Elizabeth Cage, of 10, Strathmore Rd., West Croydon.
ELLIS2124/12/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Iraq'1408'KUT WAR CEMETERYP. 19.Son of Arthur Ellis, of 24, Albert Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
CURTIS27/12/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'200992'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYQ. 55.Son of Benjamin and Katherine Curtis. Native of Croydon.
OWEN3126/4/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201369'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYL. 25.Son of the late John and Mary Owen, of Croydon.
MATTHEWROBERT VINCENT5623/1/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'20377'BALCOMBE (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARDHusband of Mary Matthew, of 110, Southbridge Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BAXTERWILLIAM HENRY366/4/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'722601'VARENNES MILITARY CEMETERYI. L. 35.Son of Edward Charles and Jane Baxter, of Croydon, Surrey.
KNOWLES7/12/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'5950'VARENNES MILITARY CEMETERYI. G. 58.Son of Augusta Knowles, of 91, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon.
WARNERBERTRAM2812/4/1917Second LieutenantLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)FranceARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of John and Alice Warner, of Waddon House, Croydon.
GREETNORMAN2416/4/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'36590'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 C and 12 C.Son of Henry and Elizabeth Greet, of Croydon, Surrey.
THEOBALD2215/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'72201'HARPONVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 15.Son of Frederick and Kate Theobald, of Croydon, Surrey.
SHORTTHOMAS WILLIAM3226/9/1917PrivateCambridgeshire RegimentBelgium'327988'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 148.Husband of Alice Frances Short, of 64, Mitcham Rd., Croydon.
PURVEYALBERT HEDLEY1924/10/1917Lance CorporalSouth Staffordshire RegimentBelgium'41675'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 90 to 92 and 162 to 162A.Son of Alfred Henry and Mary Purvey, of Croydon.
CROUCHLEONARD ALBERT3112/10/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'21960'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 79 to 80 and 163A.Husband of Frances Ella Crouch, of 227, Gloucester Rd., Croydon.
BROWNWILLIAM GEORGE2526/9/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'55569'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 154 to 159 and 163A.Husband of Ethel Brown, of "Carrington", Croydon Rd., Reigate, Surrey.
HOPKINSARTHUR PERCY3831/1/1920Company Sergeant MajorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsGermany'52392'COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERYVI. B. 11.Husband of Eleanor Lucy Hopkins, of 48, Heathfield Rd., Croydon.
COLLINSHAROLD GEORGE229/4/1917LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsFranceWARLINCOURT HALTE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAULTYVI. J. 14.Son of D. George Collins, of Shirley Park, Croydon, Surrey.
WALLISJOHN13/6/1917CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'C/7023'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Father of R. J. Wallis, of 35, Old Town, Croydon.
BENTLEYALFRED GEORGE3226/9/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'160370'YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERYSp. Mem. 2.Husband of Martha Bentley, of "The Elms," Coombe Rd., Croydon.
BRYANTSIDNEY ARTHUR2921/10/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/6687'OOSTTAVERNE WOOD CEMETERYIII. E. 8.Son of John and Fanny Bryant, of Croydon, husband of Elizabeth Wheatland (formerly Bryant), of 5, Haling Rd., South Croydon. Served in the South African Campaign.
SAWYERJAMES GEORGE2415/4/1917PrivateRoyal Wiltshire YeomanryEgypt'321442'CHATBY MEMORIALSon of Edward Sawyer, of 5, Sumner Rd., Croydon, Surrey; husband of A. M. Sawyer, of 206, Croydon Rd., Anerley, London.
KILLICKHENRY JAMES348/5/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'6878'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 34.Son of J. H. and Jane Killick, of 86, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon; husband of Mary Ann Killick, of 69, Strathmore Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
YOULES2825/4/1917PrivateDevonshire RegimentGreece'43366'DOIRAN MEMORIALSon of Mrs. Maria Youles, of 42, Waddon New Rd., Croydon; husband of Alice Lillian Youles, of 59, Eland Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
HOOKERJOHN ALFRED271/8/1918PrivateKing's Own Scottish BorderersFrance'41885'SOISSONS MEMORIALSon of Alfred and Harriett Hooker, of 29, Harrison's Rise, Croydon; husband of Lydia Maud Hooker, of 39, Harrison's Rise, Croydon.
SMITHFRANK2927/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'3462'LE TOURET MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUEII. C. 30.Son of Albert and Ellen Smith, of West Croydon; husband of Annie Maria Smith, of 17, Boston Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
BORROWERNEST HENRY329/4/1917Private2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles BattalionFrance'227635'CANADIAN CEMETERY NO.2, NEUVILLE-ST. VAAST6. C. 10.Son of William and Elizabeth Borrow, of Croydon, Surrey; brother of Winifred Emily Adams, of "Basement Flat", 61, Lower Addiscombe Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
BUTTLECHARLES THOMAS3111/3/1915Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'207178'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL7Son of Robert and Elizabeth Buttle, of Croydon; husband of Julia Faith Standing (formerly Buttle), of 119, Whitehorse Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WHITEHENRY THOMAS2315/10/1918Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/13130'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL29Son of Henry Thomas and Louisa White, of Croydon; husband of Edith Louise Prior (formerly White), of 49, Long Lane, Croydon.
RHODESGEORGE EDWARD2410/11/1918CorporalRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'229354'HASLAR ROYAL NAVAL CEMETERYE. 37. 12.Son of William and Ellen Rhodes of Croydon; husband of Ada K. Kennett (formerly Rhodes), of 93, Waddon Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SWEETMANJOHN JOSEPH11/12/1916SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'54670'GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTEII. E. 13.Son of Henry and Helen Sweetman, of 104, St. Saviours Rd., West Croydon; husband of Elsie M. Galvin (formerly Sweetman), of 18, Endsleigh Rd., West Croydon.
JENKINTHOMAS RICHARD3327/9/1918PrivateRifle BrigadeFrance'47677'MOEUVRES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. A. 32.Son of Robert and Amy Jenkin; husband of Jean Frances Jeanette Jenkin, of 12, Exeter Rd., East Croydon. Born at Croydon.
BRIGHTWELLHENRY OLIVER3927/5/1915Petty Officer StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'280928'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL11Son of Charles and Helen Brightwell, of Yarmouth; husband of Alice Elizabeth Branton (formerly Brightwell), of 11, Croydon Grove, West Croydon, Surrey.
COSSTICKROBERT323/2/1915PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/12117'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL13Son of Thomas and Miriam Cosstick, of West Croydon; husband of Martha Annie Cosstick, of 24, Donald Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
GRANTHAMJOHN291/1/1915Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'224900'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL9Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Grantham, of 66, Albert Rd., Croydon; husband of Henrietta Grantham, of 7, Waddon New Rd., West Croydon.
HAINESCHARLES SEYMOUR2110/4/1918Air Mechanic 1st ClassRoyal Air ForceFrance'11055'AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. B. 7.Son of John George and Louisa Annie Haines, of 46, Edridge Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Educated at Whitgift Middle School, Clerk in Croydon Gas Company.
BRIDLESIDNEY ALFRED2821/11/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsFrance'DM2/180212'CAMBRAI EAST MILITARY CEMETERYIII. A. 58.Son of Mr. W. and Mrs. E. Bridle, of Croydon; husband of Daisy F. Bridle, of 35, Lambeth Rd., West Croydon.
WINDSORARTHUR286/10/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1146'ZOUAVE VALLEY CEMETERY, SOUCHEZII. G. 1.Son of Henry J. and Mary A. Windsor, of Croydon; husband of Ellen M. Windsor, of 11, Tait Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
STEVENS18/9/1914PrivateOxford and Bucks Light InfantryFrance'7529'VAILLY BRITISH CEMETERYI. H. 15.Son of Henry Stevens, of 95, Forster Rd., Croydon; husband of Agnes E. Lowder (formerly Stevens), of 15, Napier Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HUNTLESLIE ERNEST3024/10/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'G/63890'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYIX. C. 13.Son of George Henry Hunt, C.B.E., I.S.O., and Emily Mary Hunt, of Croydon; husband of Eileen Laura Alexandra Hunt, of 20, Wydehurst Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
BEADLEEDWARD JOHN3223/4/1917Lance CorporalSouth Wales BorderersFrance'44515'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Son of Edward and Laura Beadle, of 104, Waddon New Rd., Croydon; husband of Lily Beadle, of 65, Clarendon Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
COLTMANVICTOR JOSEPH353/5/1917PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/14120'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Son of L. F. Coltman, of 20. West St., Croydon, and the late James Joseph Coltman; husband of E. L. Coltman. of 6, West St., Croydon, Surrey.
BURSNOLLWILLIAM2815/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)France'7549'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 C.Son of William Bursnoll, of 11, St. James' Rd., West Croydon; husband of Maud Lilian Bursnoll, of 11, St. James' Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
HOLTONGEORGE3618/10/1916PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'20190'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 10 D.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Holton, of 2, Cross Rd., East Croydon; husband of Sarah Elizabeth Holton, of 25, Fullerton Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
HUNTHARRY KINGSWELL3223/5/1915Private2nd King Edward's HorseFrance'1148'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 1.Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Hunt, of 3, Bramley Hill, South Croydon; husband of Rhoda L. Hunt, of 4, Bedford Park, West Croydon.
BARNESGEORGE3820/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Germany'G/529'BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN CEMETERYI. G. 8.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Barnes, of 19, Union St., Old Town, Croydon; husband of Elizabeth Martin (formerly Barnes), of 43, Union Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
MERRIMANARTHUR PRESTON2331/7/1917PrivateManchester RegimentBelgium'41839'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 53 and 55.Son of Henry and Caroline Merriman, of 62, Donald Rd., West Croydon; husband of Frances Jane Cooley (formerly Merriman), of 36, Boston Rd., West Croydon.
ADNITTERNEST3530/7/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'S/8469'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 46 - 48 and 50.Son of John Adnitt, of 18, Frith Rd., West Croydon; husband of Ada Adnitt, of 9, Southsea Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ASHBYHERBERT WILLIAM253/7/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'A/203129'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Son of John and Fanny Ashby, of 10, Fawcett Rd., Croydon; husband of Florence E. Ashby, of 19, Pump Pail, Croydon.
BRAYHERBERT ARTHUR3428/7/1917PrivateCameron HighlandersBelgium'201135'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 38 and 40.Son of John William and Kate Elizabeth Bray, of 55, St. Saviour's Rd., West Croydon; husband of Mabel H. Bray, of 5, Sundridge Rd., Addiscombe, East Croydon, Surrey.
HYDE2718/10/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'72805'ARTILLERY WOOD CEMETERYI. D. 3.Son of Henry and Mary Hyde, of 20, Selsdon Rd., Croydon.
STACEYJOHN JAMES2811/7/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'6252'ETRETAT CHURCHYARDII. D. 8.Son of William and Susannah Stacey, of 61, Beaconsfield Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Born at Cobham, Surrey.
WARRENSERIC KENELM186/7/1916Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'1328'ETRETAT CHURCHYARDII. D. 17A.Son of H. L. and A. G. Warrens, of 1, Addiscombe Grove, East Croydon, Surrey.
MALPRESSEDWARD HENRY242/8/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'97291'VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURES NO.1 AND NO.2I. F. 16.Son of James and Agnes Malpress, of 31, Alexandra Rd., East Croydon. Born Wimbledon, London.
EDWARDSHUBERT PERCY2327/6/1915PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryEgypt'CH/341(S)'ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYL. 66.Son of Herbert James and Elizabeth Edwards, of 4, Exeter Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
HALLGERALD WILLIAM2225/11/1915PrivateEssex RegimentEgypt'2147'ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYA. 31.Son of Clifford and Kate Hall, of 19, Florence Rd., Sanderstead, Croydon, Surrey.
HOPKINS2417/5/1916SapperRoyal EngineersEgypt'35829'PORT SAID WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYO. 32.Son of Robert Walter and Elizabeth Hopkins, of 10, Beaconsfield Rd., Croydon.
BRODIEPETER BELLINGER3512/8/1916LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)EgyptCAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYP. 88.Son of Robert and Emma Betsey Brodie, of 20, St. Peter's Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HOOKEJOHN CLEMENT367/3/1915PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Egypt'1212'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYB. 170.Son of John and Avis F. Hooke, of Birdhurst Rise, Croydon, England.
MOOREALBERT2815/10/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryEgypt'956406'CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYO. 308.Born at Croydon. Son of Charles and Annie Moore, of 243, Smithdown Lane, Liverpool.
BRIDLEFRED WILLIAM259/9/1915PrivateCanterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F.Malta'6/2395'PIETA MILITARY CEMETERYB. IX. 5.Son of Sidney William and the late Emily Bridle, of Croydon, England.
FRANCISSYDNEY2212/8/1915DriverArmy Service CorpsMalta'T4/059120'PIETA MILITARY CEMETERYB. V. 5.Son of Fredrick and Annie J. Prancis, of 32, Laud St., Croydon.
FULLERWALTER463/1/1920LieutenantGeneral ListMaltaMALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERYPlot F. Grave 172.Husband of Charlotte Mary Fuller, of 27, Long Lane, Croydon, Surrey,.
TWAITESHAROLD235/7/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'110295'PERNES BRITISH CEMETERYV. D. 41.Son of Edmund and Edith Twaites, of 47, Mitcham Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WATERER14/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'5255'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTI. F. 4.Husband of Alice L. Waterer, of 9, Pump Pail, Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
BOYKETTROBERT EVELYN4318/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'5290'MAROEUIL BRITISH CEMETERYIII. J. 1.Brother of F. Claude Boykett, of "Widford," Rosswood Gardens, Wallington, Surrey. Native of Croydon.
TOPPCHARLES FREDERICK403/2/1919PioneerRoyal EngineersTanzania'WR/333789'DAR ES SALAAM (UPANGA ROAD) CEMETERYVII. A. 9.Husband of S. G. Topp, of 3, Duppas Terrace Parade, Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
GWYERHENRY ARTHUR1918/7/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'96804'NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERYXV. A. 24.Son of Arthur Henry and Elizabeth Gwyer, of Thornton Heath, West Croydon, Surrey.
HINTON2017/6/1916PrivateDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryBelgium'11048'VLAMERTINGHE MILITARY CEMETERYI. B. 7.Son of Ada Woodall, of 18, Tait Road, Gloucester Road, East Croydon.
FISHERFRANK4226/9/1917MajorRoyal EngineersBelgiumVLAMERTINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERYV. H. 5.Husband of Beatrice Lilian Fisher, of 62, Croham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
MILLSSYDNEY JAMES2726/9/1917PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentBelgium'29059'VLAMERTINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERYXI. G. 10.Husband of Florence Mabel Mills, of 22, Birdhurst Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Native of Copnor, Hants.
FIELD1919/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/67987'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXVIII. D. 15A.Son of Albert John and Mary Ann Field, of 3, Yewtree Cottages, Sanderstead, Croydon.
HODGES2330/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'940540'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. C. 9.Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hodges, of 77, Mitcham Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
HUMPHREYS2317/7/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/1515'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVI. D. 1A.Foster-son of Miss H. Hill, of 10, Wandle Rd., Beddington, Croydon.
STONERWILLIAM4023/8/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'2450'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIALSon of Mr. and Mrs. Stoner. Born at Croydon, Surrey, England.
BLACKMANGEORGE HERBERT2217/8/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'4101'VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIALSon of Albert and Elizabeth Blackman, of 41, Sussex Rd., South Croydon, England.
BARKEREDWARD THOMAS2418/5/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)India'2358'LUCKNOW CANTONMENT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot M. Row E. Grave 11.Son of Mr. and Mrs. David William Barker, of 24, Chatsworth Rd., Croydon, London.
CARTERBASIL ERNEST ARNOLD2314/2/1921LieutenantIndian Army Reserve of OfficersIndiaJHANSI CANTONMENT CEMETERYPlot I. Grave 549.Son of Ernest George and Audrey Dorothy Carter, of 39, Bensham Lane, West Croydon, London.
