Lewisham Live Festival: From Bond music to Mozart

Lewisham live at Goldsmiths College. Pic: Silje Dammen

Lewisham Live. Pic: Silje Dammen

Lewisham Live Festival kicked off at Goldsmiths University last night, bringing together musicians from local schools and music centres across the borough.

Lewisham Council has been hosting the festival since 2009. It began with one concert been performed five years ago, but this year there were over 14 concerts in three weeks and over 2,000 children preforming.

Last night’s listeners were treated to a range of music from James Bond themes to Mozart.

Peter Hayward, Head of Service for Lewisham Music Service, was impressed by the children playing at the festival as many of them were performing for the first time.

Hayward said: “This showcase the talents of the young people in the borough, and all of the work that goes on in our schools, and to just take that out and show that to a wider public. We have these wonderful venues in the borough, we are really fortune to play here at Goldsmiths.”

Lewisham Live focus on children and young people and let them show what they have learned- all from dance, rap, jazz and street dancing.

Hayward added: “It takes learning to another level. And to family and friends to listen and watch, and share this gives a lot of value of effort they put in” Hayward adds.

The festival has funding for next year and hope that the festival can keep going on for as long as they can.

The next concert is taking place at Broadway Theatre in Catford from March 12 to March 13.


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