Orthodox Jewish man attacked in Stamford Hill as antisemitic violence in London surges

CCTV footage from Dunsmure Road captured the anti-semitic assault. Pic: Shomrim X.

An orthodox Jewish man was assaulted in Stamford Hill by two men on Saturday. The attack occurred at 12:15am when the man was walking down Dunsmure Road, N16. He was verbally abused and threatened with a bottle.

In footage shared by Shomrim, a neighbourhood watch group in Hackney, the two individuals could be seen verbally cornering and threatening the victim.

Shomrim said one attacker yelled “You mother f***ing Jew, I’ll stab you!” while the other repeated “Stab him!”

One of the attackers then hit the man’s legs with a bottle, before heading off in a different direction.

The attack comes amid mounting tensions as Israel continued its bombing campaign for the third week in response to the October 7 Hamas attack. 1400 Israelis were killed in that assault, more than 9,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since then.

The war is thought to have provoked an increase in antisemitic attacks in the UK. Commander Kyle Gordon said on Friday there had been 408 antisemitic incidents recorded in London in October compared to 28 in the same period last year.

The numbers are more than twice as high than what was reported a week prior.

Two weeks ago in Hackney, red paint was thrown over two Jewish primary school before it opened.

On Tuesday, Community Service Trust (CST), which monitors antisemitic attacks, reported at least 893 antisemitic incidents around the UK since October 7 – the highest ever total reported to CST across a twenty-five-day period. They have been recording antisemitic incidents since 1984.

In comparison, last year 126 antisemitic incidents were recorded in the same 25 day period (October 7 to October 31). The UK has seen a 609% increase this year.

CST said: “These are all instances of anti-Jewish racism, wherein offenders are targeting Jewish people, communities and institutions for their Jewishness.”

The attacks recorded this October include 40 assaults, 60 damage & desecration to Jewish property, 94 direct threats, 697 abusive behaviour, including verbal abuse, graffiti on non-Jewish property, hate mail and online abuse, and 2 instances of mass-produced antisemitic Literature.

Shomrim shared the footage on Twitter (X) of the event which occurred at 12:15am on Dunsmure Road.

To appeal for victims/ witnesses, contact Shomrim on Twitter or MPS Hackney on Twitter.


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