Croydon MP Sarah Jones heads campaign to reclassify two stations as zone 4

East Croydon Station
Pic: Geograph

A campaign has been launched for two Croydon stations to be in zone 4. 

East Croydon and West Croydon stations are currently in zone 5 – meaning it is more expensive to travel from there.

Travelling with an Oyster card or contactless at peak times from either station to London Bridge in zone 1 currently costs £5.30 and £3.50 off-peak. 

But Croydon central MP Sarah Jones -backed by the council – is campaigning to reclassify the two stations to secure cheaper journeys for commuters.

Cabinet member for transport, Councillor Stuart King, told the Sutton and Croydon Guardian: “The principle benefit is it would mean more money in the pockets of people in Croydon.

“We know they have had to struggle with poor services for far longer than they should have had to.

“The other benefit is if the cost of travel goes down, that will encourage more people to use public transport.”

“We have been supportive of this campaign for quite some time, we want to see hard-pressed Croydon commuters get a better deal.”

Jones said on her website Zone4Croydon: “We need to unlock the potential of all the people who live here [in south London].

“The economic potential of that shift would be huge … for the big businesses that are looking where to invest and for people who live here and travel into London to work zone 4. This is an absolute no brainer.

“We are trying to make the economic case and there is huge agreement across the piece from businesses to think-tanks to the council to politicians that it needs to get done, so we are going to keep pushing and campaigning to make Croydon zone four.”

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