Migration museum reopens in Lewisham Shopping Centre

The UK’s first Migration Museum has been relocated to Lewisham shopping centre after a two-and-a-half-year residency in Lambeth. Starting today, the museum is open to public. It is located at unit 11, which is a former H&M sales unit. However, it is quite easy to find, as there are two pieces of Berlin wall right in front of the museum.

This artwork has been chosen as a symbol of the Migration museum’s work as it provides a space for dialogue and reflection across divides and finding what we have in common. The main aim of the museum, according to its director, Sophie Henderson, is to establish a new institution for the UK that puts migration stories right at centre stage.

Current exhibitions are Humanae and Room to breathe. Humanae is an attempt to document humanity’s true colors, rather then innacurate labels such as ‘white’, ‘red’, ‘black’ and ‘yellow’, associated with race. At the moment,Humanae consists of 4000 images taken in 20 different countries.

Room to breathe is an immersive look at people arriving and settling into UK  through a series of rooms: a bedroom,a schoolroom, a barbershop. 

The upcoming exhibition is going to be about immigration, which is a different side of the coin and will tell the stories of people who actually left Britain for different reasons.

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