CUTHBERT3920/5/1921Lance Corporal16th (The Queen's) LancersIndia'312680'LUCKNOW CANTONMENT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot T. Row K. Grave 25.Son of John and Hannah Cuthbert, of 1, Denmark Villas, Johnson Rd., Croydon, London.
EVANS1910/3/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)India'1978'LUCKNOW CANTONMENT MILITARY CEMETERYPlot S. Row D. Grave 19.Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Evans, of 1, Bute Rd., Croydon, London.
HUNTERARTHUR267/10/1916GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryIndia'34122'AGRA CANTONMENT CEMETERYPlot R. Grave 194.Son of John Hunter and the late Mrs. Hunter, of 32, Wisbeach Rd., Croydon, London.
STEELCHARLES EDWARD2818/9/1918SapperRoyal EngineersIndia'152227'WELLINGTON GARRISON CEMETERYPlot 24. Grave 7.Son of A. E. and Annie Steel, of 90, Addington Rd., West Croydon, London.
WESTBROOKWILLIAM RICHARD2418/8/1914PrivateNorfolk RegimentIndia'8117'BELGAUM GOVERNMENT CEMETERYPlot C. Grave 123.Son of Henry and Elizabeth Westbrook, of 16, Handcroft Rd., West Croydon, London.
WHITEGEORGE EDWIN2312/5/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)India'201918'KASAULI CEMETERYPlot 7. Grave 1.Son of Edwin and Annie White, of 36, Sutherland Rd., West Croydon, London.
SMITHARTHUR JAMES27/10/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Belgium'24933'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXII. F. 17A.Son of Sarah Smith, of 13, Alwen Cottages, Shirley, Croydon, Surrey.
SPARKSERNEST3716/6/1917PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/12133'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXIV. F. 19A.Son of George Sparks, of 97, Boston Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WOODSERNEST ARTHUR398/6/1917Lance CorporalEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'146'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXV. I. 5A.Husband of Francesca Slack (formerly Woods), of 24, Nova Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
NOYCEFREDRICK CHARLES2016/10/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'G/24293'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYX. I. 4.Son of Alfred James and Emma Noyce, of 101, Parson's Mead, Croydon.
CARDHARRY CHARLES191/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1757'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 5 D and 6 D.Son of Mrs. Jemima Card, of 67, St. Saviour's Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
VEYSEYSTANLEY2721/9/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgiumDOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYV. D. 19.Son of Mr. F. Veysey, of 39, Lower Adiscombe Rd., Croydon.
CHEVINSWALTER HENRY1715/9/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'4893'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D and 16 B.Son of Henry and Ellen Ann Chevins, of 3, Edward Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
MORTONHERBERT RIDLEY2326/9/1917PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'21705'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 1 C and 2 A.Son of Joseph and Amy Morton, of 10, Drurmnond Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
PIERCESIDNEY JAMES2015/9/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'5535'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 13 C.Son of Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Pierce, of 53, Howley Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
DONOGHUEROBERT LAWRENCE1920/6/1915PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentBelgium'9778'KEMMEL CHATEAU MILITARY CEMETERYJ. 69.Brother of Mr. J. E. Donoghue, of 85, Capri Rd., Addiscombes Croydon.
SHARPLESSJAMES (WALLACE)304/9/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'18223'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 6 B and 6 C.Son of the late James Sharpless, of 166, Gloucester Rd., Croydon.
SHAWEDWIN BRUCE255/8/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'10472'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.Son of Samuel Bruce Shaw and Minian Alice Shaw, of 21, St. John's Grove, Croydon.
SKINNEREDWARD WALTER239/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'302824'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 9 D.Son of Edward and Emily Jane Skinner, of "Grafton," 310, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon.
SLEEMANCHARLES229/7/1916CorporalLancashire FusiliersFrance'13414'THIEPVAL MEMORIALPier and Face 3 C and 3 D.Son of Richard and Eliza Sleeman, of 6, Clarendon Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FORBESWILLIAM GEORGE415/4/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'65712'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Husband of Florence Emma Forbes, of 6, Temple Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
GARRARDFREDERICK GABRIEL2024/3/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/16062'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 2.Son of Mrs. Mary Selina Garrard, of 172, Bynes Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
POWELLWALTER3216/5/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/4104'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Mrs. E. A. Powell, of 27, St. John's Rd., West Croydon.
THOROUGHGOODARTHUR2216/5/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/6581'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Robert and Eliza Thoroughgood, of 39A, Shaftesbury Buildings, Pitlake Bridge, Croydon.
WHITINGWALTER FREDERICK2016/5/1915Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1014'LE TOURET MEMORIALPanel 4 and 5.Son of Fred and Ellen Jane Whiting, of "Lelanberis", Croydon Rd., Reigate, Surrey.
HEADONNATHAN BRYANT2714/8/1917PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'784065'VIMY MEMORIALSon of Mr. and Mrs. N. Headon, of 63, Aurelia Rd., West Croydon, Surrey, England.
JOHNSONJOHN3621/3/1918PrivateKing's Shropshire Light InfantryFrance'26193'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson, of 32, Parson's Mead, West Croydon.
KENNETTARTHUR2514/5/1917CorporalEast Surrey RegimentFrance'18029'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 6.Brother of Mrs. H. Beachim, of 19, Keen's Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FRANKLINHAROLD WILLIAM2023/3/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'36392'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 44 and 45.Son of Oswald Percy and Gertrude Elizabeth Franklin, of 19, Guy Rd., Beddington, Croydon, Surrey.
FRITHWILLIAM JAMES227/8/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'14535'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 44 and 45.Son of James Arthur and Elizabeth Frith, of 48, Lancing Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
GROVESTHOMAS GEORGE211/4/1918SergeantRifle BrigadeFrance'S/209'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 81 to 84.Son of Mrs. Emma Denver, of 39, Everton Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
MARTINFREDERICK ERNEST2123/3/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'19311'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 44 and 45.Son of William and Margaret Elizabeth Martin, of 6, Theobald Rd., West Croydon.
NEWTONARTHUR2423/3/1918Lance CorporalEast Yorkshire RegimentFrance'10096'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 27 and 28.Son of Henry and Jane Newton, of 34, Limes Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PITKINCHARLES HENRY2526/3/1918SergeantMachine Gun Corps (Cavalry)France'41651'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 93 and 94.Son of Mr. and Mrs. William John Pitkin, of 89, Lansdowne Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SALTEREDWARD WILLIAM1923/3/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'41154'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 23.Son of Edward Jamec and Alice Jane Salter of 52, Greenside Rd., Croydon.
STORKEYARTHUR HENRY193/4/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/18531'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 46 and 47.Son of William and Emily Hadden Storkey, of 2, Sutherland Rd., Croydon.
THEEDOMERNEST ROBERT2722/3/1918SergeantEast Surrey RegimentFrance'6097'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 44 and 45.Son of Emily Catherine Theedom, of 8, Lynton Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
THOMPSONWILLIAM FRANK1921/3/1918PrivateEast Lancashire RegimentFrance'30396'POZIERES MEMORIALPanel 42 and 43.Son of Richard and Zillah Thompson, of 37, Gladstone Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
DEDMANWILLIAM THOMAS328/5/1915SergeantPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)Belgium'18'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of William Thomas and Charlotte Dedman, of "Heathfield Farm," Addington, Croydon, England.
SWALE2222/4/1915CorporalCanadian EngineersBelgium'5743'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mrs Marguerite Swale of 5 Altyre Road, East Croydon, Surrey, England
PARSONSALBERT VICTOR3223/4/1917SergeantBedfordshire RegimentFrance'14667'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 5.Son of Susan Elizabeth Parsons, of 1, Leighton St., East Croydon, and the late James Parsons.
PLOWMANARTHUR ERNEST1929/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'65041'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Son of Arthur John and Kate Plowman, of 4, Ainsworth Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
CANTWELLCHARLES THOMAS207/11/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'S/6299'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Son of George E. and Mary Cantwell, of 1, Oakwood Rd., West Croydon.
CASHGEORGE WILLIAM2711/2/1915PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentBelgium'8569'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 21 and 31.Son of Herringshaw and Sarah Jane Cash, of 11, Beulah Grove, West Croydon.
CLARICOATARTHUR JOHN207/6/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'323283'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of Abraham and Matilda Claricoat, of 7, Tait Rd., Gloucester Rd., Croydon.
CLEVERLYFRANK2931/10/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/7812'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Only son of Mrs. Eliza Cleverly, of 17, Tamworth Rd., West Croydon. Also served in India.
COOKEHAROLD GEORGE2131/10/1914Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/10190'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Son of Charles and Rose Cooke, of 50, Rymer Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon. Three years service.
DODDRELLWILLIAM T.2023/7/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'323297'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of William Charles and Alice Maud Doddrell, of 6, Mead Place, West Croydon.
FAIRSERNEST W.193/5/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Belgium'9551'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 52 and 54.Son of William and Ellen Sarah Fairs, of 32; Beaconsfield Rd., West Croydon.
FARMERJOHN WILLIAM3020/7/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/959'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Husband of Alice Maud Farmer, of I, Sumner Rd., West Croydon.
FELTSHENRY HARRY1827/7/1917PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/22512'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 12 and 14.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Felts, of 13, Albion St., West Croydon, Surrey.
FITCHETTCECIL WALTER218/5/1915Lance CorporalSuffolk RegimentBelgium'7782'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 21.Brother of Mrs. Maude M. Rowe, of 34, Alpha Rd., Addiscombe, East Croydon, Surrey.
FLEETARTHUR JAMES217/11/1914PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentBelgium'L/9677'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 20.Nephew of Mrs. L. K. Harrison, of 32, Freemason's Rd., Croydon.
JOHNSTONRUPERT HAMILTON281/11/1914PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)Belgium'2781'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of William and Margaret Johnston, of 4, Clyde Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, late of Bedford.
JUDDPERCY2016/6/1915PrivateWiltshire RegimentBelgium'10574'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 53.Son of Mr. H. and Mrs. A. Judd, of 119, Bynes Rd., South Croydon.
KASTNERANTON3331/7/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/38215'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Husband of Louisa M. Kastner, of 159, Oval Rd., East Croydon.
LAMPORTWILLIAM203/5/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentBelgium'3/4052'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 35.Son of William and Mary Ann Amy Lamport, of 103, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon.
LANGRIDGEGABRIEL3120/4/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'8147'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 34.Son of Mrs. Phoebe Langridge, of 34A, Lancing Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
LANGRIDGEWILLIAM CHARLES2023/7/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)Belgium'323329'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 54.Son of Charles Herbert and Elizabeth Emma Langridge, of 403, Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
LEAMANHENRY1931/10/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/10228'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Son of Henry and Agnes Leaman, of 279, Morland Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
LINGHENRY2931/10/1914PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/6908'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Husband of Mary Ann Ling, of 30, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon.
POULTONPERCY2423/3/1918PrivateLancashire FusiliersFrance'38238'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 5.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Poulton, of 13, Purley Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
RAYJAMES2023/3/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'S/6543'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 2.Son of Thomas Richard and Gertrude Ray, of 25, Holmesdale Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PEATJOHN211/8/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'T/201171'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 11 - 13 and 14.Son of Mrs. E. Peat, of 8, Mitcham Rd., West Croydon.
POLGEWILLIAM EDWIN2516/8/1917Second LieutenantLondon RegimentBelgiumYPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanels 52 to 54.Son of Henry and Ella Polge, of 7, Dornton Rd., Croydon.
POOLECHARLES302/3/1915SergeantKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'8020'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 51 and 53.Son of Charles and Ann Poole, of 29, Union Rd., Croydon.
TIMBSJAMES2526/4/1915PrivateConnaught RangersBelgium'4246'YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIALPanel 42.Son of Matthew and Bridget Timbs, of 106, Oval Rd., East Croydon.
MATTHEWSWILLIAM2811/10/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/635'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 14 to 17 and 162 to 162A.Son of James Matthews, of 111, Queen's Rd., Croydon, Surrey, and the late Esther Matthews.
MAUDAUGUSTUS JOHN2627/9/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'25553'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 79 to 80 and 163A.Son of John George Frances and Maud, of 26, Hathaway Rd., West Croydon.
MIZENALBERT JAMES2126/10/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'L/10764'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 14 to 17 and 162 to 162A.Son of John and Alice Jane Mizen, of 66, Selsdon Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
MOFFATTSIDNEY FRANK2421/9/1917Lance CorporalEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'10572'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 79 to 80 and 163A.Son of Mrs. Rose Moffatt, of 5, Kimberley Rd., West Croydon.
PERFECTGEORGE2230/10/1917SergeantRoyal FusiliersBelgium'14544'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 28 to 30 and 162 to 162A and 163A.Husband of May Violet Perfect, of 40, Devonshire Rd., West Croydon.
PITTWILLIAM DAVID15/4/1918PrivateYork and Lancaster RegimentBelgium'35582'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 125 to 128.Husband of Eva Frances Pitt, of 16, Croydon Rd., Penge, London.
ROFFEYGEORGE THOMAS1928/4/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/50749'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 7.Son of George and Annie Roffey, of 9, Russell Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
ROGERSRICHARD JAMES213/5/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'50415'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 3.Son of Arthur and Alice Rogers, of The Cottage, Coombe Lodge, Croydon, Surrey.
SEVERSALFRED GEORGE2328/3/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsFranceARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIALSon of Frederick and Frederica Severs, of 11, Vincent Rd., Croydon.
BIGG14/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'168937'ADINKERKE MILITARY CEMETERYA. 30.Son of Mr. A. Bigg, of 5, Bourne St., Croydon, Surrey.
PESKETTCHARLES229/4/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'11094'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 6.Son of Charles George and Emily Peskett, of 109, Dennett Rd., West Croydon.
PINCOTTHARRY2420/2/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeBelgium'5246'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of William and Helena Pincott, of 16, Pawsons Rd., Croydon.
BURCHJAMES FREDRICK2130/4/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'552447'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanel 48.Son of James William and Eleanor Burch, of 49, Alderton Rd., East Croydon.
GIDLEYFREDERICK WILLIAM2327/3/1917LieutenantEssex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanels 32 to 38.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus Gidley, of "Mena," 26, Shirley Park Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
HARRISARTHUR MONTAGUE307/11/1917CorporalLondon Regiment (London Irish Rifles)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'590730'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanel 49.Son of William and Frances Harris, of 12, Beverley Rd., Croydon Rd., Anerley, London.
ROSSARTHUR ALBERT3227/12/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'532379'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanel 48.Son of Elizabeth Ross, of 59, Fairholme Rd., West Croydon, and the late Joseph Ross.
SMITHWILLIAM3027/3/1917SergeantHerefordshire RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'235424'JERUSALEM MEMORIALPanel 52.Brother of Mr. J. Smith, of 34, Limes Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
IVISONEDGAR SYDNEY2123/10/1915GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryGreece'959'MIKRA MEMORIALSon of Edgar and Alice Ivison, of 7, Blenheim Crescent, South Croydon.
WITHARTHUR4823/10/1915BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryGreece'1253'MIKRA MEMORIALSon of Alfred and Mary With; husband of Elizabeth With, of 12, Colworth Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
AVIS2214/9/1916PrivateLancashire FusiliersGreece'22957'DOIRAN MEMORIALSon of Mr. H. A. and Mrs. R. Avis, of 2A, Laurier Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
BORTHWICKDONALD WALKER1828/12/1916Second LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)GreeceDOIRAN MEMORIALSon of John James and Helen Borthwick, of 48, Chatsworth Rd., Croydon. Born at Blackford, Perthshire.
DAVIDCHARLES2320/3/1917Lance SergeantYork and Lancaster RegimentGreece'10114'DOIRAN MEMORIALSon of Charles and Mary David, of 22, Boston Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SIRETTWILLIAM EDWARD253/5/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1243'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 2.Son of William Edward and Elizabeth Sirett, of 22, St. Peter's St., Croydon.
