Displaced artists find home in old Tube station

Wow Now. Photo: Xixi Zheng

Ever since it was sold to a mystery bidder in February, a cloud of intrigue has surrounded the disused Shoreditch Tube station.

Situated just off Brick Lane, itself famous for its graffiti by artists including Banksy, D*Face and Ben Eine, there couldn’t be a more suited space for an exhibition documenting urban art. After three months hard graft cleaning up, art collective Wow Now are the first to exhibit in the newly converted arts space.

An overwhelming riot of colour and surrealist graffiti, the exhibition is an amalgamation of sculpted paint, collage and everyday ephemera documenting the here and now as seen through the eyes of artists from some of the world’s most vibrant cities.

It’s hard to imagine a space more fitting for the subject matter – the downstairs gallery opens out onto the tracks and as the trains rumble past it’s difficult to decipher where the exhibition ends and reality begins.

From the pulsating, comic-like prints of Stephen Tomkins to the various motifs of unicorns and Dobby the house-elf scattered across the walls, the artists have clearly relished the challenge of creating snapshots of urban culture.

Particularly interesting is the live performance installation from Austrian super troupe Perfekt World, which allows you to choose and then watch what gets painted on a 30m long wall back in Vienna over a live web link. We asked them to paint us God, who appeared to us shortly after, via a post-it stuck on the wall.

We went along for a look:


Wow Now @ Shoreditch Tube Station

Featuring: Alex Daw (UK), ZTY 82 (Germany), Ben Weller (UK), Stephen Tomkins (USA), Perfekt World (Austria), Sid One (UK)

June 2nd-9th // Daily 10-8pm

Admission FREE

Photography: Xixi Zheng. Sound: Lindsay Foley and Phil Brown

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