ELL’s Climate Refresh: a new view for Earth Day

Introducing our new four-day series, which aims to beat climate apathy and anxiety in the Eastlondonlines boroughs

Earth Day should be a celebration, an opportunity to marvel at our extraordinary world and all its complexity, colour and variety. Yet, for as long as we can remember the media, educators and corporate narratives have been rolling out worn tropes such as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, blaming individuals, and bombarding us with tales of disaster and doom.

It’s like the climate conversation is in its teenage phase. It’s tired, it’s bored, and it’s anxious.

This series aims to guide environmental reactions away from fatigue and fear, and coax the narrative out of its sulky bedroom, to think about brighter futures.

Welcome to ELL’s Climate Refresh, a series asking the question: how can we move beyond climate paralysis? and answering with honest, innovative and unexpected tales from the eye of the local storm. We’ll be busting myths, challenging mindsets and centering inspiration in all sorts of multi-media forms.

So, as we approach this year’s Earth Day, take our fresh perspective:
Reroot, Resilience, Review and Reassure.

Designs by Pius Bentgens, video editing by Luke Cromhout, music by Bensound

Article links will be updated throughout the series.

Day 1 – 17th April 2024

Day 2 – 18th April 2024

Day 3 – 19th April 2024

Day 4: 22nd April 2024

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