BAKERFREDERICK2015/8/1920DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryIraq'1046111'BASRA MEMORIALPanel 3 and 60.Son of Alfred Edward Baker, of 157, Bynes Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
BALDINGREGINALD NORMAN2230/3/1917LieutenantBedfordshire RegimentIraqBASRA MEMORIALPanel 41.Son of the Rev. J. W. Balding, of 41, Chatsworth Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BINNSJOHN ERIC229/4/1916Second LieutenantWiltshire RegimentIraqBASRA MEMORIALPanel 30 and 64.Son of John D. Binns, of 18, Morland Rd., Croydon, London.
KINGSBURYWILLIAM2522/11/1915PrivateOxford and Bucks Light InfantryIraq'8427'BASRA MEMORIALPanel 26 and 63.Son of William and Caroline Kingsbury, of 59, Wilford Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
GILLMAN253/10/1915PrivateBedfordshire RegimentFrance'19065'CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 117.Husband of Maggie Eveline Gillman, of "Brantfield," 26, Avondale Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
SULLIVANCHRISTOPHER2129/3/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'95528'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 1.Son of Mrs. Flora E. Costar, of 40, Addington Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
JONESARTHUR EMIL275/5/1915CorporalPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)France'51247'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. B. 39.Son of D. Marinas Jones, M.D., and Amelia Jones, of 205, London Rd., Croydon, England.
BENNETT22/4/1917Lance CorporalHonourable Artillery CompanyFrance'2415'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIV. A. 3.Son of Walter Bennett, of 27, Outram Rd., Addiscombe, East Croydon, Surrey.
DUNNSIDNEY ERNEST2325/7/1917Lance CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'L/9873'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNV. A. 36.Son of William John and Rose Dunn, of 47, North Brook Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ACOCK366/2/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/3913'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONC. 33.Son of Philip and Jane Acock, of 103, Oval Road, Croydon, Surrey.
NEWMANCHRISTOPHER CHARLES BURT3525/9/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'471'CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONH. 24.Son of Christopher and Jane Baker Newman, of 199, Albert Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon. Of Worthing, Sussex.
STANLEYWILLIAM3028/5/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'L/6606'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENA. 21. 23.Son of John and Louisa Stanley, of 60, Napier Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
VERNERLANCELOT GUY2927/8/1916Second LieutenantMachine Gun CorpsFranceST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENOfficers, A. 6. 2.Son of Ernest and Florence Emma Verner, of "Shirley Glen," 71, Coombe Rd., Croydon, London.
WARDALLAN DUDLEY WALTER2223/7/1917Second LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France''ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENOfficers, B. 10. 1.Only son of Frederick William and Lindsay Matilda Ward, of "Shrublands," Warham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
CAREROBERT GEORGE2222/8/1918Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'683076'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Upfold, of 2, Rolleston Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
DENNARDMARK2029/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'100290'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of Mrs. Fanny Dennard, of Dennard Yard, Magdala Rd., South Croydon.
PARKERROBERT2823/8/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'41914'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 4.Husband of Nellie Elizabeth Chick (formerly Parker), of 57, Lancing Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
RHODESDAVID ROBERT2722/8/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'632864'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 10.Son of James Rhodes, of 119, Whitehorse Rd., West Croydon, Surrey, and the late Emily Rhodes.
TRETTDONALD CHARLES HECTOR1810/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'84237'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 3.Son of Alfred James and Sophie Trett, of 300, Brighton Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
TURNERFREDERICK THOMAS188/8/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/25305'VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIALPanel 6.Son of Thomas John and Nellie Turner, of 2, Latimer Rd., Croydon.
DIPPLEWILLIAM JOHN2230/11/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'323296'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Son of Mrs Emily Dipple, of 17, Drummond Rd., West Croydon.
EDWARDSWILLIAM383/12/1917PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'352539'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Son of George and Mildred Edwards, of Windmill Cottage, Shirley, Croydon.
GEERTSFERDINAND LOUIS2424/11/1917PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'41604'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 4.Son of Louis A. and Emily Geerts, of 65, Albert Rd., Croydon.
LANDYMOREFREDERICK2220/11/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'68'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 6.Son of William and Mary Landymore, of 59, Leighton St. East, West Croydon.
MURPHYCHARLES WILLIAM2630/11/1917Company Sergeant MajorLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'323255'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11.Husband of Mrs. M. E. Barrance (formerly Murphy), of 6, Northbrook Rd., West Croydon.
RAWLINGSCHARLES JOSEPH3224/11/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'515429'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 11 and 12.Son of General William Rawlings and Ida Elizabeth Rawlings, of 144, St. James' Rd., West Croydon.
STAGGJAMES3930/11/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/42746'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 3 and 4.Husband of Lucy Beatrice Stagg, of 106, Leighton St. East, West Croydon.
TARLINGGEORGE BERTIE3120/11/1917PrivateThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)France'87385'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 4.Husband of Mrs. M. A. Tarling, of 135, Pemdevon Rd., West Croydon.
TURNERARTHUR291/12/1917Lance CorporalMiddlesex RegimentFrance'PW/6522'CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVALPanel 9.Son of James and Elizabeth Turner; husband of Caroline Elizabeth Turner, of 37, Russell Rd., Croydon.
MARSHARTHUR JOHN2030/7/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'143542'SOISSONS MEMORIALSon of John and Jane Elizabeth Marsh, of 22, Cross Rd., East Croydon.
FURNELLWILLIAM FRANK2413/11/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1047'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 13 to 15.Nephew of Mr. J. Furnell, of 31, Rymer Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
GARTONGEORGE EDWARD2213/10/1915Lance CorporalThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/3907'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 15 to 19.Son of George Charles and Eliza Garton, of "Woodside", Croydon Rd., Reigate, Surrey.
HAMMONDJOHN MARTIN RICHARD1826/9/1915LieutenantEssex RegimentFranceLOOS MEMORIALPanel 85 to 87.Son of Harold Martin Hammond and Laura Enislie Hammond, of 35, Heathfield Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
PARKERGEORGE EDWIN2114/3/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1067'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 13 to 15.Son of William and Elizabeth Jane Parker, of 101, Cherry Orchard Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
SHELLEYFREDERICK CHARLES1914/10/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1056'LOOS MEMORIALPanel 13 to 15.Son of William George and Rose Eliza Shelley, of 40, Fawcett Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
MIRIAMLEONARD HENRY GEORGE1918/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'548072'BONNAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONC. 27.Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miriam, of 18, Mayo Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
SCOTTSTUART HARVEY1829/9/1918LieutenantRoyal Air ForceFranceUNICORN CEMETERY, VENDHUILEIV. D. 3.Son of Donald J. and Lilian K. Scott, of 24, Normanton Road, South Croydon.
HEATHSIDNEY209/4/1917PrivateWiltshire RegimentFrance'11897'BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUXSpecial Memorial 13.Son of William John Heath, of 45, Alderton Rd., East Croydon.
PUDDEPHAT181/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'2216'BEAUMONT-HAMEL BRITISH CEMETERYA. 54.Son of Joseph Puddephat, of 6, Beddington Terrace, Mitcham Rd., Croydon.
CLARKJOSEPH CHARLES226/4/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'683081'MARTINSART BRITISH CEMETERYI. D. 21.Son of Mrs. Agnes Clark, of 28, Tamworth Place, Church St., Croydon.
HAINESTHOMAS1927/3/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'69936'MARTINSART BRITISH CEMETERYI. G. 3.Son of Ernest and Margaret Haines, of 106, Sydenham Rd. North, Croydon.
HAMMONDGEORGE RATHBONE2914/11/1916PrivateHonourable Artillery CompanyFrance'3377'MESNIL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. D. 5.Son of Mr R. M. Hammond of 20 Addiscombe Grove, Croydon, Surrey.
FRENCHFRANK GEOFFREY204/10/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'53378'PROSPECT HILL CEMETERY, GOUYII. D. 3.Son of Elijah and Mary Ann French, of 11, Brownie St., Croydon, Surrey.
FRENCHCHARLES ERNEST2027/2/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1224'ADANAC MILITARY CEMETERY, MIRAUMONTIII. G. 10.Son of Elijah and Mary Ann French, of 11, Bourne St., Croydon.
WOODCOCKWALTER STANLEY188/8/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'78227'BEACON CEMETERY, SAILLY-LAURETTEIII. C. 12.Son of Grace Emma Woodcock, of 133, Oval Rd., East Croydon, Surrey. Born at Ealing, London.
ROBINSONLEONARD HERBERT FRANK2417/3/1916LieutenantEast Surrey RegimentFranceSAILLY-LABOURSE COMMUNAL CEMETERYN. 5.Son of H. B. and E. J. Robinson, of 16, Dingwall Rd., Croydon.
PICKFORD2125/8/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'47938'BAC-DU-SUD BRITISH CEMETERY, BAILLEULVALIII. E. 18.Son of Arthur J. and Emily Pickford, of 14, Cherry orchard Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
PINKTHOMAS JOSEPH2315/9/1916Lance CorporalEast Surrey RegimentFrance'17603'BULLS ROAD CEMETERY, FLERSIII. J. 16.Son of Alfred John and Frances Eleanor Pink, of 67, Exeter Rd., Croydon.
McCABEALBERT PETER PATRICK2816/5/1915Second LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)FranceGUARDS CEMETERY, WINDY CORNER, CUINCHYIV. K. 33.Son of Peter and Harriette McCabe, of 154, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon. Native of Crowthorne, Berks.
BONDCHARLES NESBITT2230/6/1916LieutenantSomerset Light InfantryFranceFONCQUEVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYI. G. 2.Son of Francis and Ada Bond, of "Uplands" 54, Ashburton Rd., Croydon.
COXALBERT EDWARD1921/4/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'14/44878'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDIII. B. 95.Son of Fred and Annie Cox, of 123, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HARMERERNEST1827/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'1881'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDII. A. 57.Son of George and Alice L. Harmer, of 53, Whitehorse Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
HARPER3522/9/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'39609'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDIII. E. 174.Husband of Mrs. M. Rich (formerly Harper), of 2, Princess Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ARTHURJOHN ALEXANDER25/9/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/712'PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIALPanel 1 and 2.Son of Alex Arthur of 28 Beulah Grove, West Croydon, Surrey.
WESTONROBERT WILLIAM3826/4/1915RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'B/54'BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORDI. A. 148.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Weston, of 10, Priory Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PHILLIPS6/4/1918SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'200088'BOUZINCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. A. 18.Brother of Miss B. M. Phillips, of 17, Haling Rd., South Croydon.
WILKINSONPERCY217/11/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'24900'HAUTRAGE MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 23.Son of Edward and Sarah Ann Williamson of, 59 Taubleston Terrace, Mitchum Road, Croydon.
KELLYSAMUEL THOMAS2614/8/1917PrivateCanterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F.France'36919'TROIS ARBRES CEMETERY, STEENWERCKI. W. 10.Son of Thomas and Jane Kelly, of Trenance, St. Keverne, Cornwall, England. Native of Croydon, Surrey.
BUTLERHENRY407/10/1916PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/9729'BANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYVII. D. 3.Son of Henry and Eliza Butler, of Hemestall Lane, Faversham. Native of Croydon.
LENNARD2129/12/1915PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'3007'LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERYII. B. 4.Son of Frederick William and Emily Lennard, of 64, Heathfield Rd., Croydon.
BURTONROBERT STEPHAN214/3/1916DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'70196'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERYPlot I. Row D. Grave 4.Son of Alfred and Emma Burton, of 29, Lynton Road, West Croydon, Surrey.
SMITHFREDERICK CHARLES424/2/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'1018'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERYPlot I. Row D. Grave 35.Son of the late Charles John and Mary Jane Smith, of Croydon, Surrey.
VINTEN4317/4/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'3421'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERYPlot I. Row F. Grave 23.Husband of Mrs. S. A. Vinten, of 72, Princess Road, West Croydon, London.
BIRMINGHAMEDWARD BRICE272/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'486'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 1. Row B. Grave 15.Son of Eliza Hannah and the late Francis Birmingham, of 43, Southbridge Road, Croydon, Surrey.
EPPSEDWARD PERCY326/5/1916Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'1511'CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONPlot 1. Row A. Grave 45.Son of Charles Thomas and Sarah Jane Epps, of 65, Union Road, West Croydon, Surrey.
TURNERALBERT VICTOR276/7/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/832'LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERYII. A. 5.Brother of Miss E. H. Turner, of 23, Woodstock Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
APPLETONDAVID3014/10/1917RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'S/31223'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. P. 58.Son of Joshua and K. H. Appleton, of 20, Wandle Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
PAYNEWILLIAM HENRY2117/2/1917Second LieutenantRoyal FusiliersFranceREGINA TRENCH CEMETERY, GRANDCOURTV. C. 23.Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Payne, of 19, Birdhurst Rd., South Croydon.
HESKETHJOHN JAMES205/10/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'10238'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYI. L. 25.Son of John and Ellen Hesketh, of 36, Bynes Rd., South Croydon. Native of Caterham, Surrey.
PAINEHARRY AUTHER2129/9/1918Second LieutenantSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)FranceBELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERYII. O. 4.Son of John Henry and Jane Paine, of 163, St. James' Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
GRAYJOSEPH WALTER192/12/1916PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'36589'WARLENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYVIII. H. 7.Son of George and Harriet Gray, of IO, Nicholson Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
THAIRSMAURICE2317/8/1918RiflemanLondon RegimentFrance'572083'GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERYII. AA. 6.Served as O'BRIEN. Son of Henry and Ellen Thairs, of 107, Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
HEYWARDHARRY NEALE2610/10/1916Second LieutenantDurham Light InfantryFranceBERNAFAY WOOD BRITISH CEMETERY, MONTAUBAND. 29.Son of Henry and Eliza Ann Heyward, of "Ewshott," II, Dornton Rd., South Croydon.
PEARCEALBERT2321/9/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'201549'MEATH CEMETERY, VILLERS-GUISLAINII. B. 3.Son of George and Eleanor Pearce, of 76, Bynes Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
DENNINGALBERT SYDNEY1913/10/1918PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)France'54101'YORK CEMETERY, HASPRESC. 16.Son of Joseph and Alice Denning, of 10, Sutherland Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HUNTARTHUR WILLIAM256/11/1918SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'200091'CANONNE FARM BRITISH CEMETERY, SOMMAINGD. 13.Son of Mr. F. and Mrs. C. E. Hunt, of 22, St. John's Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SAW223/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'1405'DIVE COPSE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAILLY-LE-SECII. B. 2.Son of Albert and Maria Saw, of 3, Richmond Rd., Beddington, Croydon, Surrey.
OSBORNEFREDERICK CHARLES2128/3/1917PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'513206'AGNY MILITARY CEMETERYG. 17.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Osborne, of East Croydon, Surrey.
QUICKHERBERT MONTAGUE FREDERICK305/4/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'10316'VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERYII. J. 20.Only son of Cpl. F. G. Quick, of 36, Westbrook Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon.
SALMONFREDERICK2519/3/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'960'VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERYII. B. 13.Son of Henry and Edith Salmon, of 36, Kynaston Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon.
WALTONFREDERICK2225/6/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'15912'VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERYIV. B. 35.Son of William and Eliza Walton, of 1, Sheep House Cottage, Croham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
BELLAMYREGINALD ARTHUR1925/4/1918PrivateQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)France'30534'HANGARD COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. E. 8.Son of Alfred Ernest and Rosina Bellamy, of 28, Claremont Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
SAUNDERSALFRED CHARLES2622/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'11574'ESQUELBECQ MILITARY CEMETERYIII. D. 4.Son of George and Fanny Saunders, of 25, Priory Rd., West Croydon.
HAILL2316/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/53234'HENINEL-CROISILLES ROAD CEMETERYI. C. 34.Son of George and Charlotte Haill, of 37, Northbrook Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
COLLINSDENNIS2614/5/1917BombardierRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'69706'ATHIES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONK. 8.Son of Mrs. N. Collins, of 28, Napier Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
SOUTERROBERT MILLER2923/9/1914Lance CorporalHighland Light InfantryFrance'8090'CITY OF PARIS CEMETERY, BAGNEUX19. I. A. 4.Husband of Elizabeth Jarvis (formerly Souter), of 276, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon. Born at Glasgow.
