Stoke Newington parents protest over Hackney road closure plans

William Patten Primary School

William Patten Primary School. Pic: N Chadwick

Stoke Newington parents have launched a petition opposing Hackney Council’s new road closure plans over concerns it will increase air pollution around schools.

The council aim to minimize “aggressive driving” on small streets in Stoke Newington by closing several residential roads in the area.

These proposals mean vehicles must use alternative routes, which campaigners claim will divert about 560 cars past William Patten Primary School daily.

Map of planned closures

Map of planned closures. Pic: Google Maps

William Patten Primary School was recognised as one of the 50 most polluted schools in London by Mayor Sadiq Khan, who announced funding for 50 new ‘air quality’ audits just last year.

‘Harmful emissions’

Sally Newsom, a parent at William Patten, said: “By creating more traffic outside our school playground, these proposals will create more harmful emissions.  The Mayor of London has flagged improving air quality for school children as a major priority – Hackney Council’s proposals go completely against that.”

StokeyParents, a family website campaigning against the closures, has accused the Council of failing to highlight the probable impact which the closures will have.

Jenna Fansa, founder of StokeyParents said: “I believe that in knowingly pushing forward schemes which will create more pollution outside two primary schools, a place children have to be by law, Hackney Council are failing in their duty of care to protect our children from harmful emissions.”

Another petition regarding the removal of a bus stop outside William Patten’s playground was launched by parents earlier this month.

Councillor Feryal Demirci said the road closure plans aimed to “reclaim roads from traffic congestion” and that the maximum increase in westbound traffic would be seven percent and five percent in eastbound traffic.

The council say the increase in air pollution by William Patten Primary School would be counterbalanced by the movement of the bus stop and switching to hybrid buses on the 476 route.

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