1,000 Mile End residents set up garden project to solve social isolation

A community garden project organised by families on the Malmesbury Estate in Mile End has been introduced to deal with anti-social behaviour and social isolation.

The patch of open space will also be used to develop a wildlife haven for the Malmesbury residents and it’s community.

The project is currently being run by 1,000 volunteers living on Malmesbury Estate off Bow road. It aims to tackle the anti-social behaviour and social isolation growing on their estate.

As part of the organisation, a thousand plants are currently being put in Tom’s Thumb’s Arch pavement in order to create a green walkway.

“We’re determined to transform the shared spaces on the estate,” Malmesbury Residents’ Association’s chairman James Clark told The docklands & East London Advertiser.

“These spaces are mainly covered by grass and tarmac which we are turning into green havens for wildlife to reduce social isolation and anti-social behaviour.”

The residents in Mile End have been developing on two sites in Malmesbury Road, including the Tom Thumbs pedestrian route which follows to Roman Road, putting in 1,000 new plants.

The volunteers have also been working as a team to help raise funding to rebuild a large space on the estate, which they aim to complete by the spring.

The garden project is also being developed for and is leading towards a Green Flag award, which would be the first for any Tower Hamlets estate.

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