CHEQUERHERBERT HENRY2628/9/1914DrummerBedfordshire RegimentFrance'7837'LES GONARDS CEMETERY, VERSAILLES1. 24.Born at Croydon. Son of George R. and Emma S. Chequer.
HOWARDALBERT EDWARD3726/3/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'126926'CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERYII. B. 13.Husband of Forrest Alice Esther Howard, of Adelaide Cottage, 32, Adelaide St., West Croydon.
McGUINNESSRICHARD ERNEST2323/9/1915Lance SergeantEast Surrey RegimentFrance'10487'CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERYII. G. 2.Son of Mr. C. E. McGuinness, of 23, Rolleston Rd., South Croydon.
PAYNE2018/9/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/21146'CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERYIII. K. 2.Son of George and Fanny Payne, of 41, Strathmore Rd., Croydon.
PINKHENRY ARTHUR2021/4/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'1402'CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERYII. F. 25.Son of Alfred John and Frances Eleanor Pink, of 67, Exeter Rd., Croydon.
DOWTHWAITE29/3/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'153680'BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYX. A. 9.Husband of E. N. Dowthwaite, of 9, Chatfield Rd., West Croydon.
EVANSALBERT ASHLEY2824/9/1918Second LieutenantKing's Shropshire Light InfantryFranceTREFCON BRITISH CEMETERY, CAULAINCOURTD. 10.Husband of Norah Evans, of 14, Montague Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
MILLIAMMATTHEW MARK3518/8/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'9625'BERTENACRE MILITARY CEMETERY, FLETREII. E. 1.Son of Mrs. Alice Mary Milliam, of 26, Purley Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
WHITELEYERNEST JAMES3318/8/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'21730'BERTENACRE MILITARY CEMETERY, FLETREII. E. 11.Son of James and Teresa Whiteley, of "Fairlight Glen", Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
HORNEYGORDON ARTHUR1928/7/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/41183'MONT NOIR MILITARY CEMETERY, ST. JANS-CAPPELI. B. 3.Son of Arthur and Decima Horney, of 42, St. James' Rd., Croydon.
STOCK3127/8/1918Private6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)France'3469'FIENVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYC. 8.Son of George and Mary Stock, of 1, Bramble Cottages, Alexandra Rd., Warlingham, Croydon.
AUSTINFREDERICK WILLIAM28/11/1919MajorBorder RegimentUnited KingdomCARLISLE (DALSTON ROAD) CEMETERY1. L. 29.Husband of Annie Austin, of 66, Lodge Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
POWELLSAMUEL EDWIN4310/9/1919Staff SergeantRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'A/360271'LYME REGIS CEMETERYB. 390.Husband of Ellen Florence Powell, of 284, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Born at Cheltenham.
LANDONERNEST FREDERICK4129/6/1917PrivateCambridgeshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'327224'PERLETHORPE (ST. JOHN) CHURCHYARDNorth-East. 4. I.Youngest son of the late Richard and Emily Landon, of Croydon.
HULFORD259/12/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'G/5490'CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERESI. B. 5.Son of George Fredrick and Lilian Celestine Hulford, of 88, Waddon New Rd., Croydon.
LOVELL2412/2/1916Lance CorporalEast Yorkshire RegimentFrance'16855'CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERESIX. E. 4.Son of James George and Edith Mary Lovell, of 355, Thornton Rd., West Croydon.
WISECHARLES3723/7/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'PS/1933'ST. AMAND BRITISH CEMETERYIV. C. 11.Husband of Lydia Wise, of 76, Leighton St. East, West Croydon.
PESCUDALEC JOSEPH2011/2/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1455'VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTUREIX. F. 10.Son of Joseph and Amelia Pescud, of "Sunnyside," Earlswood Rd., Redhill. Born at Croydon.
CHAMBERSJAMES ARTHUR LESLIE264/5/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'391191'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASIV. F. 26.Son of James and Sarah Ann Chambers, of 83, Tunstall Rd., East Croydon.
FIELD265/4/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'3155'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASII. O. 2.Husband of A. E. Boxall (formerly Field), of 35, Alderton Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
RICHARDSONPERCY FREDERICK2525/5/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/53261'SUNKEN ROAD CEMETERY, BOISLEUX-ST. MARCI. B. 8.Son of Edward Henry and Alice Constance Richardson, of 87, Lebanon Rd., Croydon.
MARLOW1826/7/1918PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'PLY/19805'PLYMOUTH (FORD PARK) CEMETERYChurch P. 17. 55.Son of George William and Emily Ann Marlow, of 14, Tamworth Place, Croydon, Surrey.
TITMUSS2013/11/1916PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'25825'ANCRE BRITISH CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMELIII. A. 48.Son of John and Annie Titmuss, of 123, Southbridge Rd., Croydon.
GRANTREGINALD ALBERT WINGROVE2024/8/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'202032'SUMMIT TRENCH CEMETERY, CROISILLESI. C. 9.Son of Charles Henry and Miriam Ellen Grant, of 76, Kynaston Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.
KILBYRICHARD EDWARD2531/5/1916Leading StokerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/4540'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL15Son of Richard James and Elizabeth Kilby, of 3, Hampton Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
HALL245/10/1918PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire RegimentFrance'27958'GLAGEON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. E. 6.Son of John Henry and Mary Hall, of 65, Thornhill Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BALLSWALTER JAMES181/11/1914MusicianRoyal Marine BandUnited Kingdom'RMB/1849'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL6Son of William Balls, of 290, Parchmore Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon. Of South Streatham, London.
DEANFREDERICK JOHN1826/11/1914Ordinary SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/22310'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL3Son of Alfred and Alice Dean, of 285, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HOBBSALBERT3313/7/1917SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'177483'MONCHY BRITISH CEMETERY, MONCHY-LE-PREUXI. G. 12.Husband of Alice M. Hobbs, of 28, Derby Rd., West Croydon.
KEMBER1812/8/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'46748'PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONV. M. 25.Son of Mrs. Lily Kember, of 22a Mitcham Rd., West Croydon.
DAWSROBERT EDWARD234/5/1917Lance CorporalAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'412'GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERYII. D. 7.Son of George and Sarah Daws. Born at Croydon, Surrey, England.
HALE319/12/1914PrivateLincolnshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'6985'BROMPTON CEMETERYN. 172744.Husband of Kathleen Alice Hale, of 10, Cecil Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ROBESONGEORGE HAROLD2218/9/1918PrivateGordon HighlandersFrance'S/40925'SEDAN (ST. CHARLES) COMMUNAL CEMETERY421Son of George Charles Robeson, of 74, Croydon Rd., Anerley, London.
STEVENSCHARLES HARRY3122/10/1917SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'554401'WINDMILL BRITISH CEMETERY, MONCHY-LE-PREUXI. F. 2.Son of K. B. Stevens, of 5, Epsom Rd., Croydon and the late Edward Stevens.
LAWRENCEROBERT REGINALD2831/1/1919LieutenantRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveItaly'506'TARANTO TOWN CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. G. 2.Born at Croydon. Son of Robert and Julia Lawrence, of Flat 4, 87, Marine Parade, Brighton.
BUDGEN314/10/1917LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgiumDUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERYI. D. 21.Son of S. and F. Budgen, of "Rosemead," Croham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
SCHOLEYNORMAN VICTOR223/5/1915Acting BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'30218'DUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERYVII. D. 6.Son of Percy Octavius and Julie Emily Scholey, of 295, London Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FROHOCK203/8/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'200993'BECOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, BECORDEL-BECOURTII. D. 6.Son of Mrs. A. E. Frohock, of 6, Crouch Villas, Cedar Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
GRAYROBERT GEORGE2525/8/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)Belgium'3273'LOKER CHURCHYARDI. D. 11.Son of John Andrew and Emma Gray, of 58, Hartley Rd., West Croydon.
DALLOWFRANK BENNETT2122/11/1914PrivateQueen's Own Oxfordshire HussarsBelgium'1718'KEMMEL CHURCHYARDSp. Mem. 1.Only son of Philip and Sarah Dallow, of 106, Oakfield Rd., Shirley, West Croydon, Surrey.
CREEKSTANLEY ALISTER2515/9/1916SergeantLondon RegimentFrance'2064'LONDON CEMETERY AND EXTENSION, LONGUEVAL1A.D.18.Son of Joseph Henry Creek and Catherine Ann Creek, of 55, Elgin Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HARVESTGORDON LINDSAY2121/6/1917LieutenantLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)FranceACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. K. 4.Son of Daniel Richard and Mabel Harvest, of 38, Campden Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
PITTSJAMES GEORGE2426/5/1915PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'1931'CANADIAN CEMETERY NO.2, NEUVILLE-ST. VAAST11. G. 3.Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Pitts, of 15, Lang]ey Rd. West Croydon, Surrey.
USHER1519/3/1917StewardMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of Mr. Usher, of 46, Machmont Rd., Wallington, Surrey. Born at Croydon.
SMITH225/10/1917PioneerRoyal EngineersFrance'197227'NINE ELMS MILITARY CEMETERY, THELUSI. C. 33.Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith, of 54, Northbrook Rd., West Croydon.
BABER29/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'201853'RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIREVI. E. 1.Husband of E. H. Baber, of 20, Cecil Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
KEMBER23/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'78852'RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIREI. C. 8.Son of H. Richard Kember, of 161, Oval Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
MARTINWILLIAM JOHN2123/7/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'201759'RAPERIE BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLEMONTOIREII. B. 3.Son of Mrs. L. E. Martin, of 9, Rymer Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
COWELLGEORGE THEODORE2312/9/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'Z/2793'HERMIES HILL BRITISH CEMETERYIV. C. 23.Son of James Cowell, of 18, Cambridge Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon. Born at Brighton.
LINKHORACE ARTHUR259/9/1916Second LieutenantHonourable Artillery CompanyFranceBULLY-GRENAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY, BRITISH EXTENSIONII. B. 6.Younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Link, of 14, Chichester Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HOOKEUTTEN LAMONT3621/6/1917Lieutenant ColonelThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)FranceLEVEL CROSSING CEMETERY, FAMPOUXI. C. 35.Son of John and Avis Hooke; husband of Enid A. Hooke, of 50, Temple Rd., Croydon.
GREENALFRED HENRY191/6/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/18486'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL13Son of Alfred Henry and Mary Green, of 15, Seldson Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
REVELLJOHN HENRY1931/5/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/20208'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL13Son of William James and Maud Revell, of 10 Laurier Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
TAGGALBERT SIDNEY2531/5/1916Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/7256'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL19Son of Henry and Eliza Tagg, of 16, Gloucester Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SHERMANGEORGE WILLIAM2410/4/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/5403'BULLY-GRENAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY, BRITISH EXTENSIONII. D. 7.Son of George and Annie Sherman, of 5, Bartlet St., South Croydon, Surrey.
WINGARTHUR1931/5/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/20206'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL14Son of Frederick and Ellen Wing, of 29, Boulogne Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
TULLETTJAMES ALFRED17/10/1920Leading SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/41685'PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL32Son of Thomas and Unity Maud Tullett, of 21, Cecil Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
GREENHEADARTHUR THOMAS223/2/1915StewardMercantile Marine ReserveUnited Kingdom'774393'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL10Son of George and Alice Greenhead, of Fern Cottage, Sandy Lane, Bandon Hill, Croydon, Surrey.
PENDRYGEORGE FREDERICK216/8/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/10818'PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL3Son of Isaac John and Ruth Pendry, of 113, Windmill Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BARKERWILLIAM2615/10/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'SS/102800'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL4Husband of A. M. Barker, of 54A, Sydenham Rd. North, Croydon.
RICHARDSON3326/6/1917PrivateSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)France'202272'FOSSE NO.10 COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, SAINS-EN-GOHELLEI. D. 22.Son of Robert Henry and Alice Olivia Richardson, of 1, Blenheim Park Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
BATCHELORBENJAMIN EDWIN2022/9/1914Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'SS/111822'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL4Son of John Albert and Grace Batchelor, of 101, Dennett Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
CHARLTONBENJAMIN DAVID3415/10/1914PrivateRoyal Marine Light InfantryUnited Kingdom'CH/9493'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL7Husband of Mrs. R. Cuthbert (formerly Charlton), of 24, Lambert Place, Croydon.
GOSLINGJOHN341/11/1914Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'341006'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL2Husband of M. A. R. Gosling, of 22, Sheldon St., Croydon, Surrey.
HOPERERIC SIDNEY JOSEPH2315/10/1914Cook's MateRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/3901'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL6Son of Richard and Harriett Mary Hoper, of Texton Halt, Maidstone, Kent. Born at Croydon.
DAISLEY23/8/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1232'BEUVRY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. A. 25.Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Daisley, of 205, Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
BROOKSPHILIP HOWARD1631/5/1916Able SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveUnited Kingdom'Tyneside/Z/6178'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL20Son of Samuel and Emily Jane Brooks, of 43, Tamworth Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
MOOREGEORGE HENRY3614/1/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'197038'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL16Husband of A. E. Moore, of 30, Foord Rd., Folkestone. Native of Croydon, Surrey.
WHITE27/6/1917Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'1233'BEUVRY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. A. 11.Son of Mr. E. White, of 10, Windermere Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
BROWNECLEMENT CHARLES FREDERICK1619/1/1917Boy TelegraphistRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'J/44913'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL23Son of Clement and Emma Browne, of 12, Sandy Lane, Beddington, Croydon.
COTTLESTEPHEN JOHN293/4/1917Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'224146'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL21Husband of Sarah Cottle, of 2, Priory Rd., Canterbury Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WALLACEALFRED JOHN229/7/1917Armourer's MateRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/5236'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL24 Son of Alfred and Edith Wallace, of 3, Sussex Rd., South Croydon.
SHIRLEYWILLIAM LEONARD213/9/1917Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/20753'GILLINGHAM (WOODLANDS) CEMETERY, KENTNaval. 26. 1392.Son of Charles Edward and Helenor Louisa Shirley, of 2, Drovers Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
WELLSJAMES THOMAS1723/2/1919Boy ServantRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'L/11475'GILLINGHAM (WOODLANDS) CEMETERY, KENTNaval. 9. 457.Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Wells, of 181, Gloucester Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
MALLET2311/4/1917Second MateMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of T. J. Mallet, of 20, White Horse Rd., Croydon. Born at Chatham.
SKUSEEDWARD JAMES224/10/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'T/201704'TYNE COT MEMORIALPanel 14 to 17 and 162 to 162A.Son of James and Emma Jane Skuse, of 35, Warren Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
BARKHAMCYRIL NORMAN2327/10/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'4150'GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTEII. B. 10.Son of Herbert B. Barkham, of 10, Cameron Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
DAY8/10/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'42137'NAVES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. D. 10.Son of Mr. G. S. F. Day, of 5, Maisie Villas, Wood St., Beddington Corner, Croydon.
McLEANGEORGE HENRY273/5/1917PrivateRoyal Irish FusiliersFrance'17822'ARRAS MEMORIALBay 9.Son of Angus and Mary Jane McLean, of 28, Freemasons Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
COLEBROOKALBERT CHARLES2230/11/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'87011'METZ-EN-COUTURE COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSIONIV. C. 9.Son of Albert and Mary Colebrook, of 8, Haling Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
LEWIS2021/10/1917Lance CorporalRoyal Welsh FusiliersFrance'34826'ECOUST MILITARY CEMETERY, ECOUST-ST. MEINII. A. 4.Son of the late Harry Lewis, of 361, Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
ADAMS2115/4/1918PrivateRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'44767'ST. SOUPLET BRITISH CEMETERYI. G. 11.Son of Mr. C. P. Adams, of 14, Wennett Rd., West Croydon.
KINGGEORGE FREDERICK HAMILTON323/11/1918Lance BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'118399'ST. SOUPLET BRITISH CEMETERYI. C. 7.Husband of Gertrude M. L. King, of 29, Alexandra Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
WESTALLWILLIAM HERBERT2823/3/1918SergeantMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'30383'ST. SOUPLET BRITISH CEMETERYI. H. 12.Son of William Thomas and Emma Westall, of Keeper's Lodge, Selsdon Park, Croydon.
