Grant us our future: will local businesses ever recover from Covid?

Deptford High Street. Pic: Isabelle Walker

A series by Isabelle Walker, Niamh Houston and Caitlin Tilley

Small businesses in the Eastlondonlines boroughs have experienced a steady rate of growth over the past decade, as the graph below shows; however, the devastating financial impact of a pandemic has left the future of many local businesses hanging in the balance.

While the government has announced financial support for both businesses and councils in the form of grants, our interviews with local businesses raise doubts about whether the support goes far enough. Some claim they have fallen through the safety net altogether. Meanwhile, local authorities are also struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

Number of Small and Micro Businesses in the ELL boroughs over the past 10 years

In the #GrantUsOurFuture series we explore the financial impact of Covid on individual businesses, local councils, and those who have received very little financial support at all. We have also spoken to those who have been able to adapt their businesses, and have come up with innovative ways to ensure that their business survives.

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