Private renters facing eviction following cyber attack on Hackney Council

Hackney Town Hall following cyber attack: Pic Diamond Geezer on Flickr

Hackney’s private renters could face the threat of eviction as payments on housing benefits have been stopped following this week’s cyber security attack on the council. 

The incident which occurred this Tuesday, disrupted various online services the council provided to its residents within the surrounding area.

The data breach left its website unable to run with many of its IT-based systems deemed unavailable for public use. 

The latest update regarding the attack was released this Friday when the council found itself incapable of making important outstanding payments stating “it is currently not able to deposit discretionary housing payments, certain supplier payments, and housing benefit”.

Residents who have personally been affected by the current situation have been advised to seek help and contact Hackney council directly. 

It is still not clear what kind of cyber attack transpired this week.

The council said at the time: “ Key essential services, including our coronavirus response, continue to operate, but some of our services may be unavailable for some time being.”

“Council staff are working hard to restore the website, protect data and investigate the attack with the National Cyber Security Centre, National Crime Agency and external experts.”

Hackney have been reluctant to publish any more information on details as they do not want to ‘warrant or assist’ the attackers any further in the matter.

However, the online data hack has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s office.

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