WINDIBANKJACK1929/4/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'G/50755'DOUAI COMMUNAL CEMETERYJoint grave. H. 9.Son of Henry and Emma A. Windibank, of 29, Pemdevon Rd., Croydon.
WHITEGEORGE1915/9/1914DrummerSouth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'8972'VENDRESSE BRITISH CEMETERYI. G. 6.Son of John and Sarah White, of 13, Ely, West Croydon, Surrey.
TAYLORALBERT ARTHUR3227/9/1914BandsmanEast Surrey RegimentFrance'5436'ST. NAZAIRE (TOUTES-AIDES) CEMETERYB. 28.Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Taylor, of 55, Newark Rd., South Croydon. Born in London.
LEECHERNEST JOHN2521/1/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'302981'LAVENTIE MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEIII. D. 7.Son of John and Louisa Leech, of 44, Tanfield Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
HUGGETTHAROLD CHARLES1921/3/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'A/205261'CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION3. L. 14.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Huggett, of 4 Meadvale Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
MAHONEYWILLIAM JOHN2323/3/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'43042'CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION2. H. 6.Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Mahoney, of 18 Hastings Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
WARBURTONARTHUR STANLEY312/2/1919PrivateLeicestershire RegimentGermany'202572'COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERYI. E. 3.Husband of Amy Barbara Warburton, of 13, Woodside Way, Long Lane, Croydon.
BROUGHTONARTHUR WILLIAM2016/9/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryGreece'168498'DOIRAN MILITARY CEMETERYVI. J. 23.Son of John Thomas and Emily Dorothy Broughton, of 136, Gloucester Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FIELD2220/9/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'K/2103'CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERYL. 20.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Field, of 112, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
FENNELLFRANK245/4/1917PrivateRoyal Berkshire RegimentFrance'200535'LEMPIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY1Born at Reading. Son of Samuel and Mary Jane Fennell, of 77, Waddon Rd., Croydon.
FYFEJOHN CHARLES1923/3/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)France'535123'ASSEVILLERS NEW BRITISH CEMETERYVII. G. 6.Son of John Pitcairn Fyfe and Emily Fyfe, of 28, Albert Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
LEPPARD2128/9/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'58972'FLESQUIERES HILL BRITISH CEMETERYI. D. 10.Son of Harry and Mary Leppard of, 132, Church St., Croydon, Surrey.
DENNARDAPSLEY2415/12/1918GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryGreece'202843'MIKRA BRITISH CEMETERY, KALAMARIA978Son of Henry and Fanny Dennard, of Dennard Yard, Magdala Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
DAY1815/4/1917RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsFrance'R/684'BRAY MILITARY CEMETERYII. E. 23.Son of Herbert Edwin and Nellie Day, of 98, Cherry Orchard Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
PEARDTHOMAS OLIVER1918/12/1917Lance CorporalRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'126615'AYLESBURY CEMETERYAA. 66.Son of Oliver Leopold and Catherine McKechnie Peard, of 42, Dingwall Rd., Croydon.
GEE3021/3/1919GunnerCanadian Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'2044059'BUXTON CEMETERY3186Husband of Kathleen E. Gee, of 386, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon, England.
LLOYDCHARLES EDWARD448/10/1915Lieutenant ColonelRoyal Irish RegimentUnited KingdomALDERSHOT MILITARY CEMETERYAH. 341.Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd, of 34, Hauteville, Guernsey. Native of Croydon, Surrey.
ROSIER21/1/1916DriverRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'136923'ALDERSHOT MILITARY CEMETERYAF. 1959.Husband of Mrs. E. Webb (formerly Rosier), of 33, Lahore Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
NAPIERHENRY ROBERT3313/6/1918Lance CorporalRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'WR/250712'CHRISTCHURCH CEMETERYE.C. 87.Husband of Ella Napier, of 54, Upland Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
DENMAN4922/7/1917PrivateRoyal Defence CorpsUnited Kingdom'6903'NETLEY MILITARY CEMETERYC.E. 1918.Husband of Ellen Mary Denman, of 87, Sutherland Rd., West Croydon.
DODDARTHUR CUBITT3728/10/1915SergeantSurrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment)United Kingdom'127'NETLEY MILITARY CEMETERYC.E. 1748.Son of Peter Dixon Dodd and Martha Ann Dodd, of The Poplars, Rolleston Rd., Croydon.
BALDWIN234/10/1916PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'6078'DERNANCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. E. 37.Son of W. C. and Ann Baldwin, of 2, Penrith Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.
DENNISWILLIAM FREDERICK3917/2/1919Petty OfficerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'190208'DOVER (ST. JAMES'S) CEMETERYL. V. 8.Husband of A. A. Dennis, of 48, Gloucester Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
LARBY1922/10/1918PrivateTraining ReserveUnited Kingdom'TR10/193516'BECKENHAM CREMATORIUM AND CEMETERYW5. 7674.Son of John Larby, of 17, Acacia Rd., Croydon Rd., Beckenham.
MACK8/2/1917Ordinary SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveUnited Kingdom'London Z/5814'BECKENHAM CREMATORIUM AND CEMETERYS2. 3032.Son of Mrs. Nelly Mack, of 33, Croydon Rd., Penge, London.
BLUNDELL463/2/1918PrivateRoyal Defence CorpsUnited Kingdom'49190'GRAVESEND CEMETERYScreen Wall. 5192.Son of the late Thomas and Amy Blundell. Born at Croydon, Surrey.
HEFFERNANMICHAEL JAMES1830/1/1919Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceUnited KingdomLIVERPOOL (ALLERTON) CEMETERYI. R.C. 205.Son of Michael and Ellen Heffernan, of 2, Barnhill Rd., Wavertree, Liverpool. Born at Croydon.
FERNANDEZALFRED CHARLES RUPERT2117/11/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'787'BLACKPOOL (LAYTON) CEMETERYT. 54.Son of W. R and Laura Fernandez, of 4, Constance Rd., West Croydon.
ALLEN186/5/1918DrummerBorder RegimentFrance'22906'EBBLINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYI. E. 29.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, of 49A, Beulah Grove, West Croydon, Surrey.
JONESHARRY LLEWELYN2528/4/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'950566'EBBLINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYI. D. 35.Son of George Henry and Eliza Jones, of 12, Croydon Rd., Caterham Valley, Surrey.
TUCKERNEST CHARLES3427/10/1915CorporalThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)United Kingdom'G/5338'LEICESTER (WELFORD ROAD) CEMETERYScreen Wall. O1. 275.Son of Ernest Charles Tuck; husband of Fanny Tuck, of 37, Lower Church St., Croydon, Surrey.
EDGSON2613/4/1918PrivateEssex RegimentFrance'28421'NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERYII. C. 4.Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Edgson, of 64, Tankerton Terrace, Mitcham Rd., Croydon.
ARDLEYEDWARD OSBORN4027/9/1914Staff SergeantHonourable Artillery CompanyUnited Kingdom'4'ABNEY PARK CEMETERYM.7. 1972.Son of Edward and Anna Ardley; husband of the late Constance Octavia Ardley. Born at Croydon.
WESTWOOD31/3/1918SergeantLondon RegimentFrance'350470'NAMPS-AU-VAL BRITISH CEMETERYI. F. 26.Husband of A. E. Westwood, of 12, Whitehorse Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
IRONMONGERDENIS SHANNON376/11/1919GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'61002'GREENWICH CEMETERY3 "C." Z. 6.Son of Frank and Adele Ironmonger, of 13, Montpelier Row, Blackheath, London. Born at Addiscombe, Croydon.
WRIGHTCHARLES WILLIAM18/6/1918CorporalArmy Pay CorpsUnited Kingdom'5511'GREENWICH CEMETERYScreen Wall. 1 "C." B. 1075.Husband of Esther Jane Wright, of 5, Colworth Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
STEVENSCHARLES EDWARD2426/6/1917PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.United Kingdom'834'HAREFIELD (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARDAust. 26.Son of Matilda Stevens, of 114, Windmill Rd., Croydon, England, and the late George Stevens.
APPS4822/10/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'201971'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYXIII. F. 11.Husband of R. Apps, of 4, Ely Place, West Croydon, Surrey.
DENNARDERNEST CHARLES2826/2/1919CorporalBorder RegimentUnited Kingdom'22702'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYVI. F. 12.Husband of Emma Dennard, of 133, St. James Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
DUCKERINGCECIL GALTON2326/11/1918CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'G/1409'BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERYVI. D. 8.Son of Jean Duckering, of 70, Sydenham Rd. North, Croydon, Surrey.
ALLENGEOFFREY PEAKE1921/12/1915Second LieutenantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United KingdomWALLINGTON (BANDON HILL) CEMETERYF. 189.Son of Francis and Judith Allen, of 21, Duppas Hill Terrace, Croydon, Surrey.
LINTOTTGERALD269/6/1915CorporalLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)United Kingdom'749'WALLINGTON (BANDON HILL) CEMETERYH. 132.Son of Herbert and Fanny Louisa Lintott, of 98, Waddon Rd., Croydon.
BROOKS4311/2/1919DriverRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T4/233355'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYR5. 1586.Husband of M. F. Brooks, of 2, Alderton Rd., East Croydon.
BROUGHTONALBERT4014/10/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'C/37003'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYJ2. 6382.Husband of E. E. Broughton, of 89, Dennett Rd., West Croydon.
BUSBYDONALD ARTHUR183/9/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceUnited KingdomCROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYS4. IO/89.Son of Arthur Cawley Busby and Catherine Attilia Busby, of 34, Temple Rd., Croydon.
COLLETT296/12/1918PrivateCanadian Forestry CorpsUnited Kingdom'1037755'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ4. 10406.Son of James and Sarah Maria Collett, of 226, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon.
COLLINSFREDERICK EDWARD SYDNEY252/7/1918Flight SergeantRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'1411'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYI2. 7182.Son of Mrs. Susan Collins, of 38, Tanfield Rd., Croydon, and the late William C. Collins.
COOMBSFREDERICK JAMES1824/9/1918Air Mechanic 3rd ClassRoyal Air ForceUnited Kingdom'245882'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF2. 10211.Son of James John and Edith Maud Coombs, of 67, Addiscombe Court Rd., East Croydon.
COX2429/4/1918Engine Room ArtificerRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'M/14791'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYN3. 10022.Son of Richard Samuel Cox, of 1, High St., Croydon. Born at Westham, Sussex.
DELVAILLE255/8/1919SergeantRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M2/048997'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF1. 8881.Son of Mrs. Henrietta Delvaille, of 13, Michelsen Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
DORAN425/5/1920PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'M/337557'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYB3. 11191.Husband of Mary Florance Doran, of 40, Broad Green Avenue, West Croydon.
DUDLEYWILLIAM ALBERT De VALL199/11/1918PrivateWellington Regiment, N.Z.E.F.United Kingdom'70760'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYN2. 10351.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, of 76, Sumner Rd., West Croydon.
ETHERINGTONCLEMENT211/4/1920PrivateNorfolk RegimentUnited Kingdom'32432'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYO8. 2041.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Etherington, of Irrigation Farm, Long Lane, Croydon.
FISHERCHARLES ROBERT401/3/1919Steward 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'362953'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYN4. 10583.Husband of Kate Elizabeth Fisher, of 31, Benson Rd., Waddon, Croydon.
FORDHAMSIDNEY2410/11/1917PrivateCanadian PioneersUnited Kingdom'769928'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYI1. 7250.Born at Croydon, England. Son of Mrs. Jane Fordham, of 163, Market St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
GOSSREGINALD1927/10/1918DriverArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T/36821'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK9. 10280.Son of George and Louisa Goss, of 83, Mitcham Rd., Croydon.
GRISTWILLIAM HENRY4116/4/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentUnited Kingdom'G/37535'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ3. 9401.Husband of Matilda Mabel Grist, of 47, Albert Rd., Croydon. Born at Winchester.
HADLER1930/11/1919PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)United Kingdom'178633'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYA2. 10952.Son of Horace and Louise Hadler, of 46, Wellesley Rd.; Croydon.
JONES3928/3/1919PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'33988'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK9. 10632.Husband of Ellen Jones, of 2, Keens Rd., Lower Coombe St., Croydon.
KIRKLANDJACK PHILLIP1917/9/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeUnited Kingdom'TR/3/54736'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK9. 10202.Son of William Nicholas and Beatrice Sarah Kirkland, of 33, Elmwood Rd., West Croydon.
KOCHWILLIAM JAMES185/2/1915PrivateSurrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment)United Kingdom'2518'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYI2. 7878.Son of Oswald Hugo Koch and Frances Koch, of 6, Crunden Rd., Croydon.
LEARNERWILLIAM ROBERT1819/4/1917Air Mechanic 3rd ClassRoyal Flying CorpsUnited Kingdom'60044'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYH2. 6134.Son of Charles A. and Elizabeth Learner, of 1, Euston Rd., West Croydon.
LOCK505/12/1918PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'8863'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK9. 10403.Husband of Emma Margaret Eliza Lock, of 95, Priory Rd., West Croydon.
MITCHELLJAMES367/4/1920DriverRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T/26612'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYO8. 2022.Husband of Ada M. Mitchell, of 39, Wentworth Rd., West Croydon.
PERRISS3715/4/1920BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'202467'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYR7. 1907.Husband of Mary Perriss, of 61, Leighton St. East, West Croydon.
REYNOLDS2024/4/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)United Kingdom'323358'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ3. 9415.Son of William Lewis and Emily Harriet Reynolds, of 38, Crunden Rd., South Croydon.
SAMPSONWILLIAM5226/8/1919PrivateRoyal Defence CorpsUnited Kingdom'29840'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYK8. 10841.Husband of G. S. Sampson, of 8, Southsea Rd., West Croydon.
TASKERWALTER176/2/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'9850'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ3. 8754.Son of Ernest and Jane Tasker, of 31, Theobald Rd., West Croydon.
TODDJAMES WILLIAM1928/9/1917LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsUnited KingdomCROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYZ4. 9637.Son of Ernest James and Edith Emma Todd, of 18, Wellington Rd., West Croydon.
VERRALLBERTIE ALFRED2020/4/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'147583'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYH2. 7934.Son of Mrs. Laura R. Verrall, of 43, Tunstall Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
WILKEYROBERT HENRY1814/10/1918RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsUnited Kingdom'TR/3/63879'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF2. 10241.Son of William and Ellen Wilkey, of 58, Donald Rd., West Croydon.
WILLSHEREDGAR4118/10/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'234718'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF2. 9664.Husband of A. B. Willsher, of 46, Arundel Rd., West Croydon.
BELCHERISAAC ALFRED3220/6/1920GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'40972'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYEE. 2. 33033.Son of Mrs. Clara Belcher; husband of Eva Alice Belcher, of 28, Windmill Grove, West Croydon.
BROWNWILLIAM346/7/1918Lance CorporalNorthumberland FusiliersUnited Kingdom'33680'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYO. 1. 17071.Husband of A. Brown, of 32, Leighton St. East, West Croydon. Born at Grimsby.
CASEYJOHN WILLIAM3911/9/1918PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)United Kingdom'64075'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYW. 3. 2096.Son of William and Alice Casey; husband of Martha Casey, of 23, Clarendon Rd., Croydon.
CHANDLERCHARLES GEORGE3527/3/1919DriverRoyal Army Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'T/22652'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYCC. 3. 35079.Husband of R. M. Chandler, of 8, Henderson Rd., West Croydon.
CORNHILL2421/10/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentUnited Kingdom'30125'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYCC. 3. 34991.Son of William and Florence Cornhill, of 31, Tamworth Rd., Croydon.
DAVISALBERT CHARLES CRANWELL2628/6/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Air ForceUnited KingdomCROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYH. 4. 34950.Son of Charles H. and Jessie Davis, of 73, Limes Rd., Croydon.
DECOURCYJOSEPH MATTHEW264/10/1916Lance Corporal14th (King's) HussarsUnited Kingdom'5235'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYAA. 4. 34467.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Laughton, of 6, Annis Place, Church St., West Croydon.
