First electric vehicle charging point installed in ‘ambitious’ Hackney rollout programme 

Mayor Caroline Woodley, left, Zest CEO Robin Heap, centre, and Councillor Mete Corban, right, at launch of EV charger in Follingham Court. Pic: Hackney Council 

The first charging point in Hackney Council’s rollout of 2,500 new electric vehicle chargers, has been installed in Follingham Court in Hoxton.  

The council says wider accessibility to EV chargers for local residents is an important part of their climate action plan which covers decarbonising the transport system, tackling air pollution, and reducing the effects of climate change in the borough. 

The first EV charger in EV infrastructure rollout in Follingham Court. Pic: Hackney Council 

Councillor Mete Corban said in a statement to Eastlondonlines: “…[W]hile we’re proud that Hackney has one of the highest proportions of people walking, cycling and taking public transport in London, this country-leading rollout will help those who need to drive to switch to EVs. The Council has used its procurement power to do this in a way that works for Hackney – with chargers placed in lampposts or in parking bays, not the pavement, and by ensuring that all our estates and neighbourhoods benefit from the rollout.” 

Coban also said in a video on X/Twitter at the launch that there would be a “reduced tariff” available for Hackney EV permit holders through Hackney Light and Power. 

This EV installation is part of Hackney Council’s partnership with Zest, an EV charger company. Zest are backed by the government-sponsored Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, and was also done in consultation with more than 2,000 local residents. 

Hackney Council told Eastlondonlines that these EV installations will be funded and operated by Zest, and so are not part of the £55m allocation for net zero initiatives in the 2024/25 budget.  

Robin Heap, the CEO of Zest said: “We’re delighted to be working in long term partnership with Hackney. The sheer scale of this project shows what bold thinking and public-private partnership can achieve. I see this as more than a project – it is a blueprint for the next wave of EV infrastructure.The social equity built into the project means that people right across the borough will get access to EV infrastructure. As a certified B Corp we are committed to projects that deliver benefits for everyone, for the local economy and for the planet.” 

The EV charger in Follingham Court is the first of 830 lower power overnight chargers, which will be installed this year. By 2026 there will be a following 670, 10% of which will be installed on housing estates. 

This is separate from the simultaneously planned 1,000 freestanding chargers which have the capability to top up EV batteries in a few hours.  

Hackney Council is also looking to agree to a contract within the next few months for 150 ‘rapid’ EV chargers with the capability for drivers to charge their cars: “…on the move.” 

Hackney Council said that the planned instalments along with the existing chargers would bring the overall number to about 3,000 chargers in the borough’s seven square miles by 2026. 

Other ELL boroughs are also pressing ahead with more EV charging points:

In Tower Hamlets, last month, the cabinet approved the installation of over 2,200 EV chargers in the borough over the next two years with a mix of government and supplier grant funding.

Mayor Luftur Rahman said: “We know that residents and businesses are increasingly shifting to electric vehicles, and as a council we are keen to support this transition…as part of responding to the climate emergency, we are working to lower emissions across the borough while continuing to develop a transport network that is fit for purpose. A cleaner, greener borough means encouraging more use of sustainable transport methods, including electric vehicles.”

Croydon Council have installed over 400 EV charging points since 2021, including 208 in residential areas in partnership with Believ (formerly Liberty Charge), and 40 that are run by They have a list of roads on their website, where local residents can find a EV charger near them, as well a forum where locals can submit possible charging locations for consideration.

Lewisham Council have currently installed about 120 EV chargers in the borough, with approximately one charger to 10 EV’s according to their Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Implementation Plan for 2023-2026.

They are hoping to obtain a supplier later this year, to install more EV chargers by the second quarter of 2026: “We anticipate appointing a supplier in the second quarter of 2024. They will deliver a minimum of 250 additional charge points, that serve households and businesses without access to off-street parking, by the second quarter of 2026.”

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