Gang Jailed for 70 Years After Committing 24 Armed Robberies

Hand gun found in suspects car. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Four men have been jailed for a total of 70 years for a string of robberies across the country.

On October 1 the four men were sentenced, having committed 22 armed robberies and 2 attempted robberies, targeting One Stop Shops and Co-Operative stores.

 In 2018, the gang stole over £100,000 of cash and £15,000 of tobacco and alcohol whilst members of staff were tied up at knife and gunpoint. 

The judge said: “In extreme circumstances, the victims exhibited considerable fortitude and bravery.”

On December 13, 2018, three of the men, Shane Wilson, 40, Clleon Smith, 32, and Joel Rene Derriviere, 45, were followed by officers from Brixton to Fairview Road in Hungerford where they were arrested at 5:00am, just before committing their 24th robbery.

As well as shops across London and the South East, the gang travelled to Bristol, Bicester, Rugby, Towcester and Leighton Buzzard to carry out further crimes.

Detective Constable, William Man said: “These prolific gang members terrified shop workers across the country in order to steal cash. 

“They are dangerous individuals who threatened victims with knives and guns throughout their brazen crime spree.

“I hope the victims, and the wider public, feel reassured that these violent offenders have been taken off the streets and will now serve lengthy sentences behind bars.”

The Met’s Flying Squad, a branch of the Serious and Organised Crime Command in London, carried out the investigation that linked the men to all 24 crimes through CCTV and surveillance footage.

The three men arrested were taken into custody at South London Police Station. Further investigation found a handgun, balaclava and a rucksack containing a tool knife in the suspects’ car, and forensics later linked the fourth gang member, Samuel kenneth Bernard, 56, to previous robberies.

The three men caught in the act of planning a robbery pleaded guilty to their crimes, and Bernard was found guilty following a trial. All four men were charged with robbery on December 14.

Man said: “I also hope the sentences act as a deterrent to those involved in this type of criminality. We will continue to bear down on violent crime and we will work night and day to apprehend those responsible and bring them to justice.”

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