‘Sometimes you need to be grateful for what you have’- The Word on the Street on Xmas in a time of turmoil

The Word on the Street on the festive season in a time of turmoil. Pic: Pixaby. Design: Harry Merrell

Words and images by Pius Bentgens, Jack Friend, Harry Merrell and Ilenia Reale; design by Harry Merrell

There is no denying that it has been a turbulent year. Between the Gaza conflict, the continuing war in Ukraine and UK’s cost of living crisis, which has hit pockets everywhere, it is surreal to realise that Christmas is around the corner.

As the season of Advent begins and local residents are watching their spending and absorbing this year’s worldwide devastation, it is possible Christmas could look different this year. But at the same time, is it also possible that there some magic is left in the festive season? Are many people shutting out the world around us and looking forward to a nostalgic and peaceful time with loved ones?

Eastlondonlines reporters took to the streets to hear the public’s view on what Christmas will look like this year.

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