School Streets scheme spreads to two more Croydon schools

Cypress Primary School Children, Image By Council

A scheme that restricts traffic around schools during the school-run has expanded to two more schools in Croydon.

Cypress Primary School and Winterbourne Junior Girls, Boys and Nursery School are to introduce the School Streets scheme that restricts traffic at certain times of day and can hand out £130 fines to drivers who breach the rules.

Since Croydon Council introduced the scheme in 2017, 15 schools in the borough are now participating. The concept of the scheme is that, with less road congestion, the likelihood of road danger and air pollution both decrease. 

Cypress Road was developed into a School Street on February 24 and has scheduled their vehicle traffic prohibition between 8am to 9:30pm and 2pm to 4pm. 

Jo Sorensen, head of school at Cypress Primary School, said: “Cypress Primary School are in full support of the School Streets initiative.”

She added: “Families, children and staff have already commented on improved road safety and cleaner air around the school gates. The atmosphere outside the school in the mornings and at the end of the day is more settled and children feel safer.”

Cypress Primary School are giving out warnings to drivers breaching the scheme for the first month and after this point they will be issuing drivers £130 fines.

Those with special requirements and parents of disabled children, can apply for an exemption. 

Councillor Stephen Mann told Eastlondonlines: “I am pleased that my ward hosts a school street project on Cypress Road, one of our many initiatives to tackle air pollution around schools while improving sustainable travel. This is only the beginning of projects in the Auckland Road area with a Healthy Schools Neighbourhood project due to be delivered soon tackling the rat runs and congestion along these residential streets and delivering lasting benefits for residents and school pupils alike.”

The council is further supporting objectives such as; The Air Quality Action Plan – Croydon’s five-year plan to improve its air quality, and The Third Local Implementation Plan – London councils must encourage parents and children to walk or cycle and use cars less often. 

The first three Croydon School Streets, resulted in 250 less children travelling to school by car and the majority alternatively walking, cycling or scooting. 

Across the borough, a further 10 school roads are set to join the scheme in April.

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