London Fire Brigade apologises for insensitive ‘hipster’ tweet following blaze at popular Shoreditch food market

London Fire Brigade has had to apologise for a tweet sent out after a blaze in Shoreditch which appeared to poke fun at the area’s hipster population.

Following the fire at Street Feast’s Dinerama at the weekend, the brigade tweeted: “#Shoreditch restaurant blaze early this morning. Thankfully no hipsters were injured”

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London Fire Brigade Tweet Pic: Twitter

Emergency services had been called to the incident at 4am on Sunday and it took six fire engines and crew to tackle the blaze at a pop-up restaurant in the Dinerama food market area on Great Eastern Street.

Fire Engines arrive on the scene to put out the flames

Fire Engines arrive on the scene

It took more than two hours to put out the fire, after which the LFB sent out the tweet. London’s East End has a reputation for attracting young fashion-conscious people as well as a vibrant nightlife crowd and there was a quick reaction to the fire brigade comment, which had gone viral.

One user responded to the tweet with: “Not funny. Not funny at all”.

The owner of a pop-up burrito stall also tweeted: “Why don’t you delete this bad taste tweet? Some people have lost their livelihoods.”

Six other small businesses including food trucks, bars and street shacks within the Dinerama yard were heavily damaged by the fire.

Meanwhile other people have taken the fire brigade tweet with a pinch of salt. One response reads: “Making light of a bad situation isn’t reason to be offended. Christ, people are so dour.”

However, after much public backlash the Fire Brigade responded with an apology: “We’re always looking at engaging ways to inform the public and give lifesaving fire safety advice but on this occasion we fell short.

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London Fire Brigade apologetic Tweet Pic: Twitter

“We hope businesses affected by the fire are back on their feet soon.”

Since the fire, the Dinerama official website reads: “Dinerama will not be open today or for the time being. It will take us a few weeks to get up and running again but we will be soon”.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

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