FOXRICHARD PAGET2811/6/1915PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited Kingdom'83'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYHH. 3. 34251.Son of Albert Silvanus Fox, of 11, Francis Rd., West Croydon.
GATLANDLAURENCE2917/7/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'8911'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYB. 2. 15173.Husband of F. M. Tolfrey (formerly Gatland), of 10, Boulogne Rd., West Croydon.
HERSEY3529/3/1918Private3rd (King's Own) HussarsUnited Kingdom'29428'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYM. 3. 16909.Son of James and Jane Hersey, of 11, Overton's Yard, Surrey St., Croydon.
HOSKINSSAMUEL HENRY422/2/1919SapperRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'284927'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYJJ. 2. 10123.Husband of R. F. Hoskins, of 305, Morland Rd., East Croydon.
BETTSALFRED1731/12/1915Deck HandRoyal Naval ReserveUnited Kingdom'2782SD'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL14Son of Mrs. R. Betts, of 3, Allnutts Estate, Epping, Essex. Native of Croydon.
MOULE2622/10/1918Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersUnited Kingdom'62236'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYH. 7. 16104.Son of Mrs. E. M. Penry, of 37, Dartnall Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
NAUGHTONHENRY5219/8/1915DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'15903'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYAA. 4. 34467.Husband of E. Naughton, of 6, Annes Place, West Croydon. Born at Dublin.
O'CALLAGHAN1712/12/1917PrivateRoyal Irish RegimentUnited Kingdom'11838'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYW. 4. 499.Son of Jeremiah and Bridget O'Callaghan, of 24, Priory Rd., West Croydon.
SHAWRALPH THOMAS1821/11/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'97649'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYJJ. 2. 31039.Son of R. G. and Harriett Shaw, of 9, Wisbeach Rd., Croydon.
TURNER1924/3/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'T/3334'CROYDON (QUEEN'S ROAD) CEMETERYEE. 4. 11326.Son of Mr. G. W. Turner, of 26, Sussex Rd., South Croydon.
TOWNENDCLIVE HAMILTON23/6/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)United Kingdom'196'SHIRLEY (ST. JOHN) CHURCHYARDNorth of Chancel.Son of Mrs. May Townend, of "Harefield," Croham Rd., South Croydon.
McMASTERSEDWIN WILLIAM2830/12/1915Able SeamanRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'220866'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL9Husband of Maude Alice McMasters, of 10, St. Saviour's Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
TITMUSSWILLIAM GEORGE231/1/1915Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'K/15852'CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL12Son of Walter George and Elizabeth Titmuss, of 18, Helder St., South Croydon, Surrey.
RIDOUTJOHN HENRY ALFRED388/11/1919PrivateDorsetshire RegimentUnited Kingdom'15209'HORLEY (ST. BARTHOLOMEW) CHURCHYARDSouth-West of Church.(Served as GROVES). Husband of A. M. Ridout, of 80, Avondale Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
WARDFRANK SAMUEL4319/11/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentUnited Kingdom'291130'KINGSWOOD (ST. ANDREW) CHURCHYARDEast of Church.Son of John William and Eleanor Ward, of 306, Brighton Rd., Purley Oak, Croydon.
PERKINSJAMES PHILIP2123/10/1918Lance CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/20582'HIGHLAND CEMETERY, LE CATEAUIV. C. 10.Son of Henry James and Alice Annie Perkins, of 95, Stanley Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
COOMBERWALTER ABRAHAM2825/7/1916PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'17245'STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVREDiv. 3. B. 10.Husband of Lily Alice Coomber, of 44a, Lancing Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
DEANCYRIL CHARLES1821/2/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'146265'STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVREDiv. 3. H. 9.Son of Charles and Florence Jane Dean, of 59, Wellesley Rd Croydon, Surrey.
TURNERARTHUR234/11/1918SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'L/27244'HIGHLAND CEMETERY, LE CATEAUVI. A. 9.Son of Alfred and Sarah Turner, of 24, Cliffe Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Native of Epsom, Surrey.
FINNIEJOHN FREDRICK1815/4/1918Assistant StewardMercantile MarineUnited KingdomTOWER HILL MEMORIALSon of John and Julia Finnie (nee Denton), of 158, Mitcham Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FILBEY8/2/1915PrivateArmy Service CorpsUnited Kingdom'S4/055867'BECKENHAM CREMATORIUM AND CEMETERYH2. 6817.Husband of R A Filbey of 126 Croydon Road, Anesley, London.
STAINES4316/8/1919PioneerRoyal EngineersUnited Kingdom'WR285481'CROYDON (MITCHAM ROAD) CEMETERYF3. 10835.Husband of Mrs. C. L. Staines, of 45, Sundridge Road, Croydon, Surrey.
WRIGHTEDWARD11/8/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'9359'TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLEVIII. E. 12.Son of Mrs. H. Wright, of 35, Cecil Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
BOURTONFREDRICK JAMES2531/5/1916Able SeamanRoyal NavySweden'238629'KVIBERG CEMETERY1. C. 6.Son of Alfred and Ellen Bourton, of The White Horse, Wokingham, Berks. Born at Croydon.
BAKERALFRED2029/3/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)United Kingdom'1233'BIRMINGHAM (LODGE HILL) CEMETERYScreen Wall. B10. 4. 341A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Baker, of 51, Newark Rd., South Croydon.
RACINEERNEST GUY199/4/1917Second LieutenantThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)FranceTILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESII. E. 9.Son of Ernest Charles and Jennie Eliza Racine, of 40, Greenside Road, West Croydon, Surrey.
STAPLES2724/11/1919Battery Quartermaster SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryUnited Kingdom'41830'BIRMINGHAM (LODGE HILL) CEMETERYScreen Wall. B10. 5. 408D.Son of Charles James Staples, of 35, Chatsworth Rd., Croydon, and the late Margaret Staples.
PARSONSJOSEPH PATRICK1931/8/1918RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesFrance'45685'SAILLY-SAILLISEL BRITISH CEMETERYX. A. 3.Son of Edwin J. and Bridget Mary Parsons, of 66, Nova Rd., West Croydon.
SMITH2225/12/1915Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1039'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. G. 53.Son of Ernest and Mary Smith, of 5, Wandle Rd., Croydon.
BRAINHORACE2118/2/1916TrooperRoyal Horse GuardsFrance'1717'ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUENA. 17. 24.Son of Robert and Elizabeth Brain, of 3, Marlborough Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
NEWLYN12/5/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'955'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. M. 39.Son of Mr. G. J. Newlyn, of 56, Chelsham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
LOVETTALFRED CROWDY5727/5/1919Brigadier GeneralGeneral StaffUnited KingdomSCARBOROUGH (MANOR ROAD) CEMETERYThe Oval. 17.Son of James Lovett, of Croydon; husband of Fannie Lovett, of The Mill House, Kempsey, Worcester.
OSBORNHORACE LEONARD319/4/1920Company Sergeant MajorDuke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)United Kingdom'60231'WADSLEY CHURCHYARD9Husband of Amy Ada Osborn, of 105, Churchill Rd., South Croydon.
WHISSONWILLIAM HENRY216/5/1917Second LieutenantMiddlesex RegimentFranceDUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIII. K. 2.Son of William Henry and Alice Whisson, of "Glenhurst," Linden Gardens, Leatherhead, Surrey. Native of Croydon.
WOODALLGEORGE WILLIAM224/5/1917PrivateSomerset Light InfantryFrance'30120'DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUNIV. D. 26.Son of Fredrick James and Isabella Woodall, of 26, St. Saviour's Rd., Croydon.
BURKEBRIAN2215/8/1919Lance CorporalCanadian InfantryCanada'177426'MONTREAL (MOUNT ROYAL) CEMETERYS. N. 74. G. I.Son of Henry and A. E. Burke, of 14, Amberley Grove, Croydon, Surrey, England.
McQUATHUGH2616/3/1918PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'4962'OUTTERSTEENE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, BAILLEULII. B. 46.Son of John and Sarah McQuat, of 1, Sonning Villas, Exeter Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey, England.
HANCOCKFREDERICK W. L.236/6/1916PrivateWelland Canal ForceCanada'540'THOROLD (LAKEVIEW) CEMETERYG. 119. Grave 1.Son of George and Miriam Hancock, of 42, Lower Coombe St., Croydon, England.
McGILVRAYDONALD2515/2/1915CorporalSingapore Volunteer RiflesSingapore'27'KRANJI WAR CEMETERY37. G. 3.Son of Donald and Jean McGilvray, of "Craigowan," Northampton Rd., Croydon. Born at Greenock.
WAYTESAMUEL WILFRID227/10/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryFranceOUTTERSTEENE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, BAILLEULI. D. 49.Son of John and Constance H. Wayte, of 65, Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey.
CHAMPIONGEORGE THOMAS SQUIRES1910/4/1916RiflemanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'R/12928'FERME-OLIVIER CEMETERYPlot 1. Row D. Grave 2.Son of George Frederick and Rosina Emily Champion, of Croydon, Surrey.
LITOLFFALEXANDER DAVID199/8/1916Lance CorporalKing's Royal Rifle CorpsBelgium'C/7968'FERME-OLIVIER CEMETERYPlot 1. Row A. Grave 1.Son of David James and Eliza Litolff, of Pembury, Chelsham Road, Croydon, Surrey.
BRYANEDWIN3216/6/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'437846'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYVIII. A. 19.Son of Frank and Louisa Bryan, of "Westholme," Croham Rd., Croydon, England.
BAINESARTHUR292/8/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersBelgium'34819'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXVII. C. 19A.Son of Spencer George and Mary Eleanor Baines, of 57A, Lower Addiscombe Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
CLAYSON196/3/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsBelgium'M2/178164'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYXXVII. E. 19.Son of Frank and Freda Clayson, of Surrey Arms, East Croydon. Native of Sandgate, Kent.
DOOLEYROBERT2512/1/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'7346'LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERYX. D. 18A.Son of William and Georgina Dooley, of 17, Oakwood Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
KINDERCHARLES EDWARD3111/1/1918SergeantRifle BrigadeBelgium'2982'OXFORD ROAD CEMETERYV. J. 22.Son of Charles E. and Mary Kinder, of 150, Melfort Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon.
MOTTPERCY EDWIN248/10/1917Acting BombardierRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'82515'BARD COTTAGE CEMETERYV. A. 5.Son of John and Rhoda May Mott, of 45, Clarendon Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
LATTERALLEN365/4/1917PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'1001'DICKEBUSCH NEW MILITARY CEMETERYAA. 37.Son of Eliza Latter, of 9, Campbell Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
FRENCHALBERT2610/4/1916PrivateCanadian InfantryBelgium'55774'RIDGE WOOD MILITARY CEMETERYII. R. 2.Son of Elijah and Mary A. French, of 11, Bourne St., Croydon, Surrey, England.
SPURGINHAROLD JERROLD2115/7/1916CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentBelgium'G/3311'ST. QUENTIN CABARET MILITARY CEMETERYI. A. 11.Son of Frederic and Emma Spurgin, of Fairlie Estate, Ringwood, Hants. Born at Croydon, Surrey.
WESTBROOKJOHN MERVYN1910/3/1917RiflemanRoyal Irish RiflesBelgium'43421'ST. QUENTIN CABARET MILITARY CEMETERYII. B. 15.Son of John and Rosaline Westbrook, of 7, Warrington Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
WHITE28/2/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'7227'RATION FARM (LA PLUS DOUVE) ANNEXEI. B. 7.Son of Mr. E. White, of 25, Holmesdale Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ALLSOPCECIL STANLEY REGINALD2030/10/1914PrivateBedfordshire RegimentBelgium'9504'YPRES TOWN CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. A. 28.Son of Lilian A. Aylott Allsop, of 94, Dalmally Rd., Addiscombe, East Croydon.
CARDTHOMAS6/5/1915GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'56032'YPRES TOWN CEMETERY EXTENSIONIII. F. 5.Son of Mrs. M. A. Harding, of 63, Johnson Rd., West Croydon.
CHANDLERJAMES EDWARD3110/6/1916CorporalCanadian Field ArtilleryBelgium'42086'YPRES TOWN CEMETERY EXTENSIONI. E. 9.Son of John Henry and Emma Jane Chandler, of 35, Waddon New Rd., West Croydon, England.
VAUGHANCHARLES HENRY228/2/1918DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'69692'MINTY FARM CEMETERYII. C. 3.Son of William Henry and Harriett Vaughan, of 157A, Gloucester Rd., Croydon.
HOWELLHADDON FRANK2314/6/1915Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Belgium'2177'LA BRIQUE MILITARY CEMETERY NO.1B. 4.Son of Charles and Eleanor Howell, of 303, Morland Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
LONGALBERT EDWARD2619/4/1916PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Belgium'G/6890'LA BRIQUE MILITARY CEMETERY NO.2I. T. 12.Son of Henry and Emma Elizabeth Long, of 4, Grafton Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PHILLIPSPERCY THOMAS2130/4/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/830'DRANOUTRE MILITARY CEMETERYI. D. 1.Son of Charles and Elizabeth Phillips, of 25, Totton Rd., Thornton Heath, Surrey. Native of Croydon.
FISHERFRANCIS JOHN2119/9/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'951096'KLEIN-VIERSTRAAT BRITISH CEMETERYIII. C. 18.Son of Garnham and Emily Fisher, of 11, Burdett Rd., West Croydon, Surrey. Native of London.
BILES2431/7/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentBelgium'G/6743'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYXX. K. 3.Son of Samuel and Jane Biles, of 11, Beddington TerraceWest Croydon, Surrey.
MUSGROVE2618/10/1918CorporalArmy Service CorpsBelgium'M2/191269'HOOGE CRATER CEMETERYXIV. H. 6.Son of Charles and Ellen Musgrove; husband of Minnie Musgrove, of 28, Arundel Rd., West Croydon.
TAYLORCHARLES JOHN SIMPSON4123/4/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'G/582'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. A. 15.Husband of F. E. Taylor, of 123, Pemdevon Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
COOPERFRANK MORDAUNT2018/1/1917SergeantLondon Regiment (London Irish Rifles)Belgium'2120'WOODS CEMETERYIII. D. 11.Son of Dunham and Maude Alice Cooper, of 28, Blenheim Crescent, South Croydon. Enlisted in 1914.
HASELDENALBERT CHARLES GEORGE2316/7/1917SergeantLondon Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)Belgium'650430'HEDGE ROW TRENCH CEMETERYSp. Mem. D. 2.Son of Albert Martin Haselden and Helen Haselden, of 49, Pemdevon Rd., West Croydon.
TWORTTHOMAS WALLER2814/11/1914PrivateRoyal Warwickshire RegimentFrance'852'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIII. C. 29.Son of William and Elizabeth Maria Twort, of 23, Benson Rd., Waddod, Croydon.
BUNDLEHARRY NORMAN2120/9/1917Second LieutenantLondon RegimentBelgiumTYNE COT CEMETERYXIII. C. 23.Son of Walter and Ada F. Bundle, of 122, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SPENCERSIDNEY CHARLES2310/8/1917CorporalRoyal FusiliersBelgium'7489'TYNE COT CEMETERYXLVII. F. 3.Son of Thomas Faulkner Spencer and Catherine Elizabeth Spencer, of 8, Boston Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
BARNESALBERT2624/4/1917PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/5329'NOEUX-LES-MINES COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. Q. 3.Son of Mrs. R. Barnes, of 19, Union St., Old Town, Croydon.
LAMBHAROLD ALFRED229/7/1918LieutenantRoyal Air ForceFranceAIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERYIII. H. 17.Son of Alfred and Esther Lamb, of 122, Wellesley Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
LEWISBERTRAM FRANCIS194/10/1918PrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)France'36374'MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORTVIII. H. 6A.Eldest son of Henrietta and the late John W. Lewis, of Croydon.
RAYNERFREDERICK WILLIAM321/1/1919PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Denmark'8232'COPENHAGEN WESTERN CEMETERYSon of Frederick and Alice Rayner, of 16, Alpha Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
LEWISTHOMAS CHARLES VICTOR2124/12/1916CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Egypt'2153'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYD. 79.Son of Thomas Edward Wilson Lewis and Annie Priscilla Lewis, of 126, George St., Croydon.
TATEFREDERICK3325/10/1918PrivateMiddlesex HussarsEgypt'45389'ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERYE. 68.Husband of Alice A. Tate, of 28, Cromwell Rd., West Croydon.
LEAREY14/2/1915PrivateEast Surrey RegimentBelgium'9607'BEDFORD HOUSE CEMETERYEnclosure No.4 XIV. A. 33.Son of Mrs. E. Learey, of 63, Priory Rd., West Croydon.
SCOTTHERBERT2524/3/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryBelgium'961016'BEDFORD HOUSE CEMETERYEnclosure No.4 I. G. 26.Son of Mrs. Ada Atkins, of 29, Fawcett Rd., Church Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
BAKERARTHUR GEORGE289/8/1917GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'L/4874'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYIV. C. 54.Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Baker, of 51, Newark Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
BATESONFREDERICK CHARLES2721/8/1917PrivateRoyal Inniskilling FusiliersFrance'40970'BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERYVIII. I. 12.Son of James and Maria Bateson, of 45, Greenside Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WAKEFORDHENRY LESLIE247/7/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBelgium'37985'MAPLE LEAF CEMETERYL. 3.Son of Gertrude Grace Wakeford, of 10, Clarendon Rd., West Croydon, and the late Henry Wakeford.
GILLIAMWILLIAM HENRY183/1/1917CorporalLondon RegimentBelgium'6099'RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM)VI. R. 21.Son of William and Elizabeth Gilliam, of 73, Waddon New Rd., West Croydon.
McCHLERYWILLIAM DAWSON2613/10/1917Lance SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Belgium'G/37701'POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERYI. A. 8.Son of William and Julia McChlery, of 32, Buxton Rd., Thornton Heath, Surrey. Born at Croydon.
BATEMANJOSEPH1910/10/1915Lance CorporalRoyal FusiliersFrance'2219'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYIII. D. 3.Son of John and Rose Bateman, of 2, Bridge Place, East Croydon, Surrey.
CARTERCECIL FRANK279/10/1917CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'207112'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXX. A. 15.Son of Frank Carter, of 2, St. James St., Brighton, and Dingwall Lodge, East Croydon, Surrey.
DENSHAMSTEPHEN HUGH2110/12/1917RiflemanLondon Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)France'303254'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXXI. C. 25A.Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lane Densham. Native of Croydon, Surrey.
DOWNLIONEL WYNDHAM208/12/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'322326'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXLVII. C. 6.Son of Henry Wyndham Down and Annette Elise Down, of 35, Addiscombe Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
JAMESWILLIAM WALTER3221/10/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'145865'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYLXVII. K. 3.Husband of P. James, of 1A, Northcote Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PEIRCEEDWARD2525/4/1917SergeantOxford and Bucks Light InfantryFrance'9903'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXVIII. A. 3A.Son of Edward and Elizabeth Peirce, of 200, St. James' Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
PENTELOWGEORGE NORMAN EMERSON247/10/1917Company Sergeant MajorSouth Staffordshire RegimentFrance'241206'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXVII. F. 6.Son of G. E. and M. Pentelow, of Lucknow House, Outram Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
WILLMETT267/3/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'8394'ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERYXXI. O. 2A.Brother of Miss E. Willmett, of 40, Broadway Avenue, Whitehorse Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
REED181/5/1917GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryFrance'148713'STE. CATHERINE BRITISH CEMETERYM. 22.Son of George and Eliza Reed, of 32, Westfield Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
CROWLEYJOHN CYRIL3811/9/1916CaptainThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)IraqBASRA WAR CEMETERYIV. S. 23.Son of A. Charles and F. M. Crowley, of "Woodlands," 15, Coombe Rd., Croydon.
CUMMINGROBERT SCOTT2714/3/1921CaptainRoyal Army Medical CorpsIraqBASRA WAR CEMETERYII. M. 4.Born at Aberdeen. Son of Robert and Ellen Cumming, of "Engadine," Parkhill Rd., Croydon.
CHURCHERERNEST FREDERICK197/9/1915PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'SR/1857'FOUQUIERES CHURCHYARD EXTENSIONI. 8.Son of Wilfred Ernest and Laura Rosetta Churcher, of The Old Post Office, Beddington, Croydon, Surrey.
BROOKER316/11/1919CorporalRoyal Air ForceFrance'206860'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. IV. M. 18.Son of Henry and Jane Brooker, of 28, Wyche Grove, South Croydon.
DENYER2629/10/1918DriverRoyal Horse ArtilleryFrance'55808'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. III. G. 7.Brother of Miss M. Denyer, of Cottage Homes, 2, Pawsons Rd., Croydon.
DOWTHWAITE2722/8/1918Sub-ConductorArmy Ordnance CorpsFrance'02563'AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. D. 30.Son of A. Dowthwaite, of 83, Moffatt Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.
HODDERGEORGE JOSEPH1927/9/1918Lance CorporalNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'49374'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. II. D. 23.Son of George Joseph William and Martha Jane Upchurch Hodder, of 57, Wortley Rd., West Croydon.
MARSHALLSTANLEY SAMUEL1918/8/1918Lance CorporalGordon HighlandersFrance'263080'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENR. II. I. 21.Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Marshall, of 49, Mansfield Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
THORN27/10/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'160852'ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUENS. III. C. 11.Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Thorn, of 120, Selsdon Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
DAWSONCLAUDE194/3/1917PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'G/13316'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYI. O. 10.Son of Charles and Julia Dawson, of 32, Avondale Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Native of Teddington, Middlesex.
DENHAMDOUGLAS HAROLD25/9/1915Lance CorporalLondon Regiment (City of London Rifles)France'1847'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYSpecial Memorial 54.Son of George and Mary Denham, of 41, Avondale Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
HUTCHINGSHARRY EDGAR2011/6/1915RiflemanLondon Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)France'2706'MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAYIII. D. 9.Son of Harry and Grace Hutchings, of 25, Northampton Rd., Croydon, Surrey. Born at Brockley, London.
JONESPERCIVAL HENRY276/9/1918PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'2378799'AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONIV. B. 1.Son of Frederick James Jones and Emma Jones. Native of Croydon, Surrey, England.
KINGFRANK JAMES2210/5/1917PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'766416'AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONII. H. 42.Son of William and Alice Mary King, of 43, Derby Rd., Croydon, Surrey, England.
McCLURG1916/3/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'515006'ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERYVI. A. 12.Son of Margaret McClurg, of 17, Mayday Rd., Croydon, and the late J. B. McClurg.
BURR31/7/1916PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'21383'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEI. K. 44.Son of Mrs. M. A. Burr, of 31, Wisbech Rd., West Croydon.
RALPHHENRY BERTIE2812/10/1918Second LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryFranceRAMILLIES BRITISH CEMETERYB. 15.Son of Mark and Isabella Ralph, of 34, Broad Green Avenue, West Croydon, Surrey.
ELLISOLIVER2517/7/1918PrivateThe Buffs (East Kent Regiment)France'270917'ST. VENANT-ROBECQ ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, ROBECQI. C. 8.Son of John Wilkes Ellis and Katherine Sarah Ellis. Native of Addiscombe, Croydon.
COLLINS31/7/1916PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'27321'PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBEI. J. 47.Son of Mrs. E. Collins, of 55, Pemdeven Rd., West Croydon.
SAMSONBENJAMIN THOMAS212/5/1917CorporalRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'9838'LA TARGETTE BRITISH CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-ST. VAASTI. A. 9.Son of Mrs. Agnes Samson, of 18, Adelaide St., West Croydon.
HOWARDHERBERT3723/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'51540'CHILI TRENCH CEMETERY, GAVRELLEB. 4.Husband of Catherine Ellen Howard, of 17, Northway Rd., East Croydon.
McCLURGJOHN BRYDE2923/4/1917PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'464'CHILI TRENCH CEMETERY, GAVRELLESp. Mem. A. 6.Son of Margaret McClurg, of 17, Mayday Rd., West Croydon, and the late James Bryde McClurg.
BENNETT11/6/1915PrivateDevonshire RegimentFrance'11369'MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERYIII. J. 8.Brother of Mr. P. Bennett, of 125, Sussex Rd., South Croydon.
KEEPJAMES1918/7/1916DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'41729'MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERYXI. B. 45.Son of James and Flora Keep, of 103, Boston Rd., West Croydon.
HUNTLOUIS GORDON1922/9/1918Second LieutenantLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)FranceEPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHYII. I. 5.Son of Francis Alfred and Eliza Annie Hunt, of 112, Brighton Rd., South Croydon.
JEFFERYALBERT CHARLES1918/9/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'35911'EPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHYII. E. 3.Son of Louis William and Eliza Maria Christina Jeffery, of Croydon.
FLINTHARRY2916/9/1916Lance CorporalColdstream GuardsFrance'12077'GUARDS' CEMETERY, LESBOEUFSXI. J. 4.Son of Harry and Emily C. Flint, of 10, Rollit Crescent, Hounslow, Middx. Native of Croydon.
RUXTONJAMES PERCY2028/10/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'2669'GUARDS' CEMETERY, LESBOEUFSIX. W. 10.Son of David F. and Eleanor Ruxton, of 14, Westbury Rd., West Croydon.
LOVELLWILLIAM LESLIE2127/7/1917Second LieutenantRoyal Flying CorpsFranceLAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERYV. A. 8.Son of Edgar Henry and Lavinia Maud Lovell, of Croydon. Born at Bromley, Kent.
HUMPHRYSSTEWART FRANCIS2426/8/1916Second LieutenantRoyal FusiliersFranceTHISTLE DUMP CEMETERY, HIGH WOOD, LONGUEVALSpecial Mem. 1.Son of William Barclay Humphrys and Emma Maria Humphrys, of 18, Duppas Hill Rd., Croydon.
BAKERWALTER GEORGE2114/11/1916Second LieutenantRoyal Sussex RegimentFranceMARTINPUICH BRITISH CEMETERYE. 15.Son of George Edmund and Emily Martha Baker, of 1, Churchill Rd., South Croydon.
GIBBSSIDNEY JAMES313/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/388'OVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYIX. F. 8.Son of Peter and Esther Gibbs, of 110, Sutherland Rd., West Croydon.
TARRYWILLIAM THOMAS202/4/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'G/62893'OVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERYVII. E. 1.Son of William and Jane Tarry, of 23, Grace Rd., Croydon. Born at Edinburgh.
BIGNELLDAVID WILLIAM JAMES ALFRED2122/8/1918Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'701242'BRAY HILL BRITISH CEMETERY, BRAY-SUR-SOMMEIII. A. 23.Son of David and Rosa Bignell, of 50, Newark Rd., South Croydon.
ABDEEGEORGE371/7/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1330'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZIV. O. 3.Son of Mrs. M. A. Cooper, of 60, Clarendon Rd., West Croydon.
DOODYMAURICE EDGAR2116/7/1916Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/973'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZIII. K. 3.Son of William Henry and Harriett Louisa Doody, of 45, Elgin Rd., Croydon.
SHEARSJOSEPH STANLEY241/7/1916CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1378'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZVIII. R. 6.Son of James and Mary E. Shears, of 53, Albert Rd., Croydon.
TOWERSEYTHOMAS WILLIAM231/7/1916SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/1386'DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZIII. O. 10.Son of Thomas William and Emma Towersey, of 39, Mitcham Rd., West Croydon.
PERRYARTHUR1926/8/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'6860'CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVALXI. F. 11.Son of Christopher and Annie Laurie Perry, of 198, Oval Rd., East Croydon.
KEAL2426/9/1918PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'202224'FINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRANDV. E. 18.Son of Alfred and Agnes Sarah Keal, of 73, Queen's Rd., West Croydon.
KNIGHTHARRY JAMES6/10/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'6565'FINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRANDVI. E. 20.Son of Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Knight, of 2, Lower Addiscombe Road, West Croydon, Surrey.
PRIVETTALFRED3010/3/1918CorporalRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/16473'FINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRANDIV. D. 2.Son of Edward and Ellen Privett, of 18, Milton Avenue, Croydon.
BONE8/10/1918PrivateNorfolk RegimentFrance'242305'MONTBREHAIN BRITISH CEMETERYA. 12.Son of Mr. M. Bone, of 21, Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
GODDIN2926/6/1918PrivateBorder RegimentFrance'28841'BERLES NEW MILITARY CEMETERYII. C. 9.Husband of J. E. Goddin, of 14, Jesmond Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
HOLDEN2019/8/1918PrivateManchester RegimentFrance'245320'HEATH CEMETERY, HARBONNIERESVIII. F. 13.Son of Mrs. Lydia Holden, of 10, Heely Rd., West Croydon.
COLLINSFRANK ALLAN3324/4/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)France'55887'CHERISY ROAD EAST CEMETERY, HENINEL74Husband of Agnes May Collins, of 82, Parson's Mead, West Croydon, Surrey.
TULLETTHENRY2019/8/1916Lance CorporalEast Surrey RegimentFrance'14959'LOOS BRITISH CEMETERYXVIII. G. 19.Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Tullett, of 77, Lughton St. East, West Croydon, Surrey.
SHORTERARTHUR EDWARD197/11/1917PrivateSuffolk RegimentFrance'242274'FAVREUIL BRITISH CEMETERYII. B. 11.Son of Mrs. Barbara Shorter, of 10, Mansfield Rd., South Croydon.
WHITELEONARD WALTER2720/5/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'G/37198'TILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINESVIII. B. 3.Husband of Ruth White, of 9, Charles St., Church Rd., Croydon.
DEACONWALTER2328/2/1917Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'1406'PORTE-DE-PARIS CEMETERY, CAMBRAIII. A. 18.Son of Harry and Margaret Deacon, of 27, Newark Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
HAMMONDCHARLES HENRY GUY1927/8/1918PrivateGrenadier GuardsFrance'26354'MORY ABBEY MILITARY CEMETERY, MORYIV. C. 15.Son of Thomas and Anne Hammond, of 34, Waddon Marsh Lane, Croydon.
TRUBSHAWECHARLES HOWARD2828/6/1917PrivateHonourable Artillery CompanyFrance'7405'MORY ABBEY MILITARY CEMETERY, MORYI. J. 4.Husband of Phyllis Jane Trubshawe, of "Brightholme", 44, Croham Park Avenue, South Croydon, Surrey.
WELSBY24/8/1918Lance CorporalRifle BrigadeFrance'S/27181'GOMIECOURT SOUTH CEMETERYI. E. 4.Husband of E. E. Welsby, of 160, Canterbury Rd., West Croydon.
FAIRMANWALTER JAMES2014/10/1915PrivateNorthamptonshire RegimentFrance'14359'POINT 110 OLD MILITARY CEMETERY, FRICOURTH. 18.Son of James and Mary Ann Fairman, of Croydon and Carshalton, Surrey.
SHAKESPEAREFREDERICK EDRIDGE2626/3/1918PrivateArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersFrance'300591'FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRASVI. D. 14.Son of James Benjamin and Ann Shakespeare, of 67, George St., Croydon.
CUMBER4112/3/1919SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'WR/26092'VALENCIENNES (ST. ROCH) COMMUNAL CEMETERYII. C. 25.Husband of Alice Maria Cumber, of 83, Northway Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
NYE1824/8/1918PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'79076'BAGNEUX BRITISH CEMETERY, GEZAINCOURTVI. A. 22.Son of James Thomas Nye, of "The Victory," Church St., Croydon.
ROFFEY2124/8/1918PrivateRoyal Warwickshire RegimentFrance'34211'BAGNEUX BRITISH CEMETERY, GEZAINCOURTIV. G. 6.Son of Mary Ann and the late Ivor. Roffey, of 15, Addington Rd., West Croydon.
GRIFFITHSHENRY STEPHEN3224/3/1918RiflemanRifle BrigadeFrance'26101'GRAND-SERAUCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYIV. E. 12.Husband of Mary Ann Elizabeth Griffiths, of 30, Tenterden Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
HOWELLCHARLES2323/3/1918SapperRoyal EngineersFrance'134240'GRAND-SERAUCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYIII. J. 10.Son of Charles E. and Eleanor Howell, of "The Pines," Tenterden Rd., Croydon.
MASLEN3724/3/1918PrivateArmy Service CorpsFrance'M2/081590'ROYE NEW BRITISH CEMETERYIII. C. 12.Son of Henry and Louisa M. Maslen, of 216, Brighton Rd., Croydon.
BROWNJOHN GORDON235/10/1918CaptainRoyal FusiliersFranceRATION FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA CHAPELLE-D'ARMENTIERESVI. I. 5.Son of Sir Herbert Brown, K.B.E., of Coombe Lodge, Addington Hills, Croydon, Surrey.
WEARE209/4/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'22677'CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZXVII. N. 1.Son of Albert and Alice Weare, of 7, Sandy Lane North, Beddington, Croydon.
BAKER3027/9/1918PrivateLondon RegimentFrance'632875'MASNIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, MARCOINGI. A. 16.Son of Mr. E. Baker, of 53, Sandy Lane North, Beddington, Croydon.
CLARKFREDERICK WILLIAM194/7/1918RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)France'394520'BAVELINCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERYC. 6.Son of William V. and Mary M. Clark, of 43, Morland Avenue, East Croydon.
DENYERHENRY DENNIS2930/8/1916PrivateAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.France'3444'POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLEIV. B. 29.Husband of F. Denyer, of 23, Spring Gardens, Brighton, England. Native of West Croydon, England.
SHAWEDWARD STUART201/7/1916PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)France'5479'GOMMECOURT BRITISH CEMETERY NO.2, HEBUTERNEII. D. 25.Son of Edward John and Margaret Stuart Shaw. Born at Croydon.
COATMANSTANLEY WILLIAM228/11/1918Lance CorporalLondon RegimentFrance'491789'ST. POL BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. POL-SUR-TERNOISEI. D. 3.Son of Mrs. Emma Coatman, of 23, Windmill Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
TURTLECLIFFORD LOUIS2610/9/1916RiflemanLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)France'5833'COMBLES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSIONVI. E. 1.Son of Louis Henry and Kate Turtle, of "Homefield", Stafford Rd., Croydon.
TRIBE2913/9/1918PrivateEast Surrey RegimentFrance'24374'LE CATEAU MILITARY CEMETERYI. B. 105.Stepson of Mrs. E. Saunders, of 72, Grant Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
LLOYDEDWARD STANLEY3223/11/1918LieutenantRoyal Field ArtilleryFranceLE CATEAU COMMUNAL CEMETERYI. 11.Son of John Edward and Emily Lloyd, of Harefield, Radcliffe Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
THICKBROOMALFRED WILLIAM258/2/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'201741'PONT-DU-HEM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA GORGUEII. E. 17.Son of George Frederick Thickbroom. of 22, Bissenden Rd., East Croydon.
CLARK9/11/1914BandsmanDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryFrance'7646'ROYAL IRISH RIFLES GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIEIV. H. 16.Son of Mrs. B. Webb, of 129, Northwood Rd., Thornton Heath, Croydon.
WILKINSON2014/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'3103'AZMAK CEMETERY, SUVLASpecial Memorial 26.Son of Mrs. M. E. Wilkinson, of 1, Grafton Rd., Croydon.
PARSONSHERBERT2429/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'3001'GREEN HILL CEMETERYII. B. 12.Son of William and Fanny Parsons, of 93, Alexandra Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
ROBINSON2721/8/1915Lance CorporalBorder RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'8473'GREEN HILL CEMETERYII. D. 20.Brother-in-law of Mr. T. W. Oram, of 36, Union St., Old Town, Croydon, Surrey.
WESTWILLIAM209/8/1915Second LieutenantSherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)GREEN HILL CEMETERYI. H. 26.Son of William and Lillian West, of "Sherwood," Dingwall Avenue, Croydon.
PARISHSTANLEY CECIL202/12/1915CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'T/1489'LALA BABA CEMETERYII. C. 3.Son of Edwin Albert and Eliza Jane Parish, of 98, Mitcham Rd., Croydon.
METCALFARTHUR GEORGE2125/11/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'1819'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. G. 5.Son of Henry and Kate Metcalf, of 7, Clyde Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
PITT14/3/1916PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'L/6556'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYV. B. 39.Husband of Emma A. Bint, (formerly Pitt), of 68, Old Town, Croydon.
REEDGEORGE2515/5/1915CorporalHighland Light InfantryFrance'10553'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIII. D. 4.Son of Mr. G. and Mrs. S. Reed, of 9, Bute Rd., Croydon.
PERRYMANARTHUR1/7/1916PrivateMiddlesex RegimentFrance'PS/2424'HAWTHORN RIDGE CEMETERY NO.1, AUCHONVILLERSB. 11.Son of Mr. H. Perryman, of 13, Cranmer Rd., East Croydon.
PARKERWALTER HENRY2315/6/1917CaptainRoyal FusiliersFranceCROISILLES BRITISH CEMETERYVI. B. 29.Son of Henry Thomas Parker, of "Kinsale," Hazeldean Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
DAVIDALFRED2025/3/1918PrivateRoyal Sussex RegimentFrance'G/20578'FOUQUESCOURT BRITISH CEMETERYII. G. 1.Son of Mrs. M. David, of 22, Boston Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
WILSONWALTER LENNARD2026/12/1915PrivateRoyal FusiliersFrance'523'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. G. 55.Son of Emma J. Wilson, of 3, Wellesley Rd., Croydon, and the late Edward Wilson.
COLLINSEDWIN JAMES2027/9/1917PrivateLincolnshire RegimentBelgium'242105'DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERYV. F. 21.Son of David George and Ellen Caroline Collins, of 16, Edridge Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
COOPERWILLIAM3020/1/1916GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryFrance'2877'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. H. 51.Son of William and Eliza Cooper, of High St., Cocking, Midhurst, Sussex. Native of Croydon.
FRANKLINFREDERICK CHARLES2218/8/1915PrivateMiddlesex RegimentGreece'1879'EAST MUDROS MILITARY CEMETERYII. F. 104.Son of Frederick Charles and Eva Elizabeth Franklin, of 157, Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
FISHBURNEMORGAN241/1/1917Second Lieutenant2nd County of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons)GreeceSUDA BAY WAR CEMETERYXI. B. 15.Son of Mrs. Mary Trice, of I, Barmouth Rd., Shirley, Croydon. Born at Milstead, Kent.
EDWIN1918/5/1915PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsFrance'1756'BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERYIV. C. 1.Son of Edmund Walter and Alice Emily Edwin, of 14, The Retreat, Thornton Heath, Croydon.
GRAHAMERIC CLIVE229/1/1917Second LieutenantManchester RegimentIraqAMARA WAR CEMETERYXVI. D. 8.Son of Lionel H. and Hilda Graham, of Ridgehill, Torquay. Native of Croydon.
BALLARD27/9/1918Corporal13th HussarsIraq'4388'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXI. A. 5.Son of Mr. A. Ballard, of 8, Albion Cottages, Upper Hurley, Croydon, Surrey.
BARTLETTWILLIAM STANLEY2630/9/1916Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Iraq'T/1893'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXXI. T. 5.Son of James William and Emily Bartlett. Born at Croydon, Surrey.
MORFEYKENNETH2320/5/1918Lieutenant16th Rajputs (Lucknow Regiment)IraqBAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYVI. F. 7.Son of Cyrus and Edith Morfey, of 2, Chepstow Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
SHARPE2414/10/1917PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsIraq'38433'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXVI. E. 8.Son of Nelson and Mabel Sharpe, of 26, Bramble Walk, Epsom, Surrey. Born at Croydon.
VENNARDJESSE3815/6/1918PrivateWelsh RegimentIraq'46880'BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERYXI. J. 2.Husband of Ada M. Vennard, of 16, Fowler St., Camberwell, London. Born at Croydon, Surrey.
CLARKEALBERT WILLIAM2821/6/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)France'82722'PERNOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HALLOY-LES-PERNOISII. D. 2.Son of Joseph and Agnes Clarke, of 28. Tamworth Place, Croydon.
SMITHJAMES ALFRED196/8/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Italy'L/11546'MAGNABOSCHI BRITISH CEMETERYPlot 2. Row F. Grave 1.Son of Mrs. Lucy Smith, of 24, Union Street, West Croydon, Surrey.
BARNHAMJOHN WILLIAM JAMES231/12/1917SergeantQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Italy'G/11243'GIAVERA BRITISH CEMETERY, ARCADEPlot 1. Row F. Grave 6.Son of Rosina Selena Barnham, of 243, Whitehorse Road, Croydon, Surrey.
PEARCELESLIE CHALLINGSWORTH3410/8/1918SergeantLondon Regiment (The Rangers)France'470895'PERNOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HALLOY-LES-PERNOISIV. C. 5.Son of the late George and Annie Pearce, of Croydon, Surrey.
HYDEHERBERT FRANK2027/10/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Italy'G/23532'TEZZE BRITISH CEMETERYPlot 3. Row C. Grave 15.Son of Lydia Emma and the late William George Hyde, of 228, Whitehorse Road, Croydon.
COLLINSOLIVER HARRY223/11/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201456'BEERSHEBA WAR CEMETERYH. 6.Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Collins, of 23, Kemerton Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey.
GATLANDERNEST GEORGE223/11/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201238'BEERSHEBA WAR CEMETERYH. 9.Son of Frederick and Alice J. Gatland, of 7, Rolleston Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
WESTBROOKARTHUR JAMES2310/8/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201140'DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERYD. 39.Son of Arthur William and Maud Mary Westbrook, of 16, Beulah Grove, Croydon.
WILLSONCHARLES DOUGLAS274/5/1917GunnerRoyal Horse ArtilleryIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'612149'DEIR EL BELAH WAR CEMETERYA. 202.Son of Bona Willson, of 143, High St., Croydon, and the late Charles Edward Willson.
ALDOUSHORACE JAMES2126/4/1918PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'200322'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYL. 4.Son of Alfred James and Laura Aldous, of 15, West St., South Croydon.
BENTLEYFREDERICK ARTHUR2321/12/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201192'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYQ. 30. Son of William and Eliza Bentley, of 296, Brighton Rd., Croydon.
BROWNFRANCIS CLEMENT258/12/1917LieutenantLondon Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYU. 114. Son of Robert Laurence Brown and Emma Amelia Brown, of 26, Stafford Rd., Waddon, Croydon.
CUDMOREWILLIAM ALBERT2127/12/1917PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'49505'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYQ. 52.Son of William and Ellen E. Cudmore, of 114, Wellesley Rd., West Croydon.
DURLINGGEORGE JOSHUA2821/12/1917PrivateMiddlesex RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'291976'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYS. 98.Son of George William and Martha Jane Durling, of 10, Colson Rd., Croydon.
LEEHEDLEY GEORGE3430/4/1918PrivateLondon Regiment (London Scottish)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'513331'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYO. 3.Son of John Roger Lee and Elizabeth Lee, of Croydon, Surrey.
RUDDLEARTHUR JAMES212/6/1918RiflemanLondon RegimentIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'573861'JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERYP. 35.Son of James Mills Ruddle and Mary Ruddle, of 16, Arundel Rd., Croydon.
CHAPLINWILLIAM ALBERT1828/7/1916DrummerLondon RegimentFrance'2473'ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY, MONT-ST. ELOIIII. B. 23.Son of Leonard Albert and Lily Chaplin, of West Croydon, Surrey.
MOORELESLIE2019/4/1917PrivateRoyal Buckinghamshire HussarsIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)'205579'GAZA WAR CEMETERYX. F. 21.Son of William Stephen and Mary Arm Moore, of 6, Albert Rd., East Croydon.
ATKINSONSIDNEY WILLIAM2525/12/1917PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)'201984'RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYG. 47.Son of Mrs. C. Stratton, of 24, Beulah Grove, West Croydon.
LAWRENCEJOHN HILTON2617/9/1917CorporalCanadian InfantryFrance'228307'ECOIVRES MILITARY CEMETERY, MONT-ST. ELOIVI. K. 14.Son of Samuel Mark Lawrence and Annie Lawrence, of Croydon, Surrey, England.
SCHOLEYPERCY GERALD2522/1/1917PrivateHonourable Artillery CompanyUnited Kingdom'2889'PAISLEY (HAWKHEAD) CEMETERYG. 2.Son of Percy and Julie Scholey, of 295, London Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
GARRETTFREDERICK261/11/1918Officer's Steward 1st ClassRoyal NavyUnited Kingdom'L/2088'QUEENSFERRY CEMETERY475Son of G. J. and Emma Caroline Garrett, of 63, Windmill Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
PURKISS3730/11/1916DriverArmy Service CorpsFrance'T3/024004'LA NEUVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, CORBIEB. 24.Brother of Annie Neale, of 29, Princess Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
WILKINSHERBERT JOHN2210/6/1916Lance CorporalThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)France'10770'LA NEUVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, CORBIEA. 59.Son of Mrs. A. Wilkins (now Ravell), of IO, Laurier Rd., East Croydon, Surrey.
MITCHELLJAMES HILL385/12/1915SergeantThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'T/2902'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 30 and 31.Son of James Mitchell and Catherine Forbes Rae Mitchell, of 15, Siddons Rd., Croydon.
PEARCEGEORGE2725/4/1915Lance CorporalLancashire FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'1451'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 59 to 73 or 218 to 219.Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Pearce, of 37, Clarendon Rd., West Croydon.
RAYMONDGEORGE ALFRED256/8/1915SergeantWorcestershire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'10543'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 104 to 113.Son of Mrs. Rose Raymond, of 2, Bishop's Rd., West Croydon, Surrey.
ROYNONWILLIAM4516/8/1915PrivateRoyal Dublin FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'14989'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 192 to 197.Husband of Gertrude Roynon, of 19, Oakwood Rd., West Croydon. Served in the South African War.
SAWYERGEORGE179/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'T/3057'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 30 and 31.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer, of 82, Southbridge Rd., Croydon.
MARRIOTTGUY CARRINGTON2525/4/1915PrivateLancashire FusiliersTurkey (including Gallipoli)'2290'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 59 to 73 or 218 to 219.Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Marriott, of 30, Surrey St., Croydon.
JEWELLHAROLD WILLIAM199/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'T/2664'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 30 and 31.Son of Mr. W. T. and Mrs. E. M. Jewell, of 12, St. John's Grove, Croydon.
FOOTNERARTHUR HENRY276/8/1915Second LieutenantEssex RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)HELLES MEMORIALPanel 146 to 151 or 229 to 233.Son of Henry and Millicent Footner, of "Farleigh," Croham Rd., South Croydon, Surrey.
BURCHHERBERT CHARLES2110/10/1915CorporalEssex RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'20635'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 146 to 151 or 229 to 233.Son of John and Harriett Elizabeth Burch, of "Belvedere," 14, Inglis Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
ABDEECHARLES219/8/1915PrivateThe Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'G/3318'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 30 and 31.Son of Mrs. M. A. Cooper, of 60, Clarendon Rd., West Croydon.
ALLENSIDNEY2318/8/1915CorporalLondon Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)Turkey (including Gallipoli)'2290'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 199.Son of John and Jane Allen, of 107, St. Peter's St., South Croydon.
BAZELEYWILLIAM ARTHUR1927/6/1915PrivateHampshire RegimentTurkey (including Gallipoli)'3/4204'HELLES MEMORIALPanel 126-135 or 223-226 228-229 & 328.Son of Fanny Louisa Bazeley, of 8A, Laurier Rd., Addiscombe, Croydon.
KEYSWILLIAM249/8/1918PrivateCanadian InfantryFrance'30092'CROUY BRITISH CEMETERY, CROUY-SUR-SOMMEIV. C. 18.Son of William and Emily Keys, of 7, Bourne St., Croydon, Surrey.
CHAMBERLAINJOHN3225/4/1915SergeantAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.Turkey (including Gallipoli)'420'