Community group talent show to raise funds for children’s Easter theatre project

Each act will have three minutes for their performance. Pic: Allie Reefer.

A local community interest company based in Lewisham is to host a talent show to showcase the skills of local people and celebrate notable figures of the black community, in honour of Black History Month.

‘Sing a Book’ said that their recent musical productions highlighted the wealth of talent in the Lewisham community, and so in honour of this month’s theme, ‘Proud to Be’, they will be organising a talent show.

This show, along with a range of other events are an attempt to raise funds for their children’s theatre project to run next Easter. 

The project manager Evadne Bygrave told ELL: “This is an opportunity for anyone in between the age groups that we work with to get involved while celebrating Black History Month and engaging the local community.”

The talent show which is sponsored by the Goldsmiths community centre, will take place there and will star children aged from 7-18 and adults 55 and over specifically from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The event invites all members of the community to get involved, as well as those who support what we are doing to bring the arts to a wider audience as cast and audience members.”

Goldsmiths Community Centre is sponsoring the event. Pic: Goldsmiths Community Association.

“Young people will learn how to present themselves in public and develop the ability to converse with adults in a mature manner.”

The organisation say they are aiming to tackle the gloom the national lockdowns have brought on, along with other tragic events during this time period, by providing a platform for personal expression and helping young people to manage difficult situations in a creative way. 

Bygrave said: “We will raise their self-esteem, self-worth and improve their well-being caused by the long term impact of isolation.”

The talent show will be taking place live on October 28 at 9.30pm, and is an opportunity to witness Lewisham’s potential while also encouraging the locals to spend some time together after such a difficult time alone.  

For more information on the production and to buy tickets, visit:

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