1,500 leaflets handed out in push for ‘People’s Vote’

Volunteers handing out leaflets Pic: @Euromove_poplar [Twitter]

European Movement campaigners handed out over 1,500 leaflets to members of the public in Tower Hamlets ahead of Tuesday’s crucial Parliamentary vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

They were encouraging people to back a second referendum.

The campaign group took to Twitter to express how they ‘knocked on countless doors’ in a last minute bid to raise support for a ‘People’s Vote’ and encourage people to write directly to their MPs, urging them to vote down the government’s plans.

Debbie Simone, a campaigner with EM City & East London branch, said: “The organisation was started a long time before Brexit. Yet, since Brexit has happened, the group has become focused on stopping it.”

She added: “A lot of people didn’t see what the everyday connection was with Brexit. So we’re trying to focus much more on reaching out”.

The European Movement group has done a lot of work in ELL boroughs, including having several motions about the European Union taken to Tower Hamlets council.

This week Theresa May’s Brexit plan was rejected by 230 MP’s, including members of her own party. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled an unsuccessful vote of no-confidence in the government.

The no-confidence motion was lost by 325 votes to 306, a margin of just 4%, an uncanny reflection of the referendum result over two-and-a-half years ago.

Campaigner Debbie Simone added: “The ideal outcome is for May or Corbyn to decide to back a people’s vote. All the uncertainty is really negative for the country, for businesses and for general people.”

EM City & East London can be found on Twitter here.

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