‘It will stop you getting knocked up at 14’: The Word on the Street on the contraceptive pill in chemists

The Word on the Street: the contraceptive pill. Pic: Wellcome Images.

Words and pictures by Patrick Harrington, Kate Balding and Ilenia Reale; design by Harry Merrell

The contraceptive pill will be available over pharmacy counters from next month and NHS England estimates almost half a million women will be able to access the pill without a GP appointment.

The changes aim to reduce pressure on overwhelmed family doctors and will allow women in England to access the progesterone only pill without further medical check-ups.

One local pharmacist told Eastlondonlines that women will still need a consultation with a pharmacist to recieve the combined oestrogen and progestogen pill.

The pharmacist, who asked not to be named, said: “I think it’s good because it’s pro-choice. A lot of the time young girls are scared to go to the GP because their parents will be informed.”

However, the pharmacist also flagged that the new system will not be ‘foolproof’, expressing concerns that some people may put themselves at risk by not sharing their medical history or medication they are on.

Eastlondonlines reporters took to the streets to see what the public thought about the incoming